With so many experiences being recieved every day, we are just overwhelmed to see grace of our beloved Lord Sai Baba. In today’s post here are few more to read and experience the bliss.

Sai Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I cannot thank you enough for the work you are doing. Like everyone else, I too have been going through a very bad phase for the past few years, and your blog has always provided me with hope and strengthened my faith every time I needed it. May Baba bless you and your family. Please do not disclose my name or email id.

As already mentioned, I have been a regular reader of your blog. While going through the various Leelas of Baba, I would often wonder, when I will be able to share such an experience. Finally by Baba’s grace, the day has come and I am immensely thankful to Baba.

I am a MBBS doctor and had been appearing for all India entrance test for MD degree since 2006 and never gained success. I got married soon after my MBBS and could never prepare well for the exam. Every time, something or the other would come up. Finally we went to USA in 2009. There, I again started preparing for the exam. I did not appear for it in 2010. In 2011, I could not clear it. Finally in 2012, I told Baba that Baba, I do not know anything. I have forgotten every word I have read and I believe I do not have the brain to crack this exam. I am appearing in this exam with the belief that You are going to write the exam for me. With this faith, I went. Question paper was extremely tough, but I knew Baba was writing the exam for me. Finally result was declared on 3rd march and I got a rank 4832. Actually it’s not a good rank. I was in waiting list. But I was neither worried nor upset. In fact, I was very happy. I believed whatever the rank is, it’s Baba’s gift to me and I accepted it with all my love, gratitude and with the faith that Baba will definitely bless me with a MD in a good subject of my interest in a good medical college. He is the one, who has brought me this far. I am sure He will take me to my goal. I am just looking up to Him. I know with His blessings even the impossible is possible. So no matter how tough the competition is I am sure Baba is finally going to settle this stupid daughter of His.

We all have our moments of despair and hopelessness, but Baba helps us sail through those difficult times. Baba, You know how stupid and how short tempered I am. Please forgive my mistakes and help me to stay on the right path and keep up the faith in You. Everyone out there, just hang on. Baba is there for everyone. He loves each one of us and He knows the best for us. He will definitely help us live our lives better.


My Recent Sai Baba Experience

Sai Brother Vijay Ji from USA says: Hello Hetal Ji, I am Vijay from USA. I have only recently started reading the devotees experiences at shirdisaibabaexperiences website. Thanks for all the great work of bringing all the Sai devotees to this portal for sharing their experiences. I have been a Sai Baba devotee from last 8-9 years and have had many experiences of Baba. In this mail I am writing one such experience.

I came to the US for my higher studies during the year 2008. As I finished couple of semesters of study, I started looking for an internship to get some industry experience working in my field of study. The economy was bad during that period and there was a huge recession. I was really interested in my field of study, but since there were not many jobs, people advised me to change fields and start looking for jobs in other fields. I liked my field of study, so I continued pursuing for jobs in that field with patience. With Baba’s blessing, I got an internship in a very good company and got an opportunity to work in a great team.

After about a year, as I finished my coursework, it was time for me to graduate, which also meant that my internship would end. I started looking for full time openings, but the market was still very slow and there weren’t many positions. I worked really hard during my internship and the team wanted to offer me a position, but they couldn’t open a position because of bad economy. I prayed to Baba that I would offer Him green Apples if I were to get a full time job. I have a habit of reading one chapter of Shri Sai Satcharitra daily. I started applying for position. Every time I completed one full reading of Shri Sai Satcharitra, there was some development in my job pursuit. I gave a few interviews, but things did not work out for some reason. I still kept trying. One day, I and my friend were driving around and suddenly decided to visit the Sai Baba temple close to my place. I wanted to take some fruits as Prasad and so I took green apples to the temple. I again prayed to Baba that if I were to get full time positions, I will again bring some green apples as Prasad next time, when I visit the temple. The very following week, my Manager told me that there would be an opening in his team and asked me if I would be interested.

By Baba’s blessing, I got a very good offer from the same company. I started as an Intern. Since my parents are here for a visit, I took them to the same Baba’s temple and offered green apples to Baba accordingly. I also promised to Baba that I would write about my experience, after I get a full time job and I hope it inspires other Baba devotees.

There is a very beautiful Sai Baba temple in Milpitas, California, USA. If any devotee is staying close by, I would highly advice you to visit it. One has to have complete faith in Baba and put in their best efforts, the efforts will ultimately be rewarded. I will be starting my work from tomorrow and pray to Baba for His Blessings.




Baba’s Miracle

Sai Brother Shaji Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram, My brother is working in an Insurance company and everything was going fine. On February 13th, he got a circular stating that before March 1 he should achieve target of premium 11 lakhs, otherwise there will be a risk of losing job. Till February 13th, he reached only upto 3 lakhs. He should complete the remaining business of 8 lakhs, otherwise he’ll lose job. When he told me this, I just gave him mental support that he will achieve with God’s grace and not to worry. Finally I surrendered this to Baba and asked Him to help my brother.

Every day, I asked brother about the progress, but his voice was going down as days go. Our only strength was Baba and we’ve none other to help. We even didn’t inform this to our parents because this may even lead to heart attack. One day, I came across this site and read the miracles happened by reading Sai Satcharitra in seven days. I felt so much happy and started reading Sai Satcharitra on February 18th evening. The stories, I read, gave me new strength. Brother didn’t get any progress, but he saw Baba in cloud forms in sky.

One day morning, he came across the site Baba answers your questions www.yoursaibaba.com. He entered a number and he got the answer as “Start immediately; you are urgently needed at your work place. You will receive a letter”. He went to his office and asked for any letter, but there was no letter and when he was returning home, someone, he knows, stopped him and gave a letter (Baba’s words never lied). It was not the letter related to premium, but it was really a miracle.

On Thursday morning 3.00 AM, I completed reading Sai Satcharitra. When I called brother in morning, he was too busy that day. I just informed him that I completed reading Sai Satcharitra. At night, when I called him, he told me that he has got so many good stories to tell. On hearing this, tears rolled down on my cheeks thinking of Baba’s unconditional love and blessings. Brother told that he is nearing the target. I felt so much peace inside, but he was worried about a check. I told him that Baba will see to it.

On February 29th, brother achieved his target. He informed me that with Baba’s blessings target was achieved. But on March 1st, the person, who gave check, called him and told that he wasn’t able to put money on his account due to some problems at the bank. He immediately went to bank where the check will come for clearance and asked about the particular check to the greatest miracle it didn’t come for clearance that day. Next day, as soon as the bank started its operation, he settled the money in the particular account and everything ended happily. Have Faith and Patience, Baba will surely help you. He is full of love.

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  1. Very nice experiences!!
    I am also trying to complete one of the Dental bridging exam in USA and my preparation is on and off due to various reasons. I wish to study higher in dental areas in USA as I have already a dental degree from India and need one to practise in USA. However, whenever I sees the fees structure my heart and my mind does not accompany me for studying for this exam as I can't afford to pay the fees. But I will surely give it a try and pray Baba to help me succeed in this exam so that I can pursue higher education.
    Om Sai Ram.

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please cure my skin problems.. you know i don't have much time and my wedding is fast approaching. Please keep me in good health and bless us by attending our wedding. You only arrange everything. Make us do good deeds always and forgive our mistakes. Show us the right path always and help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives. Bless everyone.

    Many thanks to you for all your kind grace on us.

    Love you Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. interesting experiences. to the devotee in the first experience, are you applying for a residency or a medical school. with a mbbs, you can directly apply for the residency by writing the uslme steps 1-3 but it is getting very hard these days in US as the funding is going down.

  4. These experiences help strengthen our faith.If such impossible things can be done by His grace I am sure He will help each one of us.Jai Sai Ram Kripa Karo Bhagwan
    Guide us ,lead us and stop us from doing any thing morally and ethically wrong.God give us the strength to be Happy always Om Sai Ram

  5. OM SAI RAM,

    thank you hetal ji for sharing my experience….my counselling process is going on….result will be declared on may 13th…..i am sure Baba will do whatever is best for me…

    as an answer to the question asked to me,i had appeared for All India Pre PG Medical Entrance Exam….i did not appear for usmle,as i have to settle down in india…

  6. Did Sai really appears in dream or people are making so much hype…. seems to be vaugue in this 21st century…. Sai kibuki…. kikiri buki…….

  7. to anon who said how can baba appear to people in dreams in 21st century. I really don't get why people believe that God is different in 21st century compared to 20th century. The divine is always present no matter what century it is. Sai manifests and helps people according to their good karma and devotion.

  8. USA or any other place in the world … no place like home …that being india .. god how i miss being there, Baba please get me out from here

  9. Very wonderful experiences! Devotee from India, keep faith in Baba and he will give you your dream of being a doctor. I like that you have still kept your faith strong and your words, "Everyone out there, just hang on. Baba is there for everyone. He loves each one of us and He knows the best for us. He will definitely help us live our lives better." were very nice and inspirational! Vijay Ji, it is wonderful that you kept faith and Baba gave you the job you worked so hard for and I hope to visit the wonderful Baba temple in Milpitas soon. Shaji, it is wonderful that your brother met his target by March 1st and truly it is due to Baba's blessings that he met the quota. We should have faith in our dear Baba and he will do whatever is required for us, it is just important we have faith and patience. Everything will happen well for us at the right time, we need not worry. Om Sai Ram!

  10. Baba I really don't understand, why things keep on dealying.
    Please let me know BABA, if I am doing anything wrong or if I can do anything to make the things better.

    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

  11. vijay..i am a bay area local…and its a bliss to be close to milpitas temple…it is another shirdi away from shirdi…it is just so serene and beautiful….om sai ram!

  12. OM SAIRAM,

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