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Situations always carry us with them like dry grass is carried away in direction of wind. But that wind is raised by Lord, to sometimes safeguard grass and sometimes make it reach its destination. We can rightly be compared to dry grass who is not at all bothered about the wind as we know our Lord Sai Baba will take us in safe direction. Please go through below experience and enjoy bliss!
Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetal Ji, Firstly, thank you so much for sharing devotee’s experiences. I regularly read these experiences, it has become my habit and look for a new experience every day. I would like to share my experiences which I had. Please do not disclose my email and my name.

Sorry for the lengthy experiences, as I described couple of experiences I wanted to share with everyone who believes Baba.

I was a devotee to Baba since my childhood. When I was in 9th Class, one of my friends told me about Baba. Since then I started believing Him, praying Him, and going to temple. But I was not serious at that time. After few years later, when I was doing my graduation, one of my aunts gave me “Shri Sai Satcharitra
” book and told about Parayan. I completed 7 days Parayan, but my desire was not fulfilled and my faith in Baba didn’t change.

First experience I had was in 2007. One Wednesday, I decided to do Parayan. But suddenly, my father started suffering from severe chest pain, while he was sleeping. We all were suspecting that could be gastric pain. Next day early morning, we consulted local doctor. He advised us to take him to senior doctor in the nearest city. My mom and dad went to hospital for initial checkup. As decided earlier, I started Parayan. While my parents explaining the symptoms of pain to the doctor, doctor found the problem and asked my mom to admit him for further treatment and confirmed that my dad got heart attack in the night. We came to know this in the evening, when my mom called us. The moment I heard this news from my mom, I was shocked and cried in front of Baba, and said I will not complete Parayan. Next morning, we all went to the city to see my father and accompany with him during the treatment. When doctor explained the condition of my father that he had got heart stroke in the night and was safe till next afternoon and said that we were lucky. Then I realized that Baba took care of my father until he had been initially treated. I carried book with me and completed whole book in three days. The treatment was going and my father’s health getting recovered slowly. He was shifted to one of the biggest hospitals in Hyderabad for angioplasty. After few days, he was fully recovered. We all were happy as Baba helped us to get recover my father’s health. My father and my mother started believing Baba.

My second experience was in March 2010. We had a plan to travel to USA in mid of March 2010. We wanted to visit Shirdi with our 6 month old son before we travel to USA. We went to Shirdi with my in-laws and my husband’s brother and his family with their 4 months daughter. We were too tired with journey, took couple of hours rest and all of us went to temple for evening Darshan. We all entered into queue and moved half way to queue complex. Suddenly my son got afraid of crowd and started crying. We tried different ways to pacify him, but he was not stopping. Then we decided to come out of queue complex immediately. We asked rest of the family members to continue Darshan and we came out to feed him. After few minutes he stopped crying. We again entered into queue. He was calm for few minutes and again he started crying. This time it was very tough to control him. We came out of queue complex and rested just outside of the queue complex. And we were losing our hopes, and were very upset because we were not able to proceed Baba’s main temple to have blessings to our kid. Then, one of the security guards came to us and offered Baba’s UDI to put on my son’s fore head and a pinch in mouth. She also told us not to worry about the Darshan. She would take care of us. She took me and my son with her and bypassed two of queue complexes, and asked my husband to come in line. We were waiting there for my husband. He reached us in 15 minutes. Then we all together entered into main temple and had Baba’s Darshan and had Baba’s blessings to our son. We felt very happy and believe that Baba helped us in the form of security guard and helped us to reach His Samadhi temple.

Another experience we had in last year, when my husband changed his job. My husband was working for India based company and he had been transferred to US to work with client. After few days, he changed to US company on different work visa, and was working as contractor for a client. My husband’s new employer applied for Change of Status, but we received RFE. We were totally disappointed, when we heard this news from employer. Different things were roaming in our mind, like, what if Change of status is not approved by USCIS after responding to RFE. When we go back to India, how we will manage all commitments in India till we get new job. We both decided to pray Baba and do 7 day’s Parayan. While we were in this situation, my husband got an offer from his previous client for full-time position. We felt very happy and sad as he cannot join that company immediately as his work visa needs to be transferred to new company. My husband explained the current situation to the manager, who offered fulltime position and requested to keep this position on hold. I prayed Baba and started “9 Thursdays” vrat. After that every Thursday, we heard a good news about visa processing and new job. Last Thursday, new employer applied for visa transfer and been approved in 5 days. Now my husband is a full time employee.

Lastly I would like to share how we have received Baba’s blessings. We read several experiences and most of them mentioned that they received Baba’s blessing in different forms, when they do Nama Smaranam. We thought of doing on one Thursday and prepared Prasadam, and did Nama Smaranam in the evening. While doing Nama Smaranam, we were praying Baba to bless us. Later we started to temple to distribute the Prasadam. While going to temple, my husband checked his mail box as usual. We found an envelope, which was sent from Shirdi contained UDI and Prasadam. It was a surprise. We remember that we donated money for Annadanam in Shirdi few months back, which we totally forgot and Baba sent Prasadam as a return.

Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sachhidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki JAI.

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Thanks a lot Deva. My interview went on fine. Thanks 🙂 Seal the deal soon. And now, my fiancee is facing issues in his job security. Please find him a good and secure job soon. Help us and bless us. Thanks a lot for all your mercy on us.

    may Sai shower his choicest blessings on all of us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Hetal, thanks for your good job. I liked ur comparision on Situations to Grass.

    Sister From USA, very happy to know that your husband is now employeed full time. Keep praying Baba with complete faith, Baba will protect you.

    Servant of Baba.

  3. Very nice Experience….thanks a lott for sharing such a wonderfull experience…may baba shower blessing to all sai devotees…Omsairam

  4. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very nice experiences, thanks for sharing.


    I am facing issues in getting release from current employer to join my dream company , which is your biksha.
    Please help me baba to get early release.


  5. Very nice experiences! Baba must have wanted you to come to him through your father's bad health experiences, and also came in the form of the security guard in Shirdi (to allow you to have Darshan of Baba). May Baba continue to help and bless you and all his devotees! Om Sai Ram!

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