Mercy and greatfullness of Lord Sai Baba have been experienced by below three devotees and they have opened their hearts to us. Read on below and each experience will be equally interesting.

Baba’s Gift For Me On My Birthday

Sai Sister Malini Ji from Malaysia says: Dear Hetal Ji, It has been sometime I did not post any Leela of BABA due to busy schedule. But yesterday BABA blessed me with a beautiful Birthday gift, which made this birthday the most beautiful and unforgettable birthday in my life. Hence I would like to share this Leela with all Sai Children.

On the eve of my birthday, before I go to sleep, I told BABA that tomorrow is my birthday. I just want to You to come and bless me by touching me (bless my head by touching my head). I further told Him that at least in my dream, please come and bless me, and I slept off. Next day, when I woke up, I realized I did not get any dream and a bit sad, but I thought maybe BABA have different gift for me and since that day was Thursday and as usual I did Abhishekam for BABA and other Murthis in my altar.

Then in the evening, I went to BABA’s temple and was praying to Him again. BABA, You did not come in my dream. At least now, please give me a flower, which is from You. And then I proceed to do Archana. I expected BABA will give the flowers to me through the priest, who was doing Archana for me, but the priest just gave me the Archana packet, which consists of banana and flower petals and this made me more upset.

But I continue my prayers by circumambulating BABA. While doing the 1st round, I saw an old lady, who could hardly walk properly cleaning some things like flowers from BABA and at the back of BABA’s Murthi. And then while doing the 2nd round, she handed me a rose and some jasmine flowers. Oh My Baba, I could not express by words what I felt that moment. And not only that, the old lady touched my cheek signifying the love she had for me at that moment. I felt as though BABA blessed me as per what I have asked Him on the eve of my birthday. It was the first time that I was seeing this old lady in this temple. And of course BABA had come to see me through her. I was too happy and immediately I know the old lady none other than BABA and I fell at her feet seeking her blessing.

Hetal Ji, I was crying silently since the temple was crowded and tears were rolling down on my cheek continuously. BABA has shown to me that He does love me a lot. It was divine and blissful birthday for me.

Hetal Ji, thanks for giving us this platform to share BABA’s love to all His children.

Jai Sai Ram.



Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, How are you doing today? I have been following this website since 2009. When I was looking for some answers on internet, I found this website and helped me to learn something about Baba, Shraddha and Saburi. I believe Baba is everything in this world. I am living in US for last 4 years. I want to share my recent experience with all the devotees. Please keep my name and email id anonymous.

I am a healthcare professional and passed 2 preliminary exams way back in 2009. After that I appeared the 3rd exam (which is major exam to get license) twice. Both the times I failed. It was very frustrating for me and my family, as my wife and son both were in India. I wanted to bring them here after I finish my exams and get my license. Meanwhile my salary was also not enough to live with my family. My mother was worried of my family. It was a really hard time for me and wife too. But I was helpless. Because of the 2 failures, I kept on postponing my 3rd attempt as some states won’t accept more than 3 attempts. We have to go for some extra education/paper work for the 4th attempt. All these days, I used to pray Baba for His mercy, used read Sai Satcharitra, Gurucharitra, used to listen to devotional discourses by Sri Chaganti Koteswar Rao. Maybe Baba was testing my Shraddha and Saburi all these days. At last, I tried for the 3rd attempt last week and yesterday I came to know that I passed. Because of Baba’s grace only, I passed. I failed 2 times and passed 3rd time with good marks, well above passing grade. I solely believe I passed because of Baba’s mahima. I can’t think of the marks I got, as I am a mediocre student.

Hetal Ji, I promised Baba to post my experience once I pass the exam. That is why I am sending this to you. If you feel this experience is useful, please post it or else disregard it. I am sorry for the mistakes if any as I am not good in English.

Om Sairam

Sai Baba’s Consoling Message

Sai Sister Gayathri Ji from India says: I am writing from Chennai, South India. By God’s grace, I too happen to be a humble follower of Maharaja Sai Baba, whose mercy and divine touch has seen me through several difficulties in life. Please do not disclose my email ID.

It was some 3 years back. The day, I had this wonderful experience, did not start on a good mood. At home, we had utter financial crisis and my husband was on the verge of losing his temper. I too was very upset and the situation was too good for a fight of words between me and my husband. It was like hell broke loose and both of us were too much shattered and the bickering between us was most unpleasant. I was in all tears and wanted to let out my heart to Sai on all that had happened at home. The time then was 12 in the noon and the Sai temple in our City closes by 1 PM in the afternoon. Somehow, I wiped away my tears had a quick bath and got the bus to the temple. I was not quite sure that I would reach the temple before 1 PM. On the way to the temple, in the bus and while walking to the temple, after getting down the bus, I was sobering inside and was trying hard to keep my sobs under control. I reached the temple gate and true to my fear the temple had closed as it was 8 minutes past 1 PM. I was so worried at not having to see my Baba and not able to cry myself out in front of His divine idol. I had the practice of noting the time in my mobile and to see the time I took out my mobile and there was a beep of an SMS coming in. It was from a friend (a teacher of my son), with whom I did not have regular contact for more than a year. The SMS came out of the blue and it read like this “Saibaba saw your worries and blesses you that difficulties like this will not happen in your life again”. My joy knew no bounds and wanted to shout to the world that Sai has heard the prayers I made from the bottom of my heart. Every moment in my life, I can feel that I am under the shelter of His divine presence and that gives me and my family a lot of courage to face the struggle called life. Thank You so much dear Baba.

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  1. All experiences are great!!!Thanks a lot for sharing…

  2. Wonderful experiences,Baba will bless all his childrens in one way or the other. Om sai Ram.

  3. wonderful experiences…
    thanks for sharing…
    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone..

    Om Sai Rama

  4. Very nice experiences! Devotee from USA, congrats on passing your exams. It is by Baba's grace that you passed on the 3rd attempt. Gayathri Ji, it is wonderful that Baba sent you his blessings through the SMS message eventhough you were not able to reach the temple before closing time. Malini Ji, it is wonderful that Baba fulfilled your wish by giving you the flower you desired through the old lady. I am glad Baba fulfilled your birthday wish. Om Sai Ram!

  5. Nice to read these experiences. Happy for u ppl.
    Personaly i am failed to get Baba's blessing. Even i had long prayer to him. but failed in my lov life and Now married to somebody to fulfill my parents.feel dejected as i ditchedd my lov who still belvies in me nd waiting for me. why Sai i am not lucky enough to get ur blessings.:( . Om Sai ram

    • Your husband truely loves you. Be with him dear. This is Baba's blessings for you if you can understand that Baba knows better than you..

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