Sai Baba Miracle & A Message – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Dear Sai Readers, i thoroughly enjoyed reading posting this experience, very well drafted and very well explained. No words to say about our compassionate Lord Sai Baba.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, this happened, when I was living in India. Please do not disclose my identity. Since the following question arises in many of our minds, I have taken lot of space sorry.

Sairam. Before I start writing about the miracle, I want to pose a question to all Sai brothers and sisters: Why is it that some devotees seem to get their prayers answered quickly and some never seems to be able to get their prayers answered? Is Baba partial to some devotees? Even for one devotee why some prayers get answered quickly and some takes ages to get answered? I thought a lot about it and want to put forward my thoughts and Baba, please help me.

Baba said, “My grace is showering on everyone equally like rain. Some have their vessels turned upside down and cannot receive my grace”. If I may add, some have it turned upright sometimes and some have small vessels and some big. What does it take to get His grace in abundance and bath in it all the while? Please comment based on your experiences and views.

I think it all boils down to Shraddha, Faith. If you read the miracles on this blog closely, you will notice that the devotees believed deep in their hearts. At one point or the other, Baba is going to come to their rescue. Wishing and Believing are two different things. Every one of us wish good things for ourselves, wishes does not matter. I am talking about what we believe deep in our heart. We might be saying “Baba, please help!” hundreds of times with our lips, but deep within, we may be thinking “what if He does not help?”, “what should my backup plan be?”, “whom else should I approach?”. If you are sure Baba is going to come to your rescue, one sincere prayer is enough. Wishes come from mind, but faith comes from heart. He is in-dweller of hearts. We can pray for the faith (and we should). But I believe that it is our purushartha, duty or sadhana that we should increase our faith. If you read the Baba’s quote in the second paragraph, you can almost feel His helplessness, when our vessels are turned upside down. By all means He wants to help us. He is more than a mother.

How do we increase our faith? (Again please comment). I think two things:

  • Do not entertain the doubt. Switch to other thoughts or to the thoughts of Baba and His Leelas, as and when it arises in our mind, over a period of time it will start to decline.
  • Ananthah Chintha Yanthomaa. Think of Him and His Leelas all the time. And Love Him. Love is the shortest route to Him.

It was back in 1983 or so. I was traveling from town X to Z by bus (names withheld purposefully). There was no direct bus, so I had to switch the bus in town Y. When I started my journey, I was thinking of Baba, imagining Him fill all the space, I can see outside of the bus and blissfully singing of His songs and feeling His presence and chatting with Him etc. Town Y arrived and I got down the bus and checked my wallet after walking a few steps. It was not there. I rushed back to the bus and searched, but it was not there. Probably because of my spiritual mood I was in, it did not worry me. I did not have a single penny (no mobiles those days). I just continued to chat with Him. Here you go Baba, what are Your plans for me. If you are thinking I am going to beg anybody for money, I am sorry. I am Your son. It is Your duty to come and rescue. One more thing Baba, I am not even going to tell anyone that I lost my wallet. So it is totally up to You. I want to see how You will come and rescue me. I went and sat on a bench. I was not worried. I was bubbling with excitement as to what that miracle is going to be.

The Bus to town Z arrived. I continued to wait. After a while, the driver started the bus. I went and stood near the bus and said, “Come on Baba, come on. Hurry up. How are You going to buy me the ticket?” Someone sitting inside the bus near window somehow thought I was to catch this bus. He said, “Hey, the bus has started. Why are you not alighting the bus?” I only said, “I lost my wallet”. Without even thinking much he said, “If you stand there and wait, you will not reach the destination. Come inside I will pay for you”. I went in and he paid for me. He said, he worked for Syndicate Bank in that town and gave me his name and branch details.

There are several other things that happened in the bus that showed Baba’s grace. Dear friends, I do not have this kind faith always. I falter too. I have my ups and downs. But just thought I will share with you how faith propels Him to come to you.

He says, “Cast all your burdens on Me, I shall bear them”. That is surrender. Mark of surrender is that we are not worried any more. We are at peace. He is the driver of the chariot. We only do our duty as His instruments. It is difficult said than done. But that is the goal of life.

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  1. very well explained, but it is not so easy to follow. in satcharitra, in the beginning when baba had done miracles that are beyond the human mind, then people started believing in him and became his devotees. whenever i read the miracles in satcharitra or on this blog, it gives me courage but the other part just says these are miracles in a book or on a computer, when will i be able to witness them in my life? i guess my past karmas have to be atoned for till Baba can actually bless me.

    • Dear all..
      I dont know if anyone is reading this…but at present Im under going huge trouble caused by my so calles friend. I helpes her n her famoly but now they have started to emotional and so lost. Feeling so exploited. Whatever poaition Im in its all sai baba's blessing. Im not perfect but definately im not bad person. Just I need sai baba to help and I need his daya. Without him my life is dead. I have immense faith in him. Its human and when real trouble cmes you want hold someone close n cry till u r dry. I want my saibaba's shoulder. Babaji pls help me. You child seek ur urgent help

  2. Dear Sai Brother,

    Baba has replied to my questions through you. My family is going through tough times at present and for the past few days I have been having this question inside me. Why is baba not answering my prayers? How come everyon's prayers are being answered even with the slightest effort. I am also doing the sai parayan and naam jaap, but nothing is happening. While I read so many instances here where Baba has showered his blessings on some devotees with only a small prayer.
    Today my baba has answered through you and that is a miracle for me…. As I was reading your experience, I was so happy and overwhelmed at the same time. Thank you brother. !

    Thank you above all to my father, Sainath, who is always with me and is showing me the way. I am sorry Baba for losing my patience at times. Always let me be at your lotus feet. I know whatever you decide for me and my family is for the best. Things will happen when you feel is the best time. I know you are with me . Love you lots Baba.

    Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

    Sai daughter

    • Dear sai baba,
      I am facing lot of problems in my life and help me to get out of them baba;-

      (. you are like my father baba, every one is blaming me because of one thing please help me to get out of that father i want die because of the things that are happening to me i have faith in you and for sure you will help me and will give a better life for me . there are many good things that has happened to me in my life because of you , you solved many problems baba.please be with me and make me good baba i want every one to be with me. I want to see you baba want to cry infront of you and want share everything that happened to me;((. please baba come and save me.i need your shoulder baba, please come baba;((

  3. Sairam,

    This is really a great topic you have brought up.

    I always wonder when I keeping praying about day to day problems why do I have to pray so many times if I have the real Shraddha and Saburi. I also fear sometimes and then I hear within myself asking a question why do I have to fear if I really know Baba is there as he has shown me his presence through numerous miracles.
    As much easy as it sounds, it is not that easy to have that Shraddha and Saburi. We have to really work towards these two goals and we can ask our Saima to bless us all with lot of courage and strength while we develop these two techniques to get closer to Baba.

    Om Sai Sree sai Jai Jai Sai. Peace be to all.


  4. i am in awe of this message…
    sometimes for us as well, some prayers are answered quickly, some take time…some are never answered..
    As they say the answer to some prayers is no….

    Complete surrender is easy to say ..has been very difficult to follow…atleast for me…

    it is so funny, that we still think that we can have a backup plan, just in case baba doesnt respond…
    Instead just have him as your back up…I loved your experience and especially the initial explanation…

    as they say faith can move mountains…make the impossible possible…

    i would like to quote a little miracle here….my father works as a toll collector on a bridge here in the US..a few days back there was a difference of $50 in his collection..that would have really hurt his accuracy and ranking..they checked 3 times..

    He came back home an hour late and told us about it..I went to baba and almost commanded..that please fix this..these errors can cause people their jobs in this economy.

    My dad didnt have to go to work for the next 2 days..the 3rd day when he went, his supervisor told him, that they were able to figure a mechanical problem in the machine…because of which it didnt register 10 cars…$5 for each..problem sorted..question answered..

    Let me tell you, it is very unlikely for the officials to go back and check..they just put this in the accuracy report..the fact that supervisor checked again the next day, without any persuasion, after having it checked multiple times the day the error occured…tells me ..he is the only one you can turn to, he can be the only backup.

  5. Yaaa some wishes will be fullfilled immediately and some takes timee…i wont say like it depends on what actually the problem is…butt that is not according to the prayers…i always belive that…for some gud reason the wishes to be fulfilled delay….

    • Thanks to Sai Baba’s miracle, I was admitted to a college I never thought I’d get into, and now my life is filled with wonderful friends. I truly believe in Sai; He fulfills everyone’s dreams.

    • Thanks to Sai Baba’s miracle, I was admitted to a college I never thought I’d get into, and now my life is filled with wonderful friends. I truly believe in Sai; He fulfills everyone’s dreams.

  6. Dear Anonymous devotee. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I was really feeling low but reading your experience brought peace to my mind. You have very well brought out the importance of having deep faith. By his grace hopefully we all of us can develop this kind of faith. Om Sai Ram.

  7. Excellent experience. I enjoyed reading it, and the message of increasing one's faith, for one sec i felt like it was like a direct message from SAI. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Sainath,

    Today I leave all my worries at your feet. Do as you will with my life.
    Be with me always … love you a lot

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Sainath,

    Not only faith, but you need to follow what he said, never hurt anyone, donate food to the hungry ones, see baba in all creatures.. you need to give him.. your time and heart in same time everyday( not when you are free ). Leave everything to baba.. he'll definitely take care.


  10. vry true my dear……reality is only dis dat baba only wan our full faith on him..widout any doubt ,deep from our heart…………………………
    i love my sai ma so much bcoz she is d only,who loves us widout any expectation and selfishness.she is d creator of d bramahan…………
    jai sai ram………….

  11. very well composed….it appeared like baba himself has spoken through your tounge. it calmed down my agitated mind. see his way… said somewhere in sachrithra first he stirs our mind and later calms it down with his preaching. it is beyond humane to understand his actions…

    surrendering to baba is the best principle that could be followed by all sai devotees

  12. The author of Sai Satcharita Hemadpant himself had this question in mind when (Read chapter 18 of SSC) he said Mr.Sathe read Guru Charitra for a week and got a reward in the form of vision and I am reading for 40 years with no result"…Baba read his mind and answered his question through Shama…..True we need implicit faith and patience to cross this worldly ocean in peace and tranquility….

  13. The question which you stated in the beginning can be answered in this way :

    Sai answers the question in his own words-

    "If I answer your prayer at once. It is because I am testing your faith.

    If did not answer your prayer at once. It is because I am testing your patience.

    If I did not answer your prayer at all it is because I have a better plan for you."

  14. Such a wonderfully drafted experience, reading it has calmed me so much.Yes, this is the truth, we need to surrender to Him fully, He knows and we Have to believe that He knows everything and will take care of us no matter what.Then we will be at peace. Baba, Love you so much. Please guide all of us on the right path and hold our hands always.. Jai SaiRam !!

  15. Very Excellent posting. Shri Sai Devotees always keeps in FAITH and PATIENCE too. However deep Faith may be , out of anxiety / Curiosity doubts dwells in, but the devotee stands for the fulfillment without searching for alternative sources since the devotee aware that Shri Sai Nath is the wire Puller of this Universe by whatever name one may call HIM.

  16. Dear Sai brother,
    Thank you for this wonderful posting. Though I have extreme faith in Baba, at times as you have mentioned it falters. I keep thinking of back up plans. But offlate, as you have mentioned, the best way is to divert your attention and think of baba's leelas. It really helps. Nowadays, in my ipod, I have the satcharita chapterwise mp3 version, lot of sai bhajans, which i listen to as soon as i feel any doubt. It really helps. He keeps testing our faith, but always ensures that he is with us and gives us the feeling of him being with us. If our wishes are straight from our heart, he makes it a point to fulfill it. No matter what. I had this urge of going to shirdi but it was not getting fulfilled. I wanted to stay atleast for a day and attend all the four arathis in baba's presence. My husband is not as crazy as I am. If he gets one good darshan he is happy. So i wanted to spend all the time in the temple and experience the bliss of being in baba's presence. My wish was fulfilled and I realised that all our earnest thoughts would certainly be fulfilled.

  17. Dear anonymous and anuradha ji.
    very well said It really give lot of peace to our mind 90% times problems actually does not exist we create it our own by thinking worst about the sitution If we leave everything in his hand then automatically our all problem will be solved. TRUST BABAJI.
    Yours loving daughter

  18. i am extremely happy to read this post.i am also facing a tough situation in my life jiska koi solution mere pass nahi hai na koi rasta najar aata ye vishwas karke mei ji rahi hu ki ek din baba ayege khud aur sb thk karege.but sometimes i do think muje jaisi ladki k liye kya baba aayege kya mein itni kabil hu i dont know but still waiting as i have read in guru granth sahib ji that god always helps his devotees and save their honour.

  19. Thanks for today's post !

    I am so happy reading it and it actually gives
    me an insight into Baba's ways of answering so
    many questions our mind often has .

    Believe me from past few days I have thinking how can I get closer to Sai Baba , how can I become his good child , how do I get rid of my annoying mind that is always engaged in materialistic worries and desires.

    Your post brought a smile on my face thinking here are the answers !!!

    But I completely agree with other devotee reader comments it is tough ! But at the same time this is also true that our Sai will certainly take 100 steps towards us if we try to take one towards him 🙂

    Om Sai Ram ! Baba please increase our faith in your holy feet manifolds.

    Jai Sai Deva ! Aapko koti koti Pranams .

  20. sree
    Today i find the answer from you experience. We ares facing
    problems since 9 months. I too having the doubt why baba is not answering our prayers. My husband lost job without any fault form his side.we read sathcharitra . I think baba will answers our prayers very soon.
    Thanks for posting the experience
    Pl baba help us and show the right path
    sai's daughter

  21. Beautifuly written thoughts ,baba jus answered my worries through u dear devotee, i have saved this experience and will read it we ever i can…

    om sai ram,
    Baba maalik

  22. Dear devotee,

    om sai raam,

    U gave me strength.I m in love wid a boy from 6 years.He left me 5 years back by saying that his parents r not accepting our relation so he cant marry me.There is no hope for me except baba.that boy didnt contacted me for 4 years but I have faith in God and just not thinking abt other option.I just said to baba m ur daughter if u dont want me to get married wid him its ok but m not gonna marry sumone else.I cant share my feelings to anyone not even my friends bcoz m 31 now and they said m spoiling my life.but one day all of a sudden that boy contacted me.he found my ph num from sumwhere.he is talking to me right now but as a friend.he never talk abt old stuff but he told me dat he wants to marry me but his parents wont allow him.I just said to baba that he has to go his house and talk to his parents for his daughter bcoz i know my parents wont baba has to do it.m waiting for reading ur experience i felt like m not a fool who is spoiling his life just on one hope dat baba will do it for me.(as my friends mentioned abt me).Thanks for sharing ur experince.

    Jai Sai Raam

  23. Sai Ram,
    I am also going through the toughest time of my life, my son is suffering from blood cancer he is only 5 years old. I belived in Baba so much before, we went to shirdi from HK in Aug 2011, I was so happy to see baba, that while aarti I had tears in my eyes. But after that I came back to HK and Nov 2011 my son diagnosed with blood cancer. Now what should I do, I try my best to talk to baba and have faith on him, but i can only do sometimes and sometimes cannot. I am so unhappy now why Baba did this to me. I always talk to him and cry a lot and tell him to talk to me only once, pls Baba talk to me just say I am with you beti, dont worry at all. Pls. reply

    • Poojya Periva had advised the chanting of the following verse from the great scripture “Narayaneeyam” (Canto 8 sloka 13 ) to a devotee who was suffering from cancer.

      अस्मिन् परात्मन् ननु पाद्मकल्पे
      त्वमित्थमुत्थापितपद्मयोनि: ।
      अनन्तभूमा मम रोगराशिं
      निरुन्धि वातालयवास विष्णो ॥१३॥

      Asmin parathman nanu paathmakalpe
      Thvamithamutthapitha padmayonihi I

      Anantha bhooma mama roga raashim,
      Nirundhi vaathalaya vaasa vishno. II

      அஸ்மின் பராத்மன் நனு பாத்மகல்பே
      த்வமிதமுத்தபித பத்மயோனிஹி

      அனந்த பூம மம ரோக ராஷிம்
      நிருந்தி வாதலய வாச விஷ்ணோ

      The slokam is a prayer to the Lord Guruvayuppan. Roughly translated it means:

      Oh Lord Vishnu, enshrined in Guruvayur ! Oh Great Soul ! Oh The Lord of Eternal Glory, who thus awakened Brahma in Paadmakalpa ! May Thou remove all my afflictions.

  24. Thank you for helping us to increase our faith in Baba. I felt like Baba was talking to me when I was reading your experience. I have been visiting this blog since last 6-8 months and for every experience tears just roll from my eyes. I used to feel why Baba is not answering my prayers but he answers other devotees prayers so quickly (as I read from other devotee's experiences). Yes, you are right, we need to surrender to him completely and wait for his answers.

    Om sai ram…

  25. Excellent very well drafted wonderfull experience .
    Even in my mind also same questions use to arise very often after reading this i felt so happy and peace thanks for posting it.
    Even i am undergoing rough phase in my life, if i think about my problems just cant control my tears, to get baba blessings all we need is Shraddha and Saburi.

  26. Dear Sai Devotee, You have raised a question and you have given the answer too! Reading your post also made me wonder that once you said , "you are not going to tell anyone that you lost your wallet and wanted BABA to take care of his son,(i.e. You)" and when the bus was to start for destination Z you did replied to the fellow passenger saying you have lost your wallet. Anyway, BABA blessed you with the help through that fellow passenger and you could continue your journey.
    Just curious, did you find your wallet?
    I keep on reading Sai material so I won't be able to pin point where I read this, but BABA says, HE answers prayers sometimes right away, sometimes out of nowhere your previously requested prayer gets answered and you feel amazed, and sometimes your prayers are not answered, at least , it seems so, but as per those readings, I understand that we have to pay our KARMAs of past life. Of course they are reduced in intensity if we surrender completely to BABA with total faith.
    Also when we grow spiritually and start seeing BABA in everything, the sense of DUALITY starts disappearing and we always feel bliss and happiness. It is really hard to reach that level, but hey, one moves upward step by step, helps you reach the goal.
    As rightly Anuradhaji has stated, BABA helps us to start having FAITH, than BABA tests our faith and always sees our good and offers better plan for our life.
    Living this life trying to follow what BABA wanted us to, will surely help us enrich our lives and we will be used to bring peace to others too!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  27. Dear Mother,
    I was really touched by the situation you are in. There is nothing more traumatic for parents than to see their kids suffer. But please don't think that baba did this to you. Just like you are a mother, he is also our mother and father.
    He is also pained everytime you are crying. He didn't do this, we all face good and bad situations due to our previous karma but Sai will always ease the effects of our bad karma. Have faith.
    The diagnosis of cancer is very scary but it is not bigger than god. Also medical science has advanced a lot, I don't know the exact type of cancer your son has but there are a lot of good treatments available now. Many kids with cancer are sucessfully treated and go on to lead a very normal and healthy lives. Your son will be one of them. Please try to find some strenght in baba, take one step towards him he will come running to you.

    You said you had a very good darshan of baba before your son's diagnosis. That is a very good sign, this is probably his way of saying he is with you. Leave everything to baba's feet and get the child the treatment he needs. Doctors treat, Baba cures.

    It has been my personal experience that many times when I face some medical problems, he doesn't always make them go away magically but his help comes in the form of a good doctor or an effective medicine that takes care of the problem. Please pray to baba to show you a way out of this storm you are in. He will send the right people in your way to guide you out of it.

    Please don't lose hope (I know it is hard not to sometimes). I'll pray for you and your son and I'm sure so will hundreds of people reading this.

    Who knows one day you may submit a post on how Sai cured your son miraculously.

  28. wonderful experience..
    The time when I started realizing His presence was the turning point in my life. He is helping me in many ways. My life has changed a lot, but still today morning, I felt like even after I became devotee, why my mind hasn't changed much? why I am still struggling with old behavioral pattern of my mind. Then I opened this experience n got the answer.
    I do trust Him a lot, but it's not good enough. That's what I realized.
    I will keep trying to increase my size of vessel by reading, thinking about Him n His Leelas.
    And I also pray to Baba to increase Faith in His devotees.

    Om Sai Rama

  29. Which comes first -Faith or Experience(miracles)? From faith comes the experience(miracles) or from experience comes the faith?

    Human mind would say logically from experience comes faith. But Spirituality seems to say that from Faith comes experience. Faith is the force you use to get the experience which is a result. Without the force no result. 'As you think so you are, as you sow so you reap'. We need to sow faith not doubt. Faith is a law of nature like gravity. It is very scientific. Baba is trying to teach us to use it.

    The mind and logic can lead us astray in this matter of faith. Mind sows the seeds of doubt with 'what if..questions' and Heart on the other hand leads us to love and faith. That is why we need to control our mind and immerse it in the leelas and love of God and purify it. Inculcating Faith in us and leaving doubt behind is our sadhana.

    Also, like a domino effect, once you have an experience you use that to increase your faith by thinking about it and talking about it (this blog for example). Then you have more experiences and it goes on.

  30. In his childhood Pramahansa Yogananda's brother challenges him to go to Brindavan with one way fare in his hand and return fully fed and with return charge paid without begging. A friend accompanies him too! But Yogananda was not at all worried as he knows God will take care of him. He was well fed and fare provided for. If you read any of the yogis or saints lives you will see they never care of future. They are fully aware of God's capacity to take care of them. THEY HAVE THAT FAITH.

  31. Dear Anon devotee who posted about about your son's blood cancer, I am so sorry to hear about your son. Do plead with and demand of Baba to help but do not leave him. After all he is our mother and father.

    Even in Sai Satcharitha, there instances of severe sickness where Baba refuses to help in the name of destiny but eventually helps.

    It is especially difficult to keep faith under these stressful circumstances, please keep the company of sai devotees and read holy books. Sai Satcharitha and Gurucharitra are best. These can sustain in these difficult times. I know it is hard to do this while taking care of the child. But please do it.

    The very fact that Baba called you to his darbar before the diagnosis, shows he is aware of it. No doubt. But plead with him his heart will melt. Do not give up.

  32. Baba, Every day I come to you to ask you for your blessings for me and my family. Reading the numerous posts on this blog, there are so many more people in this world who need your blessings more. I know you are with us and will provide when the time is right.

    Today I ask for your blessings on all my Sai brothers and sisters. Give them strength to face these troubled times and get through it.

    I am thankful to Hetalji, Anil Gupta Ji and Rana Gill ji and all others who are assisting to continue this blog. I am going through a tough time and had no one to share my problems with. This blog showed me the way to our Lord Sai. This blog has shown me a Sai family where I am not judged. Everyone is there to help and support. Most of the times our problems seem so much easier to bear when we can share it with someone.
    Thank you all !

    Love you Baba

    Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  33. Sairam, what a wonderful message and miracle. Yes, like many of them have written earlier it might be very difficult to put to practice. But, when something is impossible for us, what does a baba devotee do? where do they go? We should go straight to Baba and ask Him to give that sort of Faith and surrendering attitude.
    I, for instance, is a doubting thomas of the first order and i wake up everyday only to beg to Baba to increase my faith and surrendering attitude. I have definitely seen difference in my life. I am sure this is one prayer Baba HAS to answer irrespective of the vessel being open, close, small, big, or upside down. Just give the vessel to Him to keep it however it should be!
    Jai sairam

  34. @Anonymous
    Hello Anonymous
    Do not be afraid. Have faith in BABA. My friends was also diagnosed with blood cancer when she was 2 yrs and now she is completely cured. I believe in kids the cure is faster and complete.BABA is the ultimate doctor.Trust in HIM.BABA called you to shirdi to let you know that he will protect you and save your son.Sai Ram.


  36. Sairam Anonymousji,
    I want to tell you one thing.
    Can you please do Sundarakanda Parayanam and your son will get cured.
    Please wish Lord Rama,Sita,Hanuman who are none other than our Sai to cure your son completely and start Sundarakanda parayan. Your son will definitely be cured completely.
    If you are from Andhra please goto or
    You can listen Sundarakanda here.
    Sundarakanda is so powerful. If you wish for your son's good health and finish parayana he'll be blessed with good health by our Sai.

  37. Man, what an experience ya!!! how did u u get those perfect words to quot down ur thought, u know i always felt he only take time when it comes to me i ve been praying for months or say years for my husbands success.. but ve been wondering y itis taking so much time for our BABA to take some action for him , but readin gu r msg i m sure he must ve been having some wonderful plans for him and i believe that the day is nearing.. as after every dark cloud is a silver line , thanks bro , really wonderful !!!

    thanks 2 u HETAL JI ….may lord sai be with u always

  38. Hetal Ji, Thanks for a nice picture of Baba. Very nice experience & a very good drafting and a good message also.

    Sorry to hear about your son, anonymous mother> May Baba take care of your son and Treat him as He is an ultimate doctor.

    Om Sai Ram.

  39. om sai ram.
    iam so much hurt because my boy friend emailed me that i should forget him.i dont know what to do but i after reading your experience iam sure baba is listening to me and he will help me .
    one of the devotees mentioned above to do sundrakanda pranayam,can you please tell me how to do it.
    and also i will pray for that little boy,dear sai devotee have faith in baba ,he wil cure your son.

  40. Babasainath,please bless the child with good health and strength to overcome the cancer.Please help that child with good treatment and let the child be fully cured by your loving grace.OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

  41. Dear Mother of cancer stricken Son, I am so sorry to hear this. All I can say is, "everything is possible in BABA's fold" as my husband is saved from 2 major life threatening situations, (1) Melanoma, a type of skin cancer which was lever 4 and the doctors predicted him only 6 months to live. That was in 1996! I had a vision at midnignt where BABA conveyed message that "everything will be alright, do not worry my child, sub kuchh achchhaa ho jaayega." And after that With BABA's blessings and to utter surprise of all the medical team, my husband's further reports came normal so much so that he did not have to go through any cancer treatment! And after 5 years of regular follow up check ups he was declared "cancer free patient".
    My son was at war front and after such 3 years of his being there my heart was crying how he would be back? And BABA played HIS role….out of nowhere my husband had to underwent a bypass surgery, life and death situation where for 12 -14 hours doctors were fighting to save my husband, one of our family member who was aware of military rules and regulations managed through proper channel to call my son to be with his father who was fighting on death bed. My son was allowed to visit my husband from the war front. I could not believe my eyes as the parcel that I sent to my son has not even reached to him and my son was here with us on US soil!
    My husband's life was saved ultimately and he is doing fine now. My son also was protected all these 3 years at war front.
    So have FAITH and do the needful and I am sure BABA will bless healthy life to your son.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  42. Baba,

    This child needs your help first. No mother should have to go through this. I have been crying for help to lighten my sitation, but please help this child first. No child should have to go through this at such a tender age. Please bless this child Baba.

  43. Om Sai Ram….

    Thank you so much for posting this experience…
    This made me realize that i also loose faith sometime..when i ask something from Baba and i don't get that quickly..

  44. Thank you so much baba for giving me answer in this form. Thanks to all sai devotees who are posting their beautiful experiences with sai baba and helping other devotees like me in increasing towards him.

  45. This blog is serving as medicine for me, really calms me. I check this few times a day awaiting new experience to be posted here. Thank god they haven't blocked this site at work. It feels nice to read everyone's experiences with our beloved Saibaba. It not only makes our bonding stronger but also reaffirms our faith in Baba in many ways and increases it multifold. The author of this post has very articulately described real "Sai Mahima" and his questions are really worth brainstorming. When we have left it to Baba completely, we will not need any backup plan. Baba is our backbone and helps save our flesh. When God himself is gamed for it, backup is not needed.
    I agree that Baba’s grace is showering equally on everyone and sometimes our vessels are turned upside down and can’t receive his grace. There is Karmic cycle and I have experienced that we have to pay our debts. Person surrounded by bad karma energy doesn’t realize that his demands and faith in Baba are shallow. S/he thinks they are standing in line to receive Baba’s grace with open arms and minds but the bad karma energy makes it shallow. To receive the grace of our merciful beloved Saibaba we have to dive deep into the sea of his blessings and understand true meaning of Sai Mahima. I completely agree that sometimes our faith fluctuates and there are spikes. Reading Sai Satcharitra and such experiences help us minimize those fluctuations and makes spiritual learning curve much flatter.
    I have experienced my philosophies changing radically after reading Sai Satcharitra and related blogs. These notions help us think clear and make us mindful of our actions. The cognizant help us become better human and that cuts down our bad karma by producing good karma. This reduces negative vibes around us. But it is not always easy. I always have this conflict within me as world is becoming bad place day by day and walking on the path of truth is not easy. But the ultimate truth is god and he will take care of it. Thank you for having those perfect words which made us meditate on it for a minute.

  46. To the mother whose son has blood cancer,
    our prayers are with you. as others have mentioned, do sundara kandam paryanam as it is especially recommended for all health issues. i know there are a lot of links on how to do the parayanam. what i do is take a sri ram pattabhishekam (coronation) picture and keep it in front of me while doing the parayanam. it is better to do all the reading in one sitting. after the parayanam, give some food for the god (preferably kheer or pomegranate fruit) and give that prasad to your son.
    hope everything will be alright.

  47. Thank you for posting this experience! Sometimes also Baba gives us different experiences for testing how strong our faith is, but we should always keep faith in Baba, he is always there to watch over us, and eventhough some times may be difficult, we should have faith that Baba has a plan for us and will make sure everything will work out for the best. Om Sai Ram!

  48. can someone send the link recommended for Sundara Kanda Parayan. There are some health issues in the family and would like to do the parayan as soon as possible.

    May Baba bless us all with good health and happiness.

    Om Sairam

  49. To the devotee who asked " Will baba change our destiny if we do "Sewa" to poor and needy".

    Bad deeds give bad results and Good deeds give good results. If you help the poor with intention of getting good you will. This is law of nature. This happens even if you are non-believer.

    But to change your destiny, you need grace of the Lord. To get that, when you help poor or needy do not expect anything back from them not even respect. But pray to Baba sitting in their heart for the result you want. Think you are only working to please that baba sitting in their heart and nothing else.

    Grace is obtained with Faith and Love. Lord says he is the slave of one who always thinks of him. Love him with all your heart. Believe him with all your heart.

    There is nothing impossible for the Lord.

  50. Om Sai Ram…This post opened my eyes….iam in a problem,which can be solvedonly by sai…and iam sure that he will take care of it………may sai bless that kid.

  51. om sai ram
    yesterday i read a story where the girls cries infront of baba's feet for a job.she gets a interview call from one company with the help of her friend she did not perfrom well in the interview but still she gets the job she thank baba for that.but after joining she forgets baba and offer prayers to baba as she finds no time .now she is going through a bad phase in her life as there is nothing left for her in life .she says plz dont do like that dont forget him after getting benefited. i really liked that story because even i do the same sit and cry like anything in front of him scold him but after………..

  52. Dear Sai Devotees, those who say they beg BABA's mercy and when prayers are answered, they forget BABA's Kripa and get tangled into worldly things….that's human nature and BABA want us to learn from our mistakes…and that is why HE forgives our such silly mistakes reminding us not to repeat the same mistake.
    You may continue making such mistakes and BABA will keep on forgiving till you learn the lesson. BABA, in that way, is very patient! He will not be angry towards you, but it is our duty to learn from our mistakes and try to reach our higher goals in life that BABA has planned for us while sending us on this Earth.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  53. jai sai ram, me too suffering from same situation i went to shirdi in july 2010 on guru purnima day with my 3 months old daughter who was very pretty n healthy at that time we had very good darshan n was very happy we did darshan on such good day but after returning back she suffered from seizure disorder on 16 aug 2010 n till now she cant even sit n at present she is 2.5 yrs old but i believe he is testing us but he will soon make her fit healthy n hearty as she is his daughter n he never give any discomfort to his children though its our testing we are ready for that n people will watch miracle through her recovery n one day she will make us feel proud by bringing name n fame …..bolo shri sainath maharaj ki jai.

  54. om sai ram..
    baba maine apni zindagi ki ye sabse bade galti ki hai aap toh antaryami ho.. sab jaate ho
    babaaine galti toh ki per tab main aapki bakht.nai thi baba ab hui jun… baba mujhe apni galti ka ehsaas hai plz baba mujhpe kripa kijiye mujhe acha lijiye plz baba..
    main nai chti ki meri aur meri family ki humility hoo meri wakah se baba
    mukhe maf kar dijiye baba maine apni galti realise ki hai per mujhe meri galti ki saza mat dijiye
    ye meri zindagi ki aakhri galti hogi baba iske baad main kisi kesaath bhi galat.nai karungi main wada karti hun aapse baba
    mujje maaf kar dijiye mujhe bacha lijiye baba
    plz mujhe bacha lijiye baba
    raksha kariye meri sai baba
    mat itni buri saza dijiye mujhe
    main kabhi zindagi mei galat raaste pe nai chalungi
    plz meri baat sun lijiye baba
    hamesha sahi aapke dikhaye hue raaste pe hi chalungi mere baba
    iss akhri baar maaf kar dijiye baba
    bacha lijiye mujhe baba plz iss baar

    aap chamatkari bure kaam ki saza mujhe milne se bacha lijiye baba
    mujhe bacha lijiye baba
    main koi zindagi mei galat kaam nai larungi


  55. whatever relation you want with baba he will love to share your life in that way. if you think him as your friend he will be your true friend…if you think him as a lovely mother he will take care of you as a mother….if you think him as your father he will handle your all problems… and if you think him as a sadguru he will help you in that form.
    sai help the child.
    i always feel that baba is mine….. he helped me most of the time when i need his help. i love him very much…he is very dear to me.

  56. Very nice post…i am in teas while reading this post….thanks for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  57. Om sai ram
    Thank you for sharing. I came across this randomly. I am in deep trouble, I have severe Sade sathi going on. I have lost all my hard earned money. for the last 3 years I have continuously called Baba. I know he will help me. I need to be patient and full faith in him. I have not stopped trying, but every time I fail, I key asking Baba where he is? What should I do, I'm scared. Reading your story, while having the same question in my mind 'I don't have a single penny'..i felt like Baba answered me through you.

    Thank you.
    Om Sai Ram

  58. I came across this blog on Thursday(15/Jan/2014) due to Baba blessing and this is my first week of Sai Vart . In this last few days i have read around 30-40 Baba leelas and most of the time i cant control my tears . After reading your post i thought this is the thing actually i was missing in my life . have read Sai Satyacharita , have done Sai 9 Thursday Vart . But reading Sai Baba Miracle is completely different experience for me . I think now i am much more closer to Sai Baba . i am sure now Sai baba will definitely fulfill my wish . Sai Bless u all 🙂

  59. Sai Ram, your question, your message is a direct message from Baba to me. TO BELIEVE TOTALLY THAT SAI WILL HELP ME overcome what is troubling me. I am waiting for Baba to bless me to start a family. I had 2 miscarriages in the last 10 years and have not been able to conceive since then. Sometimes it is too emotionally furstrating when eveyone around seems to get pregnant even when they are not trying and age is running against me. Baba please help me accept your WILL, I believe you will help me. I dont know if it is my karma in my past life or present life that is troubling me, but I have none other than you to go to. Jai Sai Ram

  60. Thanks for your lovely answer my baba but please help me soon as I am now unable to bear this pain anymore I know you are with me all the time but please it's been 16 years I am bearing this pain please give me healthy life this decease is becoming life threatening now.i beg u baba please I need your mercy…please cure my fertility issues to live healthy you my sai maa

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