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It is always difficult to know the reason why Lord Sai Baba peeps into our lives. He knows the best for us and the best time when we need Him the most. This has also been experienced by Sai sister Anuradha ji.

Sai Sister Anuradha Ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am Anuradha from Delhi. I have read many experiences from your blog and it’s nice to know that so many people love your blog and are always eager to share their experiences. I am sharing my experience for the first time in your blog. I have never read or shared anything in any other blog. May be this is also happening according to Sai’s wish. Please do not disclose my email Id.

Sai is my best friend. My every thought is known to Him and I speak to Him all the time. I do feel that everything in my past, present and future happened according to Sai’s wish. Sai always lived with us, but we never recognized it. By Sai’s grace, Spiritual feeling has blossomed into me. I do feel that there is a supreme power guiding us always. Now, I want to share some experiences.

  • I felt Sai’s power for the first time, when I failed in 8th class in Math. I was very much depressed because I never failed ever. I shouted at Sai because I was a non-believer at that time and challenged His power. But inside my heart, I felt that if I work on it and deserve to pass, I’ll surely pass. With Sai’s grace, I started to work on it and I passed. This simple experience brought a little faith in me towards Sai.
  • Another experience, our family is a nuclear one. My dad was the only earning person. One day, my mom was feeling depressed because of some reason. She was lying on a bed and was crying. At that very moment, there was a knock at the door. It was Sai. I’m saying this so confidently because my mom never saw Him again till date. Sai came to our house as a fakir in orange chola. He told my mom to perform Satyanarayan Pooja. We never performed this Pooja at home before. He told my mom a lot of things about our future and gave a stone for my dad and instructed to wear it as a ring. He met my elder brother also and had water to drink. He told us that “Financial help will come but it will be spent in medication only”. During that period, my dad’s health was not good. After doing the Satyanarayan Pooja, we came to know about his health. We took him to hospital. My dad’s health suddenly deteriorated. Doctors started confusing us by saying different things that he is suffering from Cancer and then declared it as TB. He went through many tests which showed that his 1 kidney has got failed and other is also getting infected by it. He was diabetic so nothing much could be done for this except going through dialysis. Financial condition got worsened and he tried his best to go to work. But after sometime, he had to take voluntary retirement. As Sai told us, we got financial help but it went for medication expenses. My dad suffered a lot for almost four years and Sai gave strength and patience to him in every possible way. By Sai’s grace, during that period, we never slept empty stomach. Sai created firm faith in me. He is with us always.

    My dad expired on 21st June 2010. He tried his best to recover, but destiny cannot be changed. I read Sai Satcharitra and Aarti every evening just to have a connection with Sai and to bring peace to my mind. I don’t feel that my dad has left me. I always feel that He is with Sai.

  • I got a job recently by Baba’s blessings. This was totally unexpected because the offer came through my friend and I gave interview. But I never had the confidence of getting selected. I am working in a MNC, but the only regret now is that I am not getting time to read Sai Satcharitra or do any Aarti in front of Him. By Sai’s love and blessings, we are living a stable life. He is my breath and will be with me till my death. Let everything happen in my life according to Sai’s wish.

Om Sai Ram


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  1. Dear Anuradha…. Sai baba is always with you and ur family. you r really strong and brave child of sai baba. Reading ur experince i got the answer to so many questions.
    Om Sai Ram

  2. Jai sam ram,
    Anuradha ji remember sai baba from the core of ur heart and baba accepts it u dnt need to worry that u r not able to read sai satcharitra as baba said one needs to take his name sai sai from heart and baba is always can do one thing u can download sai satcharitra in your phone and read it any time during the day or at night before sleeping.i also have downloaded it and daily read one chapter at night before sleeping.
    Om sai ram

  3. Jai sairam
    kitane achche achce anubhav dete hain sai plzzzzz sai hum sab ki raksha karan hameshaa hamaari madad karana tere siva iss duniya main hamara koi bhi nahi hain jo bhi hain tere hi kaaran hain
    thanks sai

    v revathi

  4. fisrt,i would like to say that , sai baba the name sai represent'a that the name of both father and mother.there is a miracle happened with me by my sai,that one day my jizu and didi comes to our home for celebreting there marrige anniversery, but in the same night the golden chain of my aizu had been lost, we all the family members are very much worrry , notonly for the chain butalso ,theresaid to be that the lost of any gold material is not well for the members who is the owner of that gold material, so i was not so worry and mindfully remembered sai and decided to go the sai baba temple near of us. befor we take our feets above the foor of the sai baba temple , we got a call that the golden chain is found.this is because of my sai baba,who is alway's with us.jai sai ram

  5. Anuradha ji what i really appreciate about u, is even u lost ur father still u taken it positively…may sai nath hold our hand forever…let's be optimistic in every situation..


  6. Dear Anuradha Ji Your faith in Baba is very touching inspite of the adverse circumstances your faith in him did not dwindle …Everyday is a gift thats why we call it present.. Sai ram

  7. Dear Anuradhaji,
    I am sorry for your losing father, but it is so consoling that BABA has taken care of you and your family all the time and best part is that YOU could feel BABA's help!
    Amazingly some details are very similar to my father. He was also detected cancer and he being very optimistic all through his life and having a very good health all his life he did not want to accept this diagnosis and he went for other expert doctors' opinion and still not believing them he opted for TB treatment. Having healthy food and milk and such nourishing food made him gain weight. In those days, (he died in 1965) it was a belief that if you have cancer you would loose weight and so he did not listen to his doctors' advise for cancer treatment. He had lung cancer which ultimately spread so much so that when he realized the reality it was too late.
    And just like you I feel that he is with me all the time even after these many years. I was just 14 years old at that time but I do have his memories of whatever I knew him is still intact.
    And I must say, when I look back to my years passed BABA has always been there to save our family and taken care of we all!
    I was against the daily puja rituals and not believed in any particular GOD but eventually I am pulled towards BABA through his showing LOVE to me and my family.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  8. I had tears in my eyes on reading ur experiences. I feel u are a strong lady. All the best. I wish all ur dreams and desires come true. God bless u.

  9. Baba Bless You with positivity and success at every nook and corner of your life !

    Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  10. Anuradha Ji, A quote
    Baba – "The four sadhanas and the six Sastras are not necessary. Just have complete trust in your guru: it is enough."

  11. anuradha ji!!i forgot 2 say you one more thing. your love and faith towards baba reminds me of baba's faith and love towards his guru.baba too said this words.."i prayed for 12 years in the cave beneath the neem tree.i didnot consume any food other than neem leaves. even i became lean and all my energy sank…….i was alive and that happened only by the grace of my guru." your words reminded meof these words of are realy blessed..

  12. Its great anonymous divotee that u have relationship with God it may be Hate or Luv at least u believe in his existence.

  13. Anuradha Ji serves as a good lesson for me (and may be some of us). Inspite of the hardships her faith in the lord is steady. But for me it wavers when desires are not fulfilled and steady as long as all desires are fulfilled.

    Anuradhaji you are blessed by Baba and be happy because Baba will take care of you and he'll be with you always throughout your life..

  15. Very nice experience Anuradha Ji! Baba was there to help you make sure you had enough money to take care of you and your mother during your father's illness. Even though your father is gone, Baba will be there as your father to watch over and take care of you and your mother. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Thank you all for commenting on my experience shared above. Another miracle of Sai baba which I would like to share here with you all. Today, when I opened this site, first thing which I read was 'Sai's Wish- Sai Devotee Anuradha'…I thought "A person with the same name as mine, I must read this experience and start my day and 'Lo, as soon as I started reading I realized that it is the same article which I wrote on this blog!" I was more than surprised because on coming Wednesday I'm going to have my 21st birthday and I had prayed to Baba to give me a surprise gift on my birthday but see, he gave me a gift before my birthday by publishing my experience which I was waiting for. 🙂

  17. Hi Anuradha Have a great 21st birthday may baba shower you with his blessings …Your life is a gift from the creator. Your gift back to the creator isis what you with your life …

  18. Dear sister Anuradha,

    Sai Baba will certainly bless you and be with you all the time.
    You have lots of faith and love towards Sai, please continue.

    Jai Sai Ram.

  19. I got instruction from baba thro' one reliable person that i should do Msc after finishing my graduation. But i didnt take it in to account . I did mca and failed in 6 papers out of 7 in the first year itself . I got fed up and i went to sai temple and cried there .
    With in 1 week i got message from my dad's friend. he said he had one dream in that baba instructed me to do msc. after discontinuing mca again i joined msc. I got college 2nd in msc and now i am working in a good place. Thanks to sairam.

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