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Slightest of slightest care is taken by Lord Sai Baba for His devotees. Experiences this in today’s post.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Really, today I don’t have words to describe Baba’s love and blessings. I am feeling short of words to describe Baba’s blessings. It’s really true that we can’t describe Baba’s leelas. I earlier shared my experience on this blog and it itself was miracle when I saw it on this blog. Kindly do not share my name or id. I am just Baba’s daughter.

The experience, I am sharing here, relates to my mother and I had two days back. My mother was having very much pain in her right shoulder at night before going to sleep and the pain was so much that she was not able to sleep even. I clearly heard her voice she was almost crying. I am in the habit of reading Shri Sai Satcharitra before going to sleep. I have downloaded it in my phone. When I heard my mother’s voice in pain, I was reading Sai Satcharitra. I prayed to Sai Maa that please help my mother and let her have sound sleep. She should not have the pain now and please don’t let my mother cry because of pain. And after that I again started reading Sai Satcharitra. Baba showed His miracle from the very next moment. My mother felt a bit relaxed and she had a sound sleep at night. Baba can never see His devotees in pain.

I want to add two more blessings of Baba here. My mother is diabetic and once her sugar level was high and even with medicines sugar level didn’t come down. At that time my mother read Sai Chalisa once and prayed to Baba that please bring down the sugar level to normal. After that she went for the check up and this time sugar was under control. It’s all Baba’s love that the sugar level came to normal.

As I said that I earlier also shared my experience on this blog. I know that the experiences are posted on first come basis, but somehow I was disheartened as I could not see my experience posted here. On 31st December after 12o’clock, I wished Baba Happy New Year and prayed to Him for His love and His blessings in a different way. All thanks to Baba and you the source of my happiness that the very first experience on this New Year shared on this blog was mine. I really had tears in my eyes how Baba blessed me and showed His love.

I know it’s becoming long, but I can’t stop writing. A few days back, I was a bit upset in the morning and prayed to Baba to meet me. On the way be it Baba’s idol, photo or Om Sai Ram written anywhere, but I didn’t find anywhere. I reached my workplace. We have a very large parking space in court. So I was expecting that Baba will meet me there. But I didn’t find Baba anywhere and whole day passed like this. I was even more upset. My friend tried to console me by showing Baba’s photos on phone, but still somehow I was not satisfied. Then I got a mail in which I read that doing good to others or doing what Baba used to say is also like having Baba’s Darshan. This thing made me a bit comfortable and I was going to parking to come back talking to Baba that I will try to walk on the path shown by Him and for me it will be Baba’s blessing and Darshan. Thinking like this, I reached near my car and to my surprise, I saw Baba’s idol in the next car. Dear devotees that car was parked there since morning, when I was upset and tried to find Baba everywhere. But I didn’t notice or Baba didn’t give me Darshan at that time because Baba wanted me to understand that doing what Baba used to say is also like having Baba’s Darshan. I just pray to Baba to bless all His devotees. Baba, please don’t ever leave me alone. I love you a lot Sai Maa.

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Thnx for sharing this…by the way it was not at all Long,once we start reading baba's mahima we wish it to be maximum n maximum,every night i m awake till 2-3 just to wait for new post,really cant hold myself to be with Baba.Om Sai Ram
    Also looking for ur suggesstion divotees,my bro is facing some problems in personal life and in my family he is only who is very Nastik,neither religious nor spiritual how i can convince him to go in Baba's sharan,or just i should leave thinking his deeds in past birth.Sorry Hetalji writting this in comments part.

  2. Pray to baba that he calls him, in his sharan…baba will show his magic, just like he showed it to Ganpat Rao..or Dasganu..untill baba doesnt wish, no one can enter dwarkamai or go close to him..remember Megha had to wait for one full year…So all i can say is just pray to baba..and he will bring the change….I will also pray for your brother…


  3. Om Sai Ram.

    I too am praying to Baba to make my boyfriend his devotee. AM sure Baba will hear us soon.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. nice experiences. S.Ranjan Ji, when right time comes then baba himself call his devotees in his sharan. so have patience and pray to Him for your brother.


  5. Yes, when time is right Baba will come to him. It is said that, when time comes to turn to spirituality a small thing like chirping of a bird, looking at a flower or a word from someone will totally change their life. Until then nothing works. People are born to experience material comforts, relationships and sometimes pain. They have to go through that. Once they are done with that they are drawn to God. Think of Gautam Buddha, Vaalmeeki or Vemana(telugu saint).

    Also know that when Atheists turn to God, they make deep spiritual progress. Spiritual Evolution is compulsory, no one can escape that. Some walk and some take a flight to the destination. Even atheists and criminals make spiritual progress. Some people shed the material path after experiencing it and finding it futile and some shed it through viveka, enquiry. Both are okay. Just that one is more painful and other may be not.

    My Dad and I had spiritual disposition from a long time, but my mother was not. We tried to change her to the path of God for more than 20 years and it was of no use. And then how the transformation took place only baba knows. Now she is deeply into baba and sheds tears when ever we discuss baba.

  6. Dear Sai Devotee,
    I am very happy to read your posting. I feel the same way and always experience BABA's love in my daily happenings, no matter how big or small my issue is! It get resolved in such a natural and normal way where at one time it sounds like there is no option available to me!
    Thanks BABA for everything!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  7. nice experiences. Ranjan Ji, Please don feel dishearted if your brother is not religious or not spiritual don worry.If he is good and clean in his habits and if he behaves friendly and helping others itself will help him to overcome his past deeds. And very soon through some way or the other way he will meet baba soon. It is not that he is not willing to see baba. If baba wishes he wil be in shirdi the next minute.

  8. omsai ram.sai is great so is his miracles.It is only baba who knows what things to takes place at what time.Till that time we have keep sraddha and saburi. jai sai ram

  9. does god really exist??… i get this thought now .. i was a sai devotee till yesterday.. now i dont feel like..I have a dream which i had been waiting from quite a long time.. nothing else would get into my mind until this dream was fulfilled… now that days are coming close by .. someboy else is getting what i wanted.. what i had dreamt of… I feel my dream are all shattered…so today i really get to thinking.. is god really listening to MY prayers??.. i have done what not for my project..staying late can never imagine that.. i get to cry when thinking all those days and all those efforts just to achieve my dream…I then got introduced to sai baba from one of my roomie.. and since then i do not know how but i found this website interesting and then i became a devotee of sai.. i dint experience any miracle or anything as such but i have been having faith in him..a true faith..i visit HIS temple daily morning and when coming back home…I have been praying god with full faith from last year.. and its only now for it to come true.. So Dear Sai devotees.. today i only have this thought in my mind.. 1) I am a kind of person who trusts people and i trust a lot… but if my faith is broken i am totally lost.. So whta hsould i do.. Should i still have faith in GOD?? nothing seems to be working out right now…nothing in my favour..If things (dream) doesnt get fulfilled i know i will be totaly shattered.. hence I have decided that i will stop believing in anyone.. Hence I will stop beliving GOD from today.. because if it doesnt happen i will be broken.. i have given my true devotion.. i know i was true in my devotion..i know i prayed whole heartedly.. Still god is not giving any signs also that HE is with me..I also dont find any signs that it is going to get fulfilled.. SO the wise decision is better to lose faith now rather than believing in HIM and getting broken.. Nothing is happening in my favour.. I think GOD wants to see me cry thats it.. And I know my dear SAi devotees.. if nothing is working out.. then the only reason anyone would say is "your past deeds" .. i am fed up of this answer.. if so should not a person dream about anything ?? and should he not think that it will ever get fulfilled?? .. I do not want any answer from god saying "your past deeds are still there" .. i know i have put efforts .. i gave my other collegues are enjoying their efforts whereas i have put in double than theirs..i helped my collegues without any selfish motives and they have come up.. i have not got any profit.. where is sai baba?? why is he sitting quiet and watching this?? i have been cryingalot for this.. and he is still watching?? I have read that Sai comes runningand cant see his devotees crying.. why isnt he coming to me?? am tired of waiting for HIM.. Today is my last day of being a Sai devotee..

  10. Yes god does exist my dear devotee..looks like you are facing a work related problem. Sometimes we dont get instant recognition and appreciation. Just know that he knows the best and if something bad is happening right now. It is only because he wants you to make an effort and get out of the current situation or job. Please love sai unconditionally..even if you forget him..he will always be by your side..he should be reason for your existence and you will have a beautiful life. You may not realise it now, but something bad will lead to good always.Please dont have a barter system relationship..sometimes the answer to some prayers is NO…please surrender…at his feet..He will take care of u

  11. i hate HIM… i do not want HIM in my life anymore.. I had made a beautiful temple in my house for HIM.. and also had been toSHirdi last week alone withut telling anyone at home… Just to remond GOD f my dream thath should fulfil it…I think HE is just like others who I have come across.. doesnt have to bother at all…. He is not listening to ME at all.. why do u sai devotees say that he is mercifuland all??? HE is not… He doesnt listen to ME.. I am going to remove the SAI statue that I had brought fomShirdi.. i will stop praying from today… Whatever is happening let it happen..He doesnt ant to see me happy..i hate god..if he doesnt care for me even i have no time to care or pray for him…

  12. @Anonymous ji, i am sorry 2 say this but i feel ur love is conditional…please love him unconditionally…Every1 in this world is sad 4 one reason or the other….either u give me this project or u dnt but i love uu…just leave ur concern abt ur particular matter..surrender everythng on SAI maa


  13. Dear friend even I was in very very worse situation than when i was fresher i was working in a very big mnc. I was the only person working in offshore, and i was working for java tech, also im very poor in grasping things. Once my onsite co-ordinator complained about me to my mgr and team lead saying that im 0 in java. I felt very ashamed even now i feel bad of tht incident. slowly i started learning things I decided to quit the company and i felt i shud change thw opinion thy have on me and quit slowly i started learning things and had constant faith on god. things din improve but i was able to complete my prj on time. when it was deliered to client, clients gave standing ovation to prj, also i got many appreciation mails and then i prepared for interview and i tried in another mnc and i got very good hike of 80% from my ctc and i quit the job. So all bad things whatever it is past deeds or karma. wahtevr it is constant faith and patience will be awarded rewarded soon. My life is real example for it. Im 28 yrs old, im still unmarried being a girl it is very tough.. all my frineds are married and they are having kids and they make fun of me a lot. But i din lose faith till this second i have constant faith that baba will make my life happier so don loose faith.

  14. I think if you feel strongly that you should leave Baba.. you are welcome. Also, if not believing in God is going to solve your issue, by all means do. But if He wants to leave you or not is upto Him. My guess is He is more committed to you than you are to him. If you become Baba's devotee again, Please come and post your story !!

    It is also said 'God helps those who help themselves'. God does not promote inaction. He wants you to do your duty. I hope you are putting your best effort to remedy your situation. Good luck….

  15. To dear anonymousji (11th comment) who wants to leave Baba/God..
    I have read your comments and looks like you are very frustrated and want to leave Saibaba 🙁
    He is a very simple GOD who is respected and prayed by all religions all over the world.
    Please read this small example below:
    When we are kids, we ask our parents what we wish for. For example, ice cream when you have a cold.Parents would not buy it since it would not be good for the child's health. Does the child leave their parents then since the dream is not fulfilled. The child would just be angry and frustrated.
    But if the child is persistent about it, the ice cream will come after the child gets completely healthy.
    The above is a very simple analogy and you may even laugh at it.But I am trying to show a point here.
    When you become a devotee of Baba, you are not just praying to a statue. You are building a relationship with God.As you cannot leave your parents forever, you cannot even leave Sai.You said that your dream did not come true at the right time.How can you be 100% confident that your turn will not come? Maybe you are just the sick child now as in the analogy above.
    Saibaba has his own ways of making things work.
    Someone above asked to love GOD unconditionally and someone else said that it is your bad karma.
    I will not say either of that. Unless, we human beings, reach a very high spiritual level, it is not possible to love GOD unconditionally. And coming to bad karma, I have seen that it is a excuse for many sai disciples when things do not work as expected(sorry if I have hurted any feelings).
    I would like to say few things to you.Pray to Baba once again wholeheartedly. As long as your dream is sincere and true, Baba will help you no matter how bad your fate is.Baba had saved people from death. If he is not fulfilling it right away, then maybe it is not the right time. What I am trying to say is, do not give up on Baba. You need to have lots of faith and perseverance to be with Baba. If you do not have it now, you will get it when you are with him in the long run.You do not need to do any big Sai poojas. Just sit with him and talk to him as a friend. Thank him for all the good things he has provided to you and ask him to fulfill your wish. Do whatever you can do (as long as it is right) to fulfill your wish and pray to Baba. HE WILL HEAR YOU, NO MATTER WHAT.As long as your dreams/wishes are good/true and you want them the most in this world, he will fulfill it.
    Please listen to me this one time.Sit near him and pray to him. Tell him that your dream means a lot to you and ask him to fulfill it. Pray to him that you will feed the poor once your dream gets fulfilled.
    Baba wants blind faith and patience from his disciples and you need to give it to him, before you can ask anything back.For the last time once, pray to Baba and he will contact you some or other way. Have faith in HIM. (continued in next comment)

  16. Let me give you one small personal experience of mine.
    I have only one single big dream in my life and I have been working for it from the past 10 years and till now I am praying to Baba to fulfill it. Baba has tested me pretty hard so many times and I cannot explain every detail. He has created circumstances where I had to choose between my unfulfilled dream and other things in my life. I have always chosen my dream and even after 10 years, I am still praying for it. But once my testing time is over, I have only seen things improving in my life.
    If you are a very practical person, u might be thinking that I am a fool. But that what is called faith. You sometimes, need to prove to GOD what you want in life. And if it is pure and true, Baba will give to you even it is not in destiny.
    I know that my dream will become true, if not today, then tomorrow. I have my faith, patience and lots of love towards Baba. I do not see anyway right now, how even my dream will come true. But I know for sure it will because SAIBABA IS WITH ME and HE will never ever leave me.
    So in short love him and pray to him only once more and for some reason, I am pretty confident that he get back to you.Give the relation between you and Saibaba just one more chance 🙂

  17. Dear Anonymous ji,
    Jai Sai Ram! In Gujarati there is a proverb "Chhoru kachhoru thaay pan Maavatar kamaavatar Na thaay!" meaning a child can behave badly but the mother would never forsake her child. So here I see that you want to leave BABA but BABA only has created you and designed your life path. HE knows your past, present and future!
    Like a GPS working in your car, even if you are lost, GPS helps you find a way to your destination rerouting your trip, never getting angry, irritated or screaming, the same way, whatever action you choose in your life BABA will BE THERE for you.
    HE will show you the value of "unconditional love" and also show you at certain point of time that you will have what is right for you! It is amazing you won't even realize that you have gained "unconditional Love" for BABA.
    May you find peace at mind and heart. I pray for your happiness and be your dream fulfilled. Keep working sincerely without any expectation of end result. THAT is the main key to do our duty 110%.
    Krishna Bhagavan in The Gita has said the same –
    "Karmanyevaadhikaarestey, maa faleshu kadaachan".
    Jai sai Ram.

  18. Thank you so much Riya.. thank you so very much..Actually from the time i thought I will stop praying to Sai baba and all I was not able to discontinue my prayers because my mind was so much into chanting baba's name that even after i decided i will stop praying and all.. But each and every moment i uttered sai unknowingly as i had made my mouth used to that practice…each time i opened my web page i used to go to shirdi sai baba website.. i thought of not opening yesterday.. but somehow after someone i was curious if someone answered to my comment as each day morning this is the first site i open.. even though i decided to remove the statue of baba and really throw it somewhere…very far .. i havent done that..but now after reading your comments I feel i will give one more try the last try.. BUt to tell you frankly riya.. I do not have that courage if my Dreams are not fulfilled now.. This means a lot to me and that too if its fulfilled at this moment only.. Because later on I will get married and all and i wanted to get fame / name IN THIS PROJECT itseslf and few of my collegues had been making fun of me and my name had gone so low.. i want that to come up and prove all wrong.. and prove them i am capable.. All this wil happen only if my this dream will get fulfilled… If not I do not have courage to face it going into someone else's hand which I thought is my opportunity.. I am not as stong as u Riya.. Hence I will try to start to pray once again.. with full hopes.. and full faith..SAI BABA is with ME… thank you Riya..

  19. Also riya.. if my dreams come true.. one of the reason would be YOu.. 🙂 and all the devotees who helped me to again get into the track of Shradha and Saburi..Baba please listen to ME..

  20. I will listen to you Riya.. thank you so much for your prompt reply… I really liked the way you explained to me .. I really felt too good… I will read your this comment daily and pray to Sai Baba again.. thanks for reassuring that HE will definitely listen to me.. and I will also pray that your dreams also get fulfilled 🙂 .. Love u Riya:-)

  21. Oops sorry .. I also need to thank to All the other sai devotees too .. in the Anonymous list who adviced me .. I am the one who posted the 11th comment… 🙂 ..

  22. Dear Riyaji,

    Very well said!!! I agree with all your points you mentioned. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion here on this forum.

    Om Sai Ram

  23. Thank you for this wonderful experience! Baba sometimes makes us wait to reveal his blessings to us, but there is always a reason why Baba does this for us (some times it may be just to test us or due to something else), but in the end Baba will always be there with us and give us what we desire. Om Sai Ram!

  24. Anonymousji @11,
    From your comments, anyone can easily say that you love Baba very much. I am happy that I have been helpful in some way. Please be patient and have more faith and pray to Baba the way you want.
    Talk to him and he will surely help you.

  25. Hi..I am Anonymous (11th comment) I had been to Shirdi on Friday again.. I had a very good darshan.. 😉 Riyaji I prayed to Baba wholeheartedly again to make my wish come true… I wrote my wishes in a paper and also took Sai Sacharitra with me and asked Panditji during Dardhan to touch my prayers + my Satcharitra on Baba's feet.. And I have started reading the book..

  26. Thank you so much for letting us know what is happening in your life after you posted your experience here (11th comment)..People dream of going to Shiridi and you have been called twice are lucky..have this constant faith and let us know how he helped you fulfill your dream.
    Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  27. Dear Sai Devotees :

    Please pray for me
    OM SAI RAM ,

    Please SAIBABA forgive all my past sins which I have ever made in this birth or any previous birth and help me .

    Please BABA unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage with him with our parents blessings and happiness . Please SAI you are my last hope .

    Please don't let me lose faith in you BABA ji .I have left my favorite food until my wish is fulfilled and I come have your darshan .

    Please help me BABA.

  28. @AnonymousFeel so broken. Sai baba please bring my love back to boyfriend back here to me very soon. I pray day night. I over you sai baba.i am sorry for my sins but I have always rememberd my sai. I am sorry for my sins. Please help me.

  29. Enough of being his devotee for almost one and half year and totally these days are darkest days in my life. During these period I was only able to develop hate rate towards god. Even actually I lost everything except life(JAAN). unnecessarily I had pulled my whole family in to all SAI activities. That's a big mistake in my 29 years of my life.

    Enough is enough with this so called GOD Mr. SAI.

  30. @Anonymous: Please don't talk like that. Feel blessed that you are one of the chosen ones to be Baba's devotee. Baba will help you for sure but everything needs patience. There were many a times when I used to get frustrated when things don't go my way in the past. But, just hold on to him and see His power. I had shaking faith before but now I started loving him unconditionally even when things are not going my way. Baba is there to take care of all of us!!

    OM SAI RAM!!

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