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While working on this blog, we never think what will be effect of the experiences on readers except from the commments they share. But when such experiences as below are received, we get blessings from Lord Sai Baba from them. Read on how we are blessed through this experience.

Sai Sister Manisha Ji from India says: Namaste Hetal Ji. I thank you for this wonderful work. I am reading the experiences of devotees since 2 weeks now and it gives immense pleasure while reading. We can feel Sai being present with us every time. The feeling of being connected with Sai is great. I want to share a couple of miracles that took place recently.

  • I wanted to go to Shirdi from a long time as the last time I had been to Shirdi was almost 2 years back. This time, when I was doing the Saptah (reading Sai Satcharitra), I came to know about this blog. I started getting attached to Sai (usually this attachment is for that brief period of 7-10 days only when I read Sai Satcharitra, when my wishes are fulfilled, not daily). It was on Wednesday eve (25th Jan 2012) at around 8 PM, when I and my friend were returning back from office. I casually told to my friend (who was also planning for a Shirdi trip since long time) that “tomorrow is Thursday, Baba’s day and we also have a holiday as it is 26th Jan, I want to go to Shirdi. Will you come with me”? Suddenly we planned everything, checked for the trains from Pune, had dinner, took bath and left the house. I prayed to Sai that as we have left the house for coming to Shirdi, please arrange everything for us. We went to Shirdi had Darshan and I ate in the Prasadayala for the first time. Everything was so nice and I never expected. I feel that Sai called me because I felt connected to Him and the credit goes to this blog. Thank you.

  • I work for a software company since 3 yrs and was waiting for role change since November. We were told that we will be getting our role change and revised salary letter by December. I was waiting for the same, but I was also looking for a job change. I got an offer from other company in December, but I wanted this hike before resigning (as I was told by my friends that I won’t be getting it if I put down my papers). I had to initiate the resignation process as the HR from that company said that business cannot wait for a longer time and pushed me to initiate it as I was delaying it purposely. No one got the role change letter in December and the process got delayed. Then we came to know that we will get the letters in Jan. As the notice period for my company is 90 days, I was thinking that it was good I initiated my resignation process in Dec itself. Few of my friends knew that I have put down my papers so everyone told that you will not be getting this hike letter. I was in need of money, so I was praying to Baba. I said to Baba, “Baba I have served this company for 3 years and I deserve this role change as I have cleared the exam for it. I need money and I should deserve this money. All friends are saying that I won’t get this letter, but I have some hope as I have faith in You. Please give me my money”. It was Thursday, Jan 26th (holiday). I came to know that letters have been rolled out. As it was holiday, I checked my mails as soon as I came to office on Friday. I did not find any mail. I was a little disappointed, but as I knew I may not get it, as told by my friends I said to myself it’s ok. But somewhere in my mind I felt I deserve that money and again I said to Baba, “You didn’t give me what I wanted. In Sai Satcharitra, we have the story ‘Remuneration for labour’ where you did justice to the workers, who brought ladder for You then why didn’t I get what I deserved?” After an hour I checked my mails unknowingly and suddenly I saw a mail dated 24th Jan, Wednesday that had my letter with the pay hike and role change. I had checked the mails for Wed, Thurs and Fri, but I did not see it in the morning. The last mail was at 7:15 PM on Wednesday and this mail was sent at 8:50 PM, which I couldn’t see the first time I checked all the mails. I was so happy and thanked Baba for this miracle. I got what I wanted. Thank You Baba. Love you Sai.

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  1. Nice experience.!!! May be thats the time you left for shirdi & you got offer letter.
    May baba bless you always.
    Om sai ram.!!!

  2. This site has given me a lot of hope in the miracles of Sai. I have started reading sat charitra and reading this reinforces the belief I have in Sai. Praying to Sai to help us sail through these tough times and give my husband what he deserves.

  3. nice experience, Manisha Ji! Happy Navratras to all. Baba I have started Saptah Parayan from yesterday. Please help me to complete it.

    Om Sai Ram

  4. Happy Navratri to all 🙂

    May Baba bless you all and be with you !

    Thanks for this inspiring leela :))

  5. Wonderful experiences! Baba must have helped plan the trip to Shirdi and also helped to make sure that everything with getting the new job in the new company worked out (Baba always says that he will give whatever we need and deserve). Happy Ugadi to all! Om Sai Ram!

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Please don disclose my name and mail id
    Please help me I am looking for software testing job and pray for me.

  7. Om Sai Ram
    Please don disclose my name and mail id
    Please help me I am looking for software testing job and pray for me.

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