Miracles of Shirdi Sai

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to remain anonymous and hence please do not disclose my name or email id. I would also like to thank you for opening/maintaining this site which has been a real source of support during my rough time in life. The miracles of Baba are so many and so difficult to cover in this short passage here. Still I shall try my best to write the best I can.

I have always been a career oriented person and have always felt I need to achieve something in my career. Even after my first kid, I never took a break in my career apart from the mandatory maternity leave. This always left me with some amount of guilt though I did my best to balance my work and personal life.

Over the period of time this guilt slowly increased so much that when we decided to go for my second one, I decided to take a break of one year. We were blessed with a beautiful baby, by Sai’s grace in Nov 2010 and as pre-decided, I did quit my job to take a break of one year.

However 6 months down the line, I started getting bored at home and decided to take up a job. I applied for infinite number of jobs and nothing seemed to click. I did get one job, but just a day before joining the project was declared delayed, infinitely. All this made me depressed. In the meantime, I began reading Sai Satcharitra Katha and there are no words to express the confidence, the mental peace I began to get with each reading. It also helped me get more close to Sai Deva. Trust me this is no exaggeration, and I mean this totally from my heart.

By Oct 2010, I gave up applying for jobs, not because I was frustrated, but somewhere I was convinced that I should live the present and be happy. In the meantime apart from spending good time with my kids, I also spent time reading books and stories of Baba. I had decided that I will start searching again afresh from Jan 2011.

However in the first week of Jan, even without applying I got two interview calls and by Baba’a grace. I got both the offers. Today, I am all set to begin from Feb 6th. Today looking back, I believe it was Baba, who intentionally didn’t want me to begin job before my baby’s one year, so that I don’t repent again for the rest of my life.

He gives when it is the right time for us. All we need to have is ‘Shraddha and Saburi’. To all those who are passing through tough times in life, just trust Baba He will always be there for His devotees.

Shree Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Sai Baba Is My Mother And Father

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sainathaya Namaha. I am housewife and a small devotee of Sai Baba. You are doing a pious job of giving us devotees a platform to share, learn, imbibe and think on Sai Leelas. It gives immense strength and pleasure for devotees to read other’s experiences and keep our spirits high and be ever thankful to our Sai. I would like to share a few of my experiences with Sai Baba’s grace and permission. Kindly do not disclose my id or name.

I must have been drawn to Sai in 2007-2008 while in USA. Before this, I visited sometimes Sai temples, but I never had so much faith in Him. God bless the soul, who introduced me to Sai Vrath Katha. She is someone I have never met and magically I have been drawn to Sai since then. I have successfully seen Sai’s blessings while doing Sai Vrath. We have had some tough times staying in USA, but Sai was there to guide us always and made sure when we returned to India that we had a comfortable life and my husband had a job before starting from USA. The best thing is when I look back I realise that my daughter was born on Thursday, which is again a blessing from Sai. I didn’t have any help for delivery, but Sai made sure I got enough help from my friends whom I had known only 2-3 months before.

I have had a love marriage and things started getting bad since the time I got married. Since a few months I can see His blessings materializing as my relationship with my husband is improving and I pray to Sai to keep His hands over us always. I have done vrath for my husband’s health and believe me I have seen desired results before end of vrath. I have visited Shirdi once only and somehow I didn’t have a fulfilling Darshan. I wish to go again and this time, I get a proper Darshan and visit all places mentioned in Satcharitra.

I have been going through life’s challenges recently when I had a miscarriage and my kid falling sick repeatedly. I did Sai Satcharitra parayan praying to be blessed with another kid. Within 2-3 weeks of reading, I tested positive. I was extremely delighted and my husband and my 4 years old kid were excited too. I started reading Satcharitra again, this time reading one chapter daily. Things were going just fine, when suddenly in second week of January (on a Saturday) I had some miscarriage symptoms. I came back and prayed to Sai fervently to help me and bless me with whatever He seems right. I wanted to finish reading before Wednesday, but because I was so scared and disturbed I finished reading Tuesday night itself. I had a confirmed miscarriage on Wednesday morning. I was very upset and thought that maybe Sai wanted this to happen. I have been trying to find solace since then and reading devotee’s experiences has given me strength and I am sure Sai has planned something well for me and my family. I just hope Sai blesses us continuously and accepts my prayers and blesses my daughter who is facing difficulties in her health. I have so much more to share, when Sai permits and guides me I shall post again. Sai is my mother and father as my real parents are no more as Sai took them under Him. ‘Tum bin nahi mujhe maa baap bhai’. Thank you and kindly excuse for any mistakes.

Sai Understand His Devotees Feelings

Sai Sister Dhruv Ji from UK says: Jai Sai Ram Hetal Ji, you are doing wonderful job. I am regular reader of this blog. My name is Dhruv and I live in London, UK.

Two week back I had cold and flu. It’s common in London because of cold weather. But my flu was getting so worse and heavy none of them medicine was working. I finished three different type of cough liquid bottle, 16 max tablets. But nothing was working on me. It’s very hard to get doctor appointment in London. Doctor gave me after 4 days appointment. One of my friend’s mother advised me to drink two spoon of whisky (alcohol) in hot water cup. But I never drank in my life and I don’t want to even drink 1 spoon alcohol. And I know myself if my health not getting well, then my parents will force me as well to just take 2 spoon whisky as a medicines.

Before sleep, I went for bath so I feel relax. During in bath, I just prayed Baba, please make me well otherwise everyone will force me to drink whisky. And suddenly, my all body was getting red and I was feeling so warm and I started vomiting and all cough came out. And you don’t believe after second day morning, I got improvements in my heath. And then I just decided if I will be ok in next 3 days, I will post this miracle on blog. And here I am.

I just request one time Baba and He did miracle. 15 days flu just recovered in 3 days. Instead of I take doctor appointment in emergency and I take all medicines, I am well now. It’s all Baba’s miracles. Love You Baba.

I don’t know that else to say. I just want to say something with you all my Sai brother and sister. I love one girl since last 2 years. We love each other. But my girlfriend parent does not seem to be happy with me. So I don’t know what will happen. My mom told me to just forget her and take her as a friend. But how can I? We have been together from 2 years. We told her mom one year before and she just said to be as a friend nothing else. I will say on time yes or no. But 99%, she looks like no and her dad told me indirectly that he doesn’t like love marriage because of some old family love experience. I want all brothers and sisters please pray Baba once for me and please help me. So I know what to do. I just stuck with out my answer. If I know nothing will happen, then I make my mind. I know it’s hard for me, but what can I do. Please tell Baba to show my way.

Thank you to all brother and sisters.

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  1. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear anonymous Sai Sister.. please have firm faith in Sai Deva, he does love you and will bless you with a second kid soon. He only knows when the time is right for us. And my prayers to Sai to take care of your little daughters health. Please start Baba's 9 Guruvar Vrat, it's miraculous.

    Dear Sai brother Dhruv Ji.. please surrender completely to Sai Deva and he will do what is best for you. He is our big father and does love all his children.

    May Baba bless us all always. Love you Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. Nice experiences thanks for posting it. Anonymous devotee don worry Sai will bless you with a wonderful child.

  3. awesome experiences……..anonymous devotee from USA : your experience has calmed down my agitated mind..thanks for posting it

  4. Jai Sai Ram,
    Since last one month I too suffering with allergy problem due to this I'm not able to breathe and sleep. When I take babaji UDI with water & taking his name with trust The very next day all the symptoms disappered . In my family or in surrounding if any one fall ill I advised them to take UDI with sharda and see the miracle. My Babaji is a Karuna avatar to bless all. so just take his sharan and forget all the worries.
    Dear Anonymous,
    As you said you had miscarriage I really felt very sad for you but see here again babaji is saving from some big worry that might comes in you way. I pray for you that you can fully devote your whole time to your sick child . God bless you and your family
    Sai Daughter

  5. Dear Dhruv,

    I can understand the pain of breakup very well as i have been through the pain of breakup of 6 years old relationship. Even today the memories are fresh though 2 years have pased. I am tring to accept everything cosidering that may be baba wanted this all to happen with me due to my past karmas. But in your case i will request baba to solve all the problem in your relation but in case things nothing positive happens then pls dont ever loose faith in baba. Baba loves us a lot and we should have guts to face positive and negative conditions of life.

    Om Sai Nath
    Sai Daughter

  6. Never be in companion ship of evil people. They with their more buttering words will hurt U.

    In built confidence, merits, potentialities ( career, health, in-built nature) that are given as blessings by saibaba thandri narayana cannot be perturbed or taken away by others, in spite they want to do politics.


  7. The first two experiences truly reflects the conflicting mind of today's women who juggle between personal and professional life and another who as a housewife too takes so many ups and downs to her stride.But being Deva's devotees,we are really lucky and we will surely be under his caring wings,that's the greatest solace.

    As regards Dhruvji….I think marriages are truly made in heavens and have to be worked out on earth with Baba's grace.So, without bothering, let the future unfold with it's surprises….Keep your mind fresh and positive…All that happens,is totally by His will….

  8. Dear Sai Sister,may baba bless u soon.
    Dear Dhuvji,may baba bless ur love to you.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  9. All 3 sai devotees, praying BABA's blessings to you all and may you be granted your dreams come true. As for women taking care of one's family and be a career oriented person is a very difficult task, like walking on a rope.
    It is completely personal view point how to raise the family, but to me, each child needs family warmth during the initial 5-7 years and both parents working full time job takes it's own toll! A child going to child care center, is of course being taken care of by paid help and if the child care center is of a good quality , the child learns a lot too.
    But his/her conscious misses "motherly care". Also the father may play a supporting role in child's up bringing , what a mother can give total comfort and psychological security to a child is just incomparable!
    I have listened to my husband's advice when our kids were growing up where I had to quit my dream of being a medical student and have never regretted a bit till now! And not only that but when there was a good opportunity for a job, he made me understand how being home with kids is necessary rather than working a job.
    Wishing well for everybody, Jai Sai Ram.



  12. Sai Baba Is My Mother And Father – Dear Sister,

    Baba will soon bless you with a healthy, beautiful child and shower his blessings upon you and your family. you should consider giving UDI to your daugher and I am sure you will see miracles happening.

    May baba bless all. May there be peace in this world. My heart goes out to childern stuck amid violence in some parts of world. Let's all Sai brothers and sister pray for their peace.

  13. Om sai ram..a very good experiences..anonymous devotee from USA : Thank you for your experience, i am goin through same situation and left everything to sai baba, may be he wants me to be home and take care of my family first..Thanks for the post..
    Bolo sainath maharaj ki jay..

  14. Why does the goal post keeps moving ? Why the more god gives .. we want more ? Why can't we be grateful for all he has given us ? When things are going well … we wonder when the lightning will strike ? Why some suffer more than others? Why when some people have so much wealth … they have no ability to share …. their ego is sooo big ? Why parents or your own flesh and blood betray you …? Yet there was baba who lived on this earth … why was I not there to witness his presence ?

  15. Dear Sai Devotees, Jai Sai Ram.

    Wonderful experiences.

    Sister from India, do not worry about your miscarriage. Sai knows when is the right time to give you a heatlhy child. He is the sole protector of this universe. I knows its not easy to forget but remembering Baba and reading his Leelas will give you immense peace and strength to overcome hurdles in life. Keep complete faith in Baba and he will certainly bless you with a healthy child.

    Sister from USA, i wish you good luck on your new job and your career path. Sai will certainly help you reach your goal in career path.

    Brother Druv, do not worry. Just keep complete faith on Baba and carry on. Baba will certainly give everything in life which is best for us.

    Lets all shout Glory and Victory to the King of Kings Shri Shiridi Sainth.

    Servant of Baba

  16. Very nice experiences! Dhurv Ji, Baba was there as your doctor to help cure you and will be there with you to help you get married; complete the 9 Thursdays Vrat and we will also pray for your happiness in getting married.

    Devotee from USA, Baba must have not allowed you to go for a job because he wanted you to spend time with children, since later in life when they grow up, it may give them some happy childhood memories of spending nice times with you. Congrats on getting the jobs at the time Sai Baba said it was correct!

    Devotee from India, do not worry, Baba will give you another baby soon. Complete the 9 Thursdays Vrat, and I am sure Baba will bring many, many miracles into your life.

    Om Sai Ram!

  17. Dear Anon, you has asked 'Why does the goal post keep moving ?…."

    I know you are asking these questions for everyone to pause and think. But let me add..

    Why ego? – When god/good karma delivers abundance we say ' I earned it?'. When god/bad karma takes away we wail and say 'God why are you doing this to me'. Until we realize that everything comes from and goes back to him the up and down cycles are inevitable.

    When we realize it and completely surrender. We should be saying, 'God I am so greatful to you for taking care of my every moments need. I am completely relaxed knowing my life is in your hands. Take care of it as you have always. I have no special desires as I trust your plan. I walk in the path you show me and I do the duty you ordain me. I do not think of tomorrow as you have well laid out path for me for births to come until we merge. In disease or death or pleasure or pain I get comforted knowing you are there and it is all part of the plan.'

  18. i m also in love with sumone frm last 6 years and praying baba to do a miracle for me as his parents does not want intercaste marriage.I know baba will listen to me.I can understand how it feels wen u love sumone and u cant be wid him/her.I pray baba for u brother.om sai raam.

  19. When we realize it and completely surrender. We should be saying, 'God I am so greatful to you for taking care of my every moments need. I am completely relaxed knowing my life is in your hands. Take care of it as you have always. I have no special desires as I trust your plan. I walk in the path you show me and I do the duty you ordain me. I do not think of tomorrow as you have well laid out path for me for births to come until we merge. In disease or death or pleasure or pain I get comforted knowing you are there and it is all part of the plan.'

    Beautiful thing said by u dear anon…. i jus send my life thinkin this way i had lot fear about future but resorting to my baba every thin is goin off, i am very happy n felt relieved after reading these words of ur's

  20. Hetal madam, I am a regular to your blog. In the last one week am seeing few repostings of old experiences. PLs don't do so.
    THanks you

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