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Lord Sai Baba gives His devotees whatever they wants from Him provided the things are correct and advantageous to them. Such is below experience.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thanks for your wonderful blog and you are doing divine service to the world. I wish and pray for you with healthy and long life. Please don’t include my name and Email id. Please post my experience in your blog. I prayed Baba I will post my experience if my wish is fulfilled. Sorry Baba, I am posting late and I am happy that You allowed me to write on Thursday. Please edit, where ever you feel wrong.

I am poor devotee of Sai Baba. Since from 2006, I knew Baba. He made lot of miracles in my life. I really want to share few things to everybody. By His grace, I entered into the software world and I used to pray often later due to some personal problems. I forgot to pray Him and the frequency became less. Once, my marriage period came, my parents seriously searching groom for me. Due to horoscope mismatch, my marriage was getting delayed. My mom cried with my friends regarding marriage is not happening. At that time only, I feel bad about myself. One day, I saw Sai vrat book in my pooja room. Somebody gave for my friend. I read the book and I got some confident and started Sai 9 Thursday fasting. Within this period, I got two proposals. I liked second proposal. Their family also liked me lot. But the guy, who is now my husband, asked some time to confirm. This makes my family members worried. I put all the problems to my Saibaba’s lotus feet and completed the 9th week fasting. Next day morning, I got a call from the guy that he also likes me lot. I was speechless and accepted his proposal. I requested Baba to come on my engagement and my marriage in any form. He accepted my invitation.

  • 1) In engagement, my mother in law gave one ring and she said this is for you and I saw and dancing inside because SAI (Sai picture was embossed on top of the ring) came in the form of ring.
  • 2) As I requested to Baba, my marriage happened on Thursday. On that day, I was expecting His arrival. After few hours, I forgot about this. Suddenly my husband’s aunt came on stage with “Silver Sai Baba Statue”. When I saw, at the moment, I was extremely happy and tears rolled out and I thanked Baba for accepting this poor devotee’s wish. Love You Baba.

Few months back, I wanted to switchover to another organization. Because in that organization, I got very less pay and I didn’t get promotion. I was worried lot and I prayed to Baba. I started attending interviews. I got selected in one of the famous MNC’s. I have one figure in my mind for package and requested the same to Baba. Organization’s HR said that you got selected, but we can’t give your package and they demanded less from my expected package. I thought Baba wants to give only, so I accepted it. HR said we will send you offer after 10 days. I was waiting for that offer more than 15 days. After that, I called them. They said that you are rejected. I was wondering why this guy said you cleared all the rounds and package also decided. This time also, I left this matter on Baba, who knows, Baba has some other plans. Later I attended in one company’s interview. That company HR also said that you are selected and started talking about package. But this time, I had demanded somewhat less from earlier package. They said that they will finalize and let me know. So I didn’t expect much. He called me after an hour and said according to your experience, organization decided to offer this much amount as package. I was totally stunned. Because earlier they said less package and this package is exactly the same figure as what I expected in my mind. That time I felt that Baba, You know all my feelings. After this also, patiently I waited to get offer through mail. Next day, our BABA’s day evening, I was preparing prasadam for Baba. I got a call from same HR and he said that he sent an offer letter in mail and asked me to check immediately. I checked it. The offer came with exact figure of what I expected. Again I was speechless. I cried in front of Baba’s statue. I felt, yes He is there to take care of each and every second. So my brothers and sisters please keep Shraddha and Saburi definitely. Our reasonable prayers will be answered.

Om Sai Namo Namaha
Jai Jai Sai Namo Namaha
Sadhguru Sai Namo Namaha

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  1. Dear Sai devotee you are so lucky,your two important things done by Sai according to your wish.
    If we invite Sai ,he will come in any form and show his presence.i am very much thankful to hetalji
    For this blog.daily I will wait for this,after reading this I will do other work.baba you are great omsairam.


  3. Very Nice experience Sai Sisterji, Your experience is a perfect example that Baba listens to our prayers and when the righht time comes, he will fulfill all our wishes

  4. wonderful experience…hetal ji has truly said that baba blesses us with a thing if and only if it is advantageous and good for us. ur experience is a perfect example for it.

  5. Om Sai Ram

    Dear sai sister thanks for sharing such wonderful experience. You are so lucky as you invited baba to attend both the fuctions he came in the form of ring and statue.
    This shows baba's mercy on devotees.Baba pl bless us also and pl be with us for every.I would like thank Hetalji also for providing such wonderful and beautiful blog where every sai devotees can share their experiences. Thank you so much for the job you are doing may baba bless you and your family .


  6. BABA I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.Please forgive me for forgetting you sometimes.Please be with everyone who think about you day and night.

  7. Absolutely overwhelming, May Baba fulfill all his Devotees wishes.


  8. Beautiful experience sai Sister i got answer through your experience. i am very thankful to you and Hetal ji thousand times :). Since I am also got two proposals while i am in vrat but i am in bit confusion which one can i accept nu? i left it to my sai feet my appa.once i got fix i will post my experience here. since i am thinking like my marriage will be happen only through the grace of my SAI APPA

  9. Dear devotee, i m in India, I have been dovotee of Sai baba, I have been 3 times 9 vrat but it never been getting to solve my problem in Hubby, he never realise for wife. Please tell me how to progress about this is my problem

  10. Nice experience. Dear Anonymous devotee, you have a great devotion towards our Father Sai. May Baba Bless you ever.

    Dear devotee from India,(comment section) don't worry, have faith on Baba. He will definitely solve your problem Keep Shradha & Saburi. You do Saptah Parayan & also surrender to His lotus feet.


  11. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai……One's full belief on Sai will help each one of us to understand his love and caring. Same for this devotee…..I wish you all the best for a beautiful life ahead, May Sainath always shower his blessings on you.
    Om Sai Ram

  12. om sri sai nathay namah:
    i truly love you sai baba eventhough i have done so many mistakes in my life i asked u to forgive me and u have given me lot but still why my problems are finishing one after one is coming and i am very tired of living this kind of life , baba i need your help without u i will not anything please help me to solve my problems
    om sai ram

  13. after reading everyones experience baba i also feel to live happily please help me baba please think about my family and help me out from this difficult situation.i am not just asking for me but asking for my family
    i am very sorry for my mistakes please give me normal life

  14. Dear Devotee, thanks for sharing these experiences! It is wonderful how your faith and devotion towards Baba helped your marriage get fixed and also helped you get the job with the good salary and benefits as you wanted. Om Sai Ram!

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