A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 165

With these three experiences below presented, we shall be getting more closer to Lord Sai Baba and know His blessings.

Sairam’s Greatest Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Jai Sai Ram. Please do not mention my name and email address here. I use to pray to Saibaba from long time, but I was not very great devotee. I and my husband got married in 2007, but unfortunately we got divorced in 2010. But my husband believed in Baba and believed that Baba would make us one soon and his belief turned in to truth. Soon we got married again in 2011 and are very happy together.

After our marriage we were happy, but my in laws were not. They did not speak to me for 6 months. My husband and I were trying for baby, but I was not able to conceive. We did 9 Thursday Sai Vrat, but maybe I did not do it with full faith. Then I decided to do it again with complete faith on my Sairam. We finished our Sai Vrat in July 2011 and I got conceived in September 2011. We were very happy. My in laws also were happy and started talking us.

But in 8th week, suddenly I started bleeding a lot. My husband had gone to play cricket with his friends and I was alone. I started crying and called my husband. I was crying a lot and fought with Sai that why did He took away our happiness. Next day, we spoke to the people in hospital. They asked us to come in hospital for check up. We went there on Monday. Midwife checked in small ultra sound machine and said she could see empty sac. That means we have lost our baby, but she took some blood and urine for test and asked to go on next day, Tuesday for formal ultra sound. But refused going as I had believed that we had lost our baby and we started resuming our normal life. On Wednesday evening, we got call from hospital from the midwife saying that my hormones are very high, so I should come next day on Thursday to get it checked by a Doctor. We went to hospital on Thursday evening. Doctor checked and said she could see something, but it is not sure if the pregnancy is viable so we should go for formal ultra sound. On Friday evening, we went for formal ultra sound and every minute I was taking Sairam’s name and praying for some miracle to happen. And it happened. The Doctor told us that it’s good news. We were happy that we have our baby. But then Doctor gave us the best news, when he said that he could see 2 heart beats and we have twins. We are just blessed by Sairam. He took test of our patience and faith, but ultimately gave us the double blessings.

Love Sairam. Jai Sairam Jai Sairam Jai Jai Sairam.

Sairam Blessings For My Travel

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sairam, Although, I follow your blog less frequently, I am using this blog of yours to post my travel experience, which was blessed by Sai Baba. Also, I prefer not to disclose my personal information while posting this incident.

My travel experience: I currently live in United States and travel periodically to visit family and friends within states. Most of the time, I travel through airlines and have been used to turbulent air travels. However, one such recent trip scared me as the plane was trying to gain balance in the gusty winds and as I was experiencing such trouble for the first time on a first hand basis. I was praying to Sai Baba in my heart. Much to my surprise, after a short while, the gusty winds and the turbulence just disappeared and the return trip has been a very pleasant one in recent times.

Thanks to Shirdi Sai Baba.


Sai Sister Kirthika Ji says: Hello, I am not able to post the experience below. Could you please, post this.

It all started on Thursday. UDI started coming very little from Sai Baba Idol. On Saturday, there was so much UDI around, and the miracle started happening. Whatever items we keep for Baba as Prasad, we see pieces in the UDI. Also yesterday, we saw symbols of Allah, Jesus and Om. Yesterday, we saw symbols of two foot prints drawn below to the symbol explained above. We also see the foot prints of UDI in the floor. My sister was hearing sounds of person walking with stick, bird sounds and pooja bell sound at her pooja room, when she was sleeping. Not only the UDI started coming, even sandhan and kum kum started materializing. If any of you in touch with Sai Baba, could you please tell us what He is trying to tell us? I have given my email id above.

Yesterday my sister conducted bhajan at her place and kept puran poli. We saw a small piece of it is gone in one whole puran poli. Same thing was happened with Poori as well. She is keeping water for Him and she says even the water level is reducing. We are really happy and surprised to see all His Leelas at my sister’s home. I am seeing everything in skype everyday. I have no words to explain anything. We truly believe and trust that Baba is staying there, and trying to tell us something, but we are not able to understand.

I am ready to share all the pictures, can someone guide me in this. I am posting for my sister.


Sorry missed out the following which was sent in mail with attached pictures:
Hello Saibandhus,

I am attaching along the miracles happened at my sisters house in Singapore. I am writing this as events, please see below

1. Day 1 : Feb 2, 2012 – Udi started materializing from baba idol that my sister got from Shirdi
2. Day 2 : Feb 3 2012 – Udi started appearing here and there
3. Day 3 : Feb 4, 2012 – Lots of udi started coming so they kept the idol inside a small plate and the plate filled with udi
4. Day 4 : Feb 5, 2012 – Devotees started visiting and did bhajans and we saw piece of roti in the Udi which was kept as Nivedhan
5. Day 5 : Feb 6, 2012 – First Inscription of ALLA, JESUS AND OM appeared on the wall, also sandhan and kumkum started materializing
6. Day 6 : Feb 7, 2012 – Addition to the Inscription above two foot prints appeared below of the inscription written earlier
7. Day 7 : Feb 8, 2012 – My sister heard a voice Alla Mallik, and she went to her pooja room quickly and saw another inscription in the wall.

They are also witnessing the water we are keeping for him is reducing also all the nivedhan is reducing a bit, person walking with stick. I myself saw the reduction of food with my own eyes in Skype.

We strongly believe Baba is living at my sisters house doing all this miracle. If someone can help me with the meaning of the Marathi Inscription would be great. I will keep you all posted with the miracles happening around. we are singing his aarthi and amazed by his leelas.

I have attached along all the pictures.

Sai Raj Maharaj ki Jai!!!!!

Below are the pictures as mail by Sai sister Kirthika ji

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Hetal Patil
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  1. nice experiences!dear anonymous devotee from Australia
    thank you for posting this experience.let us believe strongly that baba definitely blesses you with healthy and beautiful twins.

    dear kirthika ji
    baba just wanted to say your sister that he is accepting her prayers and offerings. blessed is your sister to have the god himself come and eat the offerings.please do post all the pictures to this website requesting the blog authorities to post it as a separate experience. i have a copy by name "lord balaji miracles" written by a devotee of lord balaji which furnished exactly these kind of experiences along with pictures. hope that would help you in finding a way to proceed. if you are intrested please drop me a mail to sudhamayee39@gmail.com
    with regards

  2. Nice experiences from all three sai devotees. Thanks for sharing it, Sai Sister from australia, Initially while reading ur experience , I felt really sad, but on reading the last four lines, it turned out to be tears of joy. God bless u with healthy babies. Sai Sister krithika ji it would be great if u could share some videos of it to us. Felt really happy while reading it.

  3. All the experiences are very nice, especially the first one.
    May saibaba bless all always.
    Om sai ram.!!!!



  5. Kritikaji please post the pictures ……All will be blessed be seeing it……

  6. All are lovely experiences. Please post the pictures. We all would like to see them – om Sai ram

  7. kritikaji we all sai chilrren are very very eager to see baba's leela.this will definately boost up our faith in our deva's lotus feet,as we know that although deva is always there to help us,but being human we want him to show his leela through miracles.kindly post the pics .

  8. Very Nice experiences!

    Dear anonymous devotee from Australia, you are very lucky to have Baba's blessings & got twins.

    Kritika ji, you are too blessed to witness the Udi Miracle and your sister is too much blessed that Baba accepted her offerings & came to her house.

    Om Sai Ram.

  9. Dear Kritika, Sai Ram,

    Pls. post the pictures a.s.a.p. I am desperately waiting to see the pictures.


  10. Thank you for posting all these experiences Hetal jee.
    1.Sai sister from Australia may saiji blessed you with healthy babies.
    2.Saiji is so kind thats why he listens all prayers and suside the troubles in no time.
    3.Kritikajee kindly share pictures of udi menifestation. U sisters are really blessed soul that Saiji himself is accepting your devotion and offerings. May baba multiply these faith and devotion in all of us.( if possible please send the pictures in my personal id lepcha.binita@gmail.com)
    Om sai Jai Sai.

  11. Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences.

    Congratulations to anonymous devotee from Australia on the blessings received from Baba in the form of your twins, this indicates that Baba gives us pain initially to increase our patience & faith and give the best we deserve in life.

    Kritika ji – Your family is really very blessed to experience such a miracle. His presence can be felt in his devotees lives at all times, but this miracle indicates that your family has truly received his divine blessings. Looking forward to see the photos & videos.

    Om Sai Ram

  12. amazing experiences !

    Me too looking forward to see the pics. Please post them soon.

    Om Sai Ram


  13. Congratulations to Sai Devotee from Australia. I was hurt knowing your in laws did not talk to you because you could not conceive! It is so very sad thing on part of the family members to blame the bride for not being able to conceive. It is all in GOD's hands…HE is responsible for creating this MAYA JAAL, HE IS the one who is a CREATOR, Maintainer and Destroyer..We all are just the "puppets" on this Earth.
    Well, I am doubly happy to know that you are blessed with a child…oh…now TWINS ! I am always fascinated with TWINS, would love to see them growing and watch how they interact with each other, I know it is a lot of work during the initial years after their birth!
    May you keep good health and have an easy delivery. Wishing good health to the twins too! Take good care, good rest till your due time and enjoy the motherhood!
    And to the blessed Devotee with visible blessings, yes we are eager to have a darshan of BABA's mercy, Do post photos on this site for all Sai Devotees.
    Jai SAI Ram.

  14. very nice experiences..sai devotee from austrlia really ur very lucky..sai blessed u with a healthy babies..sai will protect u fromm all problems..all happies…

    wanna see the sai lellas please share the all pics..sai please come to my home and eat navadyam..wanna see ur presence in my life and my home sai..sai amma come and bless ur daughter..am very scared of my situation pplease give me strenghth to face this..am going through second cycle of ivf..wish me all success sai amma..hold my hand sai amma..forgive all our mistakes..come and talk to me sai amma..omsai sri sai jai jai sai…

  15. Hello,

    I have sent email to Heetal ji with Pictures. Thanks so much for all your comments. We are glad to see Deva's miracle at my sister's place. I couldnt be more happier for anything else in my life.



    SAI SISTER from Australia:Many congrats on ur double bundles of joy(twins)
    And SAI SISTER Krithika;It shows how much our beloved SHIRDI SAI BABA loves ur family.Ur devotion is very much pure i mean u people pray whole heartedly and with pure heart and of course all the others also do so.But in ur case,v can call u people as special children of our beloved SAI MAA..PLs post the pics of these miracles.Eagerly waiting to have a look at those wonderful happenings.

  17. Krithikajee you and your sister are so lucky to see the miracle of saibaba.please send the pictures we ,all the devotees of Sai want to see the pictures.

  18. Dear anonymous devotee from australia….am so happy to read ur experience may baba give you all the happiness.I am so relieved and also excited to hear your experience coz my story is also very similar to yours till the marriage part but baba has not made us one as yet but today through ur experience i got an answer that yes baba will soon get us remarried again as well and reunite us forever…you wont believe but i was literally looking for some experience of this type for quite sometime now and today baba has given me hope through your experience and proved that he can do anything and he really is a magician who can do miracles. I love you a lot baba and I am really hoping that baba brings us together and gets us married again forever this time and blesses us with lotsa happiness and peace.

    Krithikajee like all other devotees here even I am eager to see the pictures and hear back from you on baba's special blessings on your family.

    Jai sai ram

  19. Wonderful experiences…
    Thanks for sharing.

    Kirthika-ji, We are very much eager to see those photos.
    Hetal-ji & Team , please publish those wonderful photos ASAP.
    May Baba keep showering His blessings on everyone.

    Om Sai Rama

  20. Very wonderful experiences! Devotee from Australia, Baba must have tested you and then once you passed Baba's test, he blessed you with 2 little miracles! Congratulations on your twins! Devotee from USA, Baba controls everything even the winds and must have calmed them down for you during your flight. Kirthika Ji, please do show us this photo of Baba. It is truly a miracle of Sai Baba! Om Sai Ram!

  21. Hetal jee
    Thank you very much for sharing the divine pictures.
    May saiji always shower his best blessings on you.Om Sai Jai Sai.

  22. very nice experience i have no word to describe this miracle..om sai ram..shradha and saburi is the strongest words to keep in touch with baba…

  23. Om Sai Ram.

    May Baba bless us all with amazing experiences always. And help us in strengthening our faith. With his grace may we always meditate on his feet and get rid of all or worries and bad thoughts.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  24. kritika ji thank u so much for posting the experience and the pic's since last two days i was weeping heavily due to some problems n askin baba to show me some presence in a special way apart from givin darshan in the form of photo n look he did it through u… thank u sooooooooooo much i am feelin that i got a new life now :-)… i love my Baba u r my aaai , baba every thing to me :-)… i am feelin very very relieved

  25. Terrific!! This is brilliant. Baba has made a mark again and thank you for sharing this with us.

    To me all it means is Baba has blessed your sister and her family truly. It is nice to see Baba’s idol and Udi. He has inscribed those numbers with plus sign. Not sure what does it mean but it appears like number “4” in Marathi considering rest is in devanagari font, this appears to be (4 + 4).
    Swasthik + 4 + 4.
    Second word is “Paavan” and first word reads like either “Temple” or “Lepan”. I think it is “Temple Paavan”. Baba please forgive me for any mistakes here. You should ask Priest at Sai temple about this.

    If possible, I request you to please upload video on youtube and share link in this forum so that all Sai Devotees can get an opportunity to take darshan of it. Thank you

  26. Thank you so much for posting the photos.I have similar experience to share.
    Once I went to my cousins house,then she took me to her neighbours house to show me the miracle which is the same as the above,where udi is flowing from idol.
    I was shocked and surprised by seeing that ,today when reading this post I remembered and now I am feeling so happy for seeing live.Baba drawn me to him to see this miracle.It was years ago and through this post I again remembered it.Thank you so much for posting.

    I also saw that baba has written "Happy Christmas" on the banana which was offered to him.How lucky the family and I also feel the same as I got chance to see the miracle.

  27. Dear Sai devotee and sister Krutikaji,

    You have not answered few questions of readers of this post. We are eager to see more pictures and video of this whole event. It will be very kind of you and please oblige us with more pictures and video of it. Some how, although your post talks about your emailadress, it is missing in the post and hence we cannot reach out to you directly. May i request Hetalji to help us with that.

  28. cant stop tears flowing out of ma eyes seeing baba's presence…. Deva thank u sooo much and krutika ji thanks a lot lot

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