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If Lord Sai Baba wishes to make anyone His then such circumstances are created by Him that the devotee remains grateful to Him all throughout his life. Such is below experience.

Sai Sister Shveta Ji from India says: Hetal Ji, you can share my name and mail Id too. I am Shveta. I am regular reader of this Blog and I am sharing my father’s experience (Shri Nirmal Kumar), who stays in Indore (MP) as he rarely uses internet. The Padyatra experience, which was posted here, inspired me and so I thought of sharing my father’s treasure on the Blog. Thank you so much Hetal Ji and the entire team, who gave this opportunity. You people are really very close to Baba. So here is the part 1 and 2 of experiences of my father as he wrote.

Part 1

We are an orthodox Brahmin family. There are definitely numerous experiences about Shri Saibaba. Sai Baba is known to me since 1957. My father used to tell me and my mom about Saibaba and wanted to bring photo of Saibaba to worship Him and keep that in our Pooja Ghar. But the appearance of Saibaba looking like Yawan saint having beard face. My mom and I thought by caste Saibaba is not Hindu. So we opposed this idea of my father like anything. Ultimately my father could not bring Baba’s photo and died in Feb 1977.

After the death of my father, I was alone and being eldest son in the family, I had to shoulder all the responsibilities of my three younger brothers, my mother and my own family with two daughters. There were eight members in my family and I was a simply a clerk in telegraph office. In those days, I was under deep water due to very heavy financial crises and it increases due to twin babies in 1978. It was difficult for me to manage day to day affairs due to the loans and I remained too gloomy. During those days, one of my friend, who was going to Shirdi ask me to accompany him. I laughed and said how a saint, who died long ago, can be helpful. But he pressed me very often to visit Shirdi, but due to lack of money and trust I was not willing to visit Shirdi. Then at last my friend told me to write a letter explaining all my problems to Saibaba. I was of the view that how a letter can be helpful to a person who is not alive. Having no option and just for the sake of my friend, I made up my mind and decided to write letter. So one fine day, I wrote all my problems, circumstances and difficulties by thinking I am writing to my father and posted it to Saibaba Shirdi.

After a lapse of one week period, I witness in full sense Saibaba in the Brahma Muhurt in my sleeping room. I saw Him physically and astonished and became wordless. On the very same day, I decided to visit Shirdi without funds. About 10 AM, my brother in law came and offered 200/- for Rakshabandhan gift to my wife. I took the money and went Shirdi on the same day by bus without seat upto Dhulia from Indore (around six hrs. Standing journey) and then early morning reached Shirdi 3 AM. I took my bath with cold water, which I never used to and ask the way to Samadhi temple. I went in the temple and saw the Saibaba same to same as I had seen Him at my residence having same clothes, same flowers and decoration too. As this was my first visit to Shirdi, I was having no clue how the Murthi and Samadhi is, but isn’t it greatness of Baba that I reached late to Mandir, but Baba is ahead of us who reaches to His devotees.

I was full of joy beyond description. Whatever today I am, I am with the grace of Saibaba. I was simply a poor clerk, but I retired as Chief AO from BSNL Dept. This is due to Saibaba, who is alive for ever and ever.

Part 2

Once upon a time, I was sitting in Dwarakamai. In those days, there was no huge crowd. Around 1 PM, I requested Saibaba to show me some miracle. Just after few minutes, I forgot this casually and went to Samadhi Mandir. After a lapse of about ten minute or so, some 3-4 people came in the temple along with a very heavy and big size steel drum. I wondered as to how and why these persons are carrying such a big steel drum in the Samadhi Mandir. To my surprise, they told the Pujari that there is a very big garland of Mogra about 40 kgs inside the drum and that was offered by great social worker Baba Amate. I though it’s great to see this as Baba Amate is also like other VIP devotees e.g. Manoj Kumar. The garland was very fresh as the fragrance of Mogra spread over the whole area inside and outside the Samadhi Mandir. Then I remembered myself that I had requested Baba to allow me to witness some miracle, and the result was before me. I ask for pardon for this felt that hereafter I will not ask for any miracle.

I went outside the Samadhi Mandir and sat in the garden nearby Dikshit wada. Then the security man informed me that I am wanted by Pujari and again I went in the Samadhi Mandir. The Pujari offered me a coconut. I told him that I have not deposited this coconut hence it’s not mine, but the Pujari ordered me that this is Prasad from Saibaba and I should take it. I took the coconut and tears rolled into my eyes. Thus I experience this miracle and offered my high order of gratitude to Lord Saibaba.

Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful and joyful experience with us. Tears rolled down, while reading.You are very lucky to see our baba in your dream , i am also waiting for such a moment.

  2. Baba u are so kind. I am sorry for getting restless and getting angry on you when I know we all suffer because of our own past deeds.
    Forgive me please but do not leave your children ever.

    Very beautiful experience Shvetaji and you have written it very beautifully !

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. wonderful experiences ji!! you are really blessed to have direct vision of baba!! hope one day we too will experience it…..

  4. Your experience was simple yet touching ,simplicity in human is the most endearing feature in mankind . Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Thnaks for the comments,my father is really lucky n true divotee of baba,infact we had first acquaintance With baba through him only since our childhood.May baba bless all.Om Sai Ram.

  6. Even if our mind doesn't trust, He insists us to trust Him for our betterment. That's the specialty of our beloved Baba. I feel wonderful to be at His lotus feet, so do the other devotees too.

    wonderful experience sveta-ji. I enjoyed a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Om Sai Rama
    Om Sai Rama

  7. Baba,

    I am sorry for getting restless and losing my patience. I know the times are tough and I ask for your blessings to get us through it. Please make my 1 lac naam jaap a success and fulfill my prayers. Please be with us always. As a father holds his childs hand guides them. please hold my hand and guide me through this life.

    Forever may we be at your lotus feet.
    Om sai Ram

  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience! Baba gives his devotees many miracles and when Baba calls for a devotee, we are drawn to him like a insect toward a nectar-flower. OM SAI RAM!

  9. Wonderful experience!!! It reminds me of my dream where Baba ordered me to take cocnut from a priest.Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

  10. There are tears in my eyes after reading this….Superb experiences…….OM SAI SHARANAM……May baba bless your family ever

  11. Baba, pls. show ur presence to me also, I am also going through very tough time, pls help me to change my mind, throw away the evil spirit from me. I want to surrender myself to you for always. Pls. baba only u r the one who can help me.

  12. I am badly drowned in loan. Is there any body who can suggest me how can I get Sai Kripa tp get out of this mesh. Now I am really in position to get mad or suicide. Hence please guide me.

  13. sir Ur patience shraddha towards sai is marvelous and sai has responded you you r our inspiration,pl post ur valuable experiences in this post omsai

  14. Rabindra ji Please don't panic ,inside every problem lies an opportunity …face your fears and doubts be strong ….. May baba show u right path

  15. I would consider reading this post as BABA's leela too! I am missing fregrance of Mogra flower as here in USA it is not very common to find Mogra flower…some similar flower is available but not our "MOgra" and LO! here I could at least dream of Mogra garland and my mind is saturated with Mogra fragrance!
    Also I feel BABA's kripa about what happened to me yesterday. I was at the post office to mail a small parcel to my daughter in law for Mother's day gift. After the payment with credit card for the same was completed, I don't know but I just asked the clerk if he has made up his mind to have his family portrait that he had showed interest long time back. See, in the small town like ours people are like friends if we meet often at such services …like bank, post office , grocery store etc…
    He said he was thinking of me for the same reason and I offered him to see my current works' photos if he can come out and have a look. He handed me my receipt for my transaction, I kept that in my purse and we come out, I showed him my file of photos and while he was gone I was about to get in to my car, and I realized I don't feel my wallet in my pocket. I think my guardian Angel only inspired me to check it! I checked at the back seat of my car and the purse's all pockets and I did not find my wallet! I looked around the car's parked place to see if it has dropped somewhere!
    I went back to the post office counter to see if I had forgotten there (which is very unusual if that was the case!!) and lo! one tall guy, at that particular moment, was handing out my wallet to that same post office clerk who had just stepped out with me for seeing those photos, and the guy was apologizing for picking up my wallet from the counter thinking it was his, showing his own similar wallet holding high to show it to that clerk..
    And so that post office clerk took it from him and handed over to me as he just had dealt with me and seen me paying with my credit card from the same wallet!!
    The more I think how such thing can happen…when this guy picked up my wallet and how I was out for a few minutes in the parking lot with that post office clerk, how I sensed my wallet was not in my pocket and how I went back and how at that very moment some guy returning my wallet to the SAME post office clerk! Phew…my driver's license, car insurance card, my health insurance card, my other important cards were there along with my AMEX and Visa card in that tiny wallet… if I had reached home and "than" realized my wallet missing how much stress and mental torture I would have faced and what if somebody had actually stolen my wallet???? I would have been in GREAT trouble stopping credit cards , getting new driver's license, new health card and all the chain sequences!
    BABA saved me, I am sure!!
    Jai Sai Ram, Pranaams BABA. BE with me always!

  16. om sai ram!
    such a wonderful experience. pls show us right path,we are ur children. baba bless us always…..

    jai sai ram

  17. Om Sai Ram!

    Baba! Bless me with a Good job and you know my suitation and its very important for me now

    Please Baba! Please help me

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