A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 162

In today’s post we shall be reading few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

UDI – The Bestower Of Health And Happiness

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am very fond of your blog and make it a point to read the different devotee experiences. It is a great effort by all of you to spread the Leelas of Baba far and wide. Today, I am sharing my experience with UDI. I am a devotee based in the USA. Kindly keep my details (name, email id) anonymous.

  • Experience 1:

    I was due to deliver on Jan 12th 2012, but my amniotic sac ( Water sac) broke a few days before. For the next 24 hours, I could dilate only 6 cm and was stuck. I kept a picture of Baba by my hospital bed and kept praying to Him. I had a few very long contractions and the baby was dropping its heart rate extremely rapidly. Given my complication, doctors were mulling the need for an emergency C-Section. Then I remembered and told Baba, just like You helped Maina Tai deliver an hour after UDI, I too want Your help for a speedy delivery. My husband gave me UDI in water and I read out the Aarti at the back of Sai Satcharitra just as Nanaji had done. Epidural helped my pain, so I could sing His Aarti. Within the next hour, I dilated to 10cm and also pushed out the baby with ease. Deva came to my rescue and kept up His word to ease my burden. As soon as my baby was given to me, I showed Him to Baba and smiled. Tears still roll out even now, when I think of how Deva rescued my child.

  • Experience 2:

    I was coming down with laryngitis. My throat hurt really bad and I could barely swallow. I have an infant of a few weeks at home. Given that, there were a few days between my mother leaving and my mother-in-law coming. I was the only one to care for my child. If I become sick, it could be hard to be around a new born with illness. I prayed to Baba saying, this child is Your gift and You have to make sure I am fine. I applied UDI on my tonsil and throat, ate some and slept. Sure shot in the morning, my throat has lost the burn and I can swallow. I do not think there is a need for me to stay away from the baby so that the child will not catch the germs. I had salt water gargled before but it did not help. UDI, a sure shot way to get healed.

Indication For Conceiving

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. My husband is one of the great devotees of our Sai Baba. I got married in 2004 and thereafter Baba showed me His kind blessing and I also became His devotee. Please don’t disclose my name or email id.

I got married before 8 years. We were in UK for 2 years and have to come back from there because of some visa problems. We were really happy with our life in India as well. After 4 years of our marriage, we started trying for a child, but I can’t conceive for some reasons. I and My husband did all the necessary tests that doctor told us, all the reports were positive, yet I couldn’t conceive. Doctor herself couldn’t understand the problem. We showed many doctors in Delhi as well but all in vain. I was really upset as months passed and was getting frustrated day by day. My gynecologist suggested me to go for IUI (a type of test tube) this time. I and My husband were not happy at all after hearing this as we wanted child by natural procedure. We were in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do. So we left this matter on Baba and prayed Him to guide us what to do. One morning in Office, I came across the site – yoursaibaba.com. In this site, we can get our answers of the question by putting any numbers, which we like. I had put my husband’s and my date of birth by taking Baba’s name and prayed Him to tell us and let us know what to do. Wonders of wonder happened. I got answer that – GO WITH NATURAL PROCEDURE AND NOT ARTIFICIAL, Baba WILL BLESS YOU. I was so shocked and happy by reading this answer. Tears rolled down from my eyes. We visited our doctor couple of days later and told her that we would still try for this month and then will take any decision. With Baba’s grace, I conceived in that month and I am 7th month pregnant and really happy. Please pray for my upcoming child’s health.

All Sai devotee, please have firm faith in our Sadguru as He is our mother, father and everything and beyond all relations and help us and sort our problems when the time is correct for us.

Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai.

My Experience

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sairam, I have my recent experience to share, which I hope will come in the devotee’s blog. Kindly help me to reach out to my fellow devotee’s and share my experience with them. Please don’t disclose my name and mail details. OM SAI RAM.

I was drawn towards Baba in the year 2002 and since then I became SAI devotee. Every day, I am experiencing SAI miracles and I can say I achieved whatever I have with SAI blessings. Like mother, SAI cares for His children and I am one among them. I would like to share one of my experiences with you here.

I came to USA as a dependent and am working here for a year with Baba’s blessing. Our visa is about to expire soon and there wasn’t any scope to extend the visa (as I-94 is considered an extension and my husband can work without any issues). But I will not be able to get a work permit on I-94. So with Baba’s grace my employer has applied H1 visa for me in the month of August.

Days were passing by and I didn’t see any improvement in my VISA status. I was running out of time and was in a desperate need to get a work VISA. I was going through a rough phase. I was tensed a lot and I was losing hope day after day.

I requested my employer is there any way to speed up the processing, as I don’t want to lose my job. At first I was reluctant to go for premium processing. I was running out of options and this is when I convinced my employer to go for premium processing and left it to SAI to decide what is better for me. My employer had agreed to go for premium processing by SAI grace and blessings.

I am a regular reader of the SAI miracles posted here. I came across SAI NAV GURUVAAR VRAT. I was not able to recognize SAI message for me to do this vrat. I was foolish enough to think that I am doing all other SAI pujas and why to do this vrat in between. I thought I can do this vrat once I get my VISA. But in between, one of my childhood friend with whom I recently came in contact with, again suggested me to do this vrat. She had very positive result from this and encouraged me to do this vrat. From this, I thought this is a sign again from SAI, to do this vrat for my wishes to be fulfilled.

I decided to do this vrat and finally my employer had speed up the process with premium application. Through my friend SAI helped me to get the necessary SAI NAV GURUVAAR VRAT book copy. I started my vrat and owed SAI that I will post my experience once I get my VISA approved. It’s been 2 weeks and He showered His grace on me with the VISA granted to me in the 3rd week (before 3rd Thursday vrat).

I am very moved by the stories in the SAI NAV GURUVAAR VRAT. I really enjoy doing this vrat and feel very satisfied to my heart’s content. While reading today’s blog, I saw we are nearing 500 posts. I was wondering whether I can get a chance to share my experience before we reach there. To my surprise, I got news of my VISA approval on the same day. I am keeping up my promise to post my experience and hope this will help fellow SAI devotees to have faith in SAI and have their wishes fulfilled.


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  1. Om Sai Ram,what a great miracle of baba ,today night when i was worring for a baby since we are also planning after a loss and was expecting any baba's msg n see two experiences r shared here for motherhood only,our Sai is really so karunamayi…i m blessed that i m his divotee.may sai bless all , n my dear india sis u may have a healthy baby n comfortable delivery.

  2. dear anonymous devotee from india
    indeed baba's questionnaire works and your experience is the best example for it..om sai ram

  3. Om Sai Ram
    Dear Sister,
    Sai is every thing for us. He is father and mother.
    You will be definitely blessed with healthy and qute child
    Don't worry, pl remember sai naam every day and every time.

    All the best.


  4. beautiful experiences, specially the UDI one…..tears rolled down my eyes when I read the UDI experience…..Sai is like our breath……without Him we wouldn't exist…Sai please give love, peace, happiness to everyone.

  5. All three are very nice experiences. Everyone of you are really blessed to experience his miracles.Thanks for sharing it.

  6. om sai ram ! we are trying for a child but i have still not conceived. i completed 9 thursday vrat too.. so, i was worrying why saibaba is testing me so much.. BUT, yesterday and today both couple of experiences are related to motherhood.. i'm feeling relaxed now like @SRanjan …. my confidence n trust on baba has still more increased as i'm feeling a positive note after seeing these experiences..

    @anonymous devotee from India- I'm also facing the same problem like u.. me n husband's all reports are normal yet i'm not able to conceive.. But, i'm sure BABA will bless me with a child like he did to u..

    Sainath maharaj ki jai !


  8. Very nice experiences! The story of the Udi helping with pregnancy and helping you take care of yourself so you could take care of your baby was very nice, and shows the power of Udi to help cure anything. Devotee from India, your story of having faith in Baba to conceive naturally is very nice and I hope my wife and I will have a baby soon and we too want it through natural method, and pray daily to Sai Baba to help us fulfill this desire of ours. The story of getting the Visa in USA was very nice and maybe Baba wanted you to do the 9 Thursday Vrat before he would grant the visa to you. Om Sai Ram!

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