Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba I Witnessed – Sai Devotee Shyamal

In today’s experience post the devotee lists down his various experiences he witnessed in devotion to Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Brother Shyamal Ji from India says: Dear Sai Devotees, My name is Shyamal Barooah and I would like to share a few experiences, which are blessed by our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba.

  • I have been reading Shirdi Sai Baba’s blogs regularly for last 3 years almost. I have been reciting “Sai Amrit Vani” and Parayan of “Sai Satcharita” regularly for last 2 and half years. It was my great desire to attend one day Sai Amrit Vani with Veena Maji, who had initiated this and finally Baba has blessed me to attend the Sai Amrit Vani in Bangalore recently at their Son’s residence. First of all, I would like to thank Ashok Ji and Veena Maji, who are divine soul to inspire us for Sai’s devotion. May our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba shower blessings on them and their family with good health and prosperity. On12th January, I have seen the miracle happened with my own eyes, at the end of Sai Amrit Vani recitation. Baba came and ate Prasad of all devotees, who was presented there. I was overwhelmed and tears rolled down my eyes, when I saw my Prasad (Ladoos) have been taken by Baba. My joy knew no bounds and don’t have words to explain my feelings. I have seen UDI oozing from the lap of Veena Maji and all Idols/photographs of Baba brought by devotees. Water also oozed from Baba’s Charans from Idol. It was divine atmosphere and experienced Baba’s presence.

    Recently my uncle (Mama Ji) got a severe heart attack and He was admitted in GNRC Hospital, Guwahati. It was so severe that electric shock was given at that time. At that moment, my brother Sanjeeb Barooah, who had UDI with him, immediately applied it with the permission from doctor. Then sense came back to him slowly. But as his condition was still delicate, all family members decided to bring him to New Delhi for bypass heart surgery as per doctor’s advice. It was 29th January, when my uncle (patient), his 2 sons and wife along with doctor flew to Delhi for Apollo hospital. Meanwhile, I have contacted my brother in-law (wife’s brother) in Delhi to collect Baba’s Charans water from Ashok Ji and Veena Maji’s house at Sidharth extension. I called up Mr. Ashok Ji from Bangalore and explained the situation and asked his help to get little Baba’s Charans water and hand it over to my brother in-law, who would give it to my uncle as he was supposed to go for open heart surgery next day early in the morning. Then Baba’s Charans water was given to uncle at that night itself. The next morning operation was successful. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Ashok Ji and Veena Maji for their kind help. After recovery from surgery, some other infection occurred to uncle. For that again, I have gone to Baba’s temple at Modivala, Bangalore and asked temple Pandit Ji’s help to write a prayer and put in Baba’s Idol (zoli). From next day onwards, he started recovering slowly. Still he’s in hospital. Doctor has advised to put a pace maker, which will be done next week. The most dangerous period has gone now. I hope Baba will shower blessings to cure him soon and save him from all calamities. We all are praying for his speedy recovery. Shri Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  • My Father in-law’s pace maker operation was successful due to Baba’s UDI. On the operation day, my wife was doing the puja and we have a habit of playing Baba’s Aarti CD in the laptop. That day a miracle happened. In the morning only, Kakad Aarti was playing and after that automatically all the Aartis were started playing one after another. It never happens as in the CD it plays part by part only. The operation was successful and my father-in-law is hale and hearty.
  • My mother’s kidney operation was successful due to Baba’s UDI and blessings. Now she is normal.
  • It was a night mare for me, when my elder daughter suffered from food poisoning in Kuwait and continuously vomited for 1 hour. I took her immediately to hospital and started praying Baba by taking out Shirdi Sai Baba and Satya Sai baba’s photographs together from my wallet. Then she became normal. Only Baba saved my daughter. Thank You so much Baba for looking after us. We should remember Baba’s words “Shraddha and Saburi”. Have faith in Him, rest He will do everything.

Baba, Koti Koti Pranam. Thank You Sai Nath. Thank You very much Sai Nath. Please keep Your eyes and kripadrishti on us always. Jai Sai Nath. Om Sai Namoh Namaha.


May Shirdi Sai Baba shower blessings on all of us. Om Sai Ram.

Shyamal Barooah


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  1. Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhuthim, Paramam Vichithram Leela Vibhuthim, Paramaartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradhaatham, Baba Vibhuthim Idhamaashrayaami, Sai Vibhuthim Idhamaashrayaami.

    Jai Sai Nath

  2. My father also recovered very well after the by pass heart surgery with Baba's blessings. He is very kind and loving God. Thanks to my Baba a million times and that is also not enough for taking care of my Parents. Thank you Baba. Always do take care of us like this . Never leave us alone.

  3. It's nice to hear some very heart felt experiences. Thank you for sharing.
    May baba bless you and your family always.

  4. thanx for sharing ur wonderful live experinece of our beloved sai baba who is really graet.i too want to attand veena ma's sai amrtivani at delhi but its not possebl for me as i stay very far away and baba know about that.

    im also sufering alot after i got marreid.we hav nt yet started our married life and i was there in my parents house bcoz baba's wants tht,

    wholeheartdly with tearful eyes i was praying baba to send me back to my in laws house before savitri and see baba listened to my prayers and today im back to my husband home.before coming to here i had been to sai mandir put all my burden in baba's feet aply udi and got baba's paan as prasad and came to my home.its also baba's chamtkar in my life.

    baba plz be with me always and save my marraige and plz chnage my husband and help him to quiting his drinking.bless me a happy married life.its ur blessing baba tht today i came to my home.
    love u baba and thanx alot for all ur blessings.om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram

    can any oe help me or guide me how to help my husband in quiting his drinking.he don't talk to me much and i can't tell him to quit his drinking.plz help me out.

  5. keep having faith in Sai. he is always right at the door for us all.
    Shri Sai nath Bhagavan!


  6. hello sai ki beti,
    it seems like only you're the one who is worried about your husband. His parents seem to not care much. Ask your in-laws or someone your husband respects a lot to tell him to stop drinking. If not, all I can say is leave your favorite food item to Baba and tell that I won't eat it until you make my husband stop drinking. Even my dad used to continuously smoke. My mom made him promise to Baba in a temple that he won't smoke anymore. Well, as usual, he went back to smoking but this time he got into a big accident. After that, he automatically stopped smoking after he realized his mistake.

  7. Dear Sai ki beti Drinking heavily is indeed a curse … but you can't help your husband by living at your parents house for sure …. It is not going to be easy … but try .. kya pata koi rasta nikal aye

  8. Dear Sai ki beti… as u are at ur parents home u can do one thing… Daily pray baba mix udi with water and drink on behalf of ur husband ok n have patience he ll surely quit drinking, have faith in baba and drink continously.. i am sure it ll work out n baba ll chenge ur husbands mind to stop drinking… i ve seen a episode of sai bhakto ki sachi kahaniya in which baba helped a couple to be happy by makin husband quit drinking completely who was a heavy drunker

  9. Today, I got a solution of one of my problems in this blog. Thanks a lot Baba. You are so merciful. Please help me in this regard.

    Om sai Ram.

  10. Shyamal Ji, thank you for sharing these very nice experiences! It is Baba only who guided your uncle, eldest daughter and father-in-law to good health. The story of the prasad being eaten and udi being produced were very nice and just shows how Baba's is everywhere and listening to all that we ask and do in his name. Om Sai Ram!


  12. sai bba ki jai….sai baba jo sab ke haq mein behtar ho vahi karna….om sai ram..be always with us.

  13. mai sai bhakt kya aap sai se judna chahenge shirdi sai baba ke liye kuchh kaam karna chahenge kindly contact:hemant kumar sona, 09695991976, email:upchiefsaipd@yahoo.com

  14. Baba , please bless and give me the strength to make the right decisions .Thank you for all that you have bestowed on us . Keep guiding us always .

    Dear Friends , if anyone is aware of any shirdi sai baba group in kuwait please let me know the details as i would be interested in joining .

  15. Dear Sai ki Beti,
    Thanks for sharing your problems.. give your husband udi to drink everyday…sure baba will help you.. I had a lot of health problem..
    after drinking.. it was cured… but 70% better… I go to temple every thursday morning for kakad arathi.. there poojari will sprinkle baba charan's water in everybody…do prayana.. for 7 days..
    .. I read everyday 1 chapter Sai Satcharithra.. sure will help you..have faith ….om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.

  16. Om sia ram Hetalji,,

    Please pray for me and my family… I am going through so many problems… health problems and financial problems
    please me and my family baba…

    om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.
    love you Baba

  17. om sai ram …….. lord sai is still there just have a strong faith be clean from ur heart… do goood to others he will bless u because i ahve seen lord sai his message to all his devotees he is with u all
    from sai bakht

  18. Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram …. Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai … Baba please help me to get the Job in FT please baba 🙂 I love you babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … Please be with me and my family.

  19. My father has also heart problem… but for my BABA's blessing ….. he is alright now…… thank you so much BABA…. please be with me and my family always with your blessing……. JAI SAIRAM

  20. om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.
    please me &my family baba,
    love you baba.

  21. Well let me share my xprnces… Im 22 n a studnt… I strtd praying sai baba about 3 yrs bck..

    1. I m dng my gradutn… I was worried about my results n i wantd 2 get 1st class anyhow… I prayed baba n he listnd my prayer….

    2. I used 2 have a boyfriend who was not of my type. We used 2 fight n argue a lot.. He had no trust on me… I was realy unhappy with him. Bt whenever i ask him to break up he used 2 kind f beg me 2 b with him. I tried a lot to solve our problems bt it didnt work. We broke up bt dn also he used 2 irritate my by calling me n my friends n saying sory etc. I was realy disturbed n prayed sai baba. I told baba that he was my wrong choice n i cant be with him any more. Plz help me so that he cant disturb me anymore. Well sai baba again solved my problm.

    3.dn i prayed baba that i cnt handl any more brake ups so plz make sure i dnn fel in love again. N if i do dn he must be the best match for me. I dnn know what kind f boy i want bt im sure u know it btr. N i got my man aftr abut 1yr.

  22. After reading all this my eyes r wet, from now a days I am a great devotee of saibaba.
    I had a big problem I had friendship to my relative girl last 11 months back which made us to like eachother but not expressed our love. But one day I read sai sachcharitha book and went to sai temple but the girl is now refusing me for unknown reasons. I think baba is examing me.
    The next some days I went yo baba temple and I was crying in my own sense but at the same time a man came and asked me to say ALLAH MALIK HAI. I dont know what is going to happen but the person who asked me to say ALLAH MALIK HAI said that baba made me to tell u, I thought saibaba is testing my patience.

    Sairam Sairam

  23. I know Sai knows all the problem of us, & he removes easily it.. Baba Ji, I believe at u more than myself, I know u will solve which i am worried for. Jai Sai Nath

  24. I know Sai knows all the problem of us, & he removes easily it.. Baba Ji, I believe at u more than myself, I know u will solve which i am worried for. Jai Sai Nath

  25. Does sai baba still exists in shirdi, after death? Can we find him outside shirdi. Is he found only in India or can we see him anywhere in world?

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