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As a devotee calls for, so responds our loving beloved Lord Sai Baba. This is experience of many and also below devotee.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I hope that you and your family are doing well. May Baba give you and your family the strength to come out of this phase. Kindly keep my name and mail id confidential. Thank you again for this wonderful blog. May Baba bless you and your family always.

I have already shared my experiences twice here in this blog.

By Baba’s grace, I would like to share an experience which took place 10 years back, when I was going for my MBA interview to Hyderabad. I want to narrate it by Baba’s grace how He was with me throughout the journey, the interview and how He brought me back home safely.

First of all, I got through the entrance test and got the interview call only because of Baba’s grace. My interview was scheduled for Thursday and that itself gave me lot of courage. Baba was with me throughout the journey, interview and everything. He was at my side every moment. I traveled by train to Hyderabad with one of my friends, which also was Baba’s blessing, because I had never traveled alone anywhere then. I had met this friend of mine at one of the entrance tests and I came to know that his interview was scheduled 1 or 2 days before mine. So we decided to travel together. Baba saw to it that I reached Hyderabad safely.

In Hyderabad, I stayed with one of my cousins. But, the interview venue was very far from where we stayed and had to be reached by bus and I was completely new to Hyderabad. My friend was so good natured and kind that he accompanied me till the interview venue that day. I knew all this was happening by Baba’s blessing only. After leaving me at the venue, he went back to his hometown as he had some important work to do. I was a bit tensed before facing the interview, wondering if I will get it or not. For this also, Baba gave me the answer instantly. When my friend and I were traveling by bus to the interview venue, suddenly the bus driver pulled the brakes to let a small cart pass by. We were seated in the front only and so were able to see the cart well. When I looked inside the cart, I saw a small idol of Baba placed inside it and it was being pushed by a man. I could not contain my happiness that time and all my fear of facing the interview went away.

My interview process went very well with Baba’s grace and in the evening itself I got the admission letter to that college. I also got the centre that I had opted for and was very happy. After this, I was a bit worried how will I go back home alone in the train. My cousin dropped me at the station and I got inside the train. When the train was about to leave the Hyderabad station, I was thinking I hope nobody in the train troubles me and I reach home safely. The next thing happened, is unbelievable and it is still fresh in my mind. I was looking outside the train window and I saw a huge picture/portrait of Baba inside the station opposite to my train window. It was really big, about 5-6 feet in height. It looked very real to me and at that time it looked like that picture was always there in the station. But, believe me, I was standing at the station with my cousin at the same spot for quite some time waiting for the train and I had not seen it at all. Also, when I visited Hyderabad again I looked for it again and I could not find it anywhere. It was Baba’s miracle and His way of telling me not to worry, I am always with you, isn’t it? How I felt that day, I cannot explain. Baba is so kind to His children and takes care of each and every one of us every moment. Needless to say, I had no trouble at all till I reached back home safe and sound.

I love You so much Baba. I am nothing without You. Whatever I am today is only because of You. During my MBA, Baba made me meet my life partner too in His own way and has blessed me with a very caring and loving husband. I had shared in my previous experience how Baba made my wedding happen and how He took care of everything. I can never thank Him enough for His kindness. He is everything to me. I don’t know what I would have done without Him at my side always. Love you so much Baba. Before Baba pulled me to Him, I was a very under confident girl with no courage to do anything at all. Baba has given me so much strength and confidence in life, I cannot explain.

Now, I am facing some hurdles in life and unsure how to proceed further, but I know Baba will get me out of this phase and show me the right path. We just need to have “Shraddha and Saburi”. Hetal Ji, kindly edit this experience if it is too long according to your convenience. Baba, please forgive me if I have written anything wrong. Please don’t leave me ever, Baba. Please show all of us children the right path always and be at our side always Baba. Love you so much.

Jai Sairam

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  1. Dear Anonymous Devotee Your experience was lovely … positive thinking is first step towards happy life, god willing all your problems will be resolved

  2. Dear Sister,

    You have lots of faith and patience on Baba, please continue and Baba will save you. Your positive attitude itself is a success, please continue.

    Jai Sai Ram.

  3. Wonderful experiences, sai sister, Baba never left your side and he will never leave your side. Keep this in mind and and have faith all your problems will be solved.

  4. Dear Sai Sister,
    When you have experienced leelas of Baba, then no problems and hurdles will stop you to move ahead. Just remember, whenever a sai devottee says he is in trouble, it is SAI who has selected that devottee to undergo trouble because he knows that his devottee shall not panic. Have faith, pray and see that babaji is with you.

    Respects and Regards

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    Amazing is Sai Deva's Leela :-). I have an interview today and was very anxious. I thought of reading the experiences to get some motivation and faith, and here Baba in his own way made me come across this experience regarding an interview 🙂 It has calmed down all my anxiety and conveyed me that Baba's blessings is there. Love you Sai.

    May Baba bless all his children always and keep us under his loving gaze.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Om sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Sister,
    you faith has always helped you and Baba does love you and he will help you out in the right time. Please continue in your spiritual endeavor. You may start Sai Baba's 9 Thursday vrat. It will surely give you lots of mental peace and bring you out of all your issues. It's a miraculous Vrat.

    Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Om Sai Ram

    I had done 9 thursday vrat and i brought a plot miraculously near Sai mandir.Even when i went to sign it i saw Sai around.
    Moreover i received Shirdi prasad on the day i was signing the agreement.
    But now my husband is asking me not to continue with the payment and let go the plot and sell it.
    What is this that Sai is doing?

  8. Om Sai Ram !

    Very very nice experience. You all are blessed to feel
    Baba in everything you do . Be blessed always .

  9. Nice experience ! Sai Ram is with all of us. Don't worry, worries and troubles are a part of our lives, and will leave us no time. Trust in Baba, and he will take care of you.

    As a sidenote, we all must congratulate Hetal Patil for publishing the experience as is, even if it is long. I think she has a beautiful understanding of the fact, that when a devotee writes an experience, he or she does it will all heart !

    Thank you Hetal Ji

    Om Sai Ram,

    Deepak Sachdeva

  10. Dear All,

    No doubt it is a very beautiful experience. Infact all the experiences are always beautiful. I want suggestions from all the devotees regarding the problem i am facing –

    I have two problems in my life one is regarding purchasing my on flat in the place where i wish to live and second is my marriage. My first problem has been sorted by my father Sai baba yesterday as we have gathered the money to buy a flat that too in my fav. locality by baba's grace. Now we wiill start finding a suitable flat for us. for wihcih i am very very greatful to sai baba for al he has done for us.

    But the second problem stands like that only. I am 30 yrs old at present and m manglik also. My marriage was fixed once (and i was very happy with this new relaiton also) but due to some very very stupid reasons it broke off after two days of fixing the date of engagement. I was heart broken at that point of time but i never showed my true feelings to my parents as my mom is very attached to me. Approx 6 months have passed but the pain dosent goes away. I am not liking any of the boys whome i am meeting for marriage purpose. There are certtain things that i cannot compromise on which i am not finding in any one of them. now i am loosing patience as you all might understand the pressure on me as i will be turning 30 this year.

    I am keeping thursday fasts and have given away my fav. food also but no positive sign is being shown by baba. whenever i ask baba about the solution i get an answer that you will get tenfolds of baba's blessings or why fear when i am here.

    So plese suggest what should i do in this situation. When baba is going to look at me with mercy??

    Kindly help me dear sai devotees.

    Sai Devotees

    Wonderful Experience.
    Dear Sai devotee,
    As Baba told that he'll take care of you why fear.
    Just beleive him and follow his path he'll solve your problem in no time.
    I Love You So Much Baba.

  12. My dear anonymous sis,i can understand ur problem of searching suitable groom,here just i would like to share my view.I believe marriages are destinied and baba will surely help you to find good match.I was career oriented girl so many years i worked hard to settle my career and due to some family circumstences also my marriage got delayed,everytime meeting a guy n not finding suitable adds frustration.sometimes we reject and vice versa.but i have decided i wont marry just for sake of marriage,i will select a guy only if my heart feel like big Yes.So many times we feel like to do sacrifice in choice but never do that,at times proposals came to final shape but i didnt aggree till a yes from inside.with baba's grace it happened i did wait but i found a wonderful is too big with hope if we live for 60 yrs one or two years doesnt matter if rest 30 yrs we can spend with luv and care.

  13. Believe in baba wholeheartdely . Not everyone is meant to get married at the so called right time(by the indian society). I hope you get married soon, and you have a happy and prosperous married life when you get married. Keep trying, please dont a hasty decision. Have saburi, you have to wait a little to get the best..I am telling my situation is exactly similar, I was going to get married to my bf and then it broke off because of some stupid a few years down the line i dont regret it. I am leading a peacful and happy life, it was baba who pulled me out of it. I am 31 and still waiting..for the right person…have 100% faith..surrender to his feet and keep trying…

  14. Very nice and very well written experience! Baba wanted to show you that he was always there with you every step of the way to make sure that you don't worry and remember that Baba is with you (and with all of us, his devotees) always. Baba has a plan for each and everyone one of us and we just need to have faith in Baba's plan that he will give us everything we need in life. Om Sai Ram!

  15. Dear Sai Devotee, Very happy to read your MBA interview and all other details. May you remain blessed ever.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  16. It is nothing more than attachment that is troubling you. Until the engagement broke, you have dreamt of him and envisioned your life with him. Now the idea of not having him is painful. There is nothing wrong in what you did, but now the time to untangle yourself from the person and move on.. 6 months have passed probably he is not likely to come back.
    If you can accept the fact and consciously put effort to divert your mind to something else (get involved in something that needs your focus and keeps you busy) for two weeks, then you will be alright. Know that hanging on to those thoughts only hurt you and nothing more.

    Also believe strongly that Baba has a reason to deny this relationship. Then it will be easy to detach yourself from the person.

    Also if you believe in Baba, you also believe in his words. You do not have put chits 10 times. 'Why fear when I am here'… So relax !

    Let me also remind you of a story in Sai Satcharitha. When a devotee approached Baba for marrying his daughter to a guy he had identified, Baba said, 'instead why not give your daughter in marriage to this cook !'. He thought Baba was kidding. He asked him again after a while. Baba said 'go get her married and die'. Within six months of the marriage her husband died. Then when the devotee came back to Baba, Baba said 'Everyone says baba you know everything, but when I give an advise they do not want to follow'.

    Hope this helps.

  17. There is someone somewhere for all of us , destiny will bring him to you …There is this close family friend his wife died in her 40s ,their daughter who is now 29 could not find a suitable match as she has vitiligo , which causes depigmentation of the skin… last year I met this boy on flight from london to delhi ,I got talking to him he told me he was looking for a bride ,I passed his number on to her and now a year later they are getting married , Iam flying to delhi this week to attend their wedding … just hope they live happily ever after

  18. Dear Sai Sister,

    Dont worry about turning 30 and not being married. I know our society puts a lot of pressure on girls and their family if they are not married by a certain age. I agree with the other sai devotees here. You should try to find the right life partner for yourself. Don't be hasty to get married. I am speaking from experience. I got married when I was 34 , and my lifepartner is very good. So in the end what is important is who you get married to and not how soon you get married.
    Follow your heart. Sai Baba also has something good in store for you and he will send your life partner to you only when he feels the time is right.
    Have faith in him.

    I too am facing some issues in my personal life. My husband is presently out of work and searching for a job. I ask for my Sai brothers and sisters to pray to our lord Sai for his blessings that my husband gets a job soon.

    Sai Maa, Bless this sai sister that she finds her life partner soon.
    Today is world's women day. and I ask our Lord Sai for his blessings on all the unfortunate women in this world who are facing some kind of abuse /torture.

    Happy Holi Sai Baba. Love you lots.
    Happy Holi to all Sai brothers and Sisters. May this festival of colour bring peace, good health ,joy and prosperity in your homes.

    Om Sai Ram .

    From sai sister D

  19. Thanks to all the devotees for writing comments for me. I sereously feel like baba is talking to me. May baba presents every one with peace of mind and lots n lots of happiness.

    Love you all the devotees and my dearest sai baba
    Sai Devotee

  20. Dear Anonymous ji,

    I read the story that you have mentioned in your comment and i am supprised to know that this is same what has been told to the boy's parents when they approached their pandit for finalizing date of engagement. But strange thing is that none of the pandits tell anything similar to us on seing our kundlis. I think may be this is baba's way to save mine and the boy's family from such a bad situation.

    Secondly S. Ranjan ji is also very right most of the time i feel like compromising but my heart dosnt permits me to do so. afterall this is the matter of two lifes.

    Sai Devotee

    Its hard but i think i have no other option

    BABA i am getting tired with all these at office.
    Baba you know what is going in my mind and I dont know what is going on in office.
    Baba Please help me Baba. Please make me realise my mistakes and please Baba Please save me Please help me Please guide me Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  22. Dear Sai Devotees, reading about this sai devotee seeing BABA's photo on the railway station makes me remind how my wish to visit Puttaparthy could took place as Shirdi SaiBABA's blessings and not only that but on my returning journey, we (myself and my 2 sisters) got down at Dadar Station. My cousin lives in Dadar so she got into one taxi and we 2 got into a three wheeler to go to Borivli. On the way, the Rikshaw stopped due to some big procession going on. To our surprise, there was a 30 ft. tall Shirdi SaiBABA's murty was being taken with dhol-nagaaraa music.
    We had a wonderful DARSHAN of Shirdi SaiBABA as if HE were blessing us.
    In Mumbai, Sai BABA's followers are several and there are so many businesses with SAI BABA's sign boards..but like this BABA coming to us to bless us, is still mind boggling to me!
    Jai Sai RAM.

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