Sai Baba’s Miracle In My Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Lord Sai Baba acts behind the scenes in such a way that we never know what consequences will be in future. We are then only left to thanks Him for His gracefulness.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ganesha. Om Sai Ram.

Sairam Hetal Ji, Many thanks to you for launching this blog that helps us to share our experiences and get inspired by reading the experiences of other devotees. May Baba shower His choicest blessings on you today and always. Stated below is my recent experience. Request you to please publish it after the necessary editing that you feel may be required. Please do not publish my name and email-id. Thanks to Sai that I am able to pen down my experience with His grace and may Deva forgive me for any mistakes and omissions.

It was during my times of crisis that Sai came into my life around 7 months back. My boyfriend of 5 years declined for marriage as he felt that we were not compatible and may not be happy together after marriage. We used to have fights sometimes and I used to constantly pressurize him to quit certain habits. In addition to it, I later realized that many of the fights were silly and I used to drag it. I must mention here that we were deeply in love with each other and he was the one who had convinced each of his family members for our marriage. Nevertheless, all communication between us stopped and I felt it was the end to our chapter. I did try a lot to convince him and make him realize both of our mistakes but nothing worked.

All this while, I came closer to Baba, though I knew of Sai from the last one year, I wasn’t aware of His Leelas and miracles. Suddenly one day, out of the blue, I started to google about Baba and came across this site and it became a habit to read the experiences of Devotees daily. I used to derive immense courage and faith from each of the experiences and used to constantly pray Baba to bring him back in my life. I must admit that I could never surrender to Baba though and used to ask Sai to get me married to my boyfriend only. Time went on and I still did not see any hopes of his coming back into my life. But yes, I did get positive signals in between. It was only on Thursdays that he either called or messaged me, which was hardly 3-4 times in a span of 5-6 months, and it was purely out of his concern for me. He never spoke of giving a new lease of life to our relationship. In the Sai Temple that I visit in BTM, Bangalore, Pandit Ji once asked me to decorate Baba’s paduka and I felt blessed. I used to ask for positive signs from Baba and many a times He used to reciprocate by giving me His photo, Prasad, flower, religious books, messages, playing my favorite bhajans, appearing in my dream etc. My mother too started Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat as she was anxious about my marriage. These positive signs used to boost me and pull me back each time I felt I had lost it in life.

Even then, I still did not hear anything good from my boyfriend and out of sheer anxiety we picked up chits before Baba asking Him if I would get married to my boyfriend and the answer was ‘No’. I was shattered and left crying. I would say that after this, I really surrendered to Sai and left everything at His Holy Feet and just prayed to Him to get me married to the right guy of His choice. My prayers were never biased after that. We started looking for proposals and I was at peace. Baba used to answer positively all the time I used to question Him in the ‘Question and Answers’ website. There is a “Sai Koti Stupa” in the BTM Sai Baba Temple in Bangalore, and if we daily do 11 rounds of the stupa for 48 days, our wish would get fulfilled. Crores of Sai names in written form are put inside the stupa. A ‘Stupa’ is a monumental pile of earth or other material, marking a sacred spot. I got to know this after some time and I started doing the sacred 11 rounds of the Stupa, humbly praying Him to get me married to a good guy. Baba called me to Shirdi and I had blissful Darshan. Time rolled on.

In January, at the start of the New Year, my boyfriend called me and apologized. He started talking to me frequently and confessed all his guilt. He realized that both of us were at fault for the fights we used to have, but instead of sorting them and respecting the love we had for each other, the step he took of breaking the relationship was extremely wrong. He said that he regrets all that happened and would respect my decision, and it was left to me whether I want us to be back together or not. I was apprehensive and was in a dilemma. In my heart of hearts I prayed to Baba to please help, guide and advice me in this matter. I felt good to see him realizing his mistake and I thanked Baba for the same. We decided to meet after that and we met in Baba’s temple. All the while I was praying to Baba to give me some positive signal if He accepts our relationship. We spoke for a long time and he clarified all my doubts and apprehensions. I could feel the old care and affection back in his tone and he said that he was worried about our long fights and my nagging nature. I was still undecided of my decision. The next day, I was delighted to see My Shirdi Trip Experience posted in this blessed blog (where I prayed to Baba to help me get married to the right guy), and it was posted on the day we met for the first time after a gap of 6 months. Now, I was praying to Baba for a positive signal and here it was.

My experience and prayer was posted on the same day I met my boyfriend after 6 months. I took that as Baba’s blessings. By Baba’s grace, things are much better between us now, and the separation has brought us even closer. He has become all the more patient and caring, and I have realized my mistakes of pressurizing and nagging him. Whenever I face some issue and want some changes in my boyfriend, I just silently pray to Baba and believe me, Baba is working on my boyfriend and he will get rid of his drawbacks. Baba has taught me the take the right path in life and I seek His feet all the while, praying Him to bless us ever and take care of all aspects of our life. The fact that we are back together was only possible due to Sai’s grace and I cannot thank Him enough for that. All I can try to do is to be a good human being as Baba expects us all to be. Talks have started in our families for our marriage and I pray to Baba to carry out everything smoothly and bless us with a blissful married life.

My humble salutations at Your lotus feet, Deva. You make impossible possible and You alone know Your ways. You are my father and I know You are there to care for us ever.

May Your blessings reach each one of us and make our lives better. Many thanks to You.


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  1. Very nice experience…baba is everything that happens in our life…ur blessed couple of baba…he will shower happieness in ur life…omsairam…hav a happy life

  2. Thank u for sharing ur be experience its wonderful and i needed solution for my prblem lol its here… 🙂 unique are his ways god bless u both

    • I am also praying baba for getting married with my boyfriend with whom I am in relationship with past 2.5 years. Also I have done 11 vrat..but nothing goes positive .his father simply say no…and now I am in depression

    • When Baba is there for you why are you worried abt his father… Baba is supreme god..father of your boyfriend's father too

  3. Dear devotee who wrote the experience and others reading this…
    I have read your experience and good that you and your bf are together.
    I am also a recent devotee of Babaji and I have a question on ur experience. Maybe you or other devotees can help me to understand this…
    The devotee said that she has taken chits near babaji, if she will marry her bf and the answer was no.
    After few months, her bf got back to her and again babaji gave signals that he will bless them together.
    Was babaji giving wrong signal the first time ?
    Do chits really work? Was babaji just testing her?
    Saibaba is GOD himself. He does not have to change his decisions? Do we just assume sometimes that babaji is giving us signals…
    Please give ur views and help me to understand.

    • It is not changing his decisions.. it is like testing your devotion.. most of them loose faith in him when he says no and they stop praying him.. which is wrong.. one has to pray Lord though something you want happens or not.. but trust me if u ask with a true heart he will do everything for you…hail Sai Ram

  4. nice experience ji!!it gave answer for my question too. yesturday, i was searching for an experience which furnished baba's blessings in one's love life. i did not find any. as per my daily routine i opened this blog today and here is the kind of post which i was craving for.thanks a lot for posting.

  5. @riya
    @Riyaji, I completely understand your doubt…Sometimes our beloved Sai tests our faith. How far and how serious are we about his advise? Chits done with faith surely works.Here we must understand that the 'No' of the chit had other implications. One is to test the devotees faith and the other is to make the boy understand the importance of this
    relationship. We human beings unfortunately never realize the importance of relationships unless we are on the verge of loosing. Also, it takes time to realize our mistake.
    Also Baba's ways are unique. He is himself god and it is not that he has changed his decision. It is rather his way of making people realize in his own way. Here because of that particular 'NO' chit, the devotee was able to surrender herself completely and accept whatever Baba has decided. Also note that Baba is changing the boy's habits too and giving the devotee the kind of husband she has always longed for.. Wonderful are his ways and all of us are so blessed to have him as our sadguru. Riyaji, I have tried to explain from my limited knowledge. May our lord be with us always.

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Hi Hetal Ji ..

    I was upset to see that there is no Baba's photo in todays post 🙁 could we please have one ?

    Thanks a lot. May Baba bless you always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. @Riya
    Ha.Ha.. I got your doubt. If he accepts you as his child( of-course it can be done through our actions ( never hurt any one, giving food to hungry ones)) then what is he doing, what is he going to do… always for your safety, to take you into a divine life-better path, to give you a better life. See if she didn't get that "NO" chit, she may not have that much maturity that she had present now. If your wish fulfilled every body is thankful. If your wish is not fulfilled then how is your reaction. He wants to see how much faith do you have. If you are not in a good track.. then he definitely create some other instances to get that faith.
    He does not have to change his decisions??? —
    See in "SAI SATCHARITRA" baba first decided to take "THATYA" with him.. but later he decided to leave the body of himself. He does not want to take life of "THATYA". BABA is the creator of us. He can do any thing to us. What you should have is only faith. If your faith is strong enough… then may be that is the last phase.. where you don't need to ask any thing. Just all the things taken care by him. Whether you are in bad period… you will know that baba is there with you.. helping to reduce your karma( because of our bad actions ( very frequent one is -talking about others)). Put full faith on baba. Be patient.. see how the things will change by baba's grace.

  8. Thank you so much for narrating your experience with us. I hope you have great married life with the person you love. May baba bless your life well.
    I think most of the times we go to Baba just for some miracles to happen…. Unless we surrender to him we will not know the value I guess… In this devotee's case she was miraculously settled with the same boy she loved but look at the change in the devotion she had before and after…. That's why I guess Baba test us many times so we will surrender to him completely letting aside the desire and believing him completely…. This is surely a lesson for me too….. I have been longing for a desire to have child for over 8 years now and though i have been able to conceive nothing went on for long and I have been behind Baba for the same. I recently took chits too and it said I can only adopt and I was not happy with the answer, then I realized even if it is adoption we will be happy to have a baby with us , we both love children soo much it's very difficult for us to go on with life incomplete .
    I should change too and devote my love to him and not for desire, this experience suggests me to surrender completely to Baba and Baba will make everything fine, he has plan for each one of us and all will be fine, but I am at a very low point in life and feel down most of the time. I hope Baba will guide me through this life and all will be fine.

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks a lot Hetal Ji for posting my experience. I feel blessed.

    Dear Sai devotees, i too had the same concern as Sai Sister 'Riya' has posted. And then i realised that all Baba wanted is to make both of us mature, and strengthen our faith in him and make us better persons. Tears rolled down my eyes as i read the comments assuring me that all is Baba's plan for our good. He is our Father and does everything good for us. We love you a lot Sai Deva. You are everything to us and nothing happens without your grace. We surrender entirely at your lotus feet. Please take care of us ever.

    And many thanks to all the Sai Devotees for your blessings in the form of your comments. I will be ever grateful to Hetal Ji and this wonderful Sai Family, from where i derived all the courage and faith in ny troubles times and i still do. May Deva bless us always and keep us under his fortune-filled protection.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai jai Sai.

  10. Thank u Baba, thnak u so much for making my baby sleep again last night. She was crying badly all of a sudden at 12 midnight and I had no clue what to do except to pray to my Baba, and lo He again came to our rescue and she slept after sometime though little bit disturbed again at 3, but it was lot lot better. Thank u Sai Deva you are everything for us, bless and keep us always at your feet. Love u Baba. Gayathri

  11. Om Sai Ram.

    I was very happy to read my experience published this morning and i have been thinking to share one more Leela of Baba in connection to my wedding preparations.

    After Baba took me into his fold, i got the desire of getting married in his temple which is in my hometown. I was not sure if the groom's side will agree and if we will get the bookings too. By Baba's grace,in January, my boyfriend realized his mistake and came back into my life. Since then, things have been good with Sai's Blessings. Both our families decided to have our wedding in June-July and his Dad selected 3-4 dates for the same. My mother too consulted few astrologers for an auspicious date and we found that we could go ahead with two of those selected dates. We were confused as to which date to choose. We prayed Baba to choose a date for us.On checking in the temple, we got to know that, On one of those dates the temple marriage hall was already booked. And so we had to go for July 9th as the wedding date and we could get the bookings done. We were all the more happy and we felt that since the number '9' is Baba's favorite, he only had the marriage hall free only on that date. We felt like he chose the date for us 🙂 We will be ever grateful to Baba for everything he is doing for us. And on the other hand, my Boyfriend convinced his parents for the temple weddings (as they are not Sai Baba's devotees ). So Baba has only arranged everything for the wedding and my sincere prayers at his lotus feet to make it happen smoothly. I pray to him to attend our wedding and bless us 🙂

    Love you Sai. I wonder what i would have done without you in my life !!

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  12. wow wat an amazing experience….I am so happy reading this experience and it boosts my faith more. Baba is so kind that he got you guys together. I am sure now that baba will solve our problem as well and get us back together though my problem is much bigger than the one described above and practically anyone wud say there is no hope or even chance etall now after watever mess has happened between us and families but reading such experiences fromd devotees i really feel hopeful and confident that baba wil definitely reunite us forever this time and bless us with the kind of life that we had dreamed together.
    I really believe that baba is working on all of us and changing us into better persons the way he made your bf realize his mistakes and even changed his habbits which is such an amazing thing I would really request all the devotees here to pray for me and my love(husband) to get reunited once again and that baba really changes him also to the best person possible and gives us similar happiness as he gave to the devotee in this experience. You are very lucky and blessed sister that you got such blessings from baba.
    Now I know why sometimes it takes time to answer our prayers coz baba is working on our habbits and it takes time to change a person and also knows when is the most favourable time for granting our wishes or prayers. He is the most lovable god and would just pray that he showers his grace on all his devotees and specially on those who are suffering with relationship and love marriage issues. baba please bless all with their love and get all such people married who are struggling on that front and bless them with a peaceful life.
    I know i went too long on this comment but i know wat the pain of that suffering is so couldnt control my emotions. Anyways we dont need to worry when baba is with us he is there to take care of us. Love u baba

    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai!

    • All the very Best to you. Trust me just have faith in Him and be patient. He must be working on your husband. He is always watching each one of us. Sai Baba will surely answer your prayers soon. May He blesses you with His grace very soon. 🙂

  13. Very Nice Posting.
    Believe that Lord Shri Shirdi Baba had an adundance of joy.
    He leaves his devotees free of worry by
    Offering that knowledge for which the devotee has a worry.

  14. @Anonymous,

    Don't worry Baba Sainath will certainly make you join with your husband as soon as possible.Have full faith on him and surrender to His Lotus Feet completely.He will do the rest.OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

  15. hi dear
    wonderful experience…i wish you all the best and pray to baba for your blissful marriage…even i am also in same situation…hope baba will shower his blessings always


  17. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks a lot to all the Sai Devotees for their best wishes. May Baba shower his choicest blessings on all of us ever. We are after all his children.

    Thanks a lot Hetal Ji for getting all of us together in this platform. You are Baba's chosen one. May e keep you and your family under his protective wings always.

    Dear anonymous Ji .. my sincere prayers to Deva to unite you with your husband soon .. Baba will bless you for sure .. very soon 🙂

    Om Sai SHri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  18. I am going through something very similar in my life. I was dating someone for about two years and it ended recently. I have also been asking BABA through chits and most times the answer is that we will be together and sometimes the answer has been no. I am trying to just surrender to Baba since he knows what's in our best interest but it is quite hard. I don't know whether this experience is a message for me. If we do get back and get married I will definitely post it. I am hoping to go to Shirdi and see Baba but I want to wait till I get married to this person so that we can both go together and seek Baba's blessings and darshan. Please pray for me.

  19. I am really really happy with today's experience. i am in love with a guy since 5 yrs and everything went fine my parents and his parents accepted but our kundali did not match and pujari said not to get married to this guy. But i beleive in our sai ma and today morning i randomly opened sai satcharitra and i was reading 12th chapter, in that there is a story about mula shastri who is a well-versed palmistry and astrologer who got darshan of his saibaba and his guru. i felt really happy and i told the same to my parents they agreed with me. I love u sai ma.

  20. Amazing experience very nice, May baba bless you both with lots lots of happiness.


  21. thanks for sharing wonderful experience.
    wish you a happy married life dear devotee..
    May Baba keep showering His blessings on you n ur family…

    I too had the doubt regarding the chits. But I got it clear from other devotees' comments.

    May Baba bless everyone with happiness.

    Om Sai Rama


  23. Sainath,

    I am going through a very tough phase in my life. You are my saviour O lord. Hear my prayers and bless us. Only with your blessings can we come out of these troubles. Please help us . Be with us always.

    Love you soo much my father.

  24. This is Riya again. Thanks for ur views.
    I know that saibaba has his own ways. But babaji has infinite ways to change his disciples. Why should babaji use the chits? Taking chits near babaji is something very sacred to us and we all believe in.
    I, myself know/read many Sai devotees who assume that babaji is giving hints and finally nothing happens.
    I really feel that the problem is with us. We sometimes just assume or look at few things and think that babaji is giving hints. We need to learn to understand when babaji speaks and when we are assuming. I know a friend of mine who waited for the person she loved for 2 years and finally nothing happened. When I asked her, why was she Waiting, she said that she got many hints from babaji and she did suffer a lot. Finally when she proposed to him, be rejected her. Knowing her very well, she would not wasted 2 years of her life if she was not after these hints.Now she finally gave up.
    If this experience is talked about, most of the Sai devotees, will only say that she suffered her karma and babaji helped her to get out of the karma. Some Sai devotees will hear the experience aand try to come up with an explanation, which would make sense for that experience (example I received for this experience )

  25. Babaji does help and love all his disciples. I myself have experienced do many miracles from him. But I have been on the other side too. Like many Sai devotes, assuming that babaji is giving signs and nothing happens.
    To all the devotees, who are reading this, I can be very confident saying that you all should have been at some point where we assume that babaji is giving hints and nothing happens.
    I really feel that we should understand the difference when babaji gives the hints and when we assume. With blind faith, just do not assume hints. Think before we assume. If babaji is giving you a hint, and even u forget abt it, babaji will keep on giving u until u understand.Babaji has himself said that HIS WORDS ARE ALWAYS FULL OF MEANING.
    I Hope no one gets upset reading this. I am writing this after seeing and reading from the experiences of Sai devotees who assume signs and waste their time.

  26. @Remya Mohan
    dear remya mohan ji
    thanks fr ur comment. even i had d same doubt as that of riya ji. but i did nt express it out. ur expalnation is very apt and clear. i loved ur observation in saying the words "baba is giving the devotee d kind of husband she always longed fr"…salutes to ur faith in baba.

  27. @Anonymous
    dear riya ji
    ur comment alarms me!!can u pls post the whole experience. i mean what actually happened to your friend. what sort of hints she got etc.,.. even i am suffering with the same problem as that of ur frnd from 2 yrs. think her experience would help me. i sincerely request you to take time and post ur friends experience in detail(especially about the hints she had). my mail id is sorry and kindly ignore my reply, if you feel i am troubling you.

  28. Sister,

    Jai Sai Ram. Baba has very different approach for things in life. If prayers were answered in a day then we would take everything for granted. Baba made both of you realize your mistakes and that took almost 6 months. If not, you would still be fighting even after marriage. Perhaps Baba didnt want this to happen and thus you both had to separate for 6 months. This is called Shraddha & Saburi.

    Anyway, its a happy ending. Do not worry, everything will go well with your wedding.

    Lets bow to the holy feet of our Shiridi Nath.

    Allah Mallik.

    Servant of Baba

  29. Om Sai Ram.

    My heartfelt thanks to each of the Sai Devotees in this big Sai Family. Thanks a lot for all your good wishes, prayers and blessings. I am and will be ever grateful to Baba, Hetal Ji and this platform, which provided me all the support i needed during my darkest hours. Reading the devotees experiences boosted my faith and I realize now that all this was my Sai's Leela to make us both aware of our mistakes. I would have never know Baba if my wedding would have taken place last November as planned. Maybe we would have been still fighting after our marriage. The tough 6 months made us realize our faults, got me closer to Baba. With Baba's kind grace i could know what life is, what it is to be a good person, how much joy we get in helping the poor and needy and above all what Karma ( Deeds ) is. I owe everything to Sai who's my Big Daddy :-). We have a long way to go. I sincerely seek his blessings today and always and surrender entirely to him. Am sure he takes will take care of everything. He does love all his children equally and knows when the time is right to answer our prayers. he skilfully pulls the wires and brings us into his fold. Love you Deva .. love you immensely. Indebted to you forever.

    My sincere thanks to this most amazing and wonderful Sai Family once again, and special thanks to Hetal Ji 🙂 May Baba bless us all always and hear and answer the prayers of one and all.

    At Baba's inspiration i feel like mentioning about the 9 Guruvar Sai Baba Vrat. It's wonderful and miraculous. I would suggest every Sai devotee in trouble to start doing it. Rituals can be modified to suit you. All Baba ever wanted is pure and simple love.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • om sai ram
      hi i am a devotee of baba
      i want 2 ask a question
      i kept one week sai charita path for a wish which is hard 2 cum true
      on the 6th day night
      sumthng happened that took me more away from my wish
      i knw in my heart dat d wish is right
      but baba did dis 2 tst me?
      on the 6th day morning,
      i had a dream
      i was struck in a dessert and dere was nothing all around
      i was tnsd
      but suddenly baba came
      took me on his shoulder n took me to a new place which was good
      n baba said-"whenevr u will need me or u r in trouble,i will alwayz pick u up on my shoulder n save u"
      i got happy by this vision but dat night sumthn happend that took away almost all d chances for my wish 2 cum true
      i still have faith on baba
      dat he can turn impossible to possible
      plz help me if u can
      om sai ram

  30. my life has also been very tough and unusual……had 15-16 years of mild depression led a different life from others ….then saw my father's death at the age of 25 then again depression and at the moment also facing many diffculties in my relationship because guy's parents do not approve of my caste and my age since I am 1 year 8 months older to him ….not in a position to marry any other guy …..waht to do sailing through a tough life………

  31. Dear sudha…
    I will be happy to help u. I will email u my email id. I cannot post my friends experiences here on this website. But I will give u my email id and u can ask whatever concerns u have. Again u might be on the right path. U never know.

  32. I received following comment by a devotee:

    Hi Hetal. Sairam pls. put this commt in this. Txs

    Dear Riaji

    When we get frustrate and never feel positive answer from our beloved baba, we feel to check the result by the way of chit to get relax our restless mind. If we put chit.. it means we do not hv faith on our god Sai baba. Dear devotees if u really love our Baba do not ever try a chit to examine him. Human nature is to get result immediately. Baba always advised us love me as much as u can surely u will get result in any form.



  33. Congrats Priyambada ji. .
    Baba blessed you. .
    Just now,i returned from BTM Saibaba temple. .
    Yesterday, iread your,when i had gone to temple, i was thinking about you.if i can meet you. .i was looking around at baba temple,if anybody calls Priyambada. .:-)
    hmmm. .there were around 500devotees. .

  34. Priyambada ji. .
    Im facing similar problem. .but mine became worst. .
    My boyfriend of 2yrs relationship, declined for marriage. Whole my guys family visited my house for marriage talks in 2009. .i was very happy. .it didnot last longer. .3months later, he had left me. .since june2009,m praying to baba. .
    Im living like a dead person.i have lost all hopes. .
    Baba please help me. .you know baba,i dont wanna marry other guy. .baba please send bharath back to me.
    I dont want to lose him.

  35. Sairam
    Even we used to have fights because,i want my guy to quit some habbits. .
    When he said he cannot marry me,i thought he cheated me&i created big scene.i dishonoured him in front of his parents.i was immatured that time. .

    I realised my mistakes.but,wats the use. He had completely left me. .

    Baba, i beg you. .please send him back to my life. .i cant live without him. .
    Baba, please help me. .

  36. Very nice experience! I hope Baba blesses you and your boyfriend a very happy life together and Baba granted your wish after a rough spot, but make sure everything worked out in the end for both of you. OM SAI RAM!

  37. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai sister Deepika .. my sincere thanks to you for your good wishes and i was glad you remembered me in Baba's temple and you looked around to meet me 🙂 Sure, lets meet. Maybe Baba wants us to. Please drop your email id here, if you are comfortable and we can take it further.

    I pray to Baba to help you and bless you always. May he show you the right path and take very good care of you. Am sure Baba will bless you soon with a nice life-partner. He only knows whats good for us. All we can do is follow his teachings and be good human beings, all the time doing his Naam-Smaran and spreading love and goodwill.

    May Sai Deva bless everyone.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  38. Thanks for your reply Priyambada ji. .

    Here is my mail id. .

    Baba,please bless everyone who are facing relationship issues. .
    Thank you hetalji for this good platform.

    When i told about this site to my friends,few laughed at me,saying this is all illusion,you blindly believe,all which happens coincidentally& think its because of baba.

    May be they laughed at me,as baba didnt help me, although m suffering alot. .
    They said,You follow this site & pray baba, still nothing miracle happened to you. .your guy wont come back to you. .

    I used to answer them. .Baba wont cheat me. .he wont leave me,he will help me for sure. .
    Baba please show your presence. .
    I should not become only a reader. .baba please make me experience your leelas in my life also. .

  39. Om Sai Ram.

    Deepika Ji .. thanks for dropping in your email id, i shall get in touch with you and we will meet. Maybe it's all Deva's plan 🙂

    Baba loves all of us and hears to even the smallest of our wishes. May he shower his grace on us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  40. Hi to all of u
    Om Sai Ram…do pray to God
    My sincere wish to all of you is come out of the dream world and be in the practical world… and face the situation whatever comes into ur way… and act according to the situation…

  41. Thank you so much for this post. This story gave me all the encouragement i need to get my man back.i was a guy for a year and yes things were very serious between us.All of sudden,he had this plan to get back to india.its been 8 months and im holding on tight beleiving thinks will work again between us. Can nyone suggest me a link ir how to do the nav vrat. I truly want to do it. I wish that his blessings are with all of us.

  42. Om Sai Ganeshaya Namaha …
    i got Baba's signal from your experience..
    me goin through same situation that you went through…

  43. Dear badalji…
    Thanks for getting back to me on the chit note. In Satcharithra itself, great devotees of babaji has taken chits for advice after babaji has passed away. What are we in front of them? We do need guidance and chits are a method for guidance.
    What you have said is also true that we do not need to use the chits and Leave everything to Babaji. But that takes a very high level of devotion and commitment to saibabaji and to reach to that point, it takes very long time. It is a travel in devotion.
    Most of us devotees, are not in that stage and definitely not me. So we need assistance and many use question/answers and chits to reach to that point.
    What I was trying to say was, many of us try to use these methods out of anxiety, or getting desperate etc rather than with devotion. Sometimes many just assume that they are given hints with just their imaginations. Finally it does not work and Babaji is blamed. I have read devotees taking chits many times for just one question to get the answer they want, which is also not right. I just Hope that we understand the real difference between our imaginations and real signs and do not blame babaji for every thing. Thanks…Riya

  44. Baba's miracles are unbelievable. "If you look to me, I will look to you" is one of His 11 sayings. Do surrender completely before Him. He does know what to do, when to do & how to do for His devotees.

    Om Shree Ram

  45. very nice frd……SAI BABA JI is olways with us……but SAI BABA JI wants love from their devotees……and after getting love he just gives us the full of enjoyable life…which i realised……………….

  46. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba you are amazing !! I surrender at your Lotus feet. Please do all the needful.. we love you a lot and we need your care and grace always 🙂

    Thank you so much for everything you have given us.. all this joy and happiness is only because of your kind grace !
    Our life is nothing without you. Please take care of all your children.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  47. Om Sai Ram!! Surrender everything at His Lotus Feet & you will find bliss…

  48. Hi baba please help me I reali in love with this person and I want to be with this person I love a lot,this person left me I feel so depressed pls help me make this person come back into my life.

  49. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks a lot to everyone for all their best wishes. I am grateful to all and Baba. Baba inviting you for my wedding .. please do attend it .. rather you only arrange everything and make the wedding ceremony happen smoothly.

    Love you Sai..

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  50. thnk u so much baba for ol ur miracles and blessing…….luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  51. Riya ji,

    Sai gave some thought when I
    read Remya Mohan's answer to your question.

    Here is the thought.
    Even in Sai Satcharitra, we have instances where
    some devotees went to Baba for the help. Initially
    Baba refused to help saying that its their past karma
    and he doesn't want to help.
    But later, when those suffering people cry (with surrender) infront of him, his motherly heart melted and helped them.
    So think of it like this.
    As per the author's (the lady who wrote this experience), may be she is not supposed to be married to her boyfriend. May be Baba wrote this fate of her to ensure that she surrenders completely to Baba.
    So may be after her complete surrender( which is Baba's wish), Baba might have changed her fate as per her wish.

    Well, see anything is possible for our Sai.
    Because Sai is the Guru of this Universe.
    Guru Brahma
    Guru Vishnu
    Guru Devo Maheswaraha
    Guru Saakshaat Para Brahma
    Tasmai Sri Guravennamaha.

  52. OM SHRI SAI NATHAYA NAMO.I am having wonderful experience.I prayed to SAI RAM for my son's job and prayed to HIM that within a particular day YOU must give him the job.You believe it or not he joined a very good job on the same very date.SAINATH had fulfilled almost all of my wishes.But one thing i can not understand.I helped a family so many times but in two ocassions the wife of the gentleman abused me like anything due to some misunderstanding and I am very much hurt.I am surprised how she can behave with me this way whom I supported in all aspects.Why she is so much ungrateful?I prayed to SAIRAM "please make her understand her mistakes and say sorry to me.I shall forget everything."But till today my this wish is not fulfilled by SAIBABA.I am wondering why SAIBABA supports such ungrateful lady??Still I donot have talking term with her,though i talk to other family members.

  53. I am separated from my husband for time being due to some difference of opinion but have full faith in sai baba that he will bring my husband back to me as soon as possible. we are separated on jun19 and our marriage day is on jan19. by our marriage day jan 19 2013 we will be together and go to baba's temple. please pray for our union.

  54. Om Sai Ram

    Thanks for the post..May Sai baba bless both of you.Currently I am also going through a very low phase and very hurt as the guy with whom i had a relationship for 2 years just left me after a fight we had. I am still trying to cope up with the loss and coming to terms with it even after 3.5 months but the pain doesnt seem to go as he never bothered to even look back or ask about my well being. i just pray to baba to give me the strength to move on and accept this break up.

  55. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.
    Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om sai Ram. Om sai Ram.

  56. wonderful experience..hope baba will take care of my relatioship with my boyfriend.hope with baba's blessings we will get sairam..

  57. Sairam Hetal Ji
    im pavithra. im a recent sai baba's devote n i love sai bab. I too have a problem in my relationship. i love a guy from 6 years n now because of his family he has ignored me n his parents r seeing other alliance for him. But hetal ji i cant live without him. im praying to baba & doing sai nhav guruvar vrat. I completed 2 weeks and i have complete faith on baba that my problem will b solved. please sisters n brothers pray for me & him to reunite our hearts & make our parents to accept our relationship.

  58. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba it pains to see people in relationships suffer so much. Please guide everyone and do what is bets for them. Please be with us always Baba and show us the right path. Make us do good deeds andbless us to deserve your grace.

    May everyone be blessed by you and may each one of us have beautiful families and wonderful relationships with your grace. We love you a lot Deva and seek to be under your fortune-filled protection always. Please take good care of all your children. Thank you Saima for everything.

    Love you a lot Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  59. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba.. please help everyone and help me too.. we love you a lot.. please guide us always and take good care of us… make us modest and humble and make us good human beings. We love you. Thank you Deva for everything !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  60. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, please bless everyone is relationship issues. May everyone in this world be blessed with good relationships in every way.

    Love you Baba, thanks a lot for everything. Prayers for the well being of every human being. May we all be blessed with good health, long life, wealth, peace and prosperity.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Thanks a lot Dear Sai devotee Yadhushree. May Baba bless you and your family always.

      Baba we love you a lot, please be with us always and help, bless, guide and advice us always in all matters of our lives.We owe you all our happiness.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  61. Sairam priyambadaji.this is same deepika who mailed you 1year back.
    Wat mistake i have done.i was very depressed mentally,stucked with life&death situations and mailed you. I madly waited till now for your reply.i had met shekar raju uncle.dont worry i dint tell ur name.but, it hurted me alot,wen i dint get reply.i thought im a stranger.atleast you could have told me, u wont mail me next not angry on you.but,i feel im lost.dejected by everyone.baba you also had left me;-(

  62. Sairam priyambadaji.this is same deepika who mailed you 1year back.
    Wat mistake i have done.i was very depressed mentally,stucked with life&death situations and mailed you. I madly waited till now for your reply.i had met shekar raju uncle.dont worry i dint tell ur name.but, it hurted me alot,wen i dint get reply.i thought im a stranger.atleast you could have told me, u wont mail me next not angry on you.but,i feel im lost.dejected by everyone.baba you also had left me;-(

  63. Sairam priyambadaji.this is same deepika who mailed you 1year back.
    Wat mistake i have done.i was very depressed mentally,stucked with life&death situations and mailed you. I madly waited till now for your reply.i had met shekar raju uncle.dont worry i dint tell ur name.but, it hurted me alot,wen i dint get reply.i thought im a stranger.atleast you could have told me, u wont mail me next not angry on you.but,i feel im lost.dejected by everyone.baba you also had left me;-(

  64. Sairam priyambadaji.this is same deepika who mailed you 1year back.
    Wat mistake i have done.i was very depressed mentally,stucked with life&death situations and mailed you. I madly waited till now for your reply.i had met shekar raju uncle.dont worry i dint tell ur name.but, it hurted me alot,wen i dint get reply.i thought im a stranger.atleast you could have told me, u wont mail me next not angry on you.but,i feel im lost.dejected by everyone.baba you also had left me;-(

  65. Sairam priyambadaji.this is same deepika who mailed you 1year back.
    Wat mistake i have done.i was very depressed mentally,stucked with life&death situations and mailed you. I madly waited till now for your reply.i had met shekar raju uncle.dont worry i dint tell ur name.but, it hurted me alot,wen i dint get reply.i thought im a stranger.atleast you could have told me, u wont mail me next not angry on you.but,i feel im lost.dejected by everyone.baba you also had left me;-(

  66. Hetalji,can you please delete above extra posts, which by mistake posted 5 times.
    1st it has shown posting failed.i tried many times.lastly,5 times it got posted.
    Thank you.

  67. iam also in love with a guy name called ashwin prasad…. i did not tell my love to him…. baba you will have to help me to express my love to ashwin….. ashwin i love you so much… 2years back i met ashwin in one of my relative marriage… from that day onwards i have started loving him…. but still iam strrugling to express my love… i do not have even his mobile number… baba you will have to unite me and ashwin….

  68. ur experience really boosted up my faith on sai baba. i am also going through same circumstances but difference after 3 years relation of complete love, my bf started feeling love for someone else but have completely left everything on my sai. he will do what is ryt for me. just waiting for miracle,..

  69. Please pray for me….

    I too love a guy,from past 3 years.
    He is of same caste as mine.The Thing is my parents are not accepting him.
    Please everyone…. i need ur prayers.

  70. Sai maa hamari help kro hume dur nhi kro baba hum pr apni kripa rkho hamari shaadi aap hi kra skte ho baba hamari jindagi bhar ki khushi aap hi k hath mein hai meine. Aapko apni maa mana hai aur ek maa hamesha apne bacho ki khushi chahti hai baba meri khushi usi k sath hai humari shaadi krva do maa

  71. Om Sai Ram
    I am strongly believe in my Sai, Baba is my father take care of me Baba please fulfill my wish u know everything…what is my desire i am waiting When will you complete my dream….om sai

  72. Hi guys, I am nothing short of a need of a miracle.. Baba gave me such a gem for a husband.. and I did not make use of the opportunities to make it beautiful.. restricted him to an extent that he wants to separate now.. Please SAI RAM//// PLEASE PLEASE help me Baba… I dont have anyone else.. Please dont take the gem now… I will value it … treasure it.. I just need time Baba… please..

  73. Dear all,
    Sai ram! Hope all of you are doing good. My story is quite unique,so I decided to share it.when I was 17 years old,i met a guy and got infatuated and almost ruined my life. But thanks to baba, he saved me from losing control of my life. My parents also supported me a lot. The guy was a sadist. Eventually I got involved with my studies and made my parents proud. After being single for almost five years, I met another guy who happened to be a friend of my ex. We started speaking casually and without any second thoughts I confessed my love for him. I told him that I could not promise to marry him as I have already hurt my parents once. But he gave my so much confidence in each and every step of life. I realised he is made for me and thanked sai for it. But when I spoke to my parents about this, they are very hurt and not agreeing for this guy. I believe that sai baba has shown me a right path. I am sorry that I did not worship baba for a few days. I just want baba s grace as I don't want to leave my parents and the guy also. I just pray that my parents should agree to meet the guy.

  74. I want to share my experience… I was going through a very bad time in life and I was not able to get a good job or pay off my loans. I was struggling in Sydney in a causal job that pays less. I was having to pay heavy rent and living expenses. On top of all this I was having to share the house with a couple that freaked me out in many ways. I started reading sacharita everyday and also following the thursday vrat. I was praying to move to Brisbane with a good job and I did get an interview call unexpectedly. Then everything went quick for me. I had already given notice to vacate the house I was living because of the mental torture and by the end date in that house I was able to fly to Brisbane. I was able to stand all the difficulties that I faced….now I am in Brisbane at a better place with lots of mental peace and happiness. I was afraid I would have to return to India and start all over again and I couldnt understand what to do with the loans and everything. Now Its all good for me…I thank the Lord Sai for all the help and blessings bestowed upon me.

    Sainath….thnk you for helping me and my family.

  75. Really Very Very Nice Experience that you have Posted and I am Very Happy that you both Joined together.Your Experience Really makes me much Stronger.I am also in Love with a Guy he too loving me We Both Loving each other a lotttttt.But his Parents not Accepting our Love as We are in different Caste.Sai Please Bless us to Marry with Both of Our Parents Blessings.Please Bless us to live my Life with My Love Happily.Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai…Om Sidha Sankalpaya Namaha…

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