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After a long gap (as i feel), an experience of Shirdi trip is being posted today.

Sai Sister Siva Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Hope you are doing well. Earlier I sent you one experience with title Baba’s Samadhi appeared me as Lord Vishnu. Basically, I am a regular reader of your blog. I get a lot of inspiration and satisfaction from devotees’ experiences. Hence I feel it’s my basic responsibility and Baba’s order to share my experiences too. Kindly post the below experience if you feel like posting it on your blog. Please feel free to edit it, wherever necessary. Please don’t disclose my email id. Thank you very much for your help. May Baba bless you and your family with happiness.

First of all, I pray Baba to bless everyone with good health, wealth and happiness. Below is my lovely experience with our beloved Baba. Kindly, forgive me if you find any mistakes in my narration.


Fortunately, in the month of May-June last year, I got Baba’s call to Shirdi. I wanted to take my parents with me to Shirdi. Because I had a strong feeling that if they visit Shirdi Mandir and Dwarakamai, they get rid of worries and attain peace in their life. I confirmed tickets to Shirdi for me and my father. But I did not book for my mother as she had to take care of my grandmother, who was bed sick. But, I sincerely prayed Baba to call my mother too. When I reached home, my Bhabhi came to our home and asked me to take my mother to Shirdi too. I got surprised and became very happy. Immediately I cancelled earlier booked tickets and looked for train tickets for us on another date. It was during the summer vacation (May-June), all trains including special trains were full. I had no other option, but to book tickets on waiting list. But, I was confident that He will arrange something, as it was His call to Shirdi. I told the same thing to my mother too like “Just pray Him and start the journey from home, He will take care of us”. And the same thing happened. When the train was in the evening, our berths got confirmed in the afternoon. Baba really took great care of us in the entire journey.


Here I would like to give some brief description of my journey to different pilgrimages before going to Shirdi, which is very relevant to my current experience. I landed in Chennai and by Baba’s grace, I visisted Kanchipuram, Tirupati, Srikalahasti, Simhachalam (Vishakhapatnam) and Puri (Lord Jagannath). Then I started my journey to Shirdi with my parents. During entire journey, I was consciously waiting for His Darshan. I had the idea that He could come in any form e.g. old man/women, sadhu, child etc. From devotees’ experiences, I understood, He would give me some indication to realize Him. I was waiting all the time consciously during this period of about 10-15 days. I did not want to take risk, so whoever approached me for money, I gave more or less money to those persons. But I did not get His Darshan. Then I started my journey to Shirdi with my parents in the train as I mentioned above. I was praying Him like “Baba, please give me a satisfactory Darshan and kindly don’t disappoint me in any way”.

Our train stopped almost at every station. But, it was at Kopergaon station. Suddenly one middle aged person came into our compartment. He wore saffron color kafni. He had beard, which was partially in grey color. Immediately, I thought he might be HE. Then I searched for some indication, immediately I found a small button with Baba’s photo on the Kafni at his chest. I took some 10 rupees note from my pocket and gave it to Him. I also looked into His eyes. He blessed me raising His two hands. Then I got confirmation as He was none other than Baba. I felt very happy. I thought of giving Him more money. But, I could not dare to give more than 10 rupees, as my parents were beside me. Then He moved to other compartment, and then I followed Him and gave some more money. Then He pat on my back and blessed me. I came back to my compartment and felt very relaxed and internally thanked Baba for giving me His Darshan and showing mercy on me.


After reaching Shirdi, I visited Samadhi Mandir with my parents in the evening. While leaving for India, one of our friends gave me some money to buy and offer peda to Baba. So, I brought some three packets of peda, two on behalf of my family and one on behalf of my friend. When I offered my bag inside the Samadhi Mandir, two packets fell down near the Samadhi Mandir and I was given one packet back. I felt happy thinking Baba accepted our Prasad. After coming outside from Samadhi Mandir, I came to know that, one guard gave one coconut to my father and asked him to keep it in Puja Mandir. I felt very happy as Baba blessed too. Then we came out of the Mandir and sat on the premises of the temple near Samadhi Mandir. When I opened the peda packet, one dog came near to me. I realized it was He only. I offered peda pieces one by one. It left us after having some pieces. It seems very silly, but one doubt came into my mind, whether Baba accepted my Prasad or my friend’s. Immediately, another dog came near to us (this dog was different from the first one). This dog had few pieces of peda and left. I thanked Him again. So, Baba fulfills each and every single wish that come into His devotee’s mind. If any wish is not fulfilled, then it should be realized that the time has not come yet.

Overall my last trip to India was wonderful, because of His blessings. I really thank Him for His call to my parents and I also pray sincerely to Baba to fulfill every devotee’s wish to have His Darshan ASAP. Baba, please call us to Shirdi as frequently as possible. Sorry for the lengthy essay. Hope it gives some inspiration to some devotees, who are waiting for His Darshan.


Om Sai Rama

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  1. Well drafted experience,so divine…thnx Siva ji ,really wating eagerly for baba's call n may his blessings fall on my brother n parents who need most this time.thnx for ur Sai Ram

  2. Shirdi is the Karma Bhoomi of Saibaba.It is the place where the biography of Saibaba was written by Hemadpant during the life time of Baba depicting his wonderful life and teachings in ‘Shri Sai Satcharita’ which spread Sai Spirituality not only in India but in the whole World.

  3. Nice experience Sivaji.
    I really like to read experiences where the devotees show faith and love even in adverse conditions towards baba when baba is testing them.
    As our mind is fickle, it tends to lose patience. But after reading some of the experiences here in this blog. It reassures our faith and say just have some more patience, then all will be fine.
    Follow HIS path. Do what He says even if you doesn't want to do. Have shraddha & saburi and then see the magic. Everything will be fine.
    Why to fear when baba is here. He will give his life to keep his words.
    Om sai ram!!!!

  4. Very nice experiences shivaji, Everytime baba tests his devotees, there are certain times when devotees test and doubt Baba out of devotion to get a confirmation from him, and our loving Baba happily showers his miracles in all forms.Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thank you very much Hetal-ji n team for sharing my experience. I am surprised to see my Baba's photo in my favorite posture ( where both the feet are together) with my experience. It's all Baba's blessing.
    Waiting for His call n eager to share His experiences with every Sai devotee.
    Om Sai Rama

  6. om sai ram………………..we r blessed to listen to ur story…………..waiting for his call again

  7. Brother Siva,

    Jai Sai Ram. Great experiences. You are a true devotee and thus Baba helped you at every stage through out your journey.

    Lets bow to the holy and ancient feet of Baba. Glory to the victorious king of kings Shri shiridi Sainath.

    Servant of Baba

  8. Dear Siva,

    Urs is a beautiful exp….BABA BLESS U…n in the 2nd last para u wrote:
    If any wish is not fulfilled, then it should be realized that the time has not come yet..

    this line is actually a stressbuster for me……m in frustration from many days…but ur words gave me hope….Baba only wanted the same…

    thanq soo much



  9. Dear Sai Devotee Siva ji, Happy to read your post. In your post one can easily see the family value, LOVE for each other and respect for parents. These are the most important things in one's life. May you be blessed ever.
    I had a very satisfying experience yesterday. Drive to my job place in car is just 7-10 minutes. I was waiting at the last signal light to take a left turn to reach my job's parking lot. I was relaxed and watching other cars passing by and trying to make meanings of the letters on the number plate and also Sai naam smaran going on in my mind too!
    Suddenly I noticed a decal on the van ahead of my car. It was transparent with just white outlined word in it. I tried to read and you know what was written there ? "FEAR NOT"
    Recently I am passing through rough time as because of someone's careless driving, ran in to my car during his red signal to take a left turn, my brand new car is badly damaged, the police gave a ticket to the other driver and I was not at fault in the eyes of the LAW. and yet the other party's insurance agent called me saying since there were no witness to justify what you say, we will not accept your claim to have your car fixed. Of course we all,(both the parties Insurance companies ) are waiting for the police report without it nothing can be discussed even! It will take at least another 4-5 days to get the report.
    With this total wrong logic I got stressed out how and why this happened to me? And those worrysome thoughts keep bugging me.
    I think with this incident making me read "FEAR NOT" BABA
    says HE WILL TAKE CARE of the problem.!
    And really my mind stayed calm all day long which is not usually the case when I am faced with injustice I keep thinking of it all the time!
    Thanks BABA.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  10. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! Baba must have also come as those dogs as soon as the doubt came in your mind if Baba accepted your prasad, to show you that he does love the prasad that you gave for Baba. Also, the photo at the beginning of the experience is a very nice, peaceful one of Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram!

  11. That was really nice experience..Donating always best thing even the person does not look like GOD sai,because he is formless he can go into any form men/women,living or non living thing.

  12. Very nice experience. You are really blessed dear Sai Brother, Siva. Baba is there to fulfill all our wishes.

    Om Sai Ram.

  13. nice experience.thanks for sharing with us.may baba always bless everyone with peace and sairam.:)

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