A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 174

As a graphics designer in my own company, Sai Ichchha Creatives it has always been fun to design logos and other required things for my client’s company. But when it comes to do something in the name of Lord Sai Baba it comes out to be more wonderful as an output than in mind. The same happened. We (me and my hubby) were thinking to make a name plate for our home. An idea struck him that why not i give a try to make its designing. It was also a good idea for me but how will i materialize my thought of making a conceptual design for name of our home as “Sai Kutir”. Still i knew that when Lord Sai Baba is there to help there is no reason for me to fear and i started off with the work. Within no time i could design basic layout with Lord Baba’s clip image which also forms part of my company logo. I am attaching the picture of name plate designing. We imprinted designing on a fabric sheet and now it ready to take its place.

Sharing experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba in today’s post.

Baba’s Presence In Our Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, First of all thanks for your great job. May BABA give you lots of happiness in this world. I always admire your job as now a day’s people have very least time to even think of God and in this you are so dedicatedly giving time to do such a beautiful job. I am sure it’s nothing but your good karma that BABA selected you to do this work. All the best and keep up the great work. This is the second experience, I am writing. My first experience isMy Sai’s Miracle in My Life.

I love My BABA very much, so much that I just can’t imagine being without remembering my BABA. Today whatever we are, it’s only because of my BABA. He gave me lots of things in my life, I just can list what all He has done for me. I know for myself that without my BABA, I wouldn’t have been what I am today. So I always thank GOD for being such a kind mother for me. I share everything with my BABA. I always feel that He is with me. He is always been helpful to me and my family and I pray that He should always be kind and merciful towards us throughout our life.

As I told my life is full of my BABA and His miracles. I can’t even think of listing them as they are innumerous. But I will write this experience as this is one of my recent miracle I have experienced. I had a very bad tooth pain from past one year, had been many time to the doctor but was in vain. We had to travel to India and that time I decided that I will get my treatment done and in India. I got the complete treatment done i.e. got the refilling and the bridge done and then traveled back happily thinking my pain will not come back.

As I was reaching US, my pain started irritating me and I was totally fed up due to this pain. I again went to the doctor here in US, but even then there was not much change in the pain. Then I had to change the dentist. When I was looking for the good dentist, I suddenly got dentist info near my home. I decided to go there. I got the appointment the next day and went there and after checking my dentist told me that the tooth for which the bridge is done has to be taken out and the root cannel treatment should be done on the same tooth. It was just a shock for me as the bridge for the tooth was done just a month back and I had paid lots of money on that and I had to again bare a lot of expense on the same tooth and this made me very sad. I came back home sat in front of my BABA and asked Him to help me in this regard. I waited for two days and then we thought that we will not delay any more and I will get the root cannel done. So I took the appointment for the root cannel treatment and I went to the hospital for the treatment. My dentist did the pre treatment procedures like x-ray and testing and other things and he was so surprised that my teeth which was supposed to be treated for the root cannel is completely fine. He told me that there is no need for the root cannel as my teeth was healthy. Even I was very shocked to hear this as just 2 days back he had told that I have to undergo root cannel and just in two days my teeth became healthy. I was literally in tears, when I heard this. And no doubt I knew this is again my BABA’s miracle in my life and I thanked my BABA for helping me in all my bad times and being with me whenever I wanted. I pray BABA that He should be with me like this for ever and I always want my BABA to guide me to be on the right path. I pray BABA that everyone in this world should be happy always and remember SAI SAI SAI. I LOVE YOU MY BABA.

Baba Saved The Life Of A Person

Sai Sister Sheetal Ji from USA says: DEAR Hetal Ji, I want to thank you for this wonderful website. May Baba bless you and everyone. Please don’t disclose my email id. This is my third experience, which I am sharing it in your blog. Here is one of my experiences. I might have done some mistakes while writing this. Please correct them before publishing if you find any.

This incident happened in July 2011. Sorry Baba for sharing this so late. One day, I was reading Sai Satcharitra during morning hours. During this time, I received a call from my friend. She sounded very sad. She told me that her friend’s brother is being kidnapped from Patna, UP, India. He was into gold business and traveling by bus with lots of cash. He has two small kids. The last time, he was seen at the bus stop, when his relative dropped him there. Her friend (who was also in USA at that time) kept crying since then. My friend told me that they didn’t sleep since 2 days, since she was with her friend and taking care of her friend’s kids. My friend was very upset and sad.

When I was having this conversation with my friend, Sai Satcharitra was still in my hands. I felt so terrible listening to this bad news and my eyes were full of tears. I was thinking about his parents, wife and 2 little kids. While talking, I prayed to Baba with full faith that her friend’s brother should be returned home safely. After my call with her, I again prayed that nothing bad should be done with that guy and he should be returned to his family safely since I was holding the Sai Satcharitra, when I received this bad news.

I was praying to BABA daily with full faith while reading the Sai Satcharitra and hence one week passed by. After one week, I got a call from my friend again during morning hours and she told me that her friend’s brother has been found in GOA, India. He is absolutely safe there. Listening to this great news, my faith in my BABA increased many folds and again He has proved that He is always there to listen to His devotee’s pray. I thanked Him whole heartedly and imagined how happy his family members, wife and his kids would be to see him back safe.

Baba, please forgive me for any mistakes done by me knowingly or unknowingly. Please do take care of my family and all Your devotees. Please keep showering Your blessings on all of us.


Help Me Baba

Sai Sister Navneet ji From Australia says: I am a girl from other religion, but I trust in Sai Baba. I don’t know how come I started believing in Sai Ma. I came to His Darbar to have His blessings and so that He can turn impossible into possible. But even after reading Sai Satcharitra 3 times, nothing happened. Everything goes out of my hand inspite of praying so much. I lost my hope. I love this boy for the last 3 years and I prayed to Sai Baba that please marry me with this boy. But He didn’t listen and His engagement and paper marriage happened. I don’t know what to do. Why Sai Baba called me if nothing is possible. Why He makes fun of my patience and faith. He does miracles for others, but not for me. I am so disheartened and full of grief. What kind of Baba He is? No mercy on me. I was continuously asking for His help and He did this thing to me. Again I am praying to Him please do something. Where can I go now? You pulled me towards You. If you doesn’t listen me, people will make fun of me. Nobody came empty hand from Your place, then why are You doing this with me. I can’t live without Him. Who will come to me, if You wouldn’t come. Why You are not fulfilling Your promise that You made in Sai Satcharitra that You give every happiness to Your devotees. Please help me Baba.

I know You are not going to post this because of less words, but seriously I don’t know why I feel like writing it. I tried to write it for the last 2 days, but my internet didn’t connect and today it works. Please pray for me. Please, Baba, do something.

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    SaiNath.. please cure my dental worries too and cure my skin problems as well.. please make it soon.

    Love you a lot Deva, Please bless all your children and help, bless and guide us in all matters always.

    We are indebted to you for all your love and care.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. Dear Navneet. you said he's already married. a boy who can get marry without thinking of you how he can love you… Saibaba didnt gave you him as he's not good boy for you. he would have played with you.baba never wants his devotees bad. baba knows that if you would have marry with him how would have been your life.. you kept faith on him, you prayed to him and baba loves you so much for that he didnt put you in that fire of pain. he's our mother he wants our good. he'll send someone who will be yours forever. your miracle is on the way..

    • I can really understand how bad and hopeless u might be feeling navneet ji…because my sai is not listening to me too…i have been praying since long for only one thing that is to cure me and save me from this ugly disease…but sai baba is not listening…he is testing me and you…everyone there please pray saima to cure me…i need it…i ll b alwaz obliged to all who ll pray for my speedy cure from this skin disease

  3. Hey.. am in the same situation as you . But looking for answers for all the questions you have asked… baba gave me everything but not my girl..I don't know why… am just waiting for baba and my life for the answers… but one thing is sure baba doesn't let his children down.

  4. navneet ji you have been saved by baba .. thank him…and be ready to embrace baba's miracles that will shortly take place…my heart says so…sai bless you in abundance

  5. Whatever happened is for your good only . Definitely baba will take care of you and you will have a happy married life . Don't blame baba he will definitely give best hubby to you .

  6. *Hetal ji,you have made a very nice logo. I'm also learning graphic designing and I really liked the style of your logo.

    **Navneet ji, please continue to have patience and faith in Sai. Whatever he does is good for us. I'm sure you will realize the reason behind your issue very soon. He will definitely show you the signs. His ways are difficult to understand but they do contain hard core meaning in it because he is aware of the upcoming future. So I request you to have faith and patience, Sai is with you, you said you have completed Sai Satcharitra three times….it is really appreciating..read it without any desire in heart, understand the meaning and essence of Sai Satcharitra…you will surely be benifited.
    All the Best !

  7. Nice experience by first two devotees thanks for sharing it. @Navneet:Don't worry please have constant faith in Baba, may be he has decided the best thing for u, so please don loose hope,trust baba he will surely solve all ur problems.

  8. The Logo is just amazing Hetal ji. Your really a blessed child of our Baba. Hope Baba always does good to you and your family

  9. Thank u Baba for curing my ears' pain. I had severe ear pain on my left and I went to ENT the dr gave strong antibiotics that too for 7 days. I am bresstfeeding my kid so was hesistant to take, but the pain was so severe so I took it. After 2 days the pain starts again in both ears. I was panicked, donno wot to do . I prayed Sai Baba to cure my ear pai and applies udi on both ears. I told Baba I will wait for 3 days and if the pain dint recur I will post my experience and say thans to Baba thro this. It dint recur. Thank You Baba thank You so much, please cure my baby too. I have given Your udi to her. Please take care of her Baba and bless all of us.


  10. Please stop praying to babaji to give some person to u because u love them. They should also be interested.
    If it is one sided, Tell Baba and ask him to take the decision. We do not have any right to ask for a person when we do not know wat they feel abt us.

  11. Sister Navneet, Sai respects free will of Human Beings. He never interferes with free will of any Human. He has not done it and will not do. Each one is free to choose what he wants. Your Boy Friend has chosen (rightly or wrongly) what he wants.

    You are like a child who wants the lolly pop in other child's hand. You ask your parent that you too want a good lollypop and not the one in other child's hand.
    Think of all good traits you want in a husband and ask for such a boy for you. He will grant.

    If God were to interfere with the free will of humans, he does not have to take avatar and take pains to teach us the right path. He could have changed the minds of people from heaven. It has not happened. He takes lot of trouble to be born again and again to teach us the right path. So that we choose the right path with our free will.

    Your pain is not letting you see the right thing. Take your mind off the boy for few weeks by keeping yourself busy and then think through logically. I pray for a right match for you.

  12. Navneet keep faith in baba.he will do wat is best for u.May baba give u strength in this hard time.om sai raam.

  13. Dear Sister Navneet.. I truely understand your situation.I am also in that same situation as yours.. The guy whom I loved has his family concerns as I belong to some other caste.. He is not ready to take step against his parents or by disappointing his parents. But I truely like this guy.. there are marriage talks happening at my home and I always remember this guy.. "Baba please I want him".. but I then try to console myself thinking Baba might be having some better plans for me.. Iknow its very difficult to even think of some other guy taking the place of the person you love.. its very hard.. the questions you havein your mind are in my mind too.. But this is all I think..What else can be the solution for it? Sometimes it also so happens that Will not Baba think that for the sake of the guy I am praying to HIm..But I tried to convince Baba in my prayer that Baba please give me this guy I love you too.. and will love you forever .. its just that at this point of time I want his guy in my life .. please grant my wish..

  14. Thank you Saibaba for returning my husband back to me. Please protect my husband and make us happy family again. Thank you OM SHRI SAI RAM… Baba bless everyone in this world and keep us on the right path. Love you Baba.

  15. Dear Navneet
    I do not know how much was ur love with the boy and how he left and got married to some other. Why do not u scold him instead of scolding baba. Pls keep ur mind steady and love towards our beloved baba he has other plan for you. No need to go behind the boy who does not love and care to u. Sai Baba is with u do not afraid. Keep faith on him he will show u the way.

  16. @AnonymousI totally agree with the explanations given by this anonymous Sai Devotee. HAVE FAITH, BABA will bring you the right person in your life at the right time. Be patient do your duties with whole hearted efforts and you will see BABA's helping hand each and every moment of your life.

  17. Dear navneet let the guy go, don force him ya that relation will never last long, i was in relation with a guy for 10 years but he left me n went jus imagine how i might ve felt it was equal to death for me i tried many ways to come out ok i tried to hate him scold him but none gave me peace untill baba came in my life , though that guy dint ask me for forgiveness i forgave him, trust me it gives so much mental peace walk in baba's way i left my life to baba n continued later after 1 year he came back n asked sorry but still we are not in relation leave every thin to baba let him decide ur life, y fear when baba is here???… wat eva he did with u , u love him n want to be with him to keep him happy na but his happiness is with other person so let him free let him be happy don be burden on him instead be a bigger person n let him go, ultimately this is love right to see ur love happy either being with u or wthout u rite.. Now u don think any thing about future nor past jus spend ur day by remembering baba and keeping ur self busy trust me baba will definitely get u out of this, trust me i ve gone through the most painful days but with baba every thin ll become easy jus have faith and patience in him….

  18. Good that Sai saved you from this guy who didn't cared for your love. Just imagine what could have happened if this guy had taken this decision to leave you after your marriage with him under any circumstances? Don't blame Sai if he is not listening you now, wait… have sharaddha and ask Sai to choose best for you. Man can go wrong but Sai can never be wrong.

  19. I really like the second experience. i heard that when you pray for someone else, that wish will happen much faster than when you pray for your ownself. sheetalji, i really admire you for having a kind heart and praying to baba for someone else's welfare with such faith and intensity. navneetji, i don't think your lover is a nice person when he married without considering how much you love him. you should step back and see how that guy would've treated you after you married him.

  20. Dear Hetalji – Thank you for that logo design. Really nice.

    Other bloggers who are posting their love experiences here, I am not sure what to tell them and how to guide them. Saibaba is not a ladder that you climb in order to fetch your love. You will get your love and the most deserving life partner when you completely surrender to him. Often people tend to offer prayers in times of need and they pass on the blame onto god for not fulfilling their wishes. Of late I am reading more and more posts about these and feel astonished at how people think. Are you asking Baba to give you something that belongs to someone else? Are you asking Baba to break his engagement and registered marriage and ruin other girl’s life so that you can be happy? Did I understand it correctly? Are you a dearer child to Baba than the other girl who he is engaged (married) with?

    Don’t think that I don’t understand how it feels to loose someone you love. I exactly know it, have felt it, been there, dealt with that. Baba didn’t grant me what I wanted and I must say he did it for a purpose. Baba simple didn’t help me in my situation, and I have a lot of questions for Baba. I am sure once in my lifetime, I will have answer to those and what I went through was purely my bad karma from my past lives. Magnitude of my problem was far larger and bigger. Every person thinks his/her problem is bigger. You all start reading “Sai Satcharitra” in a hope to get what you “CONSIDER & THINK” as you love? In all possibilities and with all respect to your individual thoughts, thinking, and feelings, your understanding about love may not be correct in Baba’s understanding. What you are asking for may not be right and hence being a responsible parent, Baba doesn’t grant it. Like one blogger mentioned about “Free will”, it has to be mutual in first place. Climb this ladder to increase your spirituality and since I falling short of words to explain further – I request those going through this mental dilemma to read – “A Miracle and a Message”

    We all approach God and read holy books for one thing or the other. We all seek improvements in our lives, we all want to shed burden on our shoulders. We are all human, but reading such posts certainly disturbs my peace. I am just a small devotee of Saibaba; I am a way too small and low on Sai spiritual ladder. I have a lot of steps to climb but one thing I am assured is – “Baba’s grace is showering equally on each of us”. It is just that we don’t realize it.

  21. Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai…

    Anonymous devotee of 26th post(if I counted correctly), you explained it very well. I liked the way you narrated explaining things which are often missed by many of us.

    Hetal ji: Before even reading your introduction, I thought todays picture is special. When I read it, I was like not able to stop admiring your creativity..Its really good.

    Second experience was way too good. Good that you are doing Sai Satcharitra for other persons welfare.

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  22. Baba please cure my neck pain Baba. Your udi is my only medicine. Please help me baba. Please be with me always.

  23. Dear Navneetji,

    I can very well understand thru wat dreadful situation u r going…..evn i hv been thru the same….i used to love a guy from last 4 yrs even he loved me…..n one day he took me to meet his family…they also liked me alot n started to show me lot of beautiful dreams about our marriage they even talk to my sister about marraige n al….but his father wanted to match our kundli…AND IT AL ENDED THERE…..they founded fault in me….jyotishis said that they wont allow this marriage to happen…as i was born in MOOL NAKSHATRA….n after marriage i will be the cause of my father-in-laws death….just imagine how i must have felt….my love dint support me as wel….he broke up wit me forcefully….n got engaged n married to the girl of his parents choice…he dint even told me regarding this…he dint even think that whom i will marry n al…i was totally dead as i cudnt bear the pain to see my love wit sumone else….its just a few days that i am out of it….n now the situation is that i dont even like to hear his name and look at his pics…i hv started neglecting…bcoz he has not only hurted me but my family n frnds too for such a nonsense reason….n trust me Baba knew from the start that this will be happening to me in future so He came into my life just a few days before our breakup….n from dat day He is handling me so nicely….if Baba wudnt hv been in my life i vud hv been like a dead body…..

    Dear all, its a kind request to al of u to pls pray for me to give me a gud husband of Baba's choice as i am already above 26…n one thing i wan to ask being born in MOOL NAKSHTRA is my fault or wat??? y do ppl blame the girl born in bad nakshtra….i dont believe in such things …my belief is only BABA…..n i knw He wil surely do evrythng right..al i need to hv faith n patience n also al ur prayers dear Devotees….Baba i hv completely surrendered my life to YOU….YOU knw wat is best for me…..Bless me wit a gud job n husband….

    Baba pls help Navneetji to come out of the situation n bless her too n all the devotees….

    Sai ki beti

  24. Dear Sai ki beti…. u don worry a jot ok, baba himself asked his devotees not to believe in astrology jus to believe blindly in him n u r doin that so there's nothin to worry about, i kno wat u went through he ll compensate all ur pains with lot of happiness don ever shake ur faith he ll never leave ur hand, he ll definitely give best life partner as of now don think any thin about future jus spend ur each day remembering our deva 🙂

  25. Hetalji, very nice and creative logo of Sai, liked the style of it. You have his blessings.

    Anonymous devotee, nice experience you had in case of your tooth pain, that's really his blessing I can say. I have had health problem for past one year and it's not getting cured after visiting several doctors, but I have faith that Baba will cure me of all health problems and make me healthy again. Today I visited Baba temple and I read a verse from a book in the temple, which said all health problems are related to the previous Karma we have done and we have to suffer for that until the Guru gives his blessing. So, waiting my beloved Guru Baba to bless me and heal me too.

    Dear devotee Sheetalji, Your experience was also incredible. It's such a terrible experience for those loved ones and it's Gods blessing

  26. Dear Navneet ji ,you are loosing ur heart for a person who dont deserves you,have seen many examples n so would like to tell you start new life u will get real happyness leave the toughts of that boy.

  27. This is for blogger num 26 … u have indeed expressed ur views very well …. very well written thanks

  28. Very nice experiences! The story of the dental procedure is wonderful and amazing that the same dentist 2 days before said root canal was necessary and it was really Baba who was your dentist and cured you. Sheetal Ji, it is great that Baba was the one who helped rescue your friend's brother and made sure he was returned safely. Navneet Ji, do not worry, Baba will take care of all your problems and do not pay attention to those who will question why you worship Baba. We worship Sai Baba because it is our duty and because we love him so much. Baba will find a way for you and this boy to be together if it is part of Baba's will, else he will make sure you find and fall in love with someone who is even better. Just have faith and leave the problem to Baba. Who better to solve our problems and worries than Sai Baba? Om Sai Ram!

  29. Hetal Ji The logo designed by you is really very nice.

    Both the experiences are wonderful.
    Dear Navneet Ji, Dont blame Baba as he saved you. Thoroughly read the contents of Comment Box No. 26. Keep Shradh & Saburi. Later on You Shall realize that Baba did this for your benefit only.

    Om Sai Ram

  30. sai daughter navneetji please have faith and patience.pray to shibpur saibaba.u may go through shibpur.org website for more details.may baba bless with everyone with good health peace and good relationships.

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