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We all know that Lord Sai Baba is everywhere but when we experience this our love for Him grows even stronger. This is experienced by below Anonymous devotee.

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I would like to share two of my below experience of Sai Blessings and reiterating the fact that more we think of SAI, SAI will take care of us. I am a devotee of SAI. However I would like to become stronger devotee and I believe I have long way to go to achieve this. I would like to share my experience with SAI devotees. Please don’t share my email/name.

I am currently in Singapore and I stay very close to SAI Baba Team. So close that if I step out of my place (hotel) and take 10 steps, I land up in SAI Baba temple. It was great feeling to stay so close to SAI Baba Temple. Due to personal challenges, I started going to SAI Baba temple as frequently as possible and started doing SAI Vrat.

  • First Experience:

    It was Wednesday and I went to Sai Baba temple around 11:30 AM. Temple is on 3rd floor and we have main temple (for other deities) on the ground floor. I didn’t have breakfast that day not even any coffee. I just had bath and rushed to temple since temple will close at 12:15 PM. During my Darshan, I prayed to Sai Baba and was sitting on the floor and thinking about what I should do for Lunch. There was a restaurant (Indian) nearby, but they accept only cash. On that day I didn’t have cash and was thinking for few minutes on my lunch plan. This thought was running on my mind, while I was having Darshan of Sai Baba. Then I totally forgot about it and came down to get Darshan of other God in the main temple. When I came down, I saw the surprise. I saw all kinds of food (vada, payasam, rice, kootu, papad, sambar, rasam) in various buckets. Usually they keep Prasad, but that day they had fully fledged lunch. I wasn’t sure if general public can consume or is it for specific people who paid for some pooja. I inquired to one the priest and he said – it was for all. My happiness was spellbound. I took banana leaf and had all variety of food that day to my heart’s content.

    I was thanking Sai for taking care of me. I was just thinking about what I have to do for lunch during His Darshan, but downstairs He took care of me by having fully fledged lunch in the temple itself. I prayed to Sai Baba during lunch and thanked Him for taking care. Om Sai Ram.

  • Second Experience:

    Again this was one of those days, where I went to Indian Restaurant in Singapore. Usually I go there and have lunch/dinner or snacks. I have gone so much often there. I know their menu by heart and I see those menus on the wall every day. During that particular day, my thoughts were about Sai and thinking about Sai and some of my challenges that I am facing. I was looking for support and some kind of answers. It was evening time and had ordered some snacks and was thinking about Sai. Then at that point of time, I was sitting directly opposite to the menu. They have big menu board on the wall with various menu and rates written. I must have seen that board so many times. But on that day, when I saw the menu board, I didn’t see the menu, but I saw SAI. This is what I saw
    Sada Dosai
    Masala Dosai
    Rava Dosai
    Onion Rava Dosai
    … Dosai

    I saw “Sai” in those items that I failed to notice so many times earlier. I felt very happy on seeing “Sai” name in the menu board. It was some kind of assurance to me and I felt so happy that He is there for me and for all of us. Felt positive that day. More we think of Sai – more we see and feel the love of Sai.

While above are two small experience, it made me re-enforce of simple fact- think of Sai all the time, you will see Sai in everything. Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. jai sairAm
    he is our mother how can a mother let her child
    starving that's how our saibaba he takes care of his children
    very nice experience thanks for sharing

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Lovely experiences.

    Baba please bless us all to ever think and meditate on you and your words.

    Thanks a lot for all your abundant blessings in our lives. We need your help,guidance and blessings in all aspects of our life. We have surrendered everything at your lotus feet, please take utmost care of us.

    Love you lots.

    Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Wonderful experience. you are really blessed. Your post made me feel that u see sai baba in each and everything. God bless you with tons of happiness. thanks for sharing it.

  4. Wow ! Marvelous 🙂

    Dear Sai devotee Baba is everywhere and you are blessed with sight to see him.

    Glad that I read your experience today 🙂

    Om Sai Ram !

  5. very Nice experience. Thanks for sharing. Baba know all our inner wishes and He fulfill them. Om Sai ram

  6. Sairam
    I can imagine how happy these experiences would have made you. I have once experienced a wonderful miracle in that same singapore sai baba temple on top of the Mariamman temple. I was also going through some very tough times and had given up eating rice. We were going from Japan to India and halted at singapore and thats how we visited the temple. I thought I should eat rice only after seeing Baba in shirdi in India. Similarly thye served idli breakfast that day and had rice in it. I was very hungry and wanted to eat something but they were serving only idlies and i was disappointed. I did not want to refuse prasad but I did not want to eat rice and so i did not know what to do. Exactly as my turn came, they ran out of idlis and immediately the serving devotee took out another vessel from there and gave me urad vadas and chutney. I was soooo happy and thanked baba. Shirdi baba temple in singapore has so many such miralces and there are no words to express babas grace.

  7. Baba ceklebrated navrati festival ,wonder how how he plans to celebrate it May the devine blessings of Ma be with all devotees

  8. Dear Singapore Sai Devotee,
    Very simple but experiences felt with complete faith towards BABA are seen here. I just had the similar experience yesterday!
    I was driving to go to my job and I noticed "Pizza Hut, Italian Bistro" I had never notice "Italian Bistro" written underneath PIZZA HUT board earlier…and thoughts just passed that someday me and my family should try this Pizza.
    My husband is watching his diet very strictly and avoids carbs in his lunch/dinner. So we never eat out as such. But my son living in the same town, they order pizza of different styles once in a while and at that time they invite us to share the joy. Knowing that I like variety of food they insist that we go to their house and his wife makes sure that my husband's food is taken care of preparing home food for him.
    Anyway, this time BABA thought of something else! After a very constructive and peaceful day at my job, (which is SAI blessings too!!), I clocked out and right at that moment, my GM asked me and my other co-worker to have a piece of pizza that she had ordered, I politely said, no ma'm , thanks I am vegetarian so I would back out! And she insisted , oh, no, we have some plain cheese pizza too! And ……it was from PIZZA HUT !! I just had tears in my eyes as how BABA made me enjoy my smallest desire!
    *****I am working at this place since last 2 years and many a times employees are offered pizza/ sandwiches time to time, but I never could participate because, they never order vegetarian option. so having option for me this time is surely BABA's wish to let me enjoy my wish fulfilled!
    Not only this, but everyday, all day long, I feel small issues taking place where I could feel BABA's loving care.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. Just imagine if every desire was fulfilled , no tears no sadness just love and joy …… just imagine

  10. Baba please give me strength … so I don't become a bitter person ,,,been through so much negative .. unable to trust anyone now ….allow me to put this behind me ….

  11. Very nice experience,

    I have too been blessed by Sai's grace. Only yesterday when i was returning home from work I saw a car with the number plate SAI parked at the station. I am in Australia and it is difficult to see Sai name or picture outside. But this was Sai's blessing, his way of telling me that I am with you.

    Thank you Lord Sai Baba. Thank you for being with us.

    May your hand be over us always.
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Meera Ji & anonymous devotee from Singapore in comment section, you both had very good experiences by Baba's grace. It feels very good when Baba fulfill our inner & small wishes.

  13. @Mamta BatraDear Mamataji,
    Yes, I am amazed how my smallest wish is taken care of by BABA. If I start writing all, my name will be black listed for writing too much! 😀
    Well, also meeting people who are really living their life as per BABA's teachings and that too here in USA, can happen only with BABA's blessings. I met a woman who was down to earth simple, hard working mother of 2 kids, one boy born with incurable disease who is now 22! and a girl of 17 year old , home schooled and now goes to college shinning bright with highest grades. She was thanking GOD for choosing her to care for that crippled boy where the doctors had predicted he would not survive even one year , and blessing her with very caring sweet girl as if balancing her pain with joy! She was all happy , no nagging of adversities of her life!
    I was really thankful to BABA to have me meet this person.
    And today I met a lady at the post office who was a strong believer in spreading joy among people whomever we met, please, encourage them with greetings and make their day with good complements. Usually people do not talk waiting in a line at the post office or scuh places, so this lady talking to me with such positive feelings, I take it as BABA's blessing to me!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  14. Very wonderful experiences, devotee from Singapore! Baba always says that no devotee of his will have a lack of food, so he must have arranged for you to have food even though you didn't have money that day, and also gave you a sign that he is always with you through the menu board.

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