Let’s today go through few more stories of grace of Lord Sai Baba.

Thank You Sainath

Sai Sister Arti from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, thank you for this lovely medium to share our experiences with Sai devotees all over. Please do not disclose my email ID. Also pardon me if this is too long. I feel there is so much about my Sai that I would like to share. It has only be a month or so that I came across this blog and find it a source of immense strength and faith. My name is Arti and I would like to share two recent Sai experiences in my life. I have been wanting to share one, since I came back from Shirdi, but I did not know where and how till Baba pointed me to your site. Like many other are here, I have always shared my sorrows and joys with Baba, and often find myself in conversation with Him. So here goes…

  • Experience 1: Last Year my husband and I made a trip to India with our 1.5 year old daughter. On this trip, it was decided to travel to Shirdi with my In-laws, from Mumbai. My daughter, on our previous trip to India, had contracted a severe stomach bug and was very ill for a whole month. So I was very skeptical about her health on this trip too. She was also a very poor eater and was always ill with some virus or the other. I was just hoping this trip, she would be alright. The drive from Mumbai to Shirdi was not a good one. The road closer to Shirdi was severely damaged. Just as we reached Shirdi, because of the journey, my daughter vomited. We were worried and immediately took a room in a nearby hotel to change her and let her rest for a while. We were going to take Darshan on the same day and head back to Mumbai by night. After resting for a while, it was time for lunch. My husband and I just wanted to eat a quick lunch in a restaurant and go for Darshan, but my father-in-law suggested we should eat at the Prasadalaya. On reaching there, I saw that there was a long line and I was telling husband that it wouldn’t be quicker to just eat at a restaurant. I was also worried about my daughter and was not sure if the food would agree with her. But I also remembered Sai and His beautiful story from the Shri Sai Satcharitra about how He fed His devotees with love and then thought to myself. Baba, You brought us here to feed us with Your own hands, please bless my daughter with good health. The food although was simple and the tastiest, I have ever eaten and my daughter really enjoyed the puris and the sweet Prasad. And I believe, it was all that was needed. One year on Baba has cured her appetite, made her healthy and has kept His blessings over her. May He always continue to do so. After this, we had a beautiful Darshan of Sai. My daughter got blessed by two unknown people and got a garland around her from Sai’s Idol in the temple. That was all Baba’s presents to her. Thank You Sai for making Your presence felt.
  • Experience 2: More recently, I have been suffering from an illness that caused me episodes of severe pain. On my worst day, I cried in front of Baba to take my pain away and I woke up the next day. I was able to manage my pain. I am still suffering, but I believe Baba will cure it very soon. I just want to say a very humble “Thank You to Baba”.

May Baba’s presence always be in our and your lives. SAI RAM

My Experience with Baba

Sai Sister Padmini Ji from India says: I am Padmini from Bangalore. Normally I invite Sai Baba for all the functions, which are held in my house. It was my son’s first star birthday. As we are Tamil Brahmins, we will be doing the first star birthday in a very grand manner. So I invited Baba to come and bless my little champ.

The before day, I was in doubt whether Baba will come or not. Then I kept Yes or No in my fingers and asked my little son to touch one of the fingers. He touched “Yes”. I was so excited and awaited for Baba to come the next day to the function.

The function was held in a temple nearby my home. We had all the homams and I totally forgot about the matter. Then when the function is over, we went to home for lunch. My son was hungry and he started crying. So I thought of taking him into the Pooja room, which we had in our home. All the time when we enter the Pooja, he will stop crying seeing all the God photos. Suddenly I noticed, one envelope was there near Saibaba’s photo, which says that it was from Shirdi. My joys knew no bounds. I just took it up and saw. It was the UDI Prasad and one more Prasad with white color powder (anyone please tell me what it was) from Shirdi for the donation we made. I forgot the donation we had made to Shirdi. The Prasad has come as the blessings from Saibaba on the same day of my son’s birthday.

I was in heights of joy and told my husband that Baba has already come to the function. Just we need to pray to Him with Shraddha and Saburi. Rest He will take care. Jai Sai Ram.

Saibaba blessed me

Sai Sister Veena Ji from India says: Hello Sai Bandhus, I am from Bangalore and I normally go to Sai Baba temple every day. One day, I prayed Him that Baba, please bless me with Your hands and I want Shirdi Sai photo. As I wanted to visit some other Sai temple near Rajajinagr and I went to Rajajinagr 4th block Sai temple. As soon as I entered the temple, one small child (1-1.5years old) was playing and I went near Lord Ganesha and bowed myself. Same child was near Ganesha and he put his hands on my head and said “Baba, Baba” and showed Ganesha idol. He gave me small photo of Shirdi Sai. I told him thank you so much and I kissed him and I kept the photo in Guru Charitra book.

I bowed myself to Kannika Parameshwar and I came near a beautiful Sai Idol. The same child was playing near Saibaba Idol. I think his granny was doing some Parayan holding some book. Again I bowed myself near Sai Baba and the same child again put his hands on my head and said “Baba, Baba” and showed me Baba Idol. I told the child’s granny your child has given me Baba photo. She told that it’s ok you can keep it. Again the child came to me asked Baba photo and I gave him. His granny said that it’s ok give it to her and he gave it to me. The same child came to me and sat in front of me. I had Tirupathi Prasad (which was given by somebody in Sai temple). I gave him. After 5 seconds, he came and asked Prasad. I gave him. I was shocked and I asked Baba that was that You came in the form of child and blessed me and gave Your photo. If it is true give me a garland from right hand side. After 2 minutes, a garland fell from right side. I was in tears and next day also I went to same temple and nothing happened. So, Sai listens to your prayers. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram

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  1. Wonderful experiences..Thank you all for sharing!!

    Padminiji, Could you please give me the link on which you dontated money to shirdi?. I am looking for online donation to shirdi.

    If any one has the website link to donate money online to shirdi.. please share it!!
    Om sai ram

  2. Respected Padmini ji,

    Thanks for sharing the experience. May Lord Sai bless you richly. The white substance is crushed sugar which is alongwith UDI and it is sent by Sai Sansthan who sends donation.


  3. HI veena ji i also go to same temple in blore.. n Baba looks amazing there i feel to movement of his eyes there.. very nice experience.. and padmini ji that whits powder is powdered sugar

  4. Padminiji,

    The white substance is ‘Suntharwada’ (ginger powder mixed with sugar). This prasad is mentioned in Chapter 6 of the Holy Sai Satcharitra.

  5. Hi All,

    I have been called by Baba ji to Shirdi. Hence If anyone wants to send prayers please send them to email ID sandhyasreereddy@gmail.com before today evening. I know its such a short notice but I want to be helpful to devotees as much as I can.


  6. Om sai raam,

    I hv checked that link but its only donate from indian banks or axis bank.is there any option that we can donate thru credit cards from australia.if yes plz guide me.thanks.jai sai raam.

  7. Pranams to Baba!
    All three experiences were nice to read and enjoy.
    Recently Baba blessed me-He created troublesome situations- in the form of an unexpected 'Hartal' ,on the very day my student had the PhD open defense viva voce and that too in a distant place from my place of stay and work. An External Examiner also had to reach the University for this important meeting- Viva Voce.I placed everything at His FEET and was praying hard..As mentioned In Sai Sathcharitha( wherein Shaama tells DEVA that 'You create Problematic situations for people and and make them go 'chakkar' and later thru Your own Leelas,You are solving them…') the problems were solved for me and the people involved in this, and He made things be conducted smoothly…and I could reach my place back in Train at scheduled time also. Baba also provided us Food and shelter during this. It is unbelievable.. on a Hartal day in Kerala..

    May Baba bless and protect all His devotees ever

    With Pranams at HIS LOTUS FEET

  8. Jai Sai Ram. Please baba keep blessing us. Thanks dear for sharing all beautifull experiences. Love u Baba. Om Sai Ram.

  9. Yes,you can use any credit cards,just click on any axis pathway,doesnt matter,sometimes if it doesnt accept credit cards,it accepts debit cards,i have been uing US cards for more than a year now,it always worked,Baba knows how to take it from you.dont worry.
    Good luck,

  10. baba i love you..plz mere mann mein apke liye shardha aur vishwaas bhar do or mujhe apni beti accept kar lo plz baba.i need u.

  11. Very nice experiences! Article Ji, you are lucky your child didn't get sick on your Shirdi trip and Baba ensured everything was fine for her. Padmini Ji, it is wonderful Baba not only came for your child's 1st birthday, but also gave a wonderful present. Veena Ji, Baba came to you as a little innocent child and you are very fortunate to get Baba's blessings in this form. Om Sai Ram!

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