Baba’s Saying ‘Why Fear When I Am Here’ Changed My Entire Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

This experience shows how any devotee is taken care by Lord Sai Baba if he/she devotes completely to Him.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, I really appreciate your efforts for collecting all Sai Baba devotees experience. Daily I am reading this blog. Shirdi Sai Baba’s saying “Why fear when I am here”. This sentence changed my entire life. There are thousands of miracles in my daily life with Baba’s grace. I want to share some of the experiences here with all devotees to strength their faith on Baba. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id. Please edit if the below experience if you feel necessary. I am devotee of Baba from my childhood, but I became very close to Baba’s feet while studying my B.Tech.

My first experience : Baba Saved my family from calamity

With many struggles, I was studying my B. Tech. and came to Bangalore to do my project in 2008. I and my father went to my relative’s house. Same day, my aunt took me to Baba temple near to her house. While entering in that temple, I saw Baba’s sayings “Why fear when I am here”. And “if you look to Me, I look to you”. I am not able to control myself. With full tears in my eyes, I went to Baba’s feet and had a nice Darshan. I got the project for 3 months and stayed in hostel with my friends. My hostel is very near to Baba temple, just 5 min walk. Daily I used to go to Baba’s temple and seeing Baba continuously 2-3 hours. I went to my native to give presentation on my project in my college. I still remember the date march 08 2008 Maha Shivaratri festival.

Suddenly my neighbor fully drunk and came to my house and quarreled and injured my dad seriously. My dad had land issues with that neighbor, even my dad tried so many discussions to solve that issue with him in presence of our relatives, but he never used to listen anyone. We got shocked and took my dad to hospital. I cried a lot in front of Baba and asked Him why this horrible situation happened to my family? I really wanted to throw all the Baba’s photos and idols from my house at that time. I came back to Bangalore to complete my project after one week. Daily I used to go to Baba’s temple and was crying in front of Baba and praying for my family to recover from those worst situations and give strength to me to complete my project and my final year Exams.

With Baba’s grace, my dad recovered within one month and I also completed my project and exams secured highest score in my batch. My family members really felt Baba’s miracle with my dad health became normal in short time. Thanks Baba.

My second experience: Baba’s Darshan and got job by Baba’s blessings

I completed B. Tech. in 2008, because of the recession I did not got joining letter from the companies, which I got selected in campus interviews. I was seriously trying for job in Bangalore. There were no openings because of recession. This time I used to stay in hostel, which was very far from the Baba’s temple I used to go. My life became very horrible with financial problems, relative’s insults and job trails. Every week I used to go to Baba’s temple and asking Him to show the way to overcome all these situations. I had attended one interview in MNC, but failed to clear all rounds. I found Sri Saileelamruthamu and Sri Guru Charitra by Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja books in my hostel pooja room. My roommate asked me to do Parayana of these books. I started reading Sri Saileelamruthamu and Sri Guru Charitra books and attending interviews. Day by day situations became worst. I used to cry a lot in front of Baba’s photo. One Thursday, I cried a lot and slept without having dinner also same night. I woke up suddenly at midnight at 2:30 AM and saw BABA is standing in front of me. I am not able to see His face clearly. Full light or brightness was there. He was seeing me. After 5 minutes, no one was there at that place. I didn’t believe my own eyes. I was thinking that maybe I got a dream or really Baba came? Around 3:00 AM, I saw Baba with a cute smile on His face. This time I had seen Baba’s face very clearly. He was sitting next to me and giving His blessings to me by putting His hands on my head. I can’t express that feeling. I felt so happy and thinking that really Baba gave Darshan to me or it was my dream? But I am very sure this was not a dream. I saw Him and that night I didn’t sleep.

Next day, while I was reading Baba’s book, I got sentence like “I really came and gave blessings. Don’t doubt or don’t ask other devotees to confirm this experience”. After one week on Wednesday, I got the interview call from same MNC, which I had attended interview and failed 3 months back. This time with full faith on Baba, without preparing, I had attended interview. Very next day (Thursday), I got a call from company. I got selected. My joining date, they mentioned next week Thursday. I felt very happy after listening my mother words on phone, “Yesterday one old man came to our house and asked Bhiksha and Dakshina. I offered and He told me don’t worry all worries will vanish. Your daughter is at Baba’s feet”. With Baba’s grace, I had joined and got my first salary also on Thursday.

Please find the link for Baba’s books.

My Third experience: Shirdi Trip

After I got job, I want to go to Shirdi. With Baba’s blessings, my first Shirdi trip happened on January 26th 2009 with my friend. I went to Shirdi and got very nice Darshan of my BABA. While going to dinner to Shri Sai Prasadalaya in Shirdi, I noticed one old man looking at me with sweet smile. My friend called me to come fast. In next minute, no one was there around me. I felt Sai only came to me. From then onwards, every year Baba is inviting me and my family to Shirdi. Before this, my family used to worship only Lord Tirupati Venkateshwara. Now my parents and sister everyone became ardent devotees of Shirdi SAIBABA. In our day to day life, my family members are experiencing Baba’s presence in every situation. Now I and my family are very happy and leading a peaceful life at the feet of Shirdi Sainath with Parayana’s of Saileelamruthamu and Sri Guru Charitra.

Thanks to Baba for His grace and blessings to narrate my experiences. Thanks to Hetal Ji for giving this wonderful opportunity to me. I hope these experiences will definitely help to all Sai devotees to strength their faith on BABA.

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  1. very touching experiences…
    you are really a blessed soul….
    Thanks for sharing…

    May Baba bless everyone ….

    Om Sai Rama

  2. Very nice are really blessed child of saima.i also pray baba to give me darshan like you had,at least for one time in my entire life.i hope it will come true soon by baba's grace.

    Dear Hetalji,
    I want to know,where i can get sai navguruvar vrat katha book in marathi or hindi language,b'coz i want to start the vrat.plz reply me.i m waiting for ur reply.

    om sai ram.

  3. Such a wonderful experience dear.You are a very Blessed Soul.May Baba Bless you always like this.

    My brother is currently going through lot of difficulties now and I am very worried abt him.Our entire family is going through a tough phase.But I am sure Baba will lift us from all this like He has many times before.Please give us good health,strength,courage and patience to face everything Baba.If You are there with us,there is nothing to worry.Please be with us always and guide us on the right path Baba. Om SaiRam.

  4. Your experience is extremely beautiful but the best sentence is your closing sentence that you are leading happy life 🙂 Baba is so kind and always with his children !

    Thanks for Sharing !!!!

    Om Sai Ram !

  5. om sairam…very touching experience…om sairam
    and yes the link for the books your have give on the blog is also gr8. all books can be read from sairam..thanku

  6. When ever u have a dream of BABA or BABA picture.. it is by SAI's grace only. Our mind can take any shape in our dreams.. but it can't take "MAHANEEYA"s shape. If any saint or guru appears in our dreams.. that means they accepted our prayers.. and showed their blessings.
    — Ekkirala Bhardwaja Masteer

    SAI really accepted you as his child. Plz take care to continue this state by doing what baba said.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience, you are such a blessed child. Thank you for sharing link for Saibaba's books. I am looking for e-books, please share the link in case any one knows.

  8. Nice experiences!Thanks for sharing …..

  9. your experience was very nice. i guess baba tests our faith and patience till the last end and blesses us at the end. even though i am not going through the same kind of problems you went through, my life is in a very uncertain phase. who knows what will happen. btw, happy ugadi to everyone.

  10. Aweosme experience.. blessed kid u r .. am also trying for my job in the same passion.. hoping our baba will bless me soon with good job..

  11. Thank you for sharing the nice experiences! For the devotee from USA, Baba must have come to you in the vision to tell you everything will be ok and Baba himself arranged for you to get a good job. Om Sai Ram!

  12. Thankyou very much for the experiences. Also thanks for sharing the wonderful link. I was looking for one place where i can find all these books together and i am so glad Baba made you post this. May Baba be with you always and bless you and your family.

  13. i am falling short of words to respond to this fantabulous lucky you are to have the darshan of baba. only few devotees will experience this. you are really a blessed person.

  14. Thaiamma (Mother of mothers) never left her devotee side….. only few has been selected by our mother sai as her devotees…. So we should feel proud to be her devotees…..

    Vijay Nadar

  15. I will not say you are lucky. Luck can not get you Baba. What is it dear devotee? What is it that can get you darshan of our lord. I want to really see his face once, so that I can imprint his face in heart for life. I really want to see him! Please tell me….Baba has fulfilled lot of my material wants.. it is his face I crave to see…Why is he playing hide and seek with me…

  16. O dear u , Baba loves u so much , and u r so pure hearted person, thanks for sharing such beautiful experience with us , i was completely into tears , as u said , yes baba is always there for everyone …. wonder how he manages to take care of all his children so beautifully ……

    a million, million thanks and love to hetalji for this site… om sai raam

  17. jus had tears after reading ur experience, it gave back my strength n increased my faith a lot, ya when baba is with us we need not fear for any thing

  18. great experience,pray for all other devotees and baba will bless you more,there are so many people who are sufferring from many problems we should pray for them also,you are such lucky and gifted child praise sai baba…Jai shree sairam!Jai shree sai ram!Jai shree sai ram!

  19. Bhagavan Baba Sub Ko Bhala Karege

    When I was reading the Satharithas portion as routine before undertaking any official work a visitor came to my office and had discussions with him regarding the trade, at the end he handed over a visiting card to me with Bhagavans photo on it.

    He is omnipresent and acknowledges our prayers immediately

    We are blessed to be in this nation to know the different avatars and saints this land of Bharath is a sacred land, the only land give the real picture of spirituality and Atma Jnana.

    Jai Sairam
    Jai Saibaba
    Om Nama shivaya
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    Om Namschandikaye

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