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As devotees of Lord Sai Baba are earnest to see Him or meet Him on any important occasion of life, so He responds. See how Sai Sisiter Vani has experienced this.

Sai Sister Vani Ji from Australia says: Namaste Hetal Ji, I hope you are coping well. Thank you for sharing my previous experience (Sai Baba Took Care of My Life) of Sai’s grace in my life. I want to share two more experience. Please post them if possible. Kindly do not disclose my email. You can feel free to edit the content for any grammatical mistakes.

Like every man facing problems in this Kaliyug, our family has short coming in life too. But every time, we face any difficult situation, Sai is always there with us. He gives us all the courage to face.

  • Experience-1

    Two and a half years back, we wanted to construct a house in Melbourne and we bought a land by our Sai’s grace. We decided to have a Bhoomi Pooja. So with a Panditji’s advice, we did the Pooja on Akshaya Tritiya day. Though I was very happy, I had this feeling that there was nobody for the Pooja. We went to the site and started preparing for the Pooja. I was taking Sai’s photo and just looking at the photo said “Sai, please come and show Your presence Baba”. Then, we did all the Pooja and were packing things, when the Panditji asked me if I was a devotee of Sai. I said yes and immediately, he took out a peda from his bag and gave it to me. He said that, this Prasad was given to one of the devotee, who came to temple early that day after finishing his vrat and distributed sweets. The Panditji took one of them and gave it to me. Just imagine that situation. I was so happy. It was like Sai came to my house function and gave me all the blessing in this form. I said this to my husband and he was so happy. We took the blessing of the Panditji and told him what was going in my mind at that time and how he became Baba’s messenger. He was very happy to hear that too. Then we constructed the house with no hurdles.

  • Experience-2

    The recent experience was 3 weeks back. My parents came to visit us 6 months back from India. They use to visit Sai Temple every Thursday in India. One day, we came to know that there was a new meditation center started near our home. We wanted to visit that place one day. So we visited that place. As I enter, I see our big Sai’s photo installed in the center of the hall. That happened to be on Thursday. I was so happy. My parent’s wish to go to Sai Temple every Thursday was also fulfilled. We visit there almost every other day. Then I started doing the “Nav Guruvar Vrat”. We visited the temple every Thursday without fail during the vrat. I prayed to Baba that I should do the vrat with no hurdles. He helped me for that. I did this vrat for the peace at home as we were having some financial problems. During my vrat, we realised the mistake with finances and started correcting them. It’s like Sai guiding us to do the right thing. This gave us peace. On the Ninth Thursday, it was the Vikuta Ekadashi Day. I and my mother prepared roties and curry to distribute as Prasad at the temple. We wanted to see the afternoon Aarti too. I had also wished to offer a white flower garland to Sai. But due to traffic, I could not do that in the morning. While driving, I was telling my father about my above experience and wished He will show me His presence this time too. I was just telling him that and a car passes with a name plate “SHIRDI” on it. Tears rolled my eyes out of happiness. I pass that way every day to work and not one day I have seen that car. Sai is a karuna mayee. I just was thinking in my mind and He come to me in this form. I reached the temple in my happiest mood. As I was stepping in the temple, there was a person who was making garland for Sai before Aarti. I asked him if I could make a garland too. He gave me white flowers and asked me to make a garland. I was so happy too. He fulfilled my wish this way. The Pooja started and after naivaidya and Aarti, we distributed Prasad. All devotees had the Prasad with fulfillment, and one of the devotees came to me and said, the roties and the curry were so tasty. She asked me if I used any special procedure to prepare them. I said to her that they were prepared in a normal procedure. She said “I loved them so much. Looks like you prepared with all love to Sai. Baba, bless you with all Happiness”. Once again Sai came in her form and gave me His Blessing. The day went on so well. Baba fulfilled every single wish of mine and blessed me. Thank You so much, Baba.

    I have started doing this Vrat again for my Husband. He has to give his exams in February. Baba, please help him pass his exams. He is so stressed out of his work, home and studies. He has been staying away from home and living in a village for more that 6 months. Now as it is a necessity to work in the village to take his exams. He has worked so hard for this. We all are leaving all our wishes to You. You know what is right.

Baba, who is fulfilling every small wish, will surely listen to our prayers if we pray with sincere heart.

Bow to Shree Sai. Peace be to all.


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  1. Very nice experiences vaniji sai is there everywer sai is our beloved father take care of his children with full care and love.
    love you so much baba
    sai baba bless all your devotess and fulfill there wishes.

    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  2. You r so blessed Vaniji…….may baba ful fills always ur wishes like dis……..
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Wonderful Experience.

  4. Om Sai Ram…

    Don't worry Baba will make your Husband pass in the exam…Because he is always there for the devotees…

  5. Very nice experiences Vani Ji! I am sure Baba will guide your husband to do well in his exams, just as he guided you and your husband with your finances. Baba must have been showing you that he is there with you when you saw the SHIRDI license plate on the nearby car, so he wanted you not to worry and know he is there to watch over you (just as he watches all his devotees). Baba also came to bless your new house by bringing prasad with the Panditji.
    Om Sai Ram!

  6. hetalji a million thanks to you for posting.. i have started my day with soo much hapiness..

    thank you all soo much for your wishes.. May Baba bless you all with all hapiness…


  7. Sister Vani,

    Jai Sai Ram. Very nice experiences. Do not worry, Baba is listening to your prayers and your Husband will certainly succeed.

    Allah Mallik.

    Servant of Baba.

  8. Love you saima.muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hugsssssssssssssssss….Help us to live with love and faith on you ever.My wish is to hug and kiss you saima please grant this :).

    Yours loving child,

  9. baba, please forgive me for my past deeds,and bless me so that i can have a darshan of shiridi, please baba iam dying to have ur darshan, u still didnt forgive me .Iam tired of this life facing hurdles all the way throughout my life u helped me a lot .Once again u bless me so that we can come to your dwarakamai,
    its not possible me to come without ur blessings.please baba please…

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