A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 173

Sharing few more experiences of devotees with Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Maa Comes Home To Cure Chicken Pox

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Namaskar Hetal Ji. Thanks for publishing my 1st post in the month of January. This is my second one. I thought of posting it after I completely recover. I just could not resist to share our Baba’s Leela. I know He will cure me completely. I pray Baba to help me in this regard. Taking Baba’s name here, I share it with all beloved Sai devotees. Please keep my name and email id confidential.

I was on India trip from Jan 27 2012 to Feb 11 2012. When I was in India, I did Sai Pooja in my mother’s house on Thursday (on Feb 9). After Sai Pooja, I was browsing through the internet and suddenly, I landed in this website, where we can order online free UDI from Shirdi. I don’t know why I felt like ordering it. I went ahead and filled the form with all the details including my address in Singapore. Kindly note that it was clearly stated in the website that delivery of UDI with A SAI photo will take at least 3-4 weeks to receive as there are lot of online orders. Since I was not in a hurry at that time to get UDI, I was ok with that.

On Feb 11th, I left back to Singapore. On Feb 12th, the very next day, I started feeling unwell with high temperature. By Feb 13th, on Monday evening, I saw rashes on my chest face and by night, I got it confirmed it was CHICKENPOX. My 1st worry was about my 3 year old daughter, who I take care all the time. I prayed to Baba for my daughter and Husband. The 2nd day of my infection was really bad with rashes all over my body and face eyelid hands and legs. Due to itchy feeling, I did not sleep a bit on Feb 14.

On Feb 15th (day 3 Wednesday), I was more tired and cried a lot due to pain and discomfort. I could not sleep even during the day time. As the day was coming to an end, I started to fear about not able to sleep like the previous night. I started to call Baba for help and really wished from the bottom of my heart to get Baba’s UDI. So I can have it with water. It was night 10 PM. After talking to my mom and sister over phone, I got ready to sleep in my room. I forgot to tell devotees that I had self quarantined myself. So my hubby and daughter were fine. Also my wish to get Baba’s UDI, only Baba knew at that time.

At 11 PM that night, my husband knocks my door and said that there is an envelope for you from a Sai Organization from India. I was surprised to hear that. I said WHAT? He just slided the envelope from door gap. I switched on the light and saw the envelope had Sai Baba logo on it. I opened it and tears came rolling down my cheeks. I got a photo of our beloved SAI MAA and a packet of precious UDI.

How courteous is our Baba. For a devotee, who is locked in a room with 4 walls and can’t come out to get UDI. He himself enters the room to give me His UDI all the way from INDIA. I was speechless at His love. I would like to remind the devotees that the UDI that I ordered on Feb 9th in INDIA and reached me on Feb 15th in SINGAPORE. That is less than a week time. Though the website clearly stated it takes more than 3-4 weeks time due to a lot of orders.

After taking Baba’s UDI that night, I slept well and I am taking it every day as my medicine. Today is day 8. My rashes are drying up and I am typing it taking Baba’s name.

I thought of sharing it after I have completely recovered. But I could not control to tell the world this beautiful experience. Now with BABA Himself entering my room with His UDI, it goes untold that I will recover soon. I offer my humble Pranams at His Lotus feet and pray to Him to bless our family and all the devotees who are in pain. SAI RAM

Shirdi Sai Baba Appears Suddenly

Sai Sister Monisha Ji from India says: I am so happy explaining this true experience to all the devotees of Sai Baba Ji. It is about my maid, who works at my home part time. It was narrated to me by herself.

One afternoon, when she finished her work early, she started off for her home. On her way, she was stopped by a very old man, whom she described as wearing a white turban and white beard like Saibaba. He appeared suddenly and stopped her on the way saying “Beti please stop Saibaba has come” and started asking her that if she worked at my home (uttered my name). She recognised my name and nodded her head. On hearing this, He told her that all her desires would be fulfilled hence forth. He also told her that He visits my home every day.

I was stunned on hearing all this. I kept on thinking for a long time that who could be that old man. After a while I realised that as I sit for meditation I invoke Him every day. Also for daily guidance, I have been asking for His advice. My heart was thumping with joy thinking that what more proof Sai Baba Ji could give me then this one. I am deeply thankful to Sai Baba Ji for appearing and giving His proof of being there at my home every day. Since that day, I have been grateful to HIM for blessing us all in His way.

Thank You Sai Baba Ji. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Helped My Father To Quit Drinking

Sai Sister Anjali Ji from India says: Though Baba has always helped me in every path of life, but by giving His Blessings to my father, He has strengthened my faith in Him more, more and more. I always want Him to Bless and take care of my family.

Hetal Ji, I truly appreciate this good work of yours towards Sai Bhakts. Please don’t disclose my email.

I don’t know how to start. I came to know about Baba from my cousin sister. She gave some books containing pictures and stories of Shri Sai Samarth, in 2003 and after that every single day, I experience that Sai is with me and He is providing all His Love care and support, where ever and whenever I need.

He helped my father by showing His Kripa Drishti on him. It’s a recent incident. In November 2011, my father, who is totally addicted to alcohol, suddenly decided to visit Vaishno Devi with one of his friend. He told me about his decision of going to Mata Rani’s Darshan and I started praying that please Sai Ji, give right path to my father. It could in the form of Mata Rani. He went there and after coming from there, I observed that change in my father, which I can’t explain in words. The person, who can’t stay even a single day without alcohol, has quit alcohol completely. It’s all because of my Sai Nath Ji. I promised Sai Baba that if my father quit drinking, I will share this with Sai Devotees. Because of some reason, I could not able to do it earlier.

Baba, I don’t know how to pray You, still You give lots of love. All Sai Devotees are lucky that You are with us. Please keep Your blessing with us.

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  2. Dear Hetal ji,
    Thanks for this blog….very nice experiences…can u please tell me how to get UDI online…i live in USA…is it possible to get the UDI packet from india to USA…if it is so,can u please give me the information about it….thanks in advance…

  3. Love You so much Baba. You help all of us every single moment. Thank You Baba. My father-in-law has a drinking problem and we are going through a tough phase. Now I read Anjali ji's experience and now I know there is nothing to worry..Baba will take care. Please forgive us if we are doing anything wrong and please always Guide us Baba.Love You very much.

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Each and every experiences are very nice. Thank's for sharing.Hetalji thanks for the procedure for getting on line UDI.

  5. @Anonymous
    Sai devotee 1, yesterday i prayed to Sai baba please take care of my daughter's chicken pox. which she is suffering from last 20 days approx. i have visited 2-3 doctors but no improvement seen in her problem. but yesterday i was hopeless and come to baba's feet and prayed to baba ji please give your kripa drishti on my daughter. and today morning i noticed her rashes are very light and itching is also very improve. and to my utter surprise i read devotees No 1 experience in this blog. i am very grateful to Sai baba.
    Please take care of all your devotees.
    This is also one of Baba's Leela


  6. Om sai ram,

    all experience are very nice. Infact my father also have drinking habit which troubled my childhood. But now i am married and live outside India so I don't know how is situation back home. But after reading third experience, I will also pray to our Father Sai to make my father alcohol free. Thank you devotees for sharing your wonderful experiences.

    om sainathay namah

  7. Hello all Sai Devotees, I am speechless reading these episodes very similar to mine that happened just yesterday. I have posted about my car accident where someone ran into my brand new car, just 3 months old car!!! and I was literally saved by my reflex action and my car was hit on the driver side rear door and the tire, and not directly on the driver door that would have ended me in the ER.
    I followed all the required procedure whatever that I knew by gathering information from other people's experiences and had called police to have it filed on police report.
    Though I had explained clearly what had happened the police had somehow not put in words the way it should be. The other driver who was at fault never said at the time of event was being narrated to the police that he had green light instead he did say he was sorry, he did not see my car and did not see the signal light etc…etc. The police allowed me to go free but gave him citation for wrongful left turn.
    But he went to the police station on the same day by afternoon and told police officer that he had green light and his citation was voided. Also I got a call from his insurance company that since we both claim to have green light,they would not honor our claim. I was devastated with the thought that how come the other driver telling a lie was protected by his insurance company while I will end up getting my car fixed either by myself or even if my insurance company get it repaired, I will have to pay my deductibles!
    I had explained the whole situation to my insurance company through e-mail but they said they have to wait for police report. Well, with all said and done, I got my police report on Wednesday. On "Thursday", I got a call from my insurance company and said, it might take another 2-3 weeks for them to get a police report but if you can fax me the report I can proceed on your case. I sent the report as an e mail attachment…the next day that is yesterday I had an e-mail from our insurance agent to call him. We did call him and look what he said! He told my husband that looking at the report we can not decide who was at fault but reading all your case details we have a feeling that you were not at fault and we have decided to get your car fixed and no deductibles would be charged!
    I strongly believe BABA has played HIS role having this agent's decision-taking process! I was very sure of the expense from my side for $ 500.00 deductibles if not the full repair expense! But my heart was crying why I have to suffer even though I was not at fault!
    BABA has saved me not only from a fatal injury as that car might have hit me on driver door if I had not made an effort to move away from that car coming on to me at that intersection taking a left turn…and BABA helped me my car fixed without me spending any money!
    If I had not called police and had not have a police report, I don't think my insurance company, forget about the other driver's insurance company, would have believed my saying and paid for my claim!!
    The Insurance company taking such a stand helping out their client is incredible! I just pray everybody on the road drive safe saving all such hassles !
    I wrote my mind blowing experience in this section as I wanted to share with fellow Sai Devotees as soon as possible!

  8. Thanks for sharing wonderful experiences. May BABA bless you all.
    Today, I was feeling lonely, when I read the first experience, tears rolled out from my eyes. It shows BABA is always with me/us.
    I love you BABA.

  9. Very wonderful experiences! Anjali Ji, it is amazing Baba helped your father quit his alcohol habit suddenly (as it is very hard to suddenly stop drinking for people who have an addiction to it), but it is easy with Baba's grace. Devotee from Singapore, it is so nice that Baba delivered his Udi early to you because he knew you were sick and I am sure you will recover quickly because Baba delivered the Udi directly to you. Monisha Ji, how wonderful that Baba told your maid about the wonderful blessings you will receive! You are very lucky that Baba told you directly that he will be there with your family and shower you with blessings! If only all of us could hear directly from Baba about blessings he will give us. Om Sai Ram!

  10. Sai Ram !!
    Today I just said to Baba dat my udi is geting finished nd frm where I shall get udi !! To my surprise I opened dis experience and got to know dat we can order udi online for free !!
    Sai Baba is always around us !!
    Trust and have Patience !! 🙂 🙂

  11. Very nice & heart touching experiences. I cant even imagine that a person addicted to alcohol can quit. But Anjali's experience proved that nothing is impossible for Baba. Baba please also help my husband for the same. Om Sai Ram

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