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The following mail of Sai Brother Shekar Ji is not related particularly to any deity. It carries are very deep meaning if we assimilate his experience. It certainly conveys the same message which our Lord Sai Baba used to say “Sabka Malik Ek”. It is very well drafted and it will not leave you throughtout.

Sai Brother Shekar Ji from Mauritius says: I convinced about the divinity of Sai after a great miracle He performed in my life on 23rd November, which I shall relate on another occasion. I made my first trip to Puttaparthy in June 1992. Couple of weeks later, in Whitefield, I made a wonderful dream, whereby Swami conveyed to me the answer to my question about what is our relationship with God. How wonderfully He showed me that He, Sai (God), is ours mother, father, brother, sister, consort and friend. Thank you for enabling me to share this valuable experience.

From Puttaparthy, we followed Swami, as He moved to Whitefield. Since Childhood, I used to question about one’s relationship with God. Who else could best answer this question, if not the Lord Himself. That night, after, as usual, reading Sai’s book. I felt asleep. In my dream, I was in the very same room, in Whitefield. Suddenly my father popped in. To my consciousness, He was my father, but His physical appearance was Swami Himself standing there in His orange robe. He was scolding me for certain things I did back home, which He was not pleased with, in particular my betting on Horse racing. So He said that and He left the room angrily.

Hardly He had left my room. Then my mother ran in and started patting and consoles me, with words like “You know how your father is. He is saying all these out of love for you. Do not take His words at heart”. However, again, I knew that it was my mother talking to me, but she took Swami’s form. As I can recall it was Swami there and then.

This followed by seeing myself in midst of my brothers back home in Mauritius. Here my elder brother was busy giving me precious advices as to how to run my business and to sort out few problems. Again, He was in the form of Swami.

Next day, I was driving my sports car and by my side my girl friend sat. She laid her head on my shoulder and was somewhat sleepy. In reality, it was none but Swami Himself and I was lovingly caressing her (His) hair with my left hand, while my right hand was on the steering wheel. I was driving with utmost prudence so as not to disturb her (His) rest.

Then I reached my destination, which was my sister’s place and once out of the car, I saw my sister waving to me from her balcony, and it was Swami’s in person again. I found myself carrying a crate of soft drink to my sister and I was helped by my dear friend. Yet this friend of mine took swami’s physical appearance.

What a marvel, when I wake up and interpreting the dream, I realized that my sweet Lord has given the answer (through explicit experiences) to my untold puzzle, showing me that the Lord can be our Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend and consort as well.

Moving to Darshan in the morning. I related the dream to an American lady and the landlady. I told them I’ll buy a Rose flower and try to offer it to Swami during Darshan with a wish that if He happens to take it from me. Then it will be a sign that He deliberately gave me that dream as an answer to my question about one’s relationship with God, else it was just a mere dream.

Everything went up favorably and I got best position at Darshan to be able to offer the flower, which I bought on my way, to Swami. Amidst of a sudden, there was total silence, but accompanied with a soft and appealing pleasant music. Swami floats in amongst the Darshan lines. My heart beats could be heard miles away as my heart began to pound. He moved into my Darshan row and nearing me. I closed my eyes and offered the flower with my hearty wish, only to realize, instant later, that He went passed me without taking my flower. Imagine my deception then as my thought rush to saying “Oh that was just a mere dream”. Hardly was this thought made that He rushed back to me and plucked the flower from my hands and moved around with it in His hands. My joy knew no bounds and tears flew from my eyes. “Oh! What a Leela, my Lord and thank You my sweet Sai for this marvelous experience.” was what I conveyed to Him.

I express heartily that, by Swami’s grace, I am able to share this experience, be it some twenty years later! Jai Sai Ram!

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Oh my God,we are fortunate that u shared this,how lucky u are to receive such blessings,Amazing,Awesome,Marvelous… blissful.

  2. I truly dont beleive that Satya Sai and our Baba are the same. They are poles apart and it irks me when they are thus compared. Look at our Baba's life and then this Swami's life– as apart as chalk and cheese. This is not to hurt Shekar ji's feelings and trust but just to express what I feel.However I liked his divine dream.

  3. Dear Shekhar ji,
    I am so happy to read your posting. It does not matter whom you believe in or NOT BELIEVING IN as long as we do believe in ONE SUPREME POWER!
    I also had such an astonishing experience. That experience is about how my wish to visit Puttaparthy was fulfilled during my visit to India in 2008, as a dream come true! It was a miracle of day light for me! I might not have posted this experience here on this bog, but I will post little later after tracing it from my other e-mails.
    And the same way I had met and talked to a person who resembled soooooo much to Satya Sai BABA,(Shree Satya Sai BABA was alive when I had this experience, and HIS hair has grown that much thinner though same curly hair), this person has exact same facial features, hair, nose, eyes and yet he had a white cloth worn exactly like our Shiradi Sai BABA.I can not forget that experience and still am amazed how this can be possible! This happened in the year 2010. This experience I have posted here on this blog.
    As Mr. anonymous ji says my mind also can not accept Shree Satya Sai BABA just the same as Shiradi Sai BABA but with these experiences, I think BABA had cleared my doubt that Shirdi Sai BABA and Shree Satya SAI BABA are one and the same!
    I am sure Shree Satya Sai BABA would not be angry if we show our strong faith in Shirdi Sai BABA!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  4. Nice Experience. I agree to the above comment. Sai baba cannot be compared with sathya sai. Im sorry shekar'ji this is not to hurt ur feelings. Even I cannot imagine even one sec,shirdi sai being compared with sathya sai. But i liked the message which is conveyed from ur dream. Thanks.

  5. Nice Experience Shekarji. Let it be any God or Guru they are from One Supreme soul in different forms, Don't ever compare any Guru with another. but we need to take a message from this dream that any form of God or Guru, Is Our Father, Mother and so on. They are always there to care for us..

  6. What a wonderful experience. I too had similar feelings about Satya Sai not being the same as Shirdi Sai. I was wondering if they were both the same. I had this question and feelings in my mind until I had a dream one night. In the dream, first I saw Shirdi Sai and then I saw Satya Sai. I interpreted this to mean that this was Shirdi Sai's way of telling me that that they are both the same.

  7. Meera ji agreed that u now beleive that they r 'one and the same' however if I am not wrong our Baba used to wear green colour cloth on his body stiched by Bala Shimpi. Him shown in orange or white robes must be artist imaginations. I dont really remember where I read this but I did somewhere, maybe some devotee can clarify.

  8. It does not matter whom you believe in, as long as you truely 'Believe'. It is just your mind that says they are apart and different and the matter ends there (in your mind).

    Lets see What Shirdi Baba did in his life. He got defeated in physical fight, he agreed to be a disciple of another fakir for a while sincerely and Nana Valli ordered him to get up from his seat and move, he did. Baba respected every soul as divine. He never commented about fake gurus etc… If we believe in our Shiridi Baba, we should end the matter here.

    Lets examine one other thing. I agree that Baba's physical form is sacred and utmost important to us. But when someone asked Baba how old he was, he said he is lakhs of years old. This frame of Bab is here for 200 years. What was Baba referring to as his true self? When you go beyond Body these differentiations seize. Lets discover our Baba before we judge the other.

  9. Very nice experience! Thanks for sharing your dream-like experience. Baba (God) comes to us in many, many forms (can come to us as even a rock, a small molecule, a large animal, a kind, old man, a small child). Om Sai Ram!

  10. Om Sai Ram,

    Thanks sekhar ji for your wonderful experience. For me Sathya sai baba and Shirdi baba are both one and only. Baba showed me they are same, so I cannot even have those doubts enter into my mind. Baba, please always be with us and guide us in the right direction.

    Om Sai Ram.

  11. good experience in dream …
    and i like all the comments
    but the real answer is …u know
    1. satya sai baba ji told my guru is shirdi sai baba
    any one know this ??
    and the other thing is
    u will also become shisya to god by having guru in this kali yuga
    me my guru is shirdi sai baba
    and i am passing my every movement of my life by sadguru krupa and teachings .

    like that god is one but to send a message god himself takes a birth as sadguru form and guide us in every decade

  12. Dear Brother Shekar,

    I truly wish your whole purpose of posting this miracle is to show how Baba saved you. But its a little contradicting because your speaking about " sathya saibaba of puttaparthi"
    and here we are sharing experiences of "shri Shiridi Baba"

    I respect sathya saibaba for all the charity he had done so far, but to me Shiridi Sainath is the one and only God whom i truly admire and worship. So, lets not say Sathya saibaba is Shiridi Saibaba, then its a wrong message to the world.

    Shiridi Baba`s life:

    Lived in an old diplated mosque (Dwarakamai)

    Baba's meal was the food he received through begging, this continued till baba took mahasamadhi and had just stopped few days before he left his mortal body.

    Dogs and birds ate from his begging bowl, he never objected.

    Baba collected Dakshina from devotees every day, but his pockets were empty by night as he distributed it to people around him.

    Baba wore old and torn clothes and felt satisfied with it.

    Devotees gifted him very expensive gifts but he never used them in his life time.

    Baba's words were powerful and what ever Baba said came true while the words of astrologers and fake swami's were proved wrong. Many such examples can be sighted during Baba days.

    Baba controlled Death and birth, he gave the exact time and date of his mahasamadhi.

    Baba had the complete powers to even control the universe, one such example was when shiridi was hit by Bad storm. A beautiful narration of this is written by shri Tarkhand family in their experiences with Shiridi Saibaba.

    Baba never called himself God, he said he is a obedient servant of God.

    When Baba got angry he took over the position of "Narashima Avatar" and none could face him.

    Baba spoke such words that even Devi Sarawathi could not speak. What ever Baba spoke never went wrong.

    Hope from now onwards, devotees will not misinterpret sathya saibaba to be Shiridi Baba.

    Lets all shout "Glory to the Victorious King of Kings shri Shiridi Saibaba"

    Your Servant.

  13. I must admit that through and thanks to sathya Sai Baba, I've been led to the holy feet of Shri Shirdi sai baba. I've read the Sai Satcharitra and dwelled in the miraculous and great life of Such a great saint as is Shirdi Sai Baba.
    No point of discussing here on issues of both Sai. For this blog is very much respected and is a devine gift to all of us. reading about one another's devine experience, does but strenghten our faith in our Holy saint and ease our 'Road to Godhead'. Believe in your inner promptings and listen to it,as it's none but the devinity inside that's allerting you.But one thing is sure: Sathya has always been full of praise for the magnificent devine incarnation of Shri Shri Shirdi sai Baba. jai Shri sai ram!

  14. what the last comment is correct (your Servant), and we shridi sai baba devotees love everyone as human or strictly speaking we love all the living beings. And we help to needy people.
    Please check once the experiences of devotees once you put into this devotional blog, and what are you doing is very very more than devotional and you are building so much of confidence in the true and needed hearts of people.
    So, please don't give chance to wrong leaded path as saying this is my experience.
    Baba please forgive me, the way I told.

    SAI RAM.

  15. Wow anon devotee above you have rightly answered everyone as this is site for our dear Baba and lets not get diverted by any other. Those who believe others are free to do so but there is in no way a comparison between the two at all. Thats final. They are not one and same at all, he led his own way of life among charity and other undesirable happenings which everyone is aware of whereas as you have stated our Baba has lead a completely different life than his so called shishya has done and proclaiming otherwise will not make it true in any sense.

  16. Very nice comment shared by our anonymous devotee. I Can't even imagine or compare shirdi sai with anyone

  17. Brother Shekar,

    I was the one who replied to your comment as "Shiridi Baba Servant"

    You have again stated that "Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi" is an Incarnation of "Shiridi Sai Baba".

    Brother Shekar even while Baba lived lot of people claimed that they were his Guru and one day the real truth was known.

    Shri Dasganu Maharaj, an adherent devotee of Baba lived till 1950's and so do other great devotees. Then why did Baba not direct these devotees to putaparthi? infact lots of discussions had taken place on this topic and none of Sai devotees agreed to it.

    I myself did lots of research on it, finally i read an article which gave the life sketch of " puttaparthi baba"

    I will keep it short. " Puttaparthi Baba" Real name " Sathya narayana Raju" used to attend Bajans of shiridi Baba at his uncles house who was an devotee of shiridi Baba. At a tender age his devotion towards Baba was unbelievable. He gained some miraclous powers and declared himself an Incarnation of Shiridi SaiBaba.

    Shiridi Baba did give some miracle powers to some of his devotees, but as devotees misused them he again took back the powers he had bestowed.

    Brother Shekar, please do not get me wrong. As i said earlier i respect "Sathya sai Baba" for all good jobs he has done so far. My father has kept a photo of sathya sai in our pooja room and i guess he believes likes you. I never discussed this topic with family so i do not know what they thought and neither did i object my Dad when he worships sathya sai.

    Since lot of negative articles have spread about sathya sai, some people mistake Shiridi Sai Baba as Sathya Sai Baba and they abused shiridi Baba. It hurted me a lot and i guess any Shiridi Baba devotee will be hurt too!

    So this is the reason i say that we should not spread false message to the world.

    I will only believe it from shiridi Baba himself. When ever i had such thoughts or doubts i place them before Baba and he solves it but for this topic baba never answered which means the answer is known.

    I am an ignorant and foolish child of My Baba and thus not able to express my feelings, but inside my heart i know the true love i have for my Baba.

    Glory to the Victorious Baba! Jai Sai Ram.

    Your Servant.

  18. Shirdi Sai servant you have rightly replied to all statements by Shekarji. He beleives both to be same which is not acceptable to us as their own lives are open book to all of us and we all know that by claiming to be his incarnation doesnt make him one so lets all of us not continue this discussion at all and not bother to reply anybody . The truth we all feel and let that be enough for us .

  19. Having FAITH in THE SUPREME is the most important thing. You may name it Shiradi Sai BABA or Satya Sai BABA or any other name. WE should not discuss who is more powerful and who is not! ALL is Brahman ! OM !
    Live thinking of omnipresence of that SUPREME POWER and do good to others.
    It is most important message by Shiradi Sai BABA "not to interfere or interpret other individual for what he/she is doing or believing."
    Jai Sai Ram.

  20. Meeraji u r right in saying that we should not interfere or interpret other individual— correct, however, please , both of them are as apart as chalk and cheese. U may refer to the various videos of his sleight of hand– magician tricks– still, people believe him blindly to be our Baba's incarnation– that is totally unacceptable. Our Baba never stored crores of cash with him unlike the other one so why place ones beleif in such a person who is nowhere close to Shirdi Baba? Its so nasty that he names himself after our Baba.At least educated people who can see the truth should not.

  21. I can not disagree with you 110% !!! I too have such mind boggling doubts and can never find Satya Sai BABA close to Shirdi Sai BABA. But there is no point asking Satya Sai BABA's devotees not to believe in HIM ! And one can not deny the fact that Satya Sai BABA has done so much for people, like building Hospitals, Schools and water projects….I don't recollect any individual who has done so much for helping mankind and for that any one been able to collect such donations! And like Christian evangelists or Muslim fanatics, HE never tried to ask people to "change" the religion to believe in HIM. All HE was asking people to "Love ALL and HATE none".
    And why should we get disturbed by somebody claiming himself as GOD and others' believing in that? It is none of our business to see what others are doing! We can just discard such irrelevant things and keep our peace undisturbed! I mean, this is my way of thinking that we TRUST in Shirdi Sai BABA, and if we really want to follow what BABA taught his disciples that we read in Sai Satcharitra, this discussion would never take place. We read peoples experiences here on this blog, if we find them interesting, that's fine, we express our joy writing comments, if we don't, just ignore the post and get going!
    This type of discussion had taken place sometime back too and at that time also we pointed out that the way Ms. Hetal ji is allowing everyone to post their experiences without being judgmental , we should do the same, i.e. not to be judgmental about anybody's belief!
    Well, all said and done, we should be humble to be very compassionate to each creation of GOD and live happily respecting others.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  22. @Anonymous
    Also in response to your saying"Its so nasty that he names himself after our Baba.At least educated people who can see the truth should not." I think why to worry about such thing? The writer of this experience does not want us to change what we believe. He is just narrating what he experienced. Where is the question of comparing Satya Sai BABA with Shirdi Sai BABA in the first place!?!? If the experience helps you increase your FAITH in BABA, The SUPREME, it's good. IF not, it's ok too!
    Sorry if I have offended you in anyways. I am neither approving nor disproving somebody's belief.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  23. Om Sai Ram,

    I am a very small person to comment on anything like this. I only know that Sai Baba has said that he is in everything. God is in all things – animate or inanimate. That is the essence of what I have understood from Sai Satcharita and hence if someone is having faith in Satya Sai, its that person's faith. Who are we to judge ? Be it good or bad, leave it upto God.

    Thank you O Sai, Thank you so much. What I had been hoping to do so for so many days , you have helped me do it today on your day …. Thursday. Baba, Please accept my prayer and come and bless me and my family and home. May your grace forever be on your children all over the world.

    Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  24. Though we are "small" but we all are important link in BABA's Leela and we all are blessed! All we need to pray BABA to help us guiding on right path to fulfill our part the way HE wants us to!
    Jai Sai Ram

  25. Meeraji ,very passionately written view. I am reminded of SSC chapter V where pseudo guru Javhar Ali captures everyone with his sweet tongue and makes Baba his disciple. Then after some time Baba's devotees ( they didnt sit back thinking noble thoughts ) went and got both back to Shirdi where Javhar Ali was worsted by another fakir and thus Baba proved by his humbleness that he was indded our true Baba. What a lesson!

  26. please inform me is really the stya saibaba of shirdi helpes by praying him .It should not here and say Answer should be straight and transparent. THERE SHOULD NOT BE ROUND ABOUTS.Answer quickly.

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