My Sai’s Miracle in My Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Lord Sai Baba does so many deeds that His devotees are convinced of His Spiritual Presence. Such is an experience below.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sairam Hetal Ji, I am very happy that I have got this chance to share my experience I got from my SAI with everyone. I thank you for doing such a wonderful job. It’s really amazing that you are giving your time for everyone of us so that we can share our experiences and also read those beautiful things about my SAI. I love my BABA more than anything in my life. BABA is everything for me. Today whatever I am it’s only because of my BABA and I can never even imagine myself being like this without His blessings. I LOVE YOU BABA and always be with me like this without leaving me even for a moment.

I have lots and lots of experiences to be noted. In fact, I have been experiencing miracles every day in my life. When I just think of everything, I feel that my BABA is always with me and He can’t see us in trouble anytime. I will note some of my experiences here and again I thank Hetal Ji for giving me this platform to express what I feel for my SAI. Please don’t mention my email id or name.

My BABA has played very important role in everyone’s life especially in my life. I really can’t list, what all he has done for me and for my family, as it is innumerous. He has such an angel in my life that whatever I ask or whenever I want my BABA is with me, he is always there with me.

I live in US with my husband and my son. By my BABA’s blessings, I have got a very understanding and loving husband in my life. In 2007, we came to USA and my husband was working for a US client and I was pregnant. By BABA’s grace, my delivery was normal and we had a baby boy. We all were very happy.

But by the time, we would really enjoy the happy moments, we got to know that my husband’s project got over and we had to travel back to India. My baby was very little to travel as he was just a week old and more over we were not prepared to go back to India right at that time. We didn’t know what to do as we were much tensed and we prayed BABA that he should solve our problem. My BABA never left us to take this pain anymore. After a one month, my husband got confirmed with another project in different city in US and he had to start his work from Jan 3rd. And more then everything BABA gave my husband a chance to stay at home for 2 months and enjoy my baby’s growing as if he had to go to work he would definitely miss all the fun what he had.

We came to Austin and my husband started his work and days were going and we would somehow feel BABA’s miracle in some or other way. By then, one day suddenly we got to know that again my husband’s project was over and we had to go back to India. Even now we were not prepared to return to India as we had some commitments. This happened during 2009, when there was the recession going on. At this time, it was not suggested to give up the job what we had, but we had a firm believe that BABA will not leave our hands and He will definitely help us come out this trouble. We prayed BABA and by BABA’s blessings, my husband got another job and we didn’t have to worry about going back to India.

All this could not be possible without my BABA’s blessings.

Like this we are experiencing lots and lots of miracles in our day to day life and we were waiting to go to SHRIDI to see my BABA and thank Him for all what He has done for us.

At last, we got a chance and in December. I and my family went to Shirdi. My 4 year old son is also found of my SAI. He loves SAI as we do. We reached Shirdi in the evening at around 5 PM and we decided to take the Darshan after we get fresh. We didn’t want to wait till the next morning, as we were so curious to see BABA. We got ready and started for the Darshan and stood in the line and it took almost an hour. By that time, we got the Darshan and came out. I was wonder stuck as I saw my BABA there. My eyes were full of tears and I have a very good Darshan of my SAI. My husband was carrying my son. He finished the Darshan. He offered some Dakshina in the hundi and came out. As he was coming out, my son started crying and telling that he wants to put money in the hundi. But as my husband was already out, he was not able to get in again. So he tried convincing my son that we could offer the Dakshina next day also. But my son was not getting convinced. Instead he started telling that there is one browner color BABA pointing out his hand towards back and he started crying that he wants to go there and put money. There, my husband could not understand what my son was telling. As it was first time for us in Shirdi and how 4 years old boy did know that there is one more photo of BABA. My husband taught he would check and see if there is any photo as my son was telling. So he went towards where my son was pointing out and for the surprise my husband found a big brown photo of BABA there. It was a real surprise for us, as we had not gone there any time before nor my son had seen that before. How did he know that there is a BABA photo in that place? After seeing BABA, my husband and my son prayed there and my son again started to cry that he wanted to offer Dakshina to BABA at that place. But as there was no hundi nearby or there was no place to put money, my husband told that we should not simply keep money here and there. So we will offer the Dakshina, when we will find the hundi. But my son was not ready to listen. By then one miracle happen, my husband was just trying to turn, the coin which my son wanted to give to BABA fell from my husband’s hand and fell near BABA’s photo. That time, we realised that BABA wanted my husband to see the photo and BABA wanted my husband to offer the coin there and so all these things happen. It might be a coincident or just something normal for others to hear, but for us it is a great thing or it is miracle.

BABA is always with us and I am happy that even my 4 years son is also attached to my BABA and BABA accepted our devotion in this some way.

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  1. Baba you are Antaryami,you know the innermost wishes of all your children.Please be with them all the time.OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice is the Leela of Baba, everything in our life is because of his grace. I wanted to read some experience related to marriage or babies today, and here it is. I felt really happy to read this one today morning.

    Thanks a lot Deva for all your countless blessings. Please take utmost acre of my Mother and my entire family.

    Bless all your children always. We love you lots.

    Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Baba's Leelas are wonderful!.If you hear the Leelas (stories) of Sai daily, you will always see Him. Day and night you will remember Him in your mind. When you assimilate Sai in this way, your mind will lose its fickleness, and if you go on in this manner, it will finally be merged in Pure consciousness.

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    I was reading chapter 25 of 'Shri Sai Satcharitra' and at Baba's inspiration felt like sharing the following lines from it. My mind was agitated and i was praying Sai to calm it and drive away all bad thoughts and randomly picked up chapter 25 to read. To my utter joy it had the below lines which was so similar to my prayer. Baba and his Leelas are inconceivable 🙂 Love You Deva.


    Hemadpant closes this Chapter with a prayer. "Oh Sai Sad-guru, the wish fulfilling tree of the Bhaktas, Let us never forget and lose sight of Your Feet; we have been troubled with the ins and outs (births and deaths) in this samsar; now free us from this cycle of births and deaths. Restrain us from the outgoing of our senses to their objects and introvert us and bring us face to face with the Atma (Self). As long as this outgoing tendency of the senses and the mind is not checked, there is no prospect of self-realisation. Neither son, nor wife nor friend will be of any use in the end. It is only You, Who will give us salvation and happiness. Destroy completely our tendency for discussions and other evil matters, let out tongue get a passion for chanting Your name. Drive out our thoughts, good or otherwise and make us forget our bodies and houses, and do away with our egoism. Make us ever remember Your name and forget all other things. Remove the restlessness of our mind, and make it steady and calm. If you just clasp us, the darkness of night of our ignorance will vanish and we shall live happily in Your light. That You made us drink the nectar of Your Leelas and awakened us from our slumber is due to Your grace and our store of merits in past births".

    Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Very nice experience. Baba, please shower your blessings to all your devotees. Today i am very much disturbed and you know the reason. Baba I cant tell to anyone. Only you know and only you can solve & I have faith that you will definitely solve this.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. @Mamta BatraDear Mamata ji, I pray for peace to your mind and wishing your problems be taken care of by our loving Sai BABA!

    *** Dear Sai devotee of USA, very happy to read your posting. You are lucky to have BABA with you always. It is amazing how BABA talk to you via your 4 year old son! May you remain blessed ever.

  7. Jai Sai ram!!
    Very nice experience. Baba, pls solve my problem which is in my mind. I want to conquer success. Please help ur child baba…. Jai sai ram

    I Love You Baba.
    Baba, you know I am very much disturbed and getting irritated of myself.
    Please help me Baba.


  10. Very wonderful experience! Baba must have wanted your husband and son to see the photo of Baba, so Baba made sure your son insisted on giving the money at the certain photo of Baba's. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Its such a wonderful experience to read. You made me remember sayings of Baba in SAI Sacharitra that however it is Baba will accept the offerings from people if they desire to offer at any cost and any means. Your experience clearly proves that. Thanks for posting.

    May Baba always shower his blessings to you and all the SAI devotees.

    Baba reham karna


  12. Its a miracle my dear Sister .
    Om Sai Ram ..Baba thanks for everything and giving me lots blessings on my birtthday. I thought this time in my birthday i will not cry but the leelas which you have shown me in last couple of days made me cry . Never leave me Sai Ram . I can't leave without you .

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