Sai Baba Fulfilled My Biggest Desire In Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Who says Lord Sai Baba does not listen to our prayers and wishes. In fact they are noted down immediately when they arise in our hearts. When right time comes, they are wrapped in coloured sparkling papers and sent to us. The same is experienced by below Anonymous devotee.

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Jai Sai Ram Hetal Ji. Thanks for your lovely efforts of making members of Sai family united. We are blessed to have you as our medium to Baba. Please do not share my name and email id. In this experience I am sharing how Baba gave me what I wanted desperately for a very long time. This experience would tell how Baba is doing miracles and do best for His children. Baba, please help me in writing this experience. I had promised Baba that I will post this once my desire is fulfilled.

I am in UK for more than 2 years now. Last year in Jan, I was blessed with a son. I always had a desire to work in UK as an engineer. As before marriage, I worked as an engineer in India and wanted to work again. Last year after my son was 6 months old, I started looking for a job. But there was no response as I was home for a very long time. I became disappointed as I was not getting any interview calls. In Baba’s questions answer book, Baba told me that a friend will come to help me and that happened.

One day, my school friend, who was in UK, called me randomly and I told him that I am looking for a job. So he said that he will help me. He was kind enough to rewrite my resume and talked to some person in his company for my job. For months, nothing happened. After that I started 9 Guruwar Vrat and successfully completed them on 29th Dec 2011. Every time I used to ask Baba about my job and Baba always used to give a positive response.

Also I got a mail about Shibpur miracles one day and I decided to sent donation for pooja. I contacted Amit Ji and asked him for his help and prayed to Baba to please give me a good job. I also sent prayers to Shirdi through your website and prayed that I should get a job in Jan 2012. Day by day, I was becoming panicky as I was not getting any response. Then on 13 Jan 2012, I got a call for an interview on the 19th Jan, which was a Thursday. I was so thrilled that the interview was on Thursday. I must tell you that till then I had not received a single interview call. Also the company was one of the biggest and was very close to my home. I always wanted to work in that company.

I was scared as I did not have any experience in that field. It’s just I had a degree in that subject, but I was not having any experience. I prayed to Baba a lot and went for the interview. The interview was very good and I was waiting for a response. Days passed and I did not get any response. I cried a lot in front of Baba and pleaded for his blessings. I thought I would receive a response on a Thursday and it did not happen. I was devastated. Then the 31st Jan came and nothing happened. My heart cried and fought with Baba that You did not accept my prayers in Shirdi as I asked for a job in Jan 2012. But here the miracle happened.

On the 1st Feb, I got the offer letter in post and it was made on the 31st Jan. I got the shock of my life that how Baba helped me and kept His words. How He accepted my prayers in Shirdi and how Shibpur Baba blessed me. The salary was unexpected and the job profile was amazing and the company was walking distance from my house. The miracle here is that I checked that I had applied for the job on 29th Dec, that is the day when I finished my vrats and the interview took place on the 19th Jan and that is the day when my prayers reached Shirdi. See Baba’s Leela, how He had planned all things.

My desire was fulfilled and I was amazed how Baba gave me a job. I did not have experience and that to in such a big company. I cried a lot in front of Baba and thanked Him.

I can’t thank Baba enough. All I can say is that Baba is everything for me. I donate my life to Him. I got a lesson that Baba is ready to give what’s good for His children, but we should have unbreakable faith in Him. Today He has shown miracles to me and tomorrow He will show you. Also Shibpur Baba is very kind. He is there to fulfill His devotee’s wishes.

Jai Sai Nath. Koti Koti pranams. May baba bless all.

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  1. thqq u so much fr sharing ur experience wid us…u made me trust more on baba…n vry soon by baba's blessings i am going to put my experience..with the same heading..thank u so much fr sharing..shree sai

    please if you can tell me exact procedure of sai vrat of 9 thursdays..and how to send prayers to shirdi by mails..plz..shree sai

  2. Amazing Experience…..Baba Please bless me too….
    Anantkoti BrahamandNayak RajaDhiRaj Yogi Sri Satchidanand Sadguru SaiNath MahaRaj ki Jai ….

    Om Sai Ram!!!

  3. Dear devotee very nice experience. Thank u so much for posting this kind of experience everyday I visit this blog and I use to ask baba to show this similiar kind of miracle.
    Even I m undergoing same kind of rough phase in my life with so much difficult and hardwork I completed my postgraduation but dont have dont have job in my hand from past one year my dream to work in abroad. Trying very hard for that and doing 9 weeks vrat I have cried so much in front of baba.
    today felt very happy by looking at this miracle haveing strong faith that one day even my prayers will be answered.

    om sai ram.

  4. dear anonymous devotee.
    strange are the ways of our father saibaba. just now i was doing my daily puja routine to baba and was asking him if my prayers asking for a good job are reaching him or not. i asked him to show some leela which would fill my heart with confidence of securing a good job and here comes your experience.i am craving for a job from 3 yrs . hope baba blesses me too as he did you.

  5. The core values of Sai Spirituality are Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience).We may not get fruits immediately, today or tomorrow while walking on the path of devotion for which we should not get disappointed. We must take care that our love and trust should not decrease by not getting the desired results early. Our devotion should be strong enough to wait for the right time to get the results.

  6. Wow…Very happy to get a job that you had dreamed of! Keep up your complete FAITH in BABA and accept what BABA has to offer you in LIFE with a cheerful smile and you will experience wonders of wonders from BABA.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  7. nice experience, wonderful to look back and confirm the dates n thanks for sharing that lovely experience.

    Om Sai Rama

  8. Dear friend..even am under going same phase.. its very painful to keep hopes n patience wen al our confidence goes down day by day.. even am crying everyday in front of our baba for my job.. but some r the other time am losing patience but when i read post on dis blog get some hopes back dat baba is doing al des..thinking he has some thing best for me.pLS BABA PLS GET ME MY DREAM JOB I SOME GOOD COMPANY PLS BABA I BEG U..

  9. There is only Mother in this world …. Who can immediately respond to his child…… That is Our Thaiyamma(Mother of mothers)…. Shirdi Sai….

    vijay Nadar

  10. Very nice experience,baba is great,and karunamayi no words can express how much we luv baba.Om Sai Ram.

  11. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks for all your love Baba, you have been keeping your words. All my happiness is because of you. Please take care of the wedding preparations, you are my Big father. Please get us the cooperation from all sides and come and attend our wedding, my Sai. And Baba please make Sunu quit all his bad habits very soon. I am and will be always grateful to you.

    Ever care for all your children Baba. Take care of my friends new job and bless my friends with good life partners.

    Surrendered at your lotus feet.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  12. Sai bharose chal re musafir, Sai bharose chal, Manzil khud chal kar aayegi aaj nahi toh kal :-)….. this is perfect to describe ur experience 🙂

    om sai ram
    Baba Maalik

  13. By baba's grace and kindness I got an opportunity to visit Shibpur sai baba temple and the experience I had there is really unexpected. The whole temple area is surrounded with positive vibration which will give you the feeling of being in heaven.The members of shibpur sai temples are so nice ,and the hospitality and affection they provide is such that it never let us feel that we are stranger to them for a single moment. Even I have asked Saiji to bless me and allow me to visit him there again, but this time with my better half whom I am sure baba will send to me soon.

  14. hello,

    lovely article. my birthday was on 19th january which was a thursday. i love baba dearly. :).

    am 23 and even am searching for a job.

    jai sai ram

  15. Very nice experience! Baba plans everything for us and who better to plan our life for us than our dear Baba? Congratulations on getting such a wonderful job and Baba planned everything to work out perfectly for you! Om Sai Ram!

  16. Amazing Experience…..Baba Please bless me too….
    Anantkoti BrahamandNayak RajaDhiRaj Yogi Sri Satchidanand Sadguru SaiNath MahaRaj ki Jai ….

    Om Sai Ram!!!


  17. I always chant Om Sairam ALL THE TIME.I was in fact sending a prayer to another site but was not successful and suddenly this site opens and I am delighted that MY SAI has come to me.Please please Sai help me in selling our ancestral land so that we can help our son's education and please bless him so that he gets a good job in the UK after his studies.
    OM SAI RAM….Padma

  18. Even my birthday is on Thursday, please Sai fulfill my wish…. I will do all that you will tell me but please make him mine lord… These last two years ahev been really tought 4 me… please sai dont test my patience, I might break down completely….

  19. om sai ram Baba,

    I trust to you,I love you,

    please take care of my family.. I am going through lot of problems..

    please take care..

    this was a beautiful experience…

    om sai ram
    love you BABA.

  20. Thank you for the lovely experience. I would like to know details about 9 guruvaari vrat? How do I perform?

    I have also learnt from my experiences that sometimes Baba makes us help others and in the same way one bhakta helps the other….

  21. Isnt that a great experience. Right now I'm experiencing lot of troubles in my life. I have always prayed to Sai Baba and ask for forgiveness for my sins. My life, My family is very very dependent on what happens in next few hours. I have completed Sai Sachritra in 2 days over the weekend. I am sure Sai Nath cannot leave in the middle. Please all Sai devotees pray for another miracle. I will post straight away if this miracle happens. Om Sai Ram… Baba can do anything….

  22. Hi all

    As I promised. I got an update. Some assurance. Baba is planning something very different for me. Need to have patience and trust in Baba

    Om Sai/

  23. om sairam ….. what an experience! I am also facing the same situation for the past 2 years. baba please bless me with a job. all sai devotees please pray for me…..

  24. Baba pranam, baba please help me, baba Please save me from all the tensions and stress I am bearing now, baba u know everything about me, baba due to my marriage issue my dad left me totally,since 7 years I am living far of my parents and home, baba my dad left me totally and restricted my mom and all my family not to keep any contacts with me, baba till now my dad didn't spoke to me when I went home after many years he totally ignored and went inside he didn't saw my child also,baba I accept all my mistakes and sin please forgive me baba and please let my dad forgive me and please let him accept us, baba My mom wants me but scared about dad, baba please let my dad allow my mom and all my family to keep contacts with me and allow me to home, baba please do justice with me, baba release my dad from his ego and anger towards me, baba please help me baba , please baba let my dad stop punishing me, let my dad realise what he did against me, baba please strengthen my dad to forgive me and accept me my husband and my child, baba Please have mercy and please please respond my prayers now baba , baba with out dad's acceptance I have no place in my parents home baba, baba I need you u baba please help me baba I beg you baba please do miracle now baba and please solve all misunderstanding in between us, baba immediately right now speak with my dad to please have mercy and forgive me and accept us, baba bless my dad with full of love towards me and all my family , baba due to loneliness and severe stress I am not feeling well , I am suffering from severe wheezing and a sleeplessness, baba please heal me , baba have mercy and heal me, baba do miracle and heal me, heal me totally whatever bothering me,and bless me with good health peace and happiness forever, baba please hear my cry now and please answer my prayer now, baba please reunite us with my parents and home now, baba I am totally depressed baba have no strength even to cry, baba lost all my patience I am almost tired please please I beg you to please soften my dad heart now and please reunite us with my parents and home now, and bless me and my family with good health peace and happiness forever, baba I beg this and I pray this in your name baba.

  25. Pls pray for me my life is in in a critical and my husbnd living separately from l14 months.he is becoming rude day by day.he is insisting me to give divorce.but i cant give.bcoz i love him so much.i cant live without him.but he is not understandng.pls pray to reunite us.pls pls pls.

  26. Om sai ram baba
    I have full faith in you ..I need this job baba .. U kw seb kuch ur.. Plz bless me with new job
    Om sai ram baba

  27. Hello Friends,
    I came to know sai 5 days puja and did puja for 5 days. Today is the last day of puja and i am posting this to let you know the puja.Baba give peace to all. This is a simply and powerful pooja that every one can do to fullfill your wishes. Please follow the procedure as below:
    1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis. You can start this pooja on any day but thursday is preferable.
    2. One has to perform this pooja on the same time for 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience.But time of doing this pooja should be same for all 5 days.
    3. Light 5 lamps in front of Sai Baba.
    4. Offer one flower in the holy feet of Sai Baba.
    5. Offer one fruit to baba and distribute it among family members as prasad.
    6. You can read 108 names of Sai Baba along with chanting sai sai sai or any other mantra that you like..
    7. Then in the end, sing Sai Baba Aarti and pray whole heartedly in the holy feet of Baba for his blessings.
    8. On completion of pooja on 5th day, you need to tell about this pooja to 5 people.
    Thank you! Sai ram

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