Lord Sai Baba’s grace is in abundance and following devotees have witnessed this very well in their lives.

Sai in Dream

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: This experience that I am sharing happened about 11 years ago. I did not know about Sai Baba that much before this experience. Kindly I request please do not include my name and email id. Thank you.

By the grace of God, I was married to a pious and a good man. Our life was full of happiness. However, this did not last as I was unable to conceive after two years. Countless visits to doctors, medical treatments, injections and even a minor surgery did not help me to have a child. 6 years passed and I was so depressed that even if I see any child I would tear. I was so desperate that I would do any prayers or vrat that anybody said just to have a child.

During my low and depressed period, I dreamt of Shirdi Sai. In the dream, I saw Him walking into my veranda and entering our house. I have never ever seen such a beautiful and loving face in my life. So full of love, it is very difficult to describe the love. One has to experience it. Sai asked me for a bowl of porridge and I served Him. After accepting it, He slowly walked out of my house to the veranda. As He did, the plants that I kept in my veranda bloomed huge yellow flowers. I was shocked looking at the flowers and Shirdi Sai slowly vanished. By accepting the porridge Sai took away our sadness, pain and karma.

The next day my husband and I went to the shops and I wanted to buy a picture of Shirdi Sai. However, we could not find any. Then we saw a new shop selling pictures of deities. It was opened only that day and the shop owner had just completed their prayers. I asked them for a picture of Shirdi Sai. Immediately, the lady in the shop brought the picture from the puja complete with garland and vermilion and gave it to me. A beautiful miracle and now the picture adorn my Puja room.

I still did not conceive, but my husband and I, through Sai’s grace, was able to adopt a beautiful baby girl a year later. My daughter is 10 years old now and Sai has blessed me and made me a mother. Thank you Dear Shirdi Sai.

Sai Baba Blessed Me With Cute Little Princess

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Please don’t disclose my email id and my name in the blog. I believe that if we pray from true heart BABA always helps and cares for His devotees.

I believed in SAIBABA since I gained my wisdom. From last 10 years, I used to pray, but I never wished anything special for myself. Though I studied well in medical line, I was not that lucky to get everything easily. I got married at the age of 39. After one bitter experience of first time, second time I got married to a guy with kids. His wife was expired. So I thought if I can be mom of those kids, I will be satisfied that I did something good. At the time of marriage, my husband told that he doesn’t want any kid from me. Medically one of my tubes was damaged, so already 50% chances were gone. But then I became pregnant and as we decided I didn’t continue previous 2 pregnancies. But somewhere in my heart, I was having desire for kid, my own kid.

I prayed Baba, and first time I talked to Baba, and I wished that if I could have a girl. I knew my husband would never agree for child, but still I prayed. I used to visit Saibaba temple nearby my house every Thursday. Still I am going and BABA FULFILLED MY WISH and I became pregnant. And all tension started at home. My husband, my in laws didn’t want this child, as they already had grown up kids. All the stress and arguments and everything they tried on me to drop this child. But with BABA’S grace, I continued the pregnancy.

After 5th month of my pregnancy, I came to know that my placenta, which provides nutrition to baby inside the uterus, was not working proper, and my baby is small. Till then my husband was not agree to continue the pregnancy. I came down to one of my friend, kept on reading SAI SATCHARITRA online to calm my mind. And BABA really helped me in form of this friend. Her husband took me to the doctor, and doctor referred me to biggest women’s hospital in Canada. They investigated and did my amniocentesis, and sent me to home saying we will give u all the reports by next week. My husband was at east coast of CANADA and I was at west coast.

I was praying all the time to BABA. One day, I got call from hospital that all genetic report of my baby is normal. But she is small due to malfunction of my placenta. She was not getting proper nutrition and that’s why not gaining any weight. I decided to go back to INDIA, as I practiced there. I thought it will be helpful for me and baby. With BABA’S blessing, one day my husband called and informed me that he was going to India to receive his parents here to CANADA. Kids were alone home. Then my friend told him my medical condition. We came to know after AMNIO that we are having baby girl. FROM that day onward, BABA changed my life. My husband said if it is baby girl he wants her.

I flied back my in laws and reached home with my husband. I had been admitted again to the hospital as all this stress gave me HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. After a long stay of hospital, we could see our little princess. Though she was small, she was cute at birth. She also had to stay at NEONATAL ICU for 7 weeks. But all went normal then. My princess is now dearest to her dad, to her elder siblings, and with their love and BABA’S blessing she is gaining weight.

I did 108 parikramas (moving circular around Baba’s idol) with my daughter, same day when she was discharged from the hospital, before going home. So this is a miracle for me. BABA blessed me. I thank BABA that He gave me intuition to go to the friend, who helped more than my own sibling.


Sai Baba’s Presence In My Life

Sai Daughter from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks a lot for creating this blog, where devotees like us can share our experiences that our Baba gifts us in life. This blog has given me immense of patience and positiveness to face troubles in my life. I always start my day after reading your blog. I request you to kindly post this experience by the name Sai Daughter and not share my mail id or name.

Sai Baba came into my life some 6-7 years back, when I was highly depressed and life was nothing more than a hell for me. Life has never been kind towards me or my mother. I love my mother a lot. There are only two persons in my life for which I am surviving. Those two people are my mom and my Baba. I consider Baba as my father.

Baba has always shown me positive signs whenever I was confused. Whenever I ask Baba that please show me Your presence, He use to come in front of me just in a second’s time like Baba’s picture in any of the vehicles or any Hoardings etc.

Two years back, Baba called me to Shirdi. Here I would like to tell that I am suffering from jaw dislocated problem and in winter time I use to have trouble in eating anything. Doctor recommended tooth extractions as the only solution to this problem. When I was in Samadhi Mandir in front of Baba, I said to Him that Baba, I surrender my life to You. Whatever You feel is good for me, You can give me that. Whether it’s pain or bed of roses, I will not complain for anything given by You to me.

As I was very much scared with that extraction suggestion of doctor, I requested Baba to kindly help me with this. When I was returning back from Shirdi, the train was just about to leave the station. I felt very immense pain in my jaw due to which I was not able to listen anything. The pain was so severe that I got scared that if my mom comes to know about it and she will be worried about me. But then after half an hour, the pain vanished and since then I never suffered any problem due to jaw dislocation.

I know this is all due to my Baba’s grace. At times, I feel that Baba is not listening to me or is not helping me to come out of problems. But then I feel that maybe He is testing me.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Nice experiences.

    I feel very sad to read stories when a woman yearns to be a mother and for one or the other reason or sometimes for no reason this wish fulfillment is delayed. And I feel so because I am one of those souls.

    My mind constantly asks Baba if you have blessed us with human body, why are we devoid of this blessing of becoming a parent by nature ?

    But deep in my heart I keep my faith and patience intact .He would surely bless me and every other woman like me become a mother soon . I thank Baba for granting this Shraddha and Saburi to me.

    Om Sai Ram .

  2. om sai ram ! we are trying for a child but i have still not conceived. i completed 9 thursday vrat too.. so, i was worrying why saibaba is testing me so much.. BUT, yesterday and today both couple of experiences are related to motherhood.. i'm feeling relaxed now.. my confidence n trust on baba has still increased as i'm feeling a positive note after seeing these experiences..

    Sainath maharaj ki jai !


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  4. Sai Sister from Singapore, lovely experience. I too am waiting to concieve and have a child. I pray to our lord that he fulfills this desire of mine.
    Sai Daughter from India – The last two lines you wrote , touched a cord with me " I feel that Baba is not listening to me or is not helping me to come out of problems. But then I feel that maybe He is testing me." How true, I think the same ways when things don't happen the way we want it to. But He never tests us. He is like a loving mother, he gives us our desired wish only when the time is right.

    Just like a mother would not give its child everything the child demanded but ensure what she is giving is good for the child. Similary Our Sai gives us only that which is good for us. As mere humans, we do not understand the ways of our lord, but in hindsight if you think of those instances, it all happens with a reason for our own good !

    Funny though whatever I have written above is also by Sai's grace,. He is the one giving these thoughts to me and making me write. Thank you Sainath for being with us.

    Forever and forever may we be at your lotus feet.

    Shri Sainath Arpanamastu.

  5. Hi,

    This blog is giving me a lot of strength to go through tough times. Thank you so much for maintaining this website. This is helping us to renew our faith in Saibaba.

    Thank you

  6. Very nice experiences….we should thank hetal ji and team for this wonderfull job…ur blessed…omsairam!!!

  7. Excellent experiences. Each experience is a proof that,sincere prayer and devotion would certainly yield good results. Thanks everyone for sharing it.

  8. wonderful and amazing experiences!!dear devotee ji from singapore..you are really a blessed child of baba

  9. Om Sai Ram..

    May Deva bless us all always.

    Surrendered at your lotus feet Gurudev.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  10. beautiful experiences.really touched by reading all these experiences.may baba bless all.om sai ram


  12. All 3 sai devotees here are very inspiring. I am very much touched by the 1st devotee who accepted BABA's plan for her in this life and gave a wonderful loving caring HOME to a sweet soul. May you all be blessed ever.
    Somehow this film song keeps ringing in my mind, "Tu kitanee achchhi hai, tun kitani boli hai, pyaari pyaari hai, O Maa….O maa…ye jo duniya hai, ye ban hai kaanto kaa, tun fulwari hai,…O maa…O maa!

    May all Mothers are loved like this and remain blessed ever.

  13. Very nice experiences! Devotee from Singapore, it is wonderful that Baba blessed you with a child, and perhaps your adopted daughter needed a mother as much as you needed a child, so he made both of you find each other. Devotee from Canada, it is wonderful that Baba not only gave you your own child, but also helped your husband realize the miracle of another baby in your lives. Devotee from India, Baba certainly tests us at certain times, but in the end he is always there with us and will help us when we really need him (just as he helped with your jaw pain by curing it completely). Om Sai Ram!

  14. Very nice experiences… for the past 2 days, the experiences are about becoming a mother and it gives me more confidence and patience. I am also another devotee eagerly waiting for Baba's blessing for a child. There are lot of problems that are going on in my life currently, and I am just waiting with all my patience that it will get sorted out soon..
    My period should start today.. but till now I have not got my periods.. but i have all the symptoms of it. Hope my period does not come and i am pregnant…
    I need blessings and wish from everyone..
    All the best to everyone trying to conceive.. baby dust to all..have faith and patience.. Jai Sai Ram!

  15. deva i need a job as well as i wanna be married with out much struggle… i need a job.. otherwise please end up my life…..

    • Dear sai devotee pls dnt think on ending lyf ever lyf is beautiful n saibaba is so very kind n loving he luvs his children a lot pls keep faith u wl def get ur desired things wid baba's grace soon ….just have shradha and saburi…..om sai ram

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