A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 166

We shall be reading few more experiences of devotees in today’s post.

Sai Baba Was With Us And Saved My Baby

Sai Sister Gayathri Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, may Baba bless you for doing such a wonderful job. I think I have posted my experience earlier also. I have lot many to post and I sincerely ask sorry to Baba for not doing it, but this one happened last night and I promised Baba that I will post it ASAP. Please edit it wherever necessary and do not disclose my email id and my name is fine.

We recently moved from USA and settled in North India and I don’t speak Hindi, so it is really tough for me to cope here. Last evening all of sudden my baby (6 months old) started crying badly (luckily after my husband came home). We do not know what to do. She usually cries like that due to colicky pain, so I gave syrup for that. But even after that she was crying badly. I started cooking and was very disturbed as she was still crying. The power went off and it was raining outside. I was praying Baba to make her alright and applied UDI on her forehead and stomach and little bit in her mouth. She slept immediately and after sometime I gave her to my husband and went to kitchen.

The power came and my husband was calling me and said he heard some click sound in her left hand. By this time, she was crying very badly. Thank God, we didn’t overlook anything and decided to rush to pediatrician immediately. We don’t have any vehicle as we moved here recently. I prayed to Baba to be with us and went out. The rain stopped all of a sudden. We met the doctor, who examined her and said something not good in her left hand and asked us to go to orthopedic clinic immediately. It was 9 PM. I prayed again to Baba. We got an auto from nowhere and reached the hospital and the doctor was seeing the last patient. We got an appointment immediately, but we had to wait for sometime as the doctor was busy with the other patient. All the time, I was thinking Baba I didn’t see Your picture anywhere though I can feel Your presence I really wanted to see You. By this time, my little one was so tired of pain and crying. The doctor called us inside and the first thing I noticed was a big Sai Baba photo on the wall. Any Sai devotee will know how I would have felt. As expected the doctor said it was a dislocation in her left hand and took the baby from us and asked us to wait in other room. I didn’t feel bad as I know Baba is with her. They did some procedure, she cried badly, and gave the baby back to us and said she will be fine in 5 minutes. I thanked Baba and she started smiling in about 5 minutes. I got my life back after seeing her smiling face and we came back home safely. After sometime the rain started again and the power went off. When thinking back, in each and every step Baba was with us.

I really don’t find words to thank Baba. We could have simply denied her click sound, but it was Baba who gave us the thought and the feel to act quickly, and He made sure everything was smooth right from stopping the raining, getting the auto till we saw the doctor. Whatever I explained here is only just 10% of what I experienced last night, words feel short, I can only say my heartfelt thanks to my beloved Baba. I really wanted to mention one thing here from yesterday morning, she started saying Baba all day and she is just 6 months old, only Baba was with her and made her alright and took away her pain. I sincerely pray to Baba to bless and save her and be with her all the time. If there is any mistakes please forgive me Baba and please bless me to write the other experiences too and bless all of us. Thank You, Baba. I love You.

Sarvam Sai Padam Arpanam.

Thank you all for reading my experience.


Believe In Sai Ram, Everything Will Come True

Sai Sister Aiswariya Ji from India says: Hi I am Aiswariya. I have faced so many problems from my small age, but after having Faith in Sairam, everything has been reduced and I became so strong to face everything in my Life.

My experience: I have so many problems with my personal and professional life. I was very much worried on that. I heard about Sairam and 9 weeks fasting. I started following it and started going to temple weekly. After Sairam came into my life, my sorrows got reduced and I became so strong to face all problems and whatever I wish to Sairam, it was happening. Then I finished my 9 weeks fasting. I had a major change in my love life. Thanks to Sairam. He helped me in my life to face all the problems. Then I became a very strong devotee of Sairam. I have faith in Sairam that all my others sorrows will go off soon and I will lead a happy life with Sairam’s blessings. Thanks a lot for getting this opportunity say about Sairam and His miracles. Have faith in Sairam, everything will be good in life.

Sai Saved My Father’s Life

Anonymous Devotee from Muscat says: Jai Sai Ram, Hello Hetal Ji. I want to narrate an incident that made me a firm believer in Sai Baba. Please do not disclose my name and email address.

It was around 1988-89 that my father was suffering from ulcer. He had severe bleeding and doctors had said that an operation would be needed to stop the bleeding. My brother and me were very young and did not understand the seriousness of the situation. And since we were just kids, the elders did not let us know the seriousness of the situation either. The operation went as planned, but the bleeding did not stop. Doctors said that they had done all that they could and now all that was left was in the hands of God. My father is a great devotee of Shri Sai Baba. My uncle (Father’s brother) got him UDI of Sai Baba and put it on his tongue.

The minute the UDI was put on his tongue, he became well again. The bleeding stopped and my father was cured. Thank You Sai Baba for saving my father’s life that day.

Some years later when my aunty (Father’s sister) narrated this incident to me, I was very touched and moved by the grace that Shri Sai had bestowed upon us. Since then I have been a firm believer in Shri Sai Baba. Whenever any problem or fear assails me, I take His name and He comes to my help. Thank You for showering Your blessing on my family, Sai Baba. We love You and pray and bow before You.

Another miracle, that happened recently in the year July 2011. One night my father woke up with severe chest pain and couldn’t breathe properly. He took medication, but still he was feeling very breathless. My brother then took him to the hospital. This happened around early morning. After all the tests were done, it was found that there were blocks and my father would have to undergo by-pass surgery. It was a very difficult and testing time for us. My brother and his wife stay in the United States. So the first miracle was my brother being in India with my parents at that time. So he could take our father to the hospital on time. Secondly, I was down in India too with my in-laws on vacation from the Gulf with my son. So I too was able to be near my father before the operation. Since my father is a diabetic, doctors were worried about the complications that would arise. But by the grace of the lord Sai Baba, my father’s diabetes was in control and doctors said that we can go ahead with the operation. Before the surgery could start, doctors said that the operation would be 95% successful and as with any major surgeries, some side effects would be there. But again Shri Sai Baba came to our help and answered our prayers.

The operation was a success and my dad is now healthy and hearty. Thank You Lord Sai for taking such good care and showering Your blessing on me and my family always.

Sai Baba, please shower Your blessing on all Your children. Let us find eternal bliss and calm in Your feet. Let us always take Your name and be rid of all wrong things and thoughts.

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  1. Very nice experiences! Gayathri Ji, Baba wonderfully arranged everything for you so that you could take your baby to the hospital and it's wonderful that finally when you went to the doctor Baba showed his picture to you, and he also made sure that you took good care of your child. Devotee from Muscat, very nice that Baba's Udi cured your father's ulcer years back and even now Baba was with your father to help with his bypass surgery. If we have health difficulties (or any other problems we may face), we only need to look to Baba for help and guidance. Aiswariya Ji, it is wonderful that Baba has been able to remove the sorrows from your life and make you happier, Baba always takes care of the sorrows and burdens of all his devotees if we just have faith. Om Sai Ram!

  2. The first and last experiences shows how Sainath comes running to save his devotees whenever they are in need of Him.Not only that He makes us to realise the same and increases the Faith too….

  3. Sai loves his children and every time he protects.i am a great devotee of Sai since 2000 from then on wards every problem is coming like a mountain and it is melting like an ice.recently baba saved me and my family from a big accident.omsairam

  4. Jai Sai Ram,

    All above experiences are great and wonderful, it just reminds us how kind and merciful is Baba.

    I truely wish the above devotees life will sail smoothly with out any hurdles.

    Brothers/Sisters lets also spend some time and think on Baba's preachings. He always said to be merciful and practise charity. Help others without expecting anything in return. Just by praying Baba and donating food and money for a sake is just not enough. We should help any one who comes for help. Lets see every human being equally, lets erradicate barriers between human beings. We were born humans and we will die as humans. Although some claim they are always superior than others it's not true really. Its just the materialistic progress we make in life gives us these titles.

    So, lets also spend every day 5 minutes to think that we all are one and we should live with peace and love.

    Glory to the victorious king of kings Shri Shiridi Sainath.

    Servant of Baba

  5. falling short of words to explain how wonderful are these experiences…these kind of experiences enhance our belief in saibaba….thank you for posting

  6. All three experiences are really nice. Everyone of us are really blessed to see/read his miracles. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. me too falling short of words to praise Baba. May Baba keep blessing his children and keep them closer to his heart always.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Om Sai Ram..
    all the experience are the best..yes its really a great feeling when you see sai babas photo when you need him badly..i had the same experience in hospital..Sai baba be always with us…

  9. Very nice experiences. Baba is wonderful & He takes care of every thing bin our life. 'Why Fear When Baba Is Here"

    Om Sai Ram.

  10. He has been a constant support during all my trials and tribulations..
    Problems have been a part of my life for quite some time…but Baba has always been by my side during all those trying situations…giving me his silent support,a shoulder to lean on to,and slowly showing me the solution to all my problems…
    My wish is ,i want to help as many people as possible, because they were the ones who helped me in those tough times,through Baba's grace…
    May Baba's blessings spread through our good deeds…

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