A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 172

We shall now be seeing few more experiences which will certainly boost up our faith in our Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Guard And Guide His Children

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. I am a Sai devotee, but when and how I became Sai devotee and how it happened, I do not know. One afternoon, I had an urge to read Sai Satcharitra and it was the start of everything. Kindly do not disclose my mail id and name.

I am living in Australia. I am 57 years old still working as an auditor. On the 3rd of February, 2012, I visited our head office with my bags in both hands. While I was coming down on the steps, I missed a step on the stairway and came rolling down on 5 or 6 steps. No one was around to give me a hand and I was in severe pain and I could not even stand up. Only thing I did was chanting “Om Sai Om Sai Om Sai” and searched my bags for BABA’s UDI. I give UDI to every sick and needy, but when I wanted I couldn’t access even a bit. Suddenly, I thought sitting and crying won’t do and started limping and walking to the Taxi stand. Even now, I do not know how and where I go the power to reach to the TAXI. While I was in the Taxi, I was thinking if BABA is with me I will see a car with the number plate with letters “SAI” (in Australia car number plates have 3 number and 3 characters). As soon as I raised my eyes, I saw a car number plate with SAI. As soon as I saw that my joy overtook my pain.

When I came home, I couldn’t even take a step forward. Everyone at home was worried that I may have fractured my born and sprains my angle. My husband rushed me to the emergency department in the nearby hospital. At the hospital, I started vomiting and they suspected I could have had a head injury. After a full checkup, the doctor came back and said there is no a major injury or fracture, but only minor sprain. This will cause excruciating pain and swelling and I should be on crutches for few weeks. For everyone’s surprise on the following day, I was on my feet walking /limping. Today (20th Feb), I have little bit of swelling and pain but managing well. My only medication was BABA’s UDI. Baba AS always, please be with US and guide US and guard US BABA.

Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji


Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am very lucky to be able to share my two big experiences with you through this site. I am thankful to you for setting up this beautiful blog, which gives Sai Baba’s bhaktas a chance to read about real-life experiences and strengthens our belief. I kindly ask you to not disclose my email address, let me remain anonymous.

I live outside India and visit my parents, in-laws and relatives every year. In July 2011, I had gone to India along with my two daughters. On a Thursday, we decided to visit the local Sai Baba temple. There was a long queue that led up to Baba’s statue and so we all got in line. While we were waiting in the queue, an old woman came barging through the people who were also waiting like us. She directly came to us and smiled, as she handed a red book over to me. I thanked her and her only words to me were, “Don’t thank me, pray for everyone.”

I stood there surprised and still processing what happened as it was completely random and out of the blue. The woman did not give anyone else around us anything. When I turned to the red covered book, I was shocked to find that it was in fact, the Sai Satcharitra. I already have a copy of the book in Marathi at home, but this one was the English version – my daughters aren’t as comfortable with Marathi or Sanskrit as English. So I think this was Baba’s way of providing them with a book that contains His Leelas and something they will be able to read, which they do every evening.

The second experience came after a few months. My husband was traveling to India and was running late, as the train which he was taking to the airport was delayed. My daughter had accompanied him to the railway station and was standing with him. She began to pray to Baba as she was waiting for the train to arrive. She prayed to Baba to help him get to the airport and to India without any trouble. My husband got on it and when he finally reached the airport, he called me. The story he narrated was very surprising. In order to reach the airport, my husband had to change trains and as the first one was considerably late in its arrival, it was looking extremely difficult to reach the next train that would take him to the airport. However, as he was taking his bags out of the first train, a man appeared by his side and gave him a hand in taking all the bags to the next train, which was scheduled to leave in a few minutes time. The man didn’t just help him take the bags out of the first train, but also helped him to carry them to the next train, which happened to be on the other side of the station. My husband reached the airport, caught his flight and reached India without any trouble. Baba took care of the journey, which was comfortable and trouble-less.

Both of these experiences have been eye opening for us, and our trust, belief and love for Sai Baba has increased exponentially. We hope and pray to Baba to always take care of us and give us His blessings every minute of every day.

Baba Reunited My Family

Sai Sister Joyita Ji from India says: First of all I take this opportunity to thank Hetal Ji for doing this wonderful job of connecting all Baba’s children through this lovely platform. After reading the experiences of my fellow devotees, I have realized that I have also undergone a number of similar incidents in my life. I had promised my dear Baba that I would be posting this experience of mine out of the innumerable experiences that I have undergone, where I have realized my Baba’s blessings. Hetal Ji, I request you not to publish my mail id.

My connection with my Baba dates back to my childhood days, where I had grown up seeing my parents relying completely on Him for everything. My husband, who is a wonderful person, did not really believe in God. But at the same time, he never stopped me from doing so. To my utter surprise, a turning point came in his life during our 2nd visit to Shirdi. While returning to Hyderabad from Shirdi, our bus stopped near a shop, where there were many photographs of Baba. From one of the photographs, he could feel that Baba was trying to convey something to him and that was it. It changed his mind or I would say life. On the bus, at around mid night, our 3 year old daughter started vomiting continuously. I gave her water, but it was of no effect. She was throwing up that too. I was very nervous. I knew one or two more bouts of vomiting will lead to dehydration. As I had lost my first child at the age of one and half years, I was really nervous and tensed. It was then I suddenly remembered about my Baba’s UDI. I applied on her forehead and stomach. It was really surprising that she stopped vomiting completely and fell asleep. She got up looking very fresh as if nothing really happened, when we reached Hyderabad. From then onwards, my husband started believing completely on Him. To re-affirm his faith many subsequent incidents occurred in his life too.

I would like to mention this incident in particular, where Baba answered my prayers. My husband is a software professional. Due to global recession, there were problems in his current job. In the meantime, by Baba’s grace, he got a good opportunity in Bangalore and decided to shift. I was at Hyderabad with my daughter as I was not in a position to quit my job and relocate. I was also in continuous hunt for a job in Bangalore, but it was somehow not happening. I continuously prayed Baba as I was very much worried for my husband’s health as he was staying alone. At the same time, after my first child’s death, I felt insecure to stay away from him. I required constant mental support from my husband. It was then that I got an interview call from a reputed organization in Bangalore. I cleared the first two rounds of interview, but they were delaying the final round and also were not communicating properly about the dates of the final interview. Meanwhile my husband’s cholesterol levels were detected very high. One could imagine how desperate I was. So I kept chits of “YES” and “NO” in front of Baba to know if I would really get this job. I picked up “YES” and two days after that I was called for the final interview to Bangalore. I cleared that as well and today I am happily settled in Bangalore with my Husband due to Baba’s grace. My husband’s cholesterol levels have returned to normal.

I must admit that nothing happens in this world without His consent. If you have complete faith and patience, Baba will never let you down. He is there as pillar of strength to guide us every moment. Only thing is we need to surrender to Him and do our duty. Rest will be taken care of.

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Amazing experiences. May Baba bless us all always and give such amazing experiences to each of his children.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai jai Sai.

  2. Om Sai Ram
    Nice experiences thanks for sharing.When i read the experience i recollect my strength to face the problems in my life. Pl baba solve and clear my husband's problem


  3. om sai raam..plz baba help me i m not strong enough to bear this emotional pain.its killing me slowly slowly.plz come and save me.om sai raam

  4. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
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    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Baba shall I quit this job Baba.I couldn't suffer Baba.Please come Baba.You have to respond to me today you have to come for me. I am getting tired Baba.Please come for me Baba today and please respond to me. I couldn't understand what is going on here in office.Please Baba Please come for me Baba Please Baba.


  7. Very nice experiences! Devotee from Australia, Baba helped you get well soon through his blessings and even showed you he is with you through the license plate message. Devotee from UK, Baba came as that man to help your husband catch his flight to India by helping carry his bags so he wouldn't be delayed any more. It is wonderful that Baba also came to you as the lady in the Baba temple to give your children the Sai Satcharitra so they can better understand it in English. Joyita Ji, I liked your saying "If you have complete faith and patience, Baba will never let you down. He is there as pillar of strength to guide us every moment. Only thing is we need to surrender to Him and do our duty. Rest will be taken care of." I was feeling a little tense about family situation, but reading what you said has helped show me Baba will take care of everything and I need not be tense.

  8. baba, i have completed my sap fi certification last year. i joined in a small company, there is also so many problems. baba please bless me baba, i need job baba. already i had interview reference letter, please make that people to call me baba. please assist me baba. baba i never pray to any god like you. if u forget me i can't live you baba. please baba, please save me baba.i can ask you only baba.please give me a job baba in sap.

  9. Om Sai Ram

    I have gained strength after reading your experience jyotiji. Thanks for sharing esp when you said nothing happens without his consent. Hope baba helps me ferry across this phase

    Love you baba

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