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Miracles Of Sai Baba In My Life

Sai Sister Meena Ji says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am so thankful for the blog and I am sorry that I couldn’t post my experience directly and I need your help in uploading the experience. I find some error and could not make it successful being at office. Kindly do share my experience and blessing received from Baba’s end and I wish not to disclose my email id.

I am so proud enough to say that I am devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since 1997. Yes, it’s being a long journey of more than 15 years. These many long years, I am really leading this life because of Sai Baba. I am so attached to Shirdi Baba. Prayers are the only medicine to heal all our problems, sufferings etc. Prayers bring the perfection in one’s life. My life without Baba is really incomplete, and I have experienced tremendous realistic blessings in my life. Right from my education to work, my family was really facing a tough time and now we are really passing it out and overcoming it day by day.

  • Experience 1:

    I am not from a family background of coming to work, but my family situation made me to work. I was working in one company for almost three years and couldn’t find the right opportunity to make a move. I prayed to my lord so many times that I need a change of place and with better salary. All of a sudden, I received a call from one of my friend and asked to forward the resume and from that day the interviews was arranged on all the Thursdays and luckily I was blessed and cleared all the interviews and received the offer on Thursday. In this new office though the team is not good, but I am happy that Sai is the one to choose the job for me so He will have better plans for me and keep me in His hands.

  • Experience 2:

    One of my best and most expected event is my brother’s wedding happened successfully by the grace of God. We were searching for the good girl for the past so many years and we couldn’t find the best match as satisfied by my brother and parents. I kept the wish in all the prayers and was waiting for His blessings. Leaving the life of someone, whole heartedly to Lord Sai will bring the best in their lives. He was the only person to make this event happened out of too many evil spirits around our family. There are no words to express my gratitude to Him. My eyes were filled with tears. Being younger in the family with the support of Baba, I was able to make my brother wedding happen in real. It’s really a miracle happen in our family because my father won’t take care of the family, but Baba made my father to act for this marriage in arranging for each and everything right from financial status to everything.

In my life time, I should be thankful to Him and I would wish to continue the same and pleased to have His blessing everyday in my life and also for the needed devotees of Sai Baba. You can very well trust Him blindly. Now I have left my life to Him. He knows all about me about my love affair and my problems. Everything was blooming well, but all of a sudden demise of my Lover’s father put me down so much. Now my parents as well as his family members are completely against our proposal saying like only after seeing me his father is no more. I cried to the core. Even my guy wants to have the wedding as a common one and not from our style. I know Baba has some plans for me and He will take care. One thing, I would suggest to the devotees of Sai Baba, please follow his advice every time and help the needed people as much as possible since we are selected by Baba to do His wish through us. Tell out our problems to Him and cry loud and hold His feet. He is real survivor of life. Spread the message to all the fellow beings and share His blessing to worldwide. I am thankful to this bog, Hetal Ji. Reading the experience every morning make me comfortable and enriches the faith in Lord. Thanks all for being patience in reading my writings. If found anything wrong, please forgive for the mistake.



Sai’s Blessing Approved My Petition

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, we thank you in abundance for doing this Sai Seva. Every single day, I wait for your email to read a new story or miracle. It just strengthens our faith and patience towards Baba. In the past, I have written couple of miracles and they were published as well. Thanks to you. Today I want to share one more miracle. Please keep my name and email anonymous.

We currently live in the USA. I have applied for permanent residency here and it’s a very very long process. My first step was completed with Sai’s grace and during the second important step, I was told that the processing times are more these days and will take 3-4 months. Later they again said it might even take 6+ months. Then I just left it to Sai and felt that Sai knows what to bestow and when. Today I received an email from my HR that my petition is approved. I was so shocked and surprised to see that. I had never expected it to get approved so fast. It just took 3 months. There are still many things involved in this while process of permanent residency. But I am sure Baba will do the best and what is good for us. I am also doing the Sai 9 Thursday Vrat currently and have finished 6 weeks. I have total faith in my Sai that I will finish it successfully and Sai will grant my wish for which I am doing the Vrat for. I will write about it soon.

Sainath’s Miracle

Sai Sister Pooja Ji from Kuwait says: My dear Hetal Ji, thank you so much for all that you do for all Baba’s Devotees. I am presently residing in Kuwait and I became Baba’s Devotee truly (or should I say Baba accepted me). After I found out my second son was autistic, I went into depression.

I want to share an experience of Baba’s which happened a few years ago. My grandmother passed away and I went to Delhi with my mom. After performing all the rituals, we went to Sai Baba Lodhi temple. Since we didn’t have a car, we took a taxi. After leaving with Darshan, I realized I forgot my Prasad in the temple the taxi guy was nice. He turned back and not charged extra. Since we appreciated this, we called him next day as well. We went to two/three places till my mom realized that her small purse in which she keeps money and Jewellery is missing. She became much tensed and we thought we will go to the place before and check. I always keep Sai Satcharitra while traveling and I held to it in the taxi and prayed frequently to Baba to please help my mom. And I don’t know what came over me (it Was SAIBABAJI) as I looked below the seat, where I was sitting and started pulling everything, the taxi wala’s sweater etc., till I found my mom’s purse. It was Sai Baba’s grace. It seems when my mom paid him previous night, it fell down and he hid it. The fact is that that we called him next day and through Baba’s grace and blessings, we found it and everything was in it.


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  1. All three are very nice experiences. Reading such experiences gives a feel that Baba is always there to protect and help us in all our good and bad times. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I am commenting on the experiences for the first time. It has become a daily ritual of starting my day by reading experiences since April. It is my good luck that I stumbled upon this website when I was really low. Thank a lot to Hetal ji who has given us all an opportunity to express and relate our experiences. Om Sai Ram (everything happens for a reason and God looks beyond us).

  3. I am a regular reader of this blog..All the experiences gives me lot of faith and strength..
    Tomorrow is my 12th board result..
    Since october 2011, I was going through a lot of emotional trauma and as a result I couldn't concentrate on my studies and hence all the paper were spoiled..
    Sai Baba very well know what I have gone through in last few months..I used to cry like crazy in front of him..
    I just pray Baba will pass me in all my exams with good marks..
    I too have experienced many miracles of SHREE SAI BABA..
    Soon I will post my experience when two of my wishes will be fulfilled..
    I also request SAI devotees to pray for me that the TWO wishes should be fulfilled as My whole future depends on my career only..
    1st wish: Good marks in 12th board exams..
    2nd wish: I want National Institute of Technology, Raipur (NIT) (result will be in June)..
    At present I am also doing 9 guruvar Sai vrat and Sai Satcharithra Parayan for my dream college (NIT)..

    OM SAI RAM..!!
    Oh Sai Baba please help me.. No one can help me except YOU..

    • Thanks a lot for ur wishes @anonymous..
      I hope that tomorrow I will get a positive result.. 🙂
      I want to see my parents happy..
      And now I am quite sure Baba will bless me and give me good marks as today mentally I was asking him that if any of the devotee will reply to my comment then you will give me good marks..and lo he showed me this..
      I will post Baba's miracle when he will fulfill both of my wishes..
      OM SAI RAM..
      Baba plz be with me always.. Never ever leave me..
      And thank you Baba for whatever you are doing for me and my family..

  4. May baba gives you , your desired result and dream college.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    • Thank you @anonymous..
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM
      OM SAI RAM

  5. Om Sai Ram!

    Dear Sai devotees, my greetings to all. I would like to express my problem here and i seek your guidance on it and i need your prayers and best wishes.

    I lost my father at a young age and my mother brought us up (me and my brother). Now by Baba's Grace i am in a good position professionally. My personal life is also going good and soon i would be getting married to my boyfriend of 6 years. There was some problems in our relationship and some misunderstandings, but at that bad phase Baba took me into his fold and from then things have been very good. But, i always have a fear about my future and i get scared thinking about my loved ones.. my Mother and my fiance and as a whole my entire family. Maybe it is because i lost my Dad when i was small. Because of these fears i get bad dreams often. Today i had a bad dream regarding my fiance .. it was like some building construction was gping on and my fiance was also taking part in the construction standing up in the building. Suddenly the building was falling on me and some other people and i was constantly praying to Baba in my dream and i was sure that Baba will protect, i had that blind faith in the dream. Then i was not finding my fiance and i was crying. Some other people were also not finding their relatives and were cyring and another old lady was injured and was about to die. And then i woke up .. it was early in the morning . 6:30 am. I was so scared and worried. I just sat up on my bed and prayed to Baba to clam my mind and protect my family. I am praying Baba to take away all my unnecessary worries and fears. I surrender all my thoughts, worries etc at his lotus feet.By his grace only i can get rid of all these unwanted worries and get peace of mind. I am sure all will be fine in the future with Baba's grace.

    I just request this Sai family and all the devotees to pray for me and my family.. i need your good wishes and prayers for a bright future and a happy married life.. I want my fiance to also be Baba's devotee soon.

    Thanks a lot to everyone and May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. I work in a software company. I was struggling hard to fix a defect which was on hold for quite some time, and we had deadline that it should be completed within this week and I had more than 5 such on hold defects to be fixed, fortunately i had weekend in between, I was working from home continuously for two days and somehow i fixed it. I prayed to baba that i will post it today, if it works and I got little lazy and thought of posting it tomorrow . After coming to office on Monday last week,
    I didnt take that defect and was concentrating on to fix other defects, sometime in the evening i took that defect and it din work, I kept on praying baba
    and felt i should atleast draft this experience and keep it ready and concentrated again on working at it and finally it worked thanks a lot to baba that he helped and helping me in tough times.. Im sharing this after one week. Sorry Hetal ji for violating the blog rules and posting it here.Thanks a lot everyone and Hetalji. Om sai ram.

  7. om sai ram…swami please be with all of us,,please help me to fullfil my wish to become a "mother",am too much depressed while thinking abt it..baba..please help me..

  8. Wow…reading all these make me write my today's experience!
    At my job, our new manager hands out a goal list to each employee to reach during their shift. I was given certain amount for last 3 working days and I met with that goal.
    Today she handed over me the goal amount almost 2 1/2 times more and I was really shocked that how I would be able to do that in just 5 hour's shift?!
    Well, I always seek BABA's grace starting from home and while on my way to work.
    Today almost by the end of my shift one customer came with an item that was in the locked room (expensive computer items, electronic items are under manager's control) So I had to help him out getting that item. By the time manager attends my call and bring me that item, I had a few minutes to talk to this customer about the protection plan to help him in case the item has any problem or breaks down. Wholaa! Ususally people do not buy such protection plan but here he right away approved of buying that plan which was exactly the same amount that was set for me as a goal for me today!
    Do you think it was BABA's grace and a miracle ? I strongly feel that way! Pranaams BABA.

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear anonymous Sai sister .. my prayers to Baba to bless you with a healthy baby soon . May Baba bless all of his children.

    Thanks a lot Baba for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  10. Very nice experiences! Pooja Ji, Baba must have reminded you at the proper time about the purse and also it was Baba who kept it safely so you could find it later. Devotee from USA, I'm sure Baba will handle your permanent resident application well and take care of everything for you, so you need not have any worries at all. Meena Ji, just as Baba helped for your brother's wedding arrangements, I'm sure he will also set everything for you and your boyfriend. He will also help you in your job as well to adjust and soon you will find that people in your job team will also change, all due to Baba. Om Sai Ram!

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