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Ways of Lord Sai Baba are inscrutable. The more we try to understand the more we get closer to Him and stop worrying about His ways. Refer below experience.

Sai Brother Kamal Ji from India says: Respected Hetal Didi Ji, I hope this finds in sound health. I have not been in touch with you since long, but I keep on remembering you whenever I receive the Sai experiences. These experiences hit my mobile screen either at 04:30 AM, when I get up or at 05:00 AM, when I start my Sai Satcharitra reading. Always pray for your well being. Strange are the ways of Sai Baba you see. Earlier also I have posted my experience which has been published in Part 8 and 43. I have had Physical Darshan of Sai Babaji in my room at 08:30 PM on 31st Dec 11. If I am not imposing myself on your time, please read the below Leela and fact and shall be grateful if this finds a place in the blog.

Sai gave me Darshan as well as hint of a function

Dear Sai Readers, Sai Ram. Sai Baba Ki Jai.

I am Kamal Prasad Maske, working in a private firm after retirement from Army. I have earlier posted my experience on this blog. I have experienced yet another Darshan of Babaji on 31 Dec 11 at 08:30 PM. It was 08:30 PM and I was lying on my bed with my eyes and thinking of next day, which was New Year as well as Sunday. Suddenly, Babaji appeared in front of my eyes. He was smiling in white dress, standing alongside Masjid wall with leg crossed. In Marathi, I said “Pushkal divsa nantar bhetle ki baba” (I am meeting You after lot of days). While smiling he looked down and I also looked down towards His feet and I saw a person sitting near His legs and that person was giving me something rolled article and a packet. I accepted it and the Darshan was over.

After this I slept. Next day, it was Sunday. So I got up little late and after getting freshen up, I started Pooja. At that time, I completely forgot about the Darshan. On 2nd Jan, I went to office at 09:00 AM. At about 09:30 AM, my friend and colleague Mr. Sunil Katare came to me with a Calendar of Babaji published and printed by Sai Sansthan Shirdi. Along with this calendar, he gave me an invitation card which was from Sai Devotee Shri Inamdar, who stays at Mahesh Nagar Pimpri Pune.

I accepted both the things and my colleague left for his work station. After half an hour, suddenly I remembered the vision I had and opened the calendar and invitation. The invitation was of Sai Seva Pratishthan from Mr. Inamdar, which he every year celebrates and all Sai Bhakts from various corner of country arrives. Mr. Inamdar was President of Sai Santhan earlier.

After recollecting the Darshan of 31st Dec 11, I immediately called on mobile of my friend and called him in isolation and asked him how Mr. Inamdar looks etc. Because I wanted to ascertain whether the picture I saw of a person sitting near Babaji legs is the same. My friend replied that he is old person. I asked him whether he wears cap etc, because I saw a person below Babaji with a sort of cap on his head (just like we see judges wear in old films). My friend said no he doesn’t wear any cap. The invitation was for a function, which was to be celebrated on 22 Jan 12.

Accordingly I attended the function and had Mahaprasad. Within my heart, I was weeping because such a big Sai devotee invited me through my friend who have told Mr. Inamdar about myself and that I am also a Sai devotee. The foremost thing in this is I have never met and seen Mr. Inamdar earlier and I received his invitation and that too I got premonition days ahead. And the person, Sai Devotee Mr. Inamdar, was the same whom I saw on 31 Dec 11 along with Baba.

Strange are the Leela of Baba. I wanted to announce the above in that function, but I was totally absorbed with Leela of Baba that I restrained myself. Maybe I will meet Mr. Inamdar in some function sometime and express above to him. But I wanted to share the experience with all Sai Bhakt.

Dear Sai Devotees, please remember and believe that though Sai has taken Samadhi, He is still present and guiding us. As such, please follow the path shown by SAI and never indulge in wrong practices of this world, otherwise SAI MA is there to bring you on the path of truth.

Anant Koti Bramhand Nayak Maharajadhiraj, Sri Satchidanand Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

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  1. Dear Kamal ji Baba has given u a darshan on the new year , which is something every devotee wishes for , 2012 will be a happy and in many ways a very good year for you . May the almighty bless all his devotees

  2. Kamalji thank you for sharing your experience! You are extremely blessed…the vision you have had, the invitation to the function, all at the start of the New Year left me speechless. Wishing you the best ever!

    May Babaji bless one and all!

    Om Sai Ram!

  3. Om sai Ram…. Kamalji, What a beautiful experience… Was thrilled and my eyes had tears reading the experience. May Baba bless all of his children with his darshan and blessings always…

  4. Dear Kamal ji,

    This is one of the most wonderful exp….which every devotee waits to have.being a small devotee of our Baba, i also want to have such n exp,,though He has shown me His presence in every walk of my life…but physical presence like ur's…dnt remember….sorry m questioning u…but hv u actually seen Him like we see our near n dear one's in live form or u imagined….i am soooo eager to know…pls do reply….

    Baba shower His wonderful blessings on u n ur closed one's everyday n may all ur wishes n desires come true….

    Sai ki Beti

  5. OM SAI RAM Ji

    Dear Hetal ji

    This experience is already published…Its Repeated….Well that must be baba's wish…


  6. Om Sai Ram.

    May Baba bless us all always. Baba please shower your grace on my Mother. Give her beautiful experiences and please come in her dreams. We love you a lot and are thankful to you for all your blessings in our life.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. u r so lucky Kamal ji baba given u darshan I am just waiting when baba call me shirdi for darshan
    thanks for sharing ur lovely experience with us baba bless each and every one
    om sai ram

  8. Very beautiful experience indeed:)

    Yes this is a repitition and I remember reading it few weeks back as well. But it was good going over it as Baba's leela are divine and charming !!


  9. sree
    Dear Kamalji
    First of all thanks for posting such a wonderful experience
    You are very lucky for darshan you had.
    May baba helps his devotees

    Om Sai Ram

  10. kamal ji is vary lucky..hope that i also have the same experience …we have faith in shradha and subri.believe in baba …om sairam.

  11. Very nice experience Kamal Ji! Baba must have to come to you in the dream to invite you to the function. You are very lucky to have such a nice invitation given to you by Baba. Sai Baba comes to us in many forms to guide us and we should always stay true to the path Baba has given us. Who better to guide us through life's difficulties than Sai Baba? Om Sai Ram!

  12. Dear All Sai Bhaktas' family and Respected Sai Ki Betiji,

    Pranam, Sadar Charan Sparsh and Om Sri Sai, Jai Sai.

    Thanks for all the comments. As asked by Sai Ki Beti in her comment, I repeat here that yes I have physically seen Lord Sai in my front, approx three feet from me. It so happened that at about 0830 Pm I was lying down in my room with eyes open and thinking about my family and Sai Baba. Suddenly Sai Babaji appeared in front of me, I was lying down, he was standing, the posture was same which we see of sai baba standing on corner of Masjid, he was laughing and I said " Pushkal diwsa nantar disle ke baba…and he looked down and I also looked down and saw one person sitting near his legs and offering me an approx one and half feet rolled object and an envelope which I accepted and then this vision was over. I was in my complete senses and wits and immediately got up, had a gulp of water and went to other room where my sai charitra and Baba photos are kept, applied UDI and thanked Babaji for coming to meet me.. next day ie 01 Jan 12 was sunday and was always thinking about the darshan and offerings but could not understand. On Monday ie on 02 Jan 12 came to office at 0900 am and at about 0930 am my colleague Mr Sunil Katare came to me and offered a Calender of Sai Baba from Sai Sansthan and an envelope which read Sai Satcharitra Sangta karyakram on 22 Jan 12. The maya was such that while receiving this items from my colleague I completely forgot about sai darshan and at about1130 am sudedenly remembered and called my colleague on phone and enquired how this calender and invitation came to me and he said that while meeting his family friend he referred my name and told him that I am a sai devottee so that family friend immediately gave calender and invitation for me to be handed over. I am myself astonished to the fact that when I attended the function on 22 Jan 12, I saw the person who invited me through my colleague and believe me Sai devottees, this was the same person who was sitting near legs of Sai Baba which I saw on 31st Dec 11. This persons name is Mr Inamdar who was President of Sai Sansthan Shirdi couple of years ago and I have never met him earlier beofre the function I attended.

    I have been getting nectar from Sai Babaji since childhood and I just want to say that believe him and see yourself.

    Respects to one and all,

    Jai Sai Ram

    Kamal Prasad

  13. Om Sai Ram….Such a wonderful experience Kamalji….Feeling so emotional after reading this….True Baba is always with us from all sides and within us too. We all are under His loving motherly care….

  14. Thanq soooo much Kamalji….me kai sangu tumhala….kaate aale angawar mazya….seriously ur blessed….I just wish ki me tumhala bhetu….even i wish to get such a darshan of our Baba…pan mahit nai ka me thodi ghabarte….mala khup vishwas ahe tyanchyawar pan….physical darshan mhatla ki kai mahit ka bhiti watate…..i just hate this feeling and also when i sumtimes doubt on Baba…BABA I AM SORRY…ME TUMCHICH MULGI AHE…MALA SAMBHALUN GHYA…

    Dear Kamalji ur a blessed soul…Baba bless u n ur family always…pls do pray for me as m going thru a very ruf phase of my life…..but Baba is carrying me safely…

    Sai ki beti

  15. Respected Sai Ki Betiji,

    All Sai Bhaktas always pray for whole mankind welfare and be assured that you will come out clean… dont worry about your problems and just pray, adopt sai nam jap always (Like that dialogue of 3 idiot — all is well)and face the situation because you are not alone. The leelas of Babji are strange, have faith and be happy.I am herewith copy pasting one of the email I received for information of all Sai Devotees who would themself say Jai Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Bandhu Kamal ji.

    Pranam ji. Today I read your experience. I think it has posted earlier also. I do remember
    reading that. However every time you read it gives immense pleasure. You are indeed
    such a blessed child of BABAJI. with today;s experience i also read u r earlier posted
    experiences toooo… I have read them when they had posted. Still when i read them
    today felt very happy. Thank you for sharing your experiences. These experiences always
    build a strong faith in our Lord SAI BABAJI.

    I am silent reader of Hetalji blog since 4 years I never posted my experiences. Today early
    morning I had very pleasant dream somehow BABAJI instructed me to share with you that dream.
    B'caz nothing happens without his permission. He guided me to write you an e-mail.

    The dream goes like this…………..

    I saw myself in Shirdi… it was old shirdi… i had darshan of Lord Shiva and Ganesh…
    later I came to near Neem Tree.. and there were marble Paduka's were installed…
    i had Sai Charitra on my hand.. I placed that Sai Charitra on those paduka's
    and I bowed to do Namaskar. U know immediately loads of Rose flowers showered on me…
    i dont know from where? I was so happy…. literally cried with happiness…. then i collected all
    the rose flowers in my dupatta and then i was trying to see from where those flowers were
    showered on me… i saw Neem Tree and in between of Neem Tree branches i saw Rose tree
    tooo… what a blissful blessings i got today from BABAJI. … I love BABAJI he is everything to
    me Sir. I am very happy today.

    Thanks for your time ….

    Om Sai Ram.
    Have a great day !


    Ms. Dakshayani R Murgod
    Business Head – PVC Division

  16. Wonderful experience, Kamal Ji. You are really a blessed soul. Even Daxa Ji had also nice experience. Om sai ram.

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