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Lord Sai Baba is also lovingly called “A Miracle Man”. But i say why do we ask for miracles? We should only crave for His love, grace and blessings which itself is a miracle for us. We have done many bad karmas in our past lives, so if Lord Sai Baba has taken us in His fold after forgetting and forgiving our sins, that it should be enough for us to know Him. I do not think any miracle is needed for Him to prove us. This is what below devotee has experienced and narrates what all thoughts are.

Anonymous Devotee says: Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram, thanks for my posting my previous experiences.

Wish you good luck on your health. I just read that your Grand Mother passed away. I am sorry to hear that news and I wish from my heart that your Grand ma soul rest in peace. Thanks again for all the good deeds you are doing today and Baba will certainly bless you with everything. Kindly do not disclose my email Id, name and my location.

I would like to share a new and strange miracle of mine, which has increased and deepened my Love, Faith and Devotion towards our Father Shri Sai Baba.

I was working on a couple of my Projects (Business) and I was yet to finalize. Although one of my Project was finalized, but we had not signed the contract since 3 months due to some open issues. However, all issued related to this project was finalized except pricing as this was to be decided by the Government bodies and thus causing delays. However there was an indication of prices given by government through draft, but not a final one. So I was desperately waiting.

As per my routine calls, I called my mom to India and while talking to my mom, she said she wanted to tell me something very important and I said fine. But after thinking and giving a pause my mom said that she cannot recollect what she wanted to say and she would tell me later if she remembers. So we continued talking about my kids, business etc. Then suddenly my mom said, yes I remember and she started telling me that there was a miracle in Dwarakamai. She told me that Baba’s face had appeared on the wall of Dwarakamai. I was speechless for a moment. Obviously, I was excited about this news. My mom said, many of my family members had seen this clip in the internet. I thanked my mom for giving me this info and I said I will certainly watch the video. Just to let you know, my mom is the one, who always tells me news about Baba. I think Baba also wanted my mom to pass this on to me.

I started searching in YouTube and found the clip. For the first time, I was not able to make out Baba face clearly. But as I started watching the video closely, I could see Baba’s Scarf and moustache and the shape of Baba face. I was just thrilled to see this clip and thanked Baba a lot for giving me this opportunity. Various thoughts were rising in my mind behind this miracle. Then suddenly a thought arouses in my mind. Perhaps, is this not a setting done by Temple Authorities to attract more crowds? But then my inner voice said, no way, Baba needs no fame. If at all temple authorities wanted, then they could have done it long time ago, when Baba’s fame was still spreading and not now, when there are thousands and lakhs of devotees visiting Baba daily. Thinking like this, I went on arguing to myself. Somehow, I was not convinced and satisfied. I wanted a proof of this miracle. So finally, I placed it before Baba and prayed that Hey Sainath, I know miracles are not new to You. Your life is full of miracles, but to me, I am confused and I will not discuss this with any one, except You. If this Miracle of Yours is true, then in the next few days, can You show me a miracle? Saying like this, I prayed to Baba and asked Baba to at least show me a miracle in one of the 2 things I choose (Obviously on my business). Either my business contract to be signed in next few days or a project belonging to my parents (business) saying like this I ended my prayer.

Whenever I have doubts or clarifications regarding Baba, I always ask Him directly and I will never like speaking about it to anyone. The reason being that, Number one, I trust Baba completely and Baba is very pure and two, if you ask Baba anything straight, then you will definitely receive an answer.

After this 2 days passed, nothing happened. I felt guilty for what I had asked Baba. I thought I am a very bad devotee, because when lakhs of devotees in India and world believe on this miracle, I in turn asked Baba to prove it. I cursed myself at once, but again I was very strong. Then again I thought why will Baba prove me? He actually doesn’t need to prove me and I am a very small devotee, who even cannot sit 5 minutes meditating on Him. Then on Tuesday 10/Jan/2012, this is what happened. A business partner of mine, who was making me wait to sign the contract, responded to me telling me that he wants to sign the contract within this week. I was very happy and excited, prior to this I did send him a follow up email on Tuesday Morning and he replied the same on Tuesday afternoon. The Contract was signed on 12/Jan/2012. I had no voice, so it is definitely a Baba miracle that happened in Dwarakamai and not a setup. Baba Himself created this miracle to increase faith and devotion to devotees like me, who are always a bit wavier. But in my heart of hearts, I always loved Baba and never left Him so far and always waited for Him to rescue me and thus I guess Baba created this inner feeling and showed me a Miracle to further strengthen my devotion and love.

This Project is very important to me and my career. I spent almost 2 years to make some business and this will be my first success. I spent days and nights workings and of course lot of sacrifices. As soon as I get my first payment I will be visiting Shirdi in March 2012 along with my complete family. I am just waiting for my payments now and I am sure I will receive them soon.

So Sisters/Brothers, if there is anything, you want to ask or clarify regarding Baba, then ask Baba Himself. One last thing, it is definitely a Baba Miracle. For all Sai Devotees, who were puzzled like me regarding Dwarakamai Miracle, the answer is “YES” the Miracle in Dwarakamai is true and it’s Baba’s creation. I think Baba used me as a medium to prove on this miracle. I am blessed and so are every Sai Devotee.

Hey Sai Nath, I don’t have much to say because I am lost in your thoughts. Let my mind always remain busy in Your thoughts and at Your holy feet. Humble salutations to our Holy Father Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

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  1. Om sai Ram,that time we also saw that post and its great that you shared with us Baba's confirmation.

  2. Dear devotees, it is very true that Baba appeared on wall in Dwarkamai, i had been to shirdi on march 2nd, i asked there , they told ki Baba was on wall continously for 4 hours, i felt sad ki i could not see, but look our Deva is so kind, night i was sitting in line at 10 o clock night for mornin kakad aarti on road side , there one flower seller asked me if i want flowers i said no, then i asked him about crowd he said coz of exams its less crowded and suddenly he told me about this incident that Baba had appeared in dwarkamai, i said ya but i could not see so, he immediately took out his cell phone n showed me the pictures he had taken, it just took my breath away, i some where felt that media ppl might have exaggerated when i saw in TV, but i was wrong its very true i was jus speechless

    Sai Devotee Roopdarshini
    Baba Maalik

  3. Actually ,Its depend upon you whether you want to believe it or not.To my point of view,I really dont question myself that whether in the clip its was our baba or temple authorities has created these kind of clips to get attraction. I believe in Sai Baba.I saw this clip long time back when it came on air.I believed , it was only our baba who came to bless us.Similar to ur situation,I want to narrate my experience also that,Dec. 2011 when this clip was on air ,I came to knw abt this clip through Facebook.I saw this clip in my cell phone and informed to my dad n mom and my husband too.I sent the URL to my parents from my cell phone only .Next day morning,My husband asked me to show me the clip before going to his office unfortunately my net was working slow @ dat time and I was not able to open that clip.He said,its okay I will check later.When my husband came back from office ,all of sudden he checked my cell phone and that sai baba clip came to his notice .Then he clicked and watched that video.I was busy with some household chores at that time.Bt when I heard the music,I came out from the kitchen n said how did u find this.He said just checked some you tube and this clip was on the top .so clicked and found this.I was so happy that really when some one really want to see and pray baba,baba always help him/her.I damn sure dat this is our baba's leela only because normally my husband never used to check my cell phone. don't knw why he checked my cell on that particular day and how he clicked 1stly you tube videos and hw without any net connection he found dat video.I m leaving these questions to all our sai devotees……..bt the answer in our baba is really miracle man.Lov you baba.Om Sai Ram.So dear sister and brother ,have strong faith in Sai baba.He will save you all.

  4. hi,
    Nice reading the experience…but my question to the above devotee is only if his(the devotee's work) got done then he believes the miracle @ dwarkamai is Sai's miracle or else temple authorities work of publicity……..sorry this shd not be true Sai devotee's faith…sorry if i have hurt you…but this is my opinion.
    om sai ram

  5. Array its ok devotees, every one's faith will not be the same, may be this devotee's faith is different from ur's or our's so its ok who are we to judge or comment on any one's faith Baba know's that , its ok for the devotee who shared this experience may be after this incident his faith will increase even more so there is nothin wrong in him thinkin that it might be some fishy by showin in TV, any way best part is Baba answered na we should be happy for that….
    Om Sai Ram

  6. Thank you so much hetalji for sharing youtube I was thinking that I dint get chance to see that beautifull miracles feeling so happy thanks lot…..

  7. Dear Sai Devotees, Happy to read the posting. I am also happy that many of the devotees are on the path of progress the way BABA wanted us to. I was watching a podcast by Joyce Meyer, topic : Do not judge others…"
    In this podcast also she tells the same thing. I am HINDU and yet have no objection listening to such podcasts that conveys the same messages that our BABA says.
    It is very easy to pass on remarks on others and/or to correct others but our life would be much more peaceful and enjoyable if we stick to mind our own business.
    Dear Ms. Hetalji , providing us the platform to share and express our experiences that help build and increase faith in BABA. She never have tried to evaluate how that experience seems to her and the same way we too have to read, enjoy the happiness spread reading these postings and if we feel like we can share our joy too!
    Our life is so more peaceful visiting this site.
    Thanks Hetal ji and all the devotees participating here.
    Love and Peace.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  8. @Meera ji,

    Sai Ramji,
    I am very much thankful to our dear Lord Sai Baba for making me a small medium for His Mission. Even i am thankful to you for judging me correctly. Ops i am using word 'judging' again. Actually you took out exact thing from me. Leading a life dedicated to Lord Sai Baba, i have learnt this most important lesson of 'not judging anyone'. Judging anybody ultimately disturbs our inner peace. This is what i feel and believe. In fact this lesson has been taught by Lord Babaji Himself to me. Otherwise i am not that qualified to understand differences of two extreme ends in any matter.

    Now a days after my Shirdi trip, i feel that Lord Sai Baba wants me to learn deeper meaning of things. I have been gifted a book called "The Fakir-Thoughts and Prayers" by Ruzben N. Bharucha. It is really interesting book to read. Again usefulness of the book depends on one's judgement on understanding of details therein. As far as i know it is available on flipcart.com for sale. Though i havent purchased it myself i am not sure from where did "giver" purchase the book. I dont know why i am sharing this today with you all, i guess it is His direction.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  9. Dear Hetal ji,
    I am happy to read your notes. Not being judgmental, is a very difficult path to follow, but once we understand what it means by "Not to judge others" makes our life not only peaceful but HAPPY too. And end result? People do respect our "few words" spoken without any judgment.
    I will try to find the book that you have mentioned and enrich my thinking.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  10. Baba gives darshan in physical form so how this miracle can be false, I felt really good to see the miracle of Baba in Shirdi. I came to know through my husband but my husband couldn't see his face even though he saw the video, later when he showed me I could make out Baba face immediately, i was very thrilled and then explained the details of face to my hubby. Shirdi people are very lucky indeed to have Babas love and they could indeed see it there live. I hope we also become such true devotees that Baba is always with us every sec of our life. This life what we all have is God's blessings, he can make all things happen in life but we ignorant minds only understand if such miracles are witnessed by us that GOD is superior and he's capable of anything in this world.
    May Baba bless all.
    Om Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharajki Jai.

  11. Very nice experience! Baba is aware of everything we think, even small thoughts, even if we don't say them aloud to him. Baba also does these miracles for us to show us that he loves us and cares about us, his devotees (just as a parent lovingly buys a small toy for their dear child). Om Sai Ram!

  12. Hetal ji, I had posted my experience about the Shirdi trip sometime back and it got published in dec last… and you know after that trip i went to Shirdi again in Nov. and I saw Baba's image on the wall inside Dwarka mai at night…there was another couple who saw it with me..it was nt sooo clear as this one..ws not there for long…i always have heard people say that Baba comes to Dwarka Mai at night…for me he is there all the time around me but somehow I love sitting at Dwarkamai at night..its a wonderful experience. I guess Baba knew my inner feelings that is why he appeared there at that time..the image was a lil blurred and i thought it is my imagination but thn this other person also turned towards the wall which is inside (right adjacent to dhuni mai, where the diyas are kept at night)and saw it…it was nt there for long and only a few people could see it..there were hardly a few of us there and must be somewhere around 2 in the night…it wasnt there for long…i never thought of posting it but i guess today he wanted me to…because it was not really something i thought was ,,you know for Baba these things are normal…he keeps doing things you really cant even imagine,,,bt now I feel bad… I should have written about it..it was sometime in November…at that time i thought it is normal for Baba to be here…he is always there inside Dwarkamai, even the portrait comes alive if you meditate on him…and then when I read this news about Baba appearing on walls again I thought of writing but then do not know why i did not…I guess today he wanted me to…but all that needs to be said is…Baba comes running when you call him, wherever…whichever way and when you love him he loves you back tenfold…ofcourse we have our doubts ….we are all humans…but Baba please cultivate our faith and keep us in your loving fold always…Jai Sai Ram..

  13. Dear Brothers/Sisters,

    Jai Sai Ram. I am the Author of the above miracle.

    Sister Hetal, thanks for posting my miracle. I have been waiting for this since the day i sent you. I thought Baba did not accept it but finally it's posted.

    I have read all comments by brothers & Sisters. Some have spoken negatively on my faith while some have supported me. Thanks to all Sai devotees on your comments, i will take everything as positive and will rethink on what some sisters/brothers have said and will improve myself.

    My Version:

    To me Sainath is everything, after the above miracle we have agreed that Baba is the head of the Family. Every important decision that we make we ask Baba prior to proceeding via chits that i have kept infront of Baba. If Baba answer is NO, there is no way we will proceed. Below are 2 such examples.

    We are in search of buying a new house, so we found a house adjacent to our sister inlaw house and we quite liked it and our sister in law wanted us to stay close to their family. I told them that although I like the final decision is Baba, if he says NO!! then i will not proceed. My wife also agreed to it. The answer was NO. Although disappointing, we gave it up. There is one last house which i have in mind but i did not ask Baba because it is way beyond my budget and i thought Baba would laugh at me because i was trying to touch sky. Anyway, i will ask Baba when the right time comes.

    Next again, we found another house near to my mother in law house, this was within our budget. We liked it very much and the location and price was matching our needs and we thought we can buy it. I told my wife, we need to ask Baba before we can proceed and we did. The answer was NO. We forgot about this house as well.

    My wife wanted to change my younger daughter name as my wife family said her name doesn't suit with my name. My younger Daughter is just 2 years old. In the beggining my wife had proposed the same name when my daughter was born and now again she wanted to have the same name again. This time i said i have no problems, but if Baba agrees we will change it, if not I am sorry. My wife was a little disappointed because she said why ask Baba? just to let you know my wife is not Indian but Asian Race. However, she agreed and now she also worships Baba. So, we went to ask Baba via chit method. I pray to Baba, Sainath please approve this name as my wife likes it. My wife also prayed to Baba and then i picked a chit. The answer was Yes. My wife was very happy and so do I. we changed the name legally to my younger daughter.

    I explained the above to just let all of you know that we consider Baba as our head of the family and to me he is everything.

    By the way, i did receive my first payment. But we decided to go to shiridi in April or may. I have left it to Baba.

    Servant of Baba.

  14. Dear Sai Devotee, Happy to read your explanation, but let me tell you one thing, you do not have to prove or explain anything to anybody. It is between you and BABA. Putting BABA first in your everyday life, you will surely lead a peaceful life and of course, there will be testing times but BABA will stand by you.
    I always think of BABA , sing my own wordings in my own tunes, (I am alone in the car while going ot job so it does not matter the tune or words are not professional!!!). After 3 weeks away from my job I was going to job today.
    After I left for my unpaid vacation time off there were lot of changes at my job place. Almost all of the management team is replaced, so I was not sure how my day would be at the job with new team members.
    Again as usual singing BABA's names I reached my job. WOW…unexpectedly the day was very peaceful, very busy and most of the customers that I helped expressed their satisfaction towards how I helped them buying computers or printers and or any other office supply items.
    Not only that but one of the customers even asked for our customer service number and he said he wants to tell the management how helpful I was to him deciding what printer to buy and to express his views about my knowledge of computer products and good customer service.
    I believe 110% that such a satisfying day is possible only with BABA's grace!
    So all I want to say is DO GOOD , BE GOOD and always think BABA in front of you to guide you. May you be blessed.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  15. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji

    I agree to your point that you love being in Dwarkamai at night. Even i find Dwarkmai so peaceful and heavenly at night. It is like Lord Sai Baba is taking rest and we can feel Him and His Innocent Looks which He wears while resting. Words fall short narrate those feelings and experience while being there.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat


  17. Hetal Ji, you and your team does not judge people can bee seen in your blog. You publish the comments and experience as is. Editing in some ways shows judging (not always though)!!

  18. Dear Anonymous ji,
    Maintaining the website , the comments have to be screened, not to "judge" the comment on a personal level but for the sake of "quality of standard of the site".
    So "editing" never can be considered "judging"!
    Jai Sai Ram.
    Hetal ji, is is possible to have some sort option of alert on response to comments by e-mail to whom who wish to have the feed back on their comments? I would appreciate if we can have such an option.
    To check on past episodes for the feed back on our comments it is rather time consuming to find that particular episode to check on feed back.

  19. @Meera ji and Anonymous Devotee who commented on Sunday, March 11, 2012 12:44:00 AM,

    Sai Ramji

    Now a days there are many spam comments which we have to fight with. So comment approval system is followed. As such we cannot edit/modify comments at our end and they are to be published or rejected 'as they are received'. Rejection is in very extreme situations. Otherwise we allow each one to share his/her own thoughts opinions suggestions feelings and everything one wishes to.

    Regarding editing experiences, we mean to say that we correct grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, translate hindi words or sentences into English for easy understanding of all. Not all devotees wish to share their email ids or name, so we just hide their identity in the manner they wish to while publishing their experiences. If any experience is written continuously, we divide it into paragraphs for smooth readability. Apart from this in extreme conditions (chances of such conditions are 1/100), we just delete few words or phrase or line if they do not fit this religious blog. That's it. Otherwise experiences are published as they are received.

    So i do not think there is any room for judging anything in experiences. We certainly understand that situations in which a devotee has written his/her experience, should be shared 'as it is' so that his/her actual feelings are passed on. In short we are just working as 'Postman' who never judges letters which he carries even though he is required to read it aloud to the receiver.

    Meeraji (rather i would like you to call Meera aunty), yes you can have follow up mails of your comments. Simply click 'Subscribe by email' link at right corner bottom of comment box and you are done.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  20. Dear Sister Meera,

    Thanks and you rightly said its upto me and i dont have to justify to any one. I consider all devotees of sai as a family and thus explained. I am glad that you received a positive feed back from your customers.

    Sister, out of curiosity i am asking, did you read the experiences if Shri Tarkhand family with Saibaba? if not, please read it. You can google on it and you will see the links. Its a wealth of Sai Treasure. I was so touched by the experiences of Shri Tarkhand Family.

    Jai Sai Ram.

    Servant of Baba

  21. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Sai. Please keep your boon bestowing hands on our heads always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  22. Dear Sai Devotee, I did read Tarkhad family related material and keep on reading Sai Satcharitra ONLINE whenever I get a chance. Thanks.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  23. Thank You Sister meera. Please also read Baba experiences of late Dr. Ramaswamy.

    Jai Sai Ram.

    Servant of Baba

  24. Jai Sai Ram,

    My name is Preethi one fine thursday miracle is happened Baba gave his dharshan i received a gift from sai Ram the sai satcharitra Book and Udi.


  25. Baba,

    WE have not yet started our life right from the begining of our Marriage 2006. We are facing problems one after the other. But with your grace we are overcoming our difficulties. Please solve our problems and accept our prayers for a beautiful well-settled life. We really want to live our life. We definitely donot want to struggle this much in our life.

    Jai Sai RAM !!!

  26. Baba,

    I am facing lot of problems in getting job kindly help me in this baba and please give me strength to face the problems baba.

    I LOVE U Baba

  27. SAI RAM….whenever u hesrtly remember Sai Baba….he comes in front of you in one or the other way…even if you are outside on road walking…he will appear.You can see his photo on any car moving from there.You can see small idol inside any car.You can see his name written on some home or building.You will feel Sai Baba is beside and around.Jai Sai Ram.

  28. OM SAI RAM

    Hello ji

    Im pavithra from bangalore i experience sai baba with me as you said. I see his idol and name all around me when i go out. But i want baba to appear to me in my dream and advice me to do something for getting peace. I pray to sai baba to come in my dream but i once just got his picture in my dream. I always keep satcharita below my pillow. Baba please give me your darshan in my dream and advice me baba. Im waiting eagerly for your miracle in my life.

  29. om sai ram

    my dear baba be always with me i love u,u know i'm trying to help others but problems are acrossing to me only… family problems, friends problems and etc… finance is also a big problem to help orphan childrens………. this is my dream baba…for ever ans ever i want to be an good human being….. i know u were every where.. i hope that u'll come into my dream

  30. I was also the lucky person to have Baba's Darshans , but it was on 8th of Feb. 2012. yes HE came again on 8 feb. & me & my friend were there. At night around after Shej Arti, when the guards at Dwarkamai put off the lights bABA's face started glowing. We were surprised & forgot everything. I can not describe how I felt. We were discussing His appearance at the same wall of Dwarkamai in January & in the mean time HE came himself. Thanks a lot BABA for such a Surprise & Darshans. I am really blessed. Baba come again for To give DARSHAN to every devotee. I dont want to stop writting for Him but I will ve to. JAI SAI NATH.

  31. * om sai ram*
    I am a devotee of Lord Sai Baba since past many years.I have experienced many of his miracles. I am fasting on thursdays for past 10-12 years. Baba gave me his darshan in dreams few years back, it
    was exactly how the idol is in Shirdi.I wondered what could be the reason as i have never been to Shirdi anytime.I narrated my dream to few of my colleagues…but they started making fun that SHIRDI SAI BABA's murti is the same in appearance where ever in the world it may be. I really got annoyed after hearing this….
    Other thing which i experienced recently in my dream was the bus accident near Osmanabad on 16 th june 2012.Thirty-two people were killed and 16 injured when a private bus( From Hyderabad heading towards shirdi)fell off a bridge in Osmanabad district on Saturday. Fourteen employees of Tata Consultancy Service were among the passengers and nine of them died in the accident.The accident occured around at 2.40 am midnight when the bus was taking a "U" turn. It was on 16 june in morning that i saw in dreams ;that a white coloured bus going from barren lands near a bridge fell down while taking turn. In dreams i saw a badly injured passenger with lot of facial injuries who was bleeding profusely. Immediately after that i saw a temple along with devotees standing in a queue waiting for darshan. The temple was made up of black coloured bricks. Suddenly i woke up and i questioned myself " which temple could it have been which i saw just now? Is it the Shirdi SAI temple. I sent a text sms to one of my friends and told her what i saw in dreams. I woke up and had tea ,i took the newspaper and i was really surprised to know that some accident had occured at night near Osmanabad. I quickly searched the net for pictures and videos. I was quite surprised that the bus and accident which i saw in my dreams was similar. Then i realised that it was all what Sai Baba wanted to tell me. It was an intuition for me. Some people again made fun of me saying that you are telling lies. But i have full faith in Him and as years pass my faith is growing more & more stronger!!

  32. i trust sai baba..i am in love with a guy past 6yrs but he does not like me,he says he cant marry me cos of cast,parents wont accept..but i cant forget him if i cant marry him i will die..from the day i started loving him i asked baba what to do,in a paper i wrote is this correct do you bless me with my karthick or not..i got yes from baba..i did prayer on om siddha sankalpaya for 41days since 2012 i am doing monday fast without even taking water the full day..i trust sai baba and shiva.. please help me i beg to alll show me the way to marry my karthick..the more my love is hurting me.. i am waiting to die..

  33. i trust sai baba..i am in love with a guy past 6yrs but he does not like me,he says he cant marry me cos of cast,parents wont accept..but i cant forget him if i cant marry him i will die..from the day i started loving karthick i asked baba what to do i wrote in a paper do you bless me with karthick or not it came as yes..i did prayers on om siddha sankalpaya namah for 41days..since 2012 i am doing monday fast without even taking water the full day..i trust baba shiva.. please help me i beg to alll show me the way to marry my karthick…my love is hurting me its been 6 years i am only crying..im totally worried..please help me baba i am going mad..i feel like dying rite now..i beg you baba.

  34. 2006 I and a friend went to a fort behind Aamby valley lonavala. It was evening time and I realised no one around and it was a bit dangerous. I looked behind on the straight stairs and closed my eyes and prayed to baba for help. Within seconds I heard a voice from behind asking me where am I going and it was an old man just resembling baba in white dusty clothes. He hheldmy hand showed me the way on the fort and asked me to sit at a point where I could see Aamby valley clearly. He told me he is in the temple on the fort and would return to take me down the fort. It was sometime and my friend asked me to leave but we got lost on the fort. I saw the old man shouting and scolded me saying that he had told he would return. Another group arrived then and they asked the old man to be thier guide and they would give him.money. to which he replied I have come here for him. He again guided us down the fort and proceeded towards the jungle telling us thst his cows have gone the jungle way and he needed to search for them. Om sai ram. Love you baba always feel you around.

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