Sharing few experiences of devotees below in today’s post.

Sai Baba Always Has Been There For Me

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Hello Hetal Ji, This is the first time I am sharing my experience with Baba on some website. I must say that you are doing a very noble job. I have always been reading loads and loads of Baba’s miracles, but I was always lazy to post the ones, which happened with me. But today something within me encouraged me to do so. There are countless experiences in my life with Baba, but I shall narrate the one, which happened during a very important phase of my life. Please do not disclose my name and email id.

It was the time, when I desperately wanted to change my job since my Team leader was not at all good with me. He was very ill behaved and going to office was such a pain. I had been working for about 3 years in the same company, but this was the only reason I wanted to change. The market was not good outside. I gave many interviews, but I never got selected. My husband was a very big support. We had sleepless nights because every day, I was so much disturbed by the presence of my Team Leader and my husband consoled me with his positive words. That was also the time we started to think about family planning. I prayed to Baba for the same and with His grace, I got pregnant in no time.

Now after 3 months, I revealed the same in my office and took my senior leaders in confidence and told them I could not strain myself anymore because I was told not to take any stress by my doctor. Soon my Team Leader was asked not to stress me at all and he had to obey to it. So I was much relaxed and then very soon they put me on bench as I could leave anytime for bed rest. But this never happened and I came till the last day as everything in my pregnancy went so smooth. All the hiccups and complications went away by themselves. I realised that it was Baba’s Leela that I didn’t get a job elsewhere. Had I gone to a new company, I had to show up my performance first to prove myself and could never get so much relaxation as I got in my old company.

I delivered a baby boy that too with complete grace of my Baba. We shifted over to our own new house. My mother-in-law was there to take care of me for some time. She really gave me complete rest and took over the whole task. It was really very tough time since there was no maid available and she had to do all by herself. I felt really bad for her, but she never allowed me to help. Her time to leave was approaching, which meant I had to take care of the 40 days old baby and house all by myself. I was really scared and asked Baba’s help. He again showed His miracle and we got a very nice maid just 5 days before she had to leave. I was relaxed and 6 months went easily.

It was the time I had to join my job back and now my new house was really far from my office and also I was not keen to keep my child in any daycare. I again pleaded in front of Baba to help me. Soon He sent a nice driver, who was ready to take me in my car and drop back and also within our budget. Also my parents came to my rescue and offered my son to be dropped at their home before I leave for office and then picked back in evening. I was so relaxed that my son would be taken care of by my own parents, which is the safest and the best choice for him. Baba has always been there for me and my family. His grace is always on His children, but yes we do have to suffer the actions of our wrong deeds. But with devotion and faith in Him, the burden of these deeds also gets reduced. Jai Sai Ram.

God loves us

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a recent reader of your blog and I love it. It is amazing. My story is very small and I pray to Sai that it will be published because it’s a bit personal and happy experience. I would like my identity not to be disclosed.

I was in 12th grade. In the year 2010, I was preparing for my board exams, because of my coaching and school, I was not able to go to Shirdi. That’s why my father went alone. As it’s a tradition to give some amount of money no matter how small to donate there. Every one gave, 100s and more to my father. But I only had 2 rupees. I gave that to him. But my mom added 100 more to it. So after reaching there, my father entered the Baba’s premises. It was very crowded. He took notes of rupees in his hand and my coin in other thinking that it will not be problematic later while putting it in the donation chest. After the Darshan, he was waiting for his train, which was an hour late. He was very happy. By the way his Darshan went. Suddenly he realized he forgot to give my 2 rupees to Baba. He was upset thinking how I would feel. Then he thought may be Baba didn’t want it. So he was normal again. After half an hour or so, an old man, who looked like fakirs, came to my dad and said, “Give me 2 rupees”. My father looked at him and was thinking that this man looks familiar. He gave him my “two rupees” without thinking, and the fakir said, “Theek, Khush raho” and moved forward. Within a minute, my father suddenly realised what he did and out of reflex turned to stop him. That fakir was nowhere to be seen. It’s like he vanished. It was midnight and the platform was literally empty. So it’s not like he was lost somewhere in the crowd. Then my father realized he looked like Baba and was wearing the same coloured cloths that Baba’s murthy was wearing that day. He suddenly sensed peace in his mind as if it was meant to be.

Devotee Experience

Sai Sister Mina Ji from USA says: Hello Hetal Ji, Lord Sai Baba has His owns ways to rescue His devotees. At hard times, we question Him why He did so. But when it passes away, we realize with smile on our lips that all that He has done was for our betterment only. How can this merciful God cause any harm to His kids even if their past deeds are not so good. Following are few such experiences of devotees.

Thanks a million for hosting such a beautiful website. My day starts with this website. I read your site almost every day and gain more faith by each experience I read. Thanks for the wonderful platform to share Shri Sai Baba’s experiences. Here is my very small experience. Please do not disclose my email address.

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba came into my life in 2005. Although, I knew about Him a few years ago, but getting to understand Him came only in 2005. Since then I am getting so much closer to my Sai Deva. Even I am sharing all about Saibaba story (From Sai Satcharitra) with my boys, who are 24 and 18 born in USA.

Like I said my day start with this website, one day I was reading devotees experience on this website. My best friend at work (from Dominic republic) asked me about it. Every day we share our daily chore to each other. She is gentle pure hearted person. Her daughter, who is 16, having a Scoliosis problem since birth and she was under exercise therapy for few years. According to Doctor, if it does not improve in certain age then she has to go for surgical treatment. Yesterday she had last appointment with Doctor to decide whether she needs surgery or not. She was so panic and tense about her because it might put her good or worse condition in future. Beside this, her life is so stressful as far as I know about her and I always pray to Sai Deva to give her lots of strength make her positive and strong to bear her pain in her life. I give her lots of credits that she has lots of patience. Baba, please bless her and give her good news.

Yes, Baba is universe.

Next day morning, when I asked her about her daughter, and guess tears were coming out from my eyes while talking. She does not have to go for surgery and she improve a lot still she has to continue exercise for few more years. Baba saved her out of surgery out of danger. Baba, please bless us with good health and happiness and be with all of us and guide us in the right path.
Om Sai Rama

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Hetal Patil
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  1. All the experiences are so divine and heart touching !!!
    Thanks for sharing and publishing them today .

    Baba is so kind and always embraces his children. I wish we all keep getting showers of his kindness and blessings.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  2. The devotee of first experience is really blessed. She is blessed with a beautiful, loving and supportive family. I would like to say that its easier to be good to our own parents but nowadays many people are not good to their in-laws. Always love your in-laws not matter what.
    Yesterday, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful daughter.
    After reading the first experience, I felt a little pain in my heart that when I'll be a mother. I know I've hurted my parents so I'm suffering my punishment. Deva I'm sorry, I didn't do purposely. I'm ready to correct myself.
    Second experience was awesome.!!!
    Third experience shows that Baba is there with all of us always. He knows our pain.
    Om sai ram.!!!

  3. anonymous devotee from india….
    really you and your father are very fortunate to have such a fantabulous experience. indedd baba ji have given you darshan…

    the other two experiences are also good and inspiring.

  4. Minaji,

    I would like to share with u and ur best friend that even my daughter was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis when she was barely 11/12 years of age. My world crashed around me when the doc told us that there is no option to operation and that she has to have a rod inserted along the length of her spine. It was a very traumatic period for all in our family. However today I look back and know that Baba was there for us throughout in the form of excellent doctor, compassionate friends, family support and kind strangers without all of whom we could not have gone ahead with it. Today my daughter is absolutely fit and fine and leading normal life. Thanks a ton to our Baba.

  5. Om sai ram
    Baba pl forgive me for the way i behaved harsh with my in laws by reading the experience of the first devotee i felt ashamed of myself. I realised my mistake.
    Pl baba solve our problem which we are facing show us path to lead our lives.


  6. Wonderful experiences! Devotee from Singapore, Baba came also to help you take care of the baby by reducing your stress at work, giving you a driver. Baba will always be there to help raise your son too. Devotee from India, it was definitely Baba himself who came as the fakir to take the money you gave for him, and even though we may forget to do or give something for Baba, he always comes in some way to remind of us of what we promised to him. Mina Ji, Baba can help anyone, even if they are not Baba devotees, and he must have come to help your friend's daughter because of your sincere prayers for her good health. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Very nice experiences that are narrated, each one of them show deep love Baba has for every one in this world whether they are near or far away from his home land.
    I can say the first devotee was surely blessed by Baba in different forms the help she got at right time each time she asked for Babas help. It's so amazing that Baba can sail you through the rough patch easily if you ask him with faith. He is very kind karunamayee. I really adore him for his love on us.
    Actually, I was going through a hard time now since recently I had a miscarriage which made me feel that I am not capable of being a mother in this lifetime since this was our third time that I was pregnant and with bad news. I had a very bad time when it comes to having kids every time it's a pain and I know it's because of our bad deeds as Baba says we can't get away from that. I was initially very angry with Baba for not helping me in successfully having a baby but later I realized we have to go through what is written and can only ask for Babas help to move on in life . I love my Baba and I know he will bless us one day too with lovely kids. All people who are just like me trying to become mother soon, have faith in Baba he will surely show us the brightest days of our lives too to come in life.
    Om Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

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