Story Of Rs. 10/- By The Grace Of Sadguru Shri Shirdi Saibaba – Sai Devotee Sanjukta

It is said that the one who goes to Shirdi as his/her wishes are fulfilled. The same happened with Sai Sister Sanjukta Ji when she went to Shirdi. Read on it is going to be very interesting and breath-taking.

Sai Sister Sanjukta Ji from India says: Congratulations Hetal Ji for the wonderful service you are rendering to Baba. If He permits, do publish this experience of mine, which I have drafted in a “story” format. Innumerable such experiences. If He permits, I will soon write again.

December 22, 2011 to December 26, 2011, kind Baba set me for a visit to HIS house at Shirdi, which I call my “Baper Badi”, in Bengali meaning “Father’s House” or commonly termed as “Maika” in Hindi. I was with my 19 month old baby girl, Doll (Saina) and her nanny (Sumitadi).

I am devoted to HIS worship since a tender age by HIS blessings. Since I had told Baba that I would marry only a Sai Bhakt and none else. HE was kind enough to see that my husband, who was a Bhakt of Goddess Kali, and did not hear about Shirdi Saibaba till then. I got totally converted to a Sai Bhakt before our marriage. Today, I can proudly say, he is more Sai’s than Sai is mine.

Since Sai is our (husband and mine) Baba, we have taught our daughter to call HIM “SAIDADU” (Grandfather), which she does. She plays with Baba’s idol at home. She wishes HIM “Good Morning Dadu” on waking up. She helps me give HIM bath, feeds HIM, helps me dress HIM up, claps her hand during Aartis, sings HIS bhajan so on and forth. Doll also snatches Baba’s head dress and plays with HIM.

This is a brief on our daily house chores.

Now, coming back to my “Maika” or “Baper-Badi” visit to Shirdi. I am sure that all devotees must have faced the erratic behavior of the security guards inside the temple. Not all are bad, but most of them push the devotees and shun them away as soon as one comes closer to the idol to get a finer look at Baba’s divine form. Devotees are literally treated as “criminals or Qaidis” (forgive me if I say wrong). And for that matter all are pushed whether they are kids or older people. Even, men guards push young ladies, women as well as old people with all their might. Whilst I understand, they too are pressurized on account of the daily crowd, but then where Baba’s teaching is for treating everyone humbly? I have found these guards lack the “patience” factor despite being endowed by such a noble act of taking care of the pilgrim devotees. I understand mail discussion on the rudeness of the security guard had been brought up earlier, but I do not see any progress on their attitude so far. Leaving this issue to Baba’s feet let me carry on.

Now, inside the temple, when we got a chance to come closer to HIM, we got a very bad push. Frankly, whatever happens to me, I don’t mind as I take all as HIS blessings. So when the guard pushed me hard aside, I still stared at HIM. Then I heard “Doll” cry. They had pushed Sumitadi (Doll’s nanny). And that’s when my mother’s instinct got the better of me. How can a delicate 19 month baby be shunned so? Their bones are soft and these guards use immense strength to push the devotees. Babies and old people can easily land up with serious injuries. Out came my mother’s protective self and I fired the security guard “What do you think you are doing?” At that moment, I did not think of Sai since I got terribly angry with HIM. How can HE watch this happening? I felt. Nonetheless, the lady guard answered me very rudely “Why? What happened? Can’t you see what happened? You have a baby bitterly crying.” “What if I were to push you the same?” I replied. Just then, a senior guard, who was a spectator to all the happenings, told me “He was sorry on behalf of the lady guard.” That ended there, but I was very angry with SAI. And I did not even once look at HIM after that. My daughter was crying profusely and saying “DADU. Na!!” (Meaning “Dadu. No”).

We came out of the temple and directly fell onto the queue which took us to Dwarakamai. I was actually so angry with Deva that I wanted to rush back to the hotel as my daughter was hurt and wanted to cry. But no, HE knew we were hurt (deep). So HE put us directly to the queue which took us to Dwarakamai. Inside Dwarakamai, I complained Baba, “How did YOU allow this”? Doll loves you so much so I do. It’s not about only us. This is a question of so many devotees, including older women, who are pushed so bad. What if they hurt their bones?

I bowed down to take HIS blessings on the stone, where HE used to sit. And what do I see after straightening up? I had a Rs. 10/-note in hand. I was quiet surprised. I asked the security guard standing next to me as to why had he given the Rs. 10/- to me as I observed he was trying to hand over some flowers from Baba’s stone to me.

He replied “Why should I give you Rs. 10/-?”

“So what do I do with it now?” I asked.

He replied “What do I know? Give it in the Hundi if you want!”

With dual mind, I placed the note in the Hundi thinking that the note belonged to someone else who has lovingly given Baba, so I shouldn’t keep it. Although I wanted to keep it as I felt Baba gave me the Rs.10/- since I have told HIM something about Rs.10/-. Soon, the security guard rushed to me and asked me “What did you do with the Rs.10/-?”

“I have put it back to the Hundi.” I replied.

“Why? Baba just told me that HE gave it to you!” he said.

“Really! Well, actually I was annoyed since few other security guards in the Samadhi Mandir misbehaved with my daughter and me. I was complaining Baba.” I disclosed all the facts to him.

“Perhaps, Baba has sent me to you. You wait here with a calm mind and talk to Baba. I am coming back in a jiffy.” he gestured me to sit on the Dwarakamai with my daughter and Sumitadi and he rushed away somewhere.

I waited with my daughter trying to come in terms with the happenings and talking mentally to Baba requesting HIM to return the Rs.10/- to me as being a fool I did not understand. HE gave it to me and so put it back to the Hundi. Although I know without HIS wish, nothing can happen and my putting back to the Hundi might have been HIS desire.

Meanwhile the security guard returned with Rs.4/-. He told me to give Rs.2/- to my husband and Rs.2/- should be kept by me. He asked us to worship them as directed by Baba. He also gave me few “Chappatis”. I was thrilled. I thanked him and returned back to the hotel. But all the while Rs.10/- was swinging in my mind. Strangely enough, I wanted the Rs.10/- from SAI. I kept on telling HIM, “YOU gave it to me. So why did YOU take it away? YOU will have to return it to me.”

After couple of days, we had nice and peaceful Darshan. The last day, was the best Darshan. I went for the Kakad Aarti (alone). Oh how lovely. I had the pass. I got the passes done through online booking. It is very convenient. For all my stay dates, I had booked one Darshan and one Aarti daily. I encourage all SAI devotees to make use of the online Darshan system, which has made Darshan so convenient. Thanks to Baba. Thanks to the Sansthan.

The entire Kakad Aarti went on for 1hour 30 minutes or perhaps 2 hours (Instead of the standard 20 minutes Aarti and 30 minutes Abhishek Pooja, total 1hour). In Kakad Aarti, I had 7-8 Bhajans. Usually only 1 Bhajan is sung. But I was lucky. I could get to hear endless Bhajans. This happens only on days that the Pujari’s decide to clean a depth all the surroundings of the Mandir. Then Baba’s Mangal Snan, Abhishek Pooja, Shirdi Mera Pandharpur – Choti (small) Aarti and finally the Darshan queue was released. I could stand for more time without harassment from the security guards. And imagine 2 hours in front of Baba. It was Divine. Isn’t it? I thanked Baba telling HIM “Is it because today is my last day with YOU here. That is so many blessings. YOU don’t want me to let go. Isn’t it Baba?” Since the Rs.10/- was all along revolving in my mind. I once again reminded Baba to give me the Rs.10/-.

Let me share with all a particular method of Puja as done by me at home (although with the winter advent, I haven’t been able to continue with this routine!). I felt perhaps that was precisely the reason, HE was kind to me with the Kakad Aarti and the Bhajans.

I wake up around 3.30 am in the morning. Have bath. And tune to the Live Darshan from Shri Saibaba Sansthan so that I can also do my regular Kakad Aarti in tandem with the Shirdi Mandir. I give HIM bath in tandem with the Mandir too. And the most heart melting moment during my prayers each day is when the Bhajans are sung by the Pujari. Oh what a feeling!! You will simply melt whilst you listen to the Bhajan in the Pujari’s Voice. No professional singer’s voice can match the Pujaris voice, in my opinion. I have downloaded some to listen to it at my ease and want. I feel so much connected to the Pujari’s voice that I always convey thanks to the Pujari in my mind. This time, Baba gave me the opportunity to thank the “Pujari Ji” personally for his melodious and honest voice in service of BABA.

I recollect, I spotted him amongst the crowd, and how fast I had to run to catch up with him to convey my gratitude. BABA took care of my desire to thank him. And perhaps, it is also for this reason that I call myself lucky that I could get to hear 7-8 Bhajans, where only 1 or at best 2 Bhajans are sung on a daily note in the Mandir. This also elongated my proximity to Baba too in terms of the hours spent with HIM as against to the pushing by the security guard for spending even a second more!

With all these happenings, I still had the Rs.10/- revolving in my mind. I felt any moment someone will come and hand over Rs.10/- to me!

Finally, it was time to check out from the hotel. While leaving the room, I went to the picture of Baba hung on the hotel room and told HIM “All is well! But where’s my Rs. 10/-? Look, I am not leaving without the Rs.10/-. Now YOU decide how YOU would give me the Rs.10/-“

I went down for signing the hotel bill. I signed the bill and paid the amount reflected, by Credit Card. I had pre-booked my hotel from Make My Trip, so I had only to pay for certain secondary requirements. As I bid “Good-Bye” to the counter. I heard a voice call me back “Madam, won’t you collect your Rs.10/-?” With utter dismay, I turned around to find the Manager at the Hotel Desk show me a Rs.10/- note.

Like a hungry beggar, wet-eyed and thumping heart, I replied “Yes, of course. But why Rs.10?”

“Your bill amount was Rs.992/-, By mistake we punched Rs.1000/-. So we return Rs . 10/- to you.” Manager replied. They did not take the Rs.2/- change from me.

I had goose-bumps then and even now as I write this. The Rs.12/- was kept in my shrine and worshipped regularly.

Baba’s daughter,


Love to all Sai-Bhakts. May Baba bless each of you abundantly.

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  1. early morning dose of a beautiful experience……u are truly blessed to have experienced this….Om Sai Ram

  2. You had the faith, that HE is going to come in one form or the other and give the Rs 10/-. FAITH/SHRADDA in Baba always pays off….

    This is the lesson we all need to take from this.

  3. Sanjukta ji, superb experience felt really excited reading it , You and your family are really blessed. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Wow sanjukta what a beautifull experience u had in shridi ur so lucky and blessed child by baba may sai shower you with lots of happiness like this.
    even I m waiting to have nice darshan experience in shridi after long gap baba caling me to his house shridi I m going to shridi this month end I m so existed to meet baba in this gap I have so close to sai father baba is my life I m requesting baba to show nice darshan .

  5. As described in Shri Sai Leela magazine,on some occasions, Baba used to return some sum from the amount tendered as Dakshina and ask the donor to guard it or keep it in His shrine for worship.

  6. amazing devotion towards sai…sanjuktha ji thanks for posting…it was like a excercising chapter to all sai devotees, on improving their devotion. it is obvious dat sainath is deep in ur life. u rblessed ..

  7. Om Sairam!
    Hetal ji, thank you for the platform. Truly Baba is getting all done by pulling the strings and bringing all HIS devotees under HIS umbrella through your , Manisha ji and few other kind devotees's website . Yesterday was Bengali NEW Year and Baba chose this perfect date to post the experience.. I was actually wondering it had been long since I shared the experience… But Baba wanted me to connect with all dear Sai brothers and sisters and hear their good thoughts on the begining of our New Year and so waited till our New Year to get this experience shared.

    Geethaji, Dr.Mahesh Chandra Pandaji ,Sudah ji and all of you… Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. Feel humbled by your shared thoughts. I feel we are just growing big in our 'Sai family'.

    May HE shower immense blessings to each and everyone. May all have peace of mind and everlasting happiness.

    Thanks to all!

    Om Sairam!!

  8. Hasnt this experience been already shared in the recent past? Why again? Oops I think no— it has been shared in Manisha ji's blog.

    • Yes dear devotee.

      Manishadi had posted this on her website earlier.

      Baba's blessings on you in abundance.
      Om Sairam!

  9. Dear sai first i like to thank u so much.
    Everyday morning i have made habit of visting this blog today for some reason i was depressed facing few problems i was really down so much on baba i dint visit this blog morning, baba dint leave forced me to visit this blog today afternoon when i opened i saw beautifull experience by sanjuktha, i should mentioned by looking at this experience, since i have mentioned in before comment that i m going to shridi this month end ,As mentioned by Mrs. Sanjuktha that booking online for Morning Kakkad arthi is really good so i decided to do same today afternoon i sat i booked online for kakkad arthi morning by baba grace i got passess for the day on 27th morning for darshan kakkad arthi feeling so happy.
    Thank you so much Sai deva,
    I Like to thank Sanjuktha for posting this beautifull experience by looking at your experience i have book through online for kakkad arthi darshan thanks lot Sanjuktha.

    Sai deva i m sure ur going to give me nice special darshan this month just waiting for the day sai deva , i will sure share in this blog ones i come back from shridi.


    • Om Sairam dear Sai bhakt,
      So nice to hear that you are visiting your/our Father's house in Shirdi. Please convey Baba that I love HIM a lot and that HE should fulfill the desires of every devotee and bring all of us more close to HIM.
      I am confident you will have a very nice darshan and would wait to hear about your trip.
      Also happy to know you did the online booking. its really convenient. You will now have to make the passes from the PRO office.Happy Sai Darshan!
      Am very happy for you. Dont be low. HE has called you there… Something good will definitely happen.
      Om Sairam!

  10. Dear Sanjukta ji,
    What a heartfelt experience! I literally cried reading you "doll" getting pushed and hurt and feeling the same anger towards those heartless servants. Yes, they are facing such big crows making them so ruthless but that is the part of their job duty! If they are not passionate, they need to find other job, don't you think so? How can they be using their strength/power to PUSH devotees?
    Your Doll showing so much love for BABA is amazing! I loved Baba's new name "SaiDadu" !! May you all be blessed!
    Loved the story of Rs.10/- too! errr Rs. 10/- + Rs. 2/- !!

    We pray shloka before starting our meals and my 3 year old grand daughter has picked up several shlokas from her mom's prayers as she has been listening since she was born! Now it happens many a times that at the dinner table she is sat on her high chair and we are still bringing dishes to the table, she becomes impatient and starts singing that specific Shloka on her own! I feel so happy see her capacity to remember sankrit shlokas just listening to her mom and us!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.
    Jai Sai Ram.

    • Om Sairam Meera ji!
      Absolutely.. Totally agree with you. They should find some other job since this job needs you to have abundant patience which is in anyways Baba's dictum towards life. Alas!
      You know Meeraji , I also feel that we all should raise our opinion against this ill-treatment. Like, Dr.Parvathiji has shared in the same forum that the security guard told her 'this is not a place to sleep' when all she was doing was trying to bow down to our BABA! What sort of behaviour is this? I had tears reading it and could feel her pain! Another eldrely lady, about 80 yrs had also similarly complained me about their attitude. And then, after the 2 or 3 hrs spending on queue for HIS darshan… not even 1 min in front of HIM? Plus males ill-handling women with their force?
      HE is watching. Sure HE will take this on.

      So glad to know that your 3month old granddaughter recites Sanskrit slokas. It is all your blessed upbringing coupled with Baba's blessings. Am sure Baba's umbrella is wide spread on your family.. I have been also following your posts and is evident from them!!
      Om Sairam!

  11. Really a great experience Sanjuktaji. Had tears in my eyes as I was reading it. Baba knows our innermost feelings and fulfills our genuine desires. He is there for all his bhaktas… always by their side, like a mother, looking after their welfare.

    Om Sai Ram

  12. Happy New Year Sanjukta-di,
    I already read this experience on Manisha-ji's blog, still I couldn't stop reading it for the second time. It's really a wonderful experience.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I feel, even if you have returned Rs 2 to the hotel manager, in total you would have 8 +2 = 10(=The amount you asked HIM)… 🙂

    May Baba keep showering His blessing on you n your family.
    May Baba bless everyone.

    Om Sai Rama

    • True dear devotee. Did not think of it earlier. Look Baba spoke it out through you.

      And you know what, while I was complaining Baba about the erratic behaviour of the guards and my daughter being hurt, I also mentioned HIM a particular thing about Rs. 10/-(personal). Thereafter, I bowed down and found it in my hand! It was a real miracle!(i think I mentioned this in Manishadi's site.. Got missed here!)

      Thank you for sharing your views. Baba forever bless you!

      Om Sairam!!

  13. Sanjuktaji you are lucky,nice experience.Every body is facing the same problem with security guards,baba will look after his devotees.omsairam.

  14. Dear sanjuktaji,

    Recently I had been to Shirdi on 12,13th 14th of March, 2012. I too had been a victim of the erratic behaviour of the male and female security guards, while touching the SAMADHI MANDIR OF BABA.I was touching the Samadhi of Baba, as I was short in height I had to bend so as to reach my hands on to BABA's Samadhi. One extremely fat security lady pulled me with words, "Ya sone ka nahi" (This is not the place for sleeping". I felt too bad,with her rash pull and meaningless words.We all have the basic culture to make room for other devotees to pray, they need not use their body force or loose tongue to insult the devotees in front of BABA.I too was angry with BABA. Next day too a male security guard pulled me. Is it the way to behave with women.Even today I feel very restless whenever I recollect the two incidents.I question BABA that "why such incidents happen in front of YOU and YOU never take care of Your devotees who come to You to tell all their worries with tears". But, I also blame myself that may be my devotion is not pure hence I am treated in this way, otherwise HE could have protected me from the push and the rebukes.We read many experiences that inspite of serpentine queues and heavy crowd devotees get satisfied darshan of BABA with the help of some security guards.I think they have true devotion.Anyhow pushing women, children, old people should be stopped at Shirdi and the authorities should take care of such indecent security guards.


    • Om Sairam Dr.K.Parvathiji,

      Felt your pain! Truly! Absolute unnecessary dictum! Not called for! Am feeling horrible after reading about their attitude. I apologise to you for the sake of humanity.
      And dont at all feel bad about it. We all go through it. You are not the sole individual. Yes, there are some lucky blessed devotees who also get HIS divine darshan without having to face harassement. Baba's unlimited blessings on them!

      Glad you shared your comments. Sometimes such sharing makes you feel much better.
      Baba is always always with you!

      Om Sairam!

  15. I wanted to follow your habit of doing pooja by waking up at 3:30 AM and doing kakad aarthi.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    You no need to worry for anything in life as baba is there with you.

  16. Om Sai Jai Sai
    Saiji always shower your blessings on all .
    Thanks for shareing a wonderful experience………..

  17. Om Sairam!

    Thanks to Krishaji, Saiji , S.Ranjan ji , Sreeji and everyone.
    Baba bless all.

    Om Sairam!

  18. Dear Sanjukta ji, Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, but how do we let the management hear our voice about "misbehavior of their staff" and to bring improvement in their dealing with Sai Devotees coming for Darshan?

    I do feel blessed and having all sorts of protection from BABA but recently I feel that HE is testing my faith too!
    I met with an accident, a car running through red light and with no witness possible, he now denies that he did that, he had green light and so his insu. company would not pay my claim and my insurance would pay only after I pay my deductibles of $ 500.00. I feel so sorry that with no fault of mine my brand new car got damaged and plus I will have to shell out $ 500.00 to get it fixed under my insurance where I am already facing financial crisis with job's hours cut of 50% of what I was getting…and not only that but at job I am forced to do the duty of cashiering instead of my Technician expertise (which includes at the end of my shift cleaning toilets (mens' , womens), and sweeping , moping those floors, cleaing the breakroom, emptying the trash) and on my refusing to accept that unjustified work thomped upon me, I argued that as a Tech. sales associate under which title i am hired, I do not have to do this work, I am obliging helping you out running registers but that does not mean I would do this filthy work!
    I am getting even more less hours asking me by the management to take days off from my scheduled work hours.
    I am suffering from shoulder pain which I thought was due to age related , frozen shoulder pain, which turned out to be a calcium spur on teared tendon and could require arthroscopic surgery eventually!
    And we are expecting a baby in July this year at my younger son's home who lives in the same town, so surely I would like to be helpful to them but with shoulder surgery at the same time would be a problem for me!
    So I am under so much stress and suffering!
    Hoping BABA will bless me giving solutions to my difficulties if I pass in his test!
    Love and blessings to your "Doll"!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  19. Om Sairam Meeraji,
    Nice to hear from you. I am at and would love so much to be in contact with you.

    Not sure how do we take this up with the Sansthan. Waiting for Baba to bring justice or show the direction if one may help in this.

    Meeraji, after hearing you, really feel sorry. Job hassles really gets on one and if it is coupled with financial mess, no words. I already prayed for you and asked HIM why did HE do so with you?
    May HE take care of you in all aspect. Personal, professional, spiritual.
    I think Baba is surely testing HIS devotees. I too am going through difficulties! 11yrs in Banking and have no job for 2 yrs now ! HE alone knows the ways! But gives me dreams thst HE is with me . Yesterday HE hugged me in my dream :)) .
    Am confident HE will take care of each of HIS devotees. We need to hold firmly although to keep the patience is really difficult for family people as us.
    Have conveyed your love to my Doll.
    Love to your family and your Doll's .
    Best wishes to the mom to be.

    Thank you Hetalji for bringing closer the Sai family!

    Om Sairam!

  20. this is amazing but it happens with true devotees.
    Baba I request you , please listen to me also and my prayer and make me happy , I WANT MY DOCTOR , back in my life whom i could not get but now i want him as a ture friend in my life

  21. Sanjukta Ji, Thanks for sharing a beautiful and touchy experience. Your devotion level is so high. Nice to read Rs. 10/- + Rs. 2/- story. You are really fortunate to have these blessing from BABA.


    Wonderful Experience.
    What is happening to me Baba. What is happening in office Baba. Did they like my work or not? I am feeling depressed Baba.
    Baba please give me peace of mind.


  24. Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience of your Shirdi trip! The story of the Rs. 10 is truly nice, and it is Baba's grace that at the very end you got the Rs. 10 you asked Baba for. Om Sai Ram!

  25. I pray to Baba that Meeraji who has commented in this blog to have a good life and end her miseries, I felt so sad to hear your situation you are going through in your job. I hope you are saved from all troubles Meeraji and have lots of blessings from our beloved Baba.

    Om Sairam.

  26. Dear Anu ji,
    Jai Sai RAM.! Thanks for your kind words and your prayer request! I think BABA has heard your prayer as well as of Ms. Sanjukta ji's! Well, my shoulder problem is not solved as such, but the Doctor gave me a cortisone injection and now I am relieved from agony of pain using my right arm, though, the calcium spur does hinder my movements and cause pain in particular movements! I get just 10 hours at job, but BABA has helped me get a couple of paid painting work which will offset my less earning at my job! And my car repairs issues resolved miraculously as my insurance company decided to have it fixed and will not charge me it's deductibles! This is really due to BABA's blessings! My FAITH in TRUTH has increased. The Insurance company believed what I had to say about how that accident happened and since there was no witness as per the police report, the Insu. company might have rejected the claim altogether!
    Thanks to all Sai Devotees who prayed for my well being and taking care of my bothering issues.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  27. om sai baba wow such a great experience love u sooooooooo much baba always be with me forever love u sooooooooooooooo much

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