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We cannot measure how great is our Lord Who is always alert to the call of His devotees and then save them as they wish to. Following is such an experience.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: OM SAI RAM Hetal Ji. This is my first post on any such blog. I am thankful to you for such a wonderful platform. It gives hope to every reader of your blog. If you consider this experience worth, then please publish it on your blog. Please do not disclose my name and email id.

In the year 2005, I had suddenly developed an eye problem (keratoconus), which meant my eyes are functioning for name sake. I could hardly see things properly with my eyes even at short distances of 2 cm. This problem continued for next 5 years, but in those 5 years, I can experience presence of my Sai Baba at every stage of my life. In the year 2006, I had my 10th std board exams. By my parents blessing and by the grace of my Baba, I got my exact expected percentage. With the starting of 11th std, my problem became even worse. It was like my teachers were not cooperating with me and they gave their verdict to clear 12th std board exam is a dream for me. At this, I would like to mention that my mother and father are staunch devotees of Shri Sai Baba. Because of their prayers only, my principal sir gave me a chance to prove myself in 12th std board exam. Even when majority of my teachers were against my promotion. In internal exam, I did well, but still writing board was completely a different experience.

My 1st paper was chemistry and it went ok by blessing of my Sai Baba. The next paper was physics. I did blunders in every question. I was really scared that if I will pass this exam or not. After completing all my papers, I was thinking that whether I will clear my board exam or not. As it my eye sight was meaningless, I had no confidence and on the top I did my exam very bad. I was just thinking that what if I do not clear this paper, what I shall say to school principal, who trusted me so much that he went against every teacher and gave me a chance. I used to cry a lot and every time I speak to my Baba, please if not for me then for my parent’s sake and for my principal sir sake, make me pass board exams properly. Please Sai Baba, Om Shri Sai Baba. I will not share all these things with anyone, but with my Sai Baba. Every time, whenever my mother will speak to me, she will only say why fear when Sai is here. Have faith in Sai Baba, nothing can go wrong. All these words of my mother made me to believe in Sai Baba and not to fear as only with Sai Baba permission, my principal sir confirmed my promotion to 12th std.

Then after some days, just a night before my result day, I had a dream in which I saw my Sai Baba. Dream was like this. A girl is running towards a river, which is quite deep (one can drown). She jumps into the river water. Without thinking anything to save her, entire village people run down to that river and finally saves her. That girl was partially in conscious state she was alive. Then when the girl was taken to the bank of river, an old man diverge himself from that crowd of villagers and look towards me. And that man was none other than our Sai Baba. He was dressed in the same way. In fact, He was the Sai Baba of the serial “Sai Baba Ki Sacchi Kahaniyan”, which I used to watch and I used to like that serial also. When that girl was taken to the river bank, sunrise was taking place. And at the same side of the river, my puja rooms God and Goddess photos were there, which I saw because, I always considered that my success without Mata Rani and Shivji’s blessing is incomplete or it is not possible.

Then, when I got up from my dream, it was result day. I was highly tensed, but all my tension was waste because my Sai Baba has already decided me to clear this examination. Today whatever I am and whatever I will be in my life, it is all because of my Sai Baba. He is one who tolerates me so much, no one can do it. By his blessings, I cleared my 12th boards with first division marks overall and also in my science stream. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Thank You so much. I have no words to express my thankfulness to You.


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  1. Dear young devotee of sai baba You truly are an inspiration… u have so much courage and faith in baba ..May baba shower u with all blessings and good luck … hope u achieve all the success in life

  2. Wonderful experience dear..
    It's not mentioned, how is your vision now?
    Hope, with Baba's grace, you must have got rid of your eye problem.

    Om Sai Rama

  3. Oh young devotee it was so so nice to read your fantastic experience. However throughout I wanted to keep asking you about your vision now. If it is all right now then it must be another miracle of Baba which I wish you to post here.

  4. Brother,

    Jai Sai Ram. Let me salute you for the one phrase in your above experience, you mentioned Baba tolerates you and no one could have done it. Rightly said Brother.

    Baba tolerates every one of us because he is our real father and mother.

    How is your vision now? I wish your vision is very clear now.

    I wish you good luck on your young future.

    Lets bow to the Holy and ancient feet of our Father Shri Shiridi Sainath.

    Servant of Baba.

  5. Very beautifull experiencee….hope by baba's grace…problem with ur vision will also be cleared…continue the same faith….even he will be ur best friend..sai bless you….all the best for your future…Omsairam!!!!!

  6. SREE

    Very nice experience. How is your vision now it will be also
    cured by blessings. Donot lose faith in sai baba. his blessing will be there for you & your family.
    May baba also solves my problems.

    Sai's daughter

  7. Very encouraging experience! This shows that BABA can do where no human being can even think of! May you succeed in life with good cured eyes and enjoy BABA's blessings.

  8. Sairam,

    You and your family are blessed.

    it is true that in this world none can tolerate us like our Sai does, he cares a lot.

    I hope your vision is fine, or if you face problems with your eyes- please have Sai Udi – this medicine will surely cure.. have it early morning and in the night before going to sleep.

  9. Ohhh…..wht an experince.very touchy.baba will always bless u like dis dear devotee.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  10. Baba is truly present within and without our body and soul…Nice experience…..May baba bless you and your family ever…

  11. Dear Devotee…..Om Sai Ram…May Baba THE Almighty bless you always in each and every sphere of your life.Indeed a touchy experience!Hope by now your vision is fine.

  12. Your experiences…talks about how faith can move mountains…it is just beyond words and how merciful is our lord sai baba…thanks

  13. Very heart touching experience. Hundred salutes to your faith dear brother. How is your vision now. please share with us.

    Om Sai Ram.

  14. Very nice experience! Baba must have been reading the exam questions for you so you will do well in the exams. Baba is always there to help and guide us through life's difficulties, so why do we need to be afraid of anything? Om Sai Ram!

  15. Sairam, this is an amazing experience. Not only did it show the compasssion of Baba, it also showed the faith of such a young devotee.
    Like everyone else who have posted above, we also would like to know if your eye sight is good now. Please let us know that. All our prayers are for you to succeed in your life and above all become a great devotee of Baba, which I think you already are!

  16. @AnonymousOM SAI RAM.Thank you all my sai devotees for such blessing full remarks may sai bless us all. While going through all the above remarks that i just forgot to mention my vision status which is absolutely fine with the blessings of my sai baba. My eye problem though continued for 5 long years but it was cured within minutes and also the day i got back my vision was thursday..sai's day.
    Thank you all for your concern .

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