Sai Baba Listens Each And Every Word Of His Devotee – Sai Devotee Sudhamayee

Lord Sai Baba’s actions and deeds are always unique and heart piercing. We never come to know when we are accepted by Him. Such is below experience of Sai Sister Sudhamayee.

Sai Sister Sudhamayee Ji from India says: Hello all, I am Sudhamayee. I posted two of my experiences previously.

One was published at Jan 18, 2012 and second was published on Feb 22, 2012. Please don’t reveal my mail-id. But I am really amazed at the response I got for the experience I posted for the first time. Thank you one and all. Here is one more experience of mine. Indeed this is the first experience of mine with Baba.

I don’t know how it started, but I have been praying Baba since 7th class (12 yrs old). I was not at all aware of Baba and His Leelas. I used to pray Him just like that. But when I joined intermediate (16 yrs old), it happened that one of our classmates by name Divya is an ardent devotee of Baba. In a conversation about Baba, she said that Baba appears in her dreams. It was the first time I listened such kind of experiences. She said that these kinds of experiences are common to almost all Sai devotees. I was disappointed by this because I haven’t got such an experience from past 4 years. That day, I prayed to Baba with tears in my eyes and asked Him to forgive all my mistakes and appear in my dream. In the night, I got a dream. Baba in His bodily form came to our home and asked for donation. My mom came out with a bowl of rice to serve Him, saying me “Sudha, look Who has come to our home”. I came out and saw Baba. Out of excitement, I went to Him, caught His hand by my hand and humbly said Him, “Oh!! Baba, You came. I am very happy to see You. Why are You standing at the gate? Please do come inside my home”. To my dismay, Baba plunged His hand from mine and started shouting, “Did you come to serve me? Leave me. Get away from me”. Saying these words, Baba started walking fastly away from me. I followed Him and I kept shouting loudly “Baba, please come”. But Baba walked very fastly saying “Get away from me”. He turned to the lane beside our neighbor house and disappeared. I woke up and was not in a position to understand whether to cry or feel happy.

There is an original photo of Baba (taken in 1916, along with Booti Ji, Nimonkar Ji and Bhagoji Ji beside Baba) in our prayer room. I prostrated before it. And I cried asking “I am happy that You came in my dreams, but You rejected me. Why? Please forgive me for all my mistakes I have done. Please don’t be so harsh to me. Pardon me please”. I haven’t seen any response for 2 days. But I kept on praying Baba for His pardon. Later on the third day, I got another dream. I stood before Baba’s photo in our prayer room. But black paint was applied to it, so I could not see it. I went to the photo and cleaned it exactly at the point of Baba’s face. Suddenly a terrific radiant light appeared from it. The light was so intense that unable to see that light. I closed my eyes with my hand. I cried “Baba, why are You doing this every time? I want to see You, please”. Suddenly light reduced and all the black paint was cleared from the photo. I could see Baba clearly. He was alone. No one was beside Him in the photo. Then I heard Baba’s voices from the photo asking, “Now, are you able to see Me”. I said “Yes Baba. You are clearly visible”. Early in the morning, when I woke up, I felt very very happy and thanked Baba a lot.

I explained this experience to my friend Divya. She too felt happy and suggested to read Baba’s history to gain His blessings. I never knew about any Parayan (reading of holy books). But somehow, I managed to borrow a book by name “Sai Leelamrutham” (meaning nectar of Sai Leelas written by telugu author EKKIRALA BHARADWAJA ji) from one of my schoolmates for 10 days. My friend suggested reading it by sitting properly in the prayer room. But I neglected her words. I simply used to read it just like any other novel at whatever place and whatever position I feel comfortable.

One day in the afternoon, I read the book in the sleeping posture on the bed, read one chapter, and slipped into a nap. Then I had a dream. That was a big room. Baba sat on the floor there with Kafni on His body, but cloth was not tied to His head. His hair was long and set free. Some devotee was massaging His back. One more devotee was standing beside Him. There was a chair in front of Him. I came there, and noticed Baba but ignored Him and recklessly sat on the chair. Baba pointed towards me and said to the devotee beside Him, “Ahh!! Look at that girl. How carelessly she sat on a chair before me. How disrespectful it is”. On listening to these words, I looked at Baba. Baba was speaking something more, but I could not hear His voice. Slowly, I moved far away from Baba and could not see Him anymore. I woke up immediately asked apologies. From then, I used to sit on floor in the prayer room and read the book.

I felt satisfied on reading the book and wanted to own that book. My friend said that she bought it at Tirupati (200 kms away from our home town). I could not go there on my own. That’s why I requested Baba sincerely, ”Baba, I liked the book a lot, but I could not find it on my own. I don’t know how You will manage to do so. But I want a copy of it within 10 days, so that I can start Parayan. It is up to You now, whether You want Your devotee to do Parayan or not”. 7 days passed. Those days, my sister was pursuing medicine away from our home in a town called Nellore. On the 8th day, my sister came home on holidays. To my surprise, she gave me the book “Sai Leelamrutham” by Ekkirala Bharadwaja Ji and suggested that I should read it regularly. I never said to my sister anything about my experiences with Baba. But how come she brought that book?

This is how it happened. My sister’s roommate is a devotee of Baba and gave my sister a copy of Sai Satcharitra written by Hemadpant Ji. She liked it and started praying Baba. We family members were not aware about this matter. She wanted to explore more unaware Leelas of Baba and started searching for that kind of books. Once when she went to an exertion arranged by college management, she came across a series of books by name “Sai Leelamrutham”. She felt that those books may furnish some more Leelas that she has not read in Sai Satcharitra. She was very much attracted by the cover page photo of a particular book and selected it. It was the one written by Ekkirala Bharadwaja Ji. See, how Baba made her to select the exact book. While she was about to open it, time ran out and she had to leave from there immediately. Hence in a hurry, she bought the book even without opening it. After coming to her room, she has gone through that book expecting some new Leelas of Baba, but she learnt that it is inspired and is almost same as that of Hemadpant Ji‘s “Sai Satcharitra. She got disappointed but she wanted us to pray Baba and hence brought the book to home. I astonished by this Leela. I thanked Baba a lot and started doing Parayan from Thursday as I promised. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Wonderful experience Sudhamayee-ji.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading these experiences.
    By the way, I don't mind whether Baba is angry with me or scolding me in my dreams, as long as His presence (physical form or photo or name) is there in my dream. I love (of course, every devotee does) to see His presence in my dreams.
    Baba please shower your blessings on us.

    Om Sai Rama.

  2. Wonderful experiences Sudhamayee garu.
    I can relate myself to few of them, Felt as if Baba is answering my doubts. Thank you so much for posting amazing Leela's of Baba.
    || Om Sai Ram||

  3. Very nice experience! Baba must be instructing you on what he wants you to do through your dreams, and sometimes the lessons we must learn from Baba can be difficult and hard, but remember, they are just Baba's way of testing us and making us stronger (just as a person lifts very heavy weights to get bigger muscles, these hard tests given by Baba make our spirituality that much stronger). Om Sai Ram!

  4. Sudhamayee devotee I dont know whether u r aware how lucky u r to get such frequent dreams from Baba when there r so many of us who dont get such dreams at all and like chatak birds r forever waiting for his light to shine upon us. It was so nice to read ur experience and how ur faith was increased by our dear Baba.His reham is upon all his devotees but dreams r so rare.

  5. very nice experience Sudhamayeeji,
    i am really happy you are been guided by Baba through dreams. sometimes we may not understand at that time , but at one point of time we realize it.

    He knows our innerself .Sai is our Mother who cares and even shouts for our mistakes and ultimately He cares us abundantly. His care for us has no limits.

  6. Wonderful experience sudhamayee.

    If anybody wants to explore about other saints, other doubts regarding how and why to pray sainath.. i am giving link to free e-books written by Sri Ekkirala Bhardwaja master. Best of the one is "Sai baba and his teachings". Most of them are in telugu but english books also there.

    If anybody intersted you can go here:

  7. Really a wonderful experience, thanks alot for sharing with us Sudhamayee ji.You are very lucky to have such a great dreams and get instructions from baba.

    Baba, please be with us in each and every second and make us to follow your way.

    Jai sai ram.

  8. Sree

    Firstly thank's for posting experience. It's a very good&nice experience. There is lot of guidance and information in your dream.
    I love you sai deva
    May sai bless each&every deovotee

  9. I loved your expericesnces Sudhamayee ji. Baba is great and so are his leelas.

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai Daughter

  10. Sai ram, really you are lucky to get baba in your dreams.After reading your exprience i felt its a lesson for me that sometimes even i sit in any place,any time and read sai sacharitha now i feel baba is directing me to read Sai Sacharitha in proper mannerand at proper place thanks.Om sai ram

  11. Very Nice experience Sudhamayee ji. You are really a Baba's blessed daughter having Baba's darshan in your dreams. Baba plz sometime give me your darshan too.


  12. Thanks fr sharing an awesome experience..i wanna say u one thing…today is my b'day..i asked baba like..i should feel his blessings or presence on my b'day…i live in dad made a call fr me to bless me and told that he z gonna make archana with the priest every thursday on my name and keep rice mixed with sugar and milk to the dogs near his office every thursday…i dont know xactly but i felt very happy fr dat and thought i got blessings frm baba in this way!!!thanks a lot baba… For being with me in my lyf…sorry devootees for dropping dis one here…happy baba's day!!!

  13. @Anonymous
    actually i was not aware how lucky i am until i shared my first experience in this site. i have seen many comments in my first post saying that i am lucky . that day i went to baba and asked him how i am so much lucky.what made me to have his darshan and experience his love so per my habit , i opened the sacharithra at random, and pointed my finger by closing eyes.i practice this whenever i need an answer to my finger pointed to starting lines of an para, in which it was written baba saying "one who loves me the most wil always see me….".this answer brought tears in my eyes.i was just 16yrs old when i had baba's dream for the first time as i explained in the experience. i had never read about his leelas.that is the reason why i felt bad when he rejected me.only after reading sacharithra did i realise that even rejecting, scolding are his blessings and it is his typical way of showering his grace on his children.yes, his appearance in dreams is of ample importance irrespective of his approach towards us.what ever he does,it is only to reform us.

  14. Dear Sudhamayee,
    I don't why but whenever I read experineces realated to sai baba coming in devotees dream I felt very sad because he never comes in my dreams . Today is thursday I pray to babaji to come in my dream and pls. forgive me for all my past mistake and show me the right path .

  15. Hi… Let me share with all my sai devotee… i got new job offer today… will wright about this is brief as one of the experience…


  17. Am a simple and small devotee.. who loves Baba a lot..

    i just wanted all the sai devotee to pray for me . cox am suffering from Black magic(kala jadoo)some may not believe it but it is true cox even i never believed it… but today when am suffering i can really know how miserable it is.
    this makes me very far from Sai and m not able to feel him nor think of Sai and it makes me think who is sai baba- this pain is really unbearable . i have his udi too and started satcharitra parayan. wen i went to temple yesterday i was not able to even feel his power its totally strange.. am suffering from past 6 months.

    during this period with Baba blessing i got a vision to share my experience so i have mailed Hetalji. hope it gets posted wen the time comes.

    Am sorry Hetalji that am requesting from this commenting part to pray to Baba to care me at least i should be able to remember Baba. and i start praying normally . Please i request all the devotees over here to pray for me just for a min … i will be grateful to you all..

  18. Nice experience! I sincerely pray to Babaji to come into my dreams too….I am longing for it!

    Om Sai
    Sri Sai
    Jai Jai Sai!

  19. sudhamayee jee, you're lucky, it's not everyone who has the chance to see baba in dreams as often as you do, that too when you want to see him. it's just like my mother who started worshiping baba ever since she was a teenager. she sees and sometimes even talks to both sathya sai baba and shiridi sai baba often in her dreams and whenever she has a problem to be resolved. you must have done some very good service in your past life to get the close proximity to him in this life.


  20. We all will pray for u…hav faith in sai…he will save u…dont loose faith…pray sai whole heartedly…he will be back of uu…hope u health will recover very soon… We are waiting for ur experience that ur health is recovered…keep saibaba book or saibaba photo under ir pillow and sleep…omsairam

  21. Sister Sudhamayee,

    Jai Sai Ram. Blessed are you that you have wonderful divine visions of our Shri Sai. Guess you are the loveable child of Sai. All these are indications that Baba is with you. However, we still have to face our past karmas and come out of it.

    Soon everything will go well in your life. Do not worry sister.

    Lets bow to the Holy feet of shri Sai Nath.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Why are you fearing when you have come under Baba shelter. Please visit any of Baba temple and start reading Baba Sai Satcharita in the temple. Please complete the reading in 7 days. Prior to starting, please request Baba to save you from Black magic.

    Start on a Thursday and end on a Thursday. If you do not have access to any Baba Temple near by then do it at your home. After completion, please donate some food to any poor person on the last day and then consume the food.

    I will also pray for you.

    Allah Mallik.

    Servant of Baba.

  22. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please come in our dream and guide us.. we also need to talk to you .. so much of confusion around … please guide us.

    Pardon our mistakes and faults.. please bless us and take things forward. Things cannot move without your grace and blessings. So please.. shower your Kripa on us ever.

    Many thanks to you for all your care on us.

    Love you Sai.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  23. yesterday i commented that i am suffering from Black magic.. and yesterday i started parayan…
    I got a dream – like am in shirdi none in the temple and am seeing Saibaba Idol .
    Even in this conditions He cares us how much ever he can. he never leaves our hand,He really supports.After that dream i felt little better.
    once being in Sai hand we can feel that we tend to see all the Religion as one ..

  24. Dear Anon, black magic is not a big deal for Baba. Have faith that by the time you finish paarayan, Baba is going to chase it away. If you can find time do paarayan of Gurucharitra, please do. In that book you will see how Guru controls Bramha Raakshas and gives mukti to him. Baba recommended this book to his devotees.

  25. hello…

    thank u for heart touching experience…
    i have learnt lot from ur experience
    baba is soo kind….plz baba help us..shower ur blessings on us…
    forgive me if i have done any sins…or hurt any body unintentionally..sorry me baba…

  26. Baba you never listened to my prayers, why did you do this to me, I trusted you more than anything and all I got was disappointment.

  27. wow rally nice experience….felt happy reading these experiences in this website…thanks hetalji for creating such a nice blog for every sai child…thanks to you fom the bottam of my heart…thanks alot again….may our saima bless everyone with peace and good health….love you alot saima…

  28. Black Magic is all in the mind …

    Try and keep the mind focus on Shirdi Saibaba and the simple way to do that is just to chant Baba’s Name and Baba will Guide & protect you always .

    In this regards I would like to share a small story …. This is a true story and has inspired me in life in different ways …

    Once there was a man who was doing a research on god , he wanted to understand who is god .. what where his powers and so on ….. so one day as he was walking by the sea shore thinking about his research activities to learn more about god and suddenly he happens to see a small kid playing around by the sea shore … he notice him and saw that this small kid has dug a small hole and in his hand there was a small vessel in which he was collecting the water from the ocean and was pouring it that back into the hole … the man sees this and walks ahead thinking that the kid is just playing .

    After 3 hours this same man returns back to the shore and notices that this small kid is still busy with his earlier activity of collecting the water from the ocean and pouring it back into that small hole and he has been doing it for past 3 Hours this man approaches to this kid and questions him ..’ kid what are you trying to do ‘ ?
    The kid replies to him saying … Uncle I want to empty this water from this ocean and put it in this hole … the man smiles and say to the kid …. How that is possible ?? you can’t empty the water from the this giant ocean and put it in this small hole …..

    The kid looks at the man and says …. Yes you are right … even what you are thinking is not possible and suddenly disappears with a cute smile on his face .

    With this incident this man understands the truth that human mind / Brain is just like a hole as narrated in this story and the power of God is just like a ocean……

  29. Om sai ram I m very happy to share my experience with all . I have atnd my final exams in January .I have not done well in my exams . M praying bsba to pass me .at that tym my professor gave me baba sachcharithra book on thursday .I have read it by next thursday n I got another book baba anugraha rahasayam I thought that I have got baba blessings for me n I neglected in reading that book .but stol praying baba to pass me. But I got my results n I have failed my exam . M searching fr cause baba showed me a way to pass n he blessed me but nt giving a clear way to I was praying continously n he showed my mistake that is I have missed my baba sachcharitra book .n I started searching fr that book butvi didn't get it then I cried n prayed fr baba to show me that book n il never repeat it .by baba blessings I have that book in the evening . Aftr gtng that book I heard good news n while m gtng that book there was a big wind n very furious environment iwas shocked that after I getting that book in to my hand normal climate it is changed with in seconds . Baba started helping me . M happy for that n I hope baba will soon help me in clearing my problems. Omsairam help me baba plz bless me…..

  30. All your post are simply awesome Sister .

    Baba Please forgive me for my sins and please appear in my dreams . I need you badly Baba . Om Sai Ram

  31. I always believed in sai. I'm a huge devotee of sai. But these days whatever I pray for I get completely opposite of it. I'm very sad and feel lonely. Loosing faith in god. 🙁

  32. thank you nevick garu iam searching for akalkkota swami biography from so many days but i could not find it
    now by baba's grace i found it through you
    thank you so much for sharing that website address
    jai sai ram
    jai saibharawaja master

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