Sai Miracles In My Life – Sai Devotee Priya

We never know when Lord Sai Baba comes to our rescue. It is only known when we see the consequences of any particular situation. Below is the same experience of Sai Sister Priya ji.

Sai Sister Priya Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to thank you for this wonderful job. I am always visiting your website to see the experience of all devotees. I feel happy on seeing Sai Baba miracles in all Devotees’ life. From this website, we came to know that Baba is there in all places. I will be great full of you if you post my experience. Since it is my first post and I want to share with all devotees. Please display my name alone in website. I want to say sorry for this lengthy experience. I am requesting all Sai Devotee to be patient to read it full lengthy experience.

I came to know about Sai Baba in middle of 2009 and went to Shirdi trip once in my lifetime on 15 Feb 2012, after my Sai 9 week vrat. My devotion to Sai got increased. I have experienced the presence of Sai in my life in many times. But I listed two instances which happened for me.

  • Before one week of Pongal function, my mom fell down in my home while cleaning the room and the Baba statue also broke into two pieces. I thought that it happened without her knowledge. Next day, my sister called me and said that while putting deepam, unfortunately the BABA picture got fired. I thought it’s all happening because some bad is going to happen and I cried because at that time only I fought with my relative guy. I thought him as my brother. But he did all mischievous thing for me without my knowledge. My mind was getting disturbed like some bad happenings are going to happen for my home and for me. My mom was also not feeling well after she fell down. I prayed God and BABA why all these things are happening for me. Please show me what bad thing is going to happen for me. Meanwhile, one guy (who is Baba devotee) called me and asked me to go and attend the morning Aarti in Sai temple in my home town. It is good for your family. But I didn’t get the time to go to my home town Sai temple. I felt sad. Later at first time, I went to Shirdi itself and attended Kakad (Morning) Aarti and evening Aarti by Baba’s grace. After that, I came to realise that relative guy brought the bad names for me and my family by telling unnecessary things and telling lies about me. For these bad things only, Baba showed me the above two things (statue broken and fire in Sai photo). Still now that guy is not leaving me and giving disturbance in some way for me and I was praying Sai please help me to get away from this problem.

    With that above problem and my family problem, I was not having interest to go to Pongal function. I always book ticket in tatkal by my relative. Most of the time, I get confirm ticket itself. But my relative asked me don’t neglect to go home, just go and enjoy the function. I told to my relative guy to book the ticket. Let us see if we got ticket means we can go, otherwise don’t. At that time, I left that ticket matter to Sai Baba. Relative guy booked the ticket, but it was in waiting list. I thought that BABA itself is not having interest to go to my home town. So I left that to my BABA feet. After that only, one miracle happened. The relative guy told me before one day of Pongal that we got the ticket in another train, but time is at evening at 4 PM. So I would need to leave office earlier. I got shocked and asked “how he got?” He just replied by means of friend he booked at that time. I just left that ticket matter. While I was traveling, I asked BABA if we got the ticket with help of You means I will see Your picture. My relative guy bought some books for reading while in travel and when I was reading that book, I came across the picture of SAI. I felt happy and asked that guy “Tatkal itself finished and how you got the ticket?” He replied that he got the ticket by his friend and I will ask him after Pongal holidays. After festival, my relative guy called his friend and asked the reason. After their talk, my relative guy told me that “My friend got the ticket from another person. My friend accidentally met that person in SAI BABA temple. My friend told the situation of us and asked the help. That unknown person told to help him”. What is the miracle here? My relative guy friend met that unknown person only in SAI temple and all those meeting were happened by SAI. On next day itself, we got the ticket in another train. Once I heard all those things, I cried and realized that Baba is there with me always.

  • First time, I went to Shirdi. There I bought one pen with Sai picture in that pen. I placed my pen in my bag. We booked the return ticket from PUNE, but our ticket was in RAC. I returned from Shirdi in Chennai mail express from PUNE to CHENNAI. While I was sleeping, I was having the habit to place my handbag near my head. The same thing I did that day also. I slept at side lower birth. My relative guy slept at down near my berth. Since the climate was so cool I was fully covered my face with bed sheet and slept well. At midnight, my relative shook me and told that wake up soon someone is trying to take your bag. I got shocked and seeing some guy was having the ladies handbag in his hand and going. After few minutes only, I came to realize that guy tried to take my bag and my relative shouted at that guy and he went away without taking my bag. The next day morning only, I came to know that guy stold many things in same coach and I thanked BABA to save me. I am having ATM card in my bag and PAN CARD. I asked my relative how you wake up in middle. He has habit, while in sleep, he won’t woke up in middle. Even though, I call him many times with his name. He replied that at the time of theft, I felt like neck pain so tried to turn another side. At that time, first of all I saw that one guy is trying to pick up your bag and I shouted at him. Then he left that bag and went way. After saying this, he told that BABA is there with you and He won’t leave you. He will guide us till we reach home. I felt happy and thanked a lot to SAI RAM. I thought like “SAI, if You only helped me, I should see Your picture”. After few minutes, I opened my bag suddenly that pen I bought in Shirdi caught my eyes. I felt happy and realized that we didn’t get berth because of that reason only. If we got the berth means my relative will be slept in upper berth and my bag will be stolen by someone. That time only I realized all was happened for our good

With Sai Baba’s grace, I am going to do next second nine week vrat. I am praying Sai that I will end up with good ending.

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  1. Your experience with Sai reveals: Shraddha is the foundation of the path of devotion in Sai spirituality.

  2. Thak you Priyaji for sharing Baba's miracles…Baba is always with the devotees. Only thing is that we should leave everything to HIM on similar occasions. When we mentally resolve to that point -when our (human) effots can not solve a problem or tackle a situation- Baba takes over. I have felt His intervention on such occasions, in my life.
    May Baba be with us all.

  3. Sister Priya,

    jai sai ram. Baba used to say that every one has to go through the past sufferings, so none will be spared. However, baba said he will still save his devotees from going through the worst and minimizing it.

    It is shown in your case. Do not worry sister good days will come through.

    Just keep remembering baba.

    Humble salutations to our father.

    Servant of baba.

  4. Hi to All Sai Baba's Devotees,

    Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks alot for your wonderful web site. My name is Komathy Krishnasamy and I'm from Malaysia. I feel very happy, I always read the experinces of all sai baba detovees. "Sai" is the wonderful person who is staying with each and every one of us. He is more than anything in my life.
    Sai ram, Sai ram, Sai ram …..

  5. Sai Ram …

    My name is Komathy Krishnasamy from Malaysia. Thanks a lot Mr Hetal Ji, This is wonderfull web site. I really happy to read devotee experinces. Sai ram is more then anything in my life.

    Sai ram, Sai ram, Sai ram ……

  6. Very nice experiences! It is wonderful how Baba arranged for your train ticket through you relative and also how he woke your relative so he prevented the other guy from stealing your purse. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Om sai ram.herez a devotee of sai baba from assam.india. I am a C.A student.i cleared my cpt in first cudnt clear my ipc in last 2 atmpts.i nvr lost hope becoz more dn believing in myslf I hd blind faith dt sai ji would surely make it hapn one day.i hd many miracles of sai ji in my life.wl post dat some odr I just wana thnk baba for alwz being with me.i wud also say my frnz to nvr lose hope on baba.he is alwz dere with his you sai ma. Om sai ram.

  8. Om sai's a devotee of sai baba from assam.india.i hv had xperienced many miracles of sai ji by his today I wud pen down to thank him for every thng. I am a CA student.and aftr two attempt of failure, baba blessed me with success.he tasted me before bt I nvr lost hope. Nd finly today I.e thursday baba's day, baba cleared my exam.this ws d best thursday of my life. Ty sai ma.nd I wud lyk to say all d devotees dt, at times baba may test lose ur hope on him. I am really vry happy baba. Thank you for everything. Om sai ram.sabka malik ek

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