Sai Baba’s Love And Control Over Me – Sai Devotee Naveen

After reading this experience i am speechless as to how Lord Sai Baba takes each devotee in His fold.

Sai Brother Naveen Ji from India says: I am Naveen. I do not want to disclose my mail id. I live in Karnataka. These writings are from Baba Himself and not by me. I surrender to Him. I am going to share His love and miracles. I feel it’s the same with every devotee. He does not discriminate between His children and bless them accordingly. Everyone is same and every one will experience the same love.

Alright, I fell in a love with a girl. I was restless to succeed. I thank that girl for making me go near Baba. I knew from my childhood visits that there was a book where Sai Baba’s answers were present. It was in our city’s temple. So I did go to Him for asking about love.

Now I will tell you how my lifestyle was before. I was very filthy. I was involved in all the bad activities at the age of 16. Everything from women wine and I did steal a lot, lie a lot and ego was overwhelming me. I think I was ignorant and it was my previous karma and Sai Baba knew even about it. I used to kill and hurt animal ruthlessly. I was non vegetarian against my caste.

But as my love was real, I started going to ask Him about my love often, once in a week or twice. The first answers were not to steal and lie. It was the first experience when he controlled me that when I had the feeling to steal something, my heart said I was with Baba and stealing was of very low vibrations and I did stop outright.

It was a miracle that she came into my reach. I changed the college miraculously to her college and her class. Everything was going fine and I wrote three letters. But the third letter was seen by her parents and they brought police into the college to cub me. By His blessings, I did not attend the college. (I don’t know why I was absent that day till now).

I failed in maths in my 12th exams. I am very poor in maths and I can’t multiply or divide complex examples. I did pass and got an engineering seat, which was nightmare to me. Now, I have cleared all maths subjects in engineering with His grace, and I do not have an engineer’s caliber, it’s His blessings that made me till here.

My father is a conductor and my seat was a management quota one. But with His blessing, even I failed in 12th and even if my percentage was only 52%, I got the bank loan.

I started to go to His temple in my second semester holidays every day. Then, He said in His answers to go to Him every day. I, from the last three years, go to His temple every day. Later He thought me to live in His way. The feelings were just like He held my heart tight in His warm hands. Even now I have the same feeling. I started reading His books, of course beginning by Shri Sai Satcharitra. The miracle was each page I read had something to teach me. I used to read whatever I got to read in a random way, but still the stories were like made for me on behalf of that day. Even now He teaches me every day as I read one or the other holy book every day. The spiritual teachings He taught me are wonderful. I now do not lie, do not steal or deceive someone. I do not think or talk bad of others. I feel Him everywhere. I now do not kill even a mosquito now and I have pity in every living being. I learnt forgiveness. I am not attracted towards money or material life that much, but I do enjoy material life. I do see sisters mother or Goddess Durga in women. I used to drink occasionally and smoke ganja. He warned me in His answers, but I did not listen.

One day, I was about to die due to drug overdose. I prayed to Him that I was alright. I would quit everything. Till day, I do not touch those things. Now the miracle is He warned about my death. I did not worry much by His blessings. While I was walking on the roadside a bus rushed within a few inches by me, and then a photo of Sai Baba attracted me telling that I escaped death. Till this day, my eyes are automatically made to see His photos and names in the road or wherever (even in TV). I learnt hypnotism by His grace and I am good in past life regression and Auric Clearings now. And now when there were negative entities, He Himself come and saved me from harm.

I went to Shirdi two times. Both times, I had experienced His miracles. I did not reserve tickets, but I still got the seats and the tickets were taken exactly till where I spontaneously alighted. One day, I did not go to His temple and in my dreams I got His Darshan.

I used to hit my mentally handicapped sister before. Now I do not even touch her (my karmas are cleared). And the most beautiful part is, the girl, I love, came here for revenge and not for love. I love her for the last 7 years, but still she did not talk to me (the letters were kept in her bag by me). She came here to spoil my entire life as I did spoil her life in previous brith by raping her. Now, she just plays with me. The way, she acts as if she loves me and when I go nearer she just insults me by not even caring about me. I came to know this by hypnotism. I was rather hurt every day for last four years. I thought of suicide. And one day, when there was a negative entity (Rakshas), Baba appeared and He spoke to me and my friends, who were involved in hypnotic activities. I asked Him about my love and to marry her. He said that too much of lust is not good. I asked His forgiveness for the sins I have made, He forgave me. I think my bad karmas are cleared now. Now I am all right and I do not find grief in my heart. I failed a year in my engineering course because of her and had no interest in life. Now I am very active and back to normal.

My ego was very irritating. He even once warned in hypnotic sessions. From that day, I learnt to surrender to Him. Even the ego played a lot. I was fed up. He appeared in the dream and said not to worry and to chant His name always. I am all right now. His name or Ram Naam is very powerful as He taught and gave me the experience.

I am still 20 years of age. And only after 4 years after surrendering to Him, my vibrations are really matching Him. He is acting through me now. My only goal in life now is self realization. He is guiding me now. I am lucky and blessed as you all are for being His devotees.

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  1. You have come a long way in 4 years..hats off to your devotion, that baba really blessed you and you are able to lead the right path.
    I had a friend who could do Past life regression(i never believed in it, till i read many lives many masters, by Dr Brain Weiss), it really does help you in getting answers to a lot of questions..with sai's grace . Now you would know, why you are suffering in love..i was completely speechless and had goose bumps while reading this..I hope you are able to clear everything soon, and always be on the path of sai bhakti

  2. every person should get a second chance and babas help has saved him.
    Also can anyone Tell in detail to do guruvar vrat

  3. Oh My God, Incredible Experience…
    Baba, You are the greatest of the greats.

    May Baba bless everyone..

    Om Sai Rama

  4. Very nice experience. Baba must be there helping you and guiding you as you give up all bad habits and helping you, as any guru does, develop good habits and helping you to destroy all the bad karma in your life. Hope you continue to improve your life with Sai Baba's grace. Om Sai Ram!

  5. May saibaba takes my boyfriend also in his fold. Please call him in your darbar saibaba.
    As previously commented by one of the devotees that even a flower or photo is just enough to change a person. I'm just waiting for the day when my boyfriend will change on his own. I don't force him to go to baba's temple. But I know, when baba will call him, he will become my boyfriend's soulmate.
    Nice experience Naveenji.
    May saibaba bless you always.
    Om sai ram.!!

  6. wonderful!!wonderful!!i related myself to your experinces..even i was very bad natured person but baba has changed me a lott….incredible is his path…he doesn't even speak a word but still his impact is felt in every angle of our charecter. you are really blessed brother!!i appreciate your daring in writing the experience and revealing all your bad deeds openly with out hiding your identity!!hats off!!

  7. Om Sai Ram. This is the first time to read such an experience. I'm really overwhelmed to read your experience because it clearly shows Baba's power, his blessings, his knowledge of past. From your experience, Sai has proved himself as the Supreme soul! I'm sure that you must have done some good deeds in your past life to get such a support from our Sai himself. Let the past be a past, everything happens for a reason and I'm happy that atleast you know the reason for your life. Sai will never leave you for sure because he gave you this life to spend the rest of it time with him. May Sai bless you always as he has done till now. May your life be beautiful ahead.

  8. I totally agreed with Anuradha Ji. Baba give you a new birth and he took you in His fold at right time. As you mentioned that you were involved in all bad deeds, may be due to your teen age. But baba changed your life. You are really a blessed son of Baba.

    Om Sai Ram

  9. jai sainath
    betaa sai hamesha aap ke sath hain hamesha sai ki baatonko yaad karo aour khush raho jo insaan apane bahan ko pyaar se dekhata hain stri shakti ka aadar karata hai vah hameshaa paramatma ke aashish pata hain
    khoob achchi zaindagi jeena ye to sai ki krupa hain unka aap ke jeevan main pravesh huaa aour ye badalaav aayaa
    thanks sai sab ko sahi marg par chalaneki sadbudhhi denaa

  10. Wonderfulll experience, i appreciate ur honesty by tellin evry thin honestly, may baba bless u always 🙂

  11. Yes once we become one with Sainath we change a lot ..
    He teaches according to the persons karma.
    from my experience i felt i needed guru to gain more lead this worldly life, thus he comes into life and makes us more pure from our action and thoughts…
    Saibaba is always sweet and caring.

  12. Wow!!!really its incredible….dis is the way in which any one chages when they have faith in our sai…u should be thankfull to baba that he made u realize all d things within 4 years…

  13. wonderful experience….Sai Baba have taken you in his folds….You are lucky…Baba came in my dream too but only once…

    Hetal ji


    Devotees can mail me at

    Sai'S Daughter

  14. I read that book by Dr. Brian Weiss and other book of His. We talk of past lives casually, but after reading his books you will really understand what it means and then we will be able appreciate our Indian philosophy behind Indra, Gods and Demi-Gods etc…Amazing

  15. Wow my god I am speechless after reading this experience your so blessed naveenji by baba .
    sai baba is a powerfull god .

    om sai ram

  16. Dear Sai Devotee, may you remain in BABA's fold and progress on your chosen path with BABA's guiding hand.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  17. Dear Naveen

    You have grown spiritually with the grace of Sri Sai Baba. May Sai bless and guide us all.

    Om Sai Ram

  18. I would say I haven't seen anyone in my life change so soon from bad to a great person. Baba has taken you completely in his hands and I guess he knows who is the right person to achieve moksha and of course until we are ready to ask the gift " salvation" he can't do anything. It's an incredible Leela Baba has showered on you.

  19. Om sai ram .l m devotee of baba .recently my bigfather expired due to cancer I stopped praying n seeing gods photos also . M troubles started I m nt going farward in my studies m repeating the same class all my frnds are doing their jobs still m in that class . After that I started praying baba but still m nt seeing any change in my life . Please tel me what I should do to get babas grace on me .n I prayed baba that I want to go shiridi in the month of may but in this situation I can't ask my parents to take me to shiridi ,so I had a chance to pass the exam n go to shiridi .so I want to utilize this chance so baba plz help me to overcome my badtym plz….. I want urs grace plz save me baba..all devotes plz help me tel me what should I do to gain baba blessings

  20. It gives a goosebump reading yr experience..u r so lucky Baba has completely taken care of u sai ram!

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