With ever flowing grace of Lord Sai Baba, here are few more experiences of devotees with Him.

Why Fear When I’m Here

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: Dear Hetal Ji, I and my husband stay in Abu Dhabi in UAE. You are doing one of the best deeds in the world by spreading Sai Baba’s miracle through this blog. I and my husband are the strong believer’s of Sai Baba. Every time when we come to India, we go to Shirdi. Please do not share my name or email ID.

When I came here with my husband, we were shown big dreams of business from my family people saying that if you invest this much money, you will get triple profit of it. So my husband sold his business in Mumbai and had come to Abu Dhabi. After few days, we came to know that we were cheated by my family members. We had lot of money, but everything was finished. My husband, who was a business man in India, had to do a job of 2000 dirham. I, as a house wife, had never worked also started doing a small job, where I was tortured a lot. I use to sit near Baba’s picture and cry every day, but Baba never listened me.

Once in my Dream, I saw Baba calling me to Shirdi. I didn’t know how to go to Shirdi as airline tickets were very expensive and I could not afford it. But suddenly one of my friend called me and told there is an offer of Airline tickets to Mumbai in less than half of the rate. I immediately bought the ticket and thanked Baba. I reached Mumbai. Three days passed, but I could not find how to go to Shirdi as I was all alone and afraid to go alone. I went to BABA’S temple next to my house and sobbed there as Baba helped me to come to Mumbai and now I can’t go to Shirdi. Suddenly one of my in laws relative called me to ask how I am and asked me to come to Shirdi with them as their whole family was going in the car to have BABA’S DARSHAN. It was a miracle for me as Baba took me to Shirdi in car along with 6 people.

At 4 PM, I reached Shirdi. I told my relatives that I am going to read Shri Sai Satcharitra, so don’t look for me. When I will finish, I will come back in the HOTEL, where they had taken a room to stay. I started reading SAI SATCHARITRA and by next day morning by 8 AM I finished SAI SATCHARITRA, which I had never thought. After that I went to SAI BABA’S DARSHAN. I felt that Baba is looking at me and saying don’t ever worry from now. Tears came down from my eyes. I left Shirdi at 10 AM thanking all the relatives. It seemed Baba Himself came in their form to take me to Shirdi without spending any Penny.

When I came back to Abu Dhabi, I lost my job as suddenly I had gone to Mumbai and they were very angry, so they kept someone else in my place. After 2 days, I got a job in a real estate for 3 months probation period. For 2 months, I worked there, but I could make any deals. Every day, I use to come home and cry near Baba. Suddenly when 2 months got over, they gave me a termination letter and I lost my job.

While on my way back to home, I was praying to Baba. A feeling came to me, as Baba is saying start your own business and I am with you. I went and told my husband. He agreed to do it with me. We took a very small office. I had to spend around 10,000 dirham. I was very afraid that if I am not successful, I will loose 10,000 dirham, but as Baba always says why fear when I am here. In 2 days, I did my first deal in which I made a Profit of 10,000 dirham. And today I’ve 2 offices, I had lost One Million dirham, but today Baba has given me more than that. I pray to Baba that You have given me and helped me. Please help everyone, who needs You because without Baba we are all helpless. It is with Baba’s blessings, we can do something. THANKS TO SHIRDI SAI BABA. OM SAI RAM.

Saibaba Experience

Sai Brother Gopi Ji says: Dear Hetal Ji, Past few months, I have been receiving the Sai devotee’s posts through email from you with the following subject:”Re: Sai Baba Never Left My Side – Anonymous Sai Devotee“.

I have been feeling blessed and enjoy reading the posts. I would just like to share a recent experience in my life by Saibaba’s grace. I have a 6-year old daughter, who is in pre-school. Few days earlier, one friend of mine mentioned to me that there is a story-telling competition and she has registered her 7 year old daughter for the same. She asked me to register for my daughter and let her participate. I was half-hearted and wasn’t much interested thinking my daughter would not be able to speak well enough as she is shy. Somehow I registered my daughter for the sake of registering. In few hours, I got registration confirmation email and it stated that my daughter’s registration number was L9. Being Sai devotee, I immediately related this as a blessing from Saibaba. I thought Saibaba wants me to go ahead with the competition. Then I showed lot of interest in the competition and at every stage I felt that Baba was with us blessing us. By Baba’s grace my daughter has been selected for finals. Baba is always there with everybody. He always blesses and shows the right path to all. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba’ Miracle

Sai Sister Ranju Ji from India says: My name is Ranju and I am a housewife. I am writing this experience to say thanks to Sai Baba.

Two years back my mother was suffering from back pain. She was facing problem while standing or walking. She went to a well known Doctor of our town. He prescribed some tests. As my mother was suffering from cough too, so he advised for ultrasound of chest. An ultrasound was done and report showed some shadow on left side of chest. He advised for a CT scan, but my mother ignored it and came to Bangalore to meet her grandchildren and I went with her. In Bangalore, she stayed for one month and she was alright. One year passed. In that period, she was alright, In spite of some little problems according to the age but it was natural.

After that my mother again caught cough and cold. She went to the same Doctor. He again advised for ultrasound. After checking ultrasound report, he advised for CT scan as he had some doubt of something wrong. She again ignored it. After one month, she went to Jammu hospital as one of our relative was hospitalized there. A Doctor in that hospital was our relative. She told her about her case and he called her another day for CT scan. Next day she went to the hospital and the test was done. She was told to collect the report after three days. Since that time, I was praying Sai Baba for the report to be normal. After three days, we went to collect the report and Doctor declared that there was a cancer in her left lung. I was shocked. I came back home. I couldn’t stop but cried. I looked at Sai Baba’s picture. I felt that He was smiling. I was very angry with Sai Baba. I kept crying day and night and blaming Baba for not helping my family. I still had faith on Sai Baba. I kept praying Sai Baba continuously.

We went to Delhi for her treatment. I started Sai Satcharitra Parayan and used to apply Sai Baba’s UDI on her chest and on her forehead. I kept a photograph of Sai Baba in her reports. Doctors had prescribed some tests and declared that there was cancer in her left lung and also declared that it was 2nd stage. They prescribed a tablet (a type of chemotherapy) daily for 6 months. There were many side effects with that tablet, but the aim was to remove the main disease. With that period, she suffered many problems due to the side effects. But by the grace of Sai Baba, she bore all the problems patiently. After six months, Doctor advised for a CT scan test. Surprisingly, there was so much improvement. Now almost 8 months have passed, the disease is not yet cured completely. But it is now 4 mm, almost cured. I think it is a miracle of Sai Baba. Only one tablet would not have sufficient to cure her disease. Sai Baba has proved that the smile on His face was a sign of His love, which I could not understand. OM SAI RAM!!

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  1. Dear Ranju,

    great to hear that your mother's disease is under control now…as a doctor i can myself say that it's 100% Baba's miracle….going through your description i could understand that she has been having the disease for quite some time…..inspite of that,she has been travelling and has responded to the treatment so well,cannot be anything other than Baba's miracle….

    even my mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009…. she underwent a minor surgery and since then she is under homeopathy treatment….by Baba's grace she is ok….Baba has called her to shirdi thrice,in 2009,2011 and 2012….she even visited me in US in 2010 and stayed there for 2.5 months….all this cannot be anything other than Baba's grace…..Baba's udi is the best medicine in this world….even the impossible is possible by His grace….

    will pray for your mother…..

    Baba please us all…..we are all in need of your love and guidance….


  2. All d three experiences are beautiful…
    1st devotee…great spirit…keep going on…baba is there with you
    3 rd devotee:very nice to hear that ur mom's heAlth is almost cured…saimaa wont let hus devotees down…omsairam

  3. All 3 experiences are so inspiring. Its true we sometimes cant understand Baba's love for us in times of troubles. The last devotee found out to her releif that he made her mother cured of cancer. The first devotee from Abu Dhabi has been so consistent in her faith. She has been through a lot but never left him. I too had lost my job which I got thru his grace in just 2 months after joining. I was so devastated that I left him for 5 years till he called me back to his fold.Problems in life will always be there but he is our only constant.Sai Ram.

  4. All the three experiences are very nice. Nothing is impossible for Baba.Baba is so kind and merciful. Its correct "Why fear When Baba is Here" Om Sai Ram.

  5. hi this is saveetha doing my final year computer science engineering..
    i am one of devotee of our saibaba.
    hatel ji i hope you remember me…
    i just came across your site in facebook and found this area and commenting…
    sorry for disturbing you..
    i dont knw to whom i hv to share my feeling..i m so helpless n too sad n browsed net n came across ur site. hope saibaba made me to do ths..
    i m lacking in doing my final year project. i lost lot of money bt yet i m nt able to complete my project. whenever i ask saibaba answer frm net he says me to b in patience n an frnd will help me.. bt still nw i tried all my level best for help frm sumbody bt no one does n time goes on i still hv only one more week to complete my project bt still i dont.. pls u guys pls i beg u pls do prayer tht everything should b fine soon for me and all devotess of baba should b blessed.. sorry i dont knw whether to share my problem here bt sumthing made me to share n i do so..
    thank u take care..my project review got postponed and finally it is set on may sixteen.. can anybody help me.. let sai blesses us all forever……

  6. Very nice experiences 3 rd devotee experience is very nice baba cured cancer she is blessed child from baba.

    Anonymous devotee from UAE:nice experience i need small help from you i m looking out for job in UAE as brother is working there planning to apply for visa and shift before going there trying some refernces this is mail id ashwini_yashoda@rediffmail.com if possible plz do reply me do this mail id. sorry for takeing small help in this manner, i guess baba is helping me in this manner.

    I am undergoing so much of pain in life, but things are changeing little better wit all baba grace, very soon i am going share one of the beautifull miracle and experience which happend in my life.

    Baba is my only life .


  7. All the three experiences are great.after reading first and last I got tears in my eyes.How baba is helping to his children,really baba is great,baba without you we are helpless.omsairam.


  9. Devotee from UAE, It was so nice to read your experience as i also had undergone the same situation in similar way.But today i am smiling, not because i got back the lost money nor did i recover it. But Baba is there with me at all times.I hope one day baba also will shower his grace on me to get back the cheated money as he did in your life. I am so happy for you. Thanks


  10. Very nice experiences! Ranu Ji, it is very good to hear that your mother is recovering well from her lung cancer, and Baba's grace will ensure that she is cured quickly. Gopi Ji, it is wonderful that Baba gave your daughter confidence to do well in the storytelling competition, I hope Baba will continue to give your daughter confidence to do well in the future also. Devotee from UAE, it is wonderful that Baba gave you a successful business eventhough you were initially cheated out of your money. Baba probably wanted you to give up that business, take his blessings in Shirdi, then start the new business. I hope you and your husband will be very successful in your new business with Baba's blessings. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Saveetha, May SaiBaba blesses you sooner than later. I, myself am going through a tough period, my husband's job has lot of disturbances and he has planning to move to a different team from few months now but no luck. We only have another 2 weeks for him to search for a role in a different team, otherwise God knows what happens to his job. His manager is giving very bad reviews about him and we are going through a lot of mental pressure. I don't know where else to put my thoughts, I'm putting my deep and sincere prayers here, please all you Saibaba devotees please pray for us , hopefully our problem gets solved with the grace of Saibaba. I'll definetly post my experience here when our problems are solved…Please please Saibaba, help us and all other devotees who are seeking your help. You are our only hope, without Your grace a leaf also cannot even turn.

  12. Hi again.. This is saveetha.. I have my review tomorrow which is baba day… i am first batch who has no project.. i dont know how i am going to present but our team will try our best to present by putting all our troubles under SAI… Anonymous devotees dont fedup our SAI will help us all time.. There will be a great experience in this blog which will be share soon..

  13. jai sai ram..babaji how many times you examine me.plz help srijana if she is really in trouble, be with her love you sai bless all the devotees..

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