Say NO To Girl Abortion – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Dear Sai Readers, i am glad that the below anonymous devotee has shared her experience alongwith a message for all readers. This blog has been a platform where anyone can share their experience with Lord Sai Baba but using this platform for a cause is a moment of pride for all of us.

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram Ji, Dearest Hetal Ji, my heartiest congratulation to you and your team for 500th post. Please don’t disclose my name and email id. This is my third Sai experience sharing with you all. As we all know this blog is daily tonic for all of us to survive the daily hurdles of life and today I am going to use this platform for a social message along with beautiful experience happened with my elder daughter with the grace of Sai Babaji.

I am a devotee of Sai Babaji and regularly visit Sai Babaji Mandir near my house to attend the Shej Aarti. Slowly slowly, my two little sweet daughters too attracted towards Sai Babaji. They too started visiting Sai Mandir with me. They attracted so much towards Babaji that even if sometime I tried to skip the Mandir visit, they push me to go with them for Aarti. Internally, I felt so much happy for them that Babaji had attracted my sweet daughters toward Him like a magnet attracts an iron piece.

One day, my elder daughter was little bit upset with her class teacher that she was not selected for dance program in her class. Otherwise she is very brilliant student of her class. Now she felt complex about it that she is not in good books of her class teacher. This even hurt me also and remind me of my School days, when I too suffer same kind of complex. On the same day, at Shej Aarti, I prayed to Babaji, please help my daughter to bring back her confidence and forget about it. Then she had Inter School Quiz Competition, I prepared her for competition at my level best without much expectation, as it is quite difficult to win from the toppers of all sections of her school.

When the result was declared, it was above my expectation. She is the TOPPER in all the class sections of her school. She won the GOLD MEDAL and certificate of FIRST POSITION from the Principal of the school. Now she had been selected for All India level Quiz competition. My whole family especially my husband felt proud of her achievements. I saw a new confidence on her face and now she become famous in her school as well as in all our relatives. The thing, which touches me most, is that she had given entire credit to her Sai Babaji and developed more faith in her Babaji. When my husband asked for her gift she said “She wants to go Shirdi in airplane”. I prayed Sai Babaji to fulfill her all wishes and make her winner at all India level also.

Here I want raise one more question to whole society why for the craze of son. We abort girl child.

I had two daughters and felt proud for both of them. My younger daughter is also very intelligent and caring by nature. People around you sympathize and ask you to take one more chance for a son, but I never felt any differentiation between a girl and a boy. We should bring up both the gender with equality. We as parents get same treatment from our children what we give to our children. After death, when we face our Sai Babaji, neither the girl nor the boy will come with us. We have to go alone at his door. So I request to all say “NO TO GIRL ABORTION” and have small happy family.


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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Very nice experience as well as a strong social message.I can relate to it simply because I have two daughters and the elder one also prays to Sai baba with me. The younger one is just 10 months old and is a blessing from baba as she was born on a Thursday.

  2. Om sai ram,

    I feel happy after reading this post and i miss my parents back in india. we are two sisters living in USA and my parents also feel proud regarding our education. In those days all my relatives forced my mom to have son, but my dad did not want big family and he said he is happy with two daughters. Now my parents have no regret on not having a son.

    Anonymous devotee what you said is absolutely right. i like your post


  3. Dear anonymous devotee , You are right about not differentiate
    between girls and boys … Although it is nice to have mixed family however its wrong to abort girl child .Just accept what god gives us .

  4. Thanks for sharing sweet experience and also for raising a social issue.
    I won't think the present generation has that discrimination between male and female.
    But, I seriously think very bad when I hear about abortion, which is nothing but a legal murder.
    Couple should plan about their future well. If pregnancy happens accidentally, they should accept it as God's wish irrespective of the circumstances.
    Mother should not opt for abortion as she wishes or her family wishes. Only exception should be the medical complication.
    I don't make any sense in killing one child and later praying for good health for another child.

  5. Dear Hetal ji and all Sai devotees,
    Thanks for appreciating and publishing my Sai experience on thursday This is second time my experience published on thursday.This is all because of my babaji aseem kirpa on me.
    Today I got one more good news that both of my daughters got admission in good school again on my babaji's auspicious day. Thanks Babaji from the bottom of my heart for your blessing on me and my family and most important accepting me and showing me right path everytime on the harsh path of this life . I don't know how to describe my feelings for my dearest babaji in words . Babaji I love you very very very very much.
    Be always with your all dovetees.
    Your's Loving daughter
    Renu Arora

  6. Thanks for sharing such experiences which strengthen ur faith more and more in the feets of our beloved Sai Nath ji…

    Om Sai Ram…..

  7. Very nice experience & a bold social message also. As Baba said in his teachings "God has created this beautiful world, and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty" so we should not differentiate between both the genders.

    Om sai ram

  8. You are blessed by Baba with two precious gems in the form of your lovely daughter. May Baba bless them and keep them happy and shining.

    Thanks for sharing this nice experience.

    Om Sai Ram !

  9. Very appropriate message to save our daughters.
    I have seen many women or rather to be mothers want a male child at any cost and so they just abort the female foetus without feeling bad that they have turned to murderers.In my own family my co-sister,my cousin have done this crime again and again and to top it they go to holy places to get rid of the sin.All these people are the so called educated girls.I don't know why they educate themselves may be just to just earn.
    I have been praying to baba to give me a child only criteria being a healthy one.I am not bothered about the gender.But baba has turned deaf to my prayers may be he only gives children to them who love to abort.Anyway its baba's wish whom to give and whom to deny.

  10. Dear Sister,
    wonderful message with your divine experience. May Sai Ram bless your daughters and your family. Baba is greatest. He always stands by his children all the time. Om Sai Namoh Namah, Shri Sai Namoh Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah, Sadguru Sai Namoh Namah. 🙂

    Dear Anonymousji,
    Please don't get discouraged and never think that Baba is not listening to your prayers.
    He is so kind and he'll not be deaf to your prayers.
    He knows what is good and what is bad for us.
    He also knows when is the right time to give us.
    He has his own plans for you.
    Just be good always like how you are now.
    Follow Baba's path he'll definitely fulfil all your wishes.
    Please have faith and patience.
    Baba is beside to us and watching and listening to us but please have patience and surrender completely at Baba's feet.
    Baba will fulfil your wishes in no time.

  12. Dear Sai Devotees, It is really good post raising the social values and appreciating both the genders equally. I was hurt when I was a child that my 2 year elder to me brother was not asked to do certain house-help just because he was a BOY and that type of discrimination made me wish to be born as a boy and not a girl!
    Luckily my mother in law was of thinking that no matter how many sons one has, a daughter should be there in the family! I was asked to have one more try to have a daughter and I used to say, no way! I would not increase family members for want of a specific gender! Whatever in my fate is accepted to me. And when my sons get married , their wives will be like my daughters! I have 2 married sons and no daughter!
    And now in my family we have 3 very sweet grand daughters that we adore! Jai Sai BABA!

  13. OM SAI RAM. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience and giving a strong message to the society.I myself is 7th months pregnant, my husband and myself are least bother about girl or boy, we just know that the child will be good blessing for us and will bring happiness and joy in our family. Baba please always keep your kind blessing on us and always keep us your firm devotees .

  14. I am myself a mom to a three-year girl.. Believe me, not one single day i have thought I should have had a boy.. It really makes no difference.. You have to work hard to instill the same values, provide them the same kind of education and ensure they do well in life.. How is it any different with a boy? Probably some kind of an expectation that boys will take care of them in their old age.. I really would'nt know.

  15. Dear Sai Devotee,

    Very nice experiance and message. We are two daughters for our parents, most of my relatives dominate my parents that they dont have boy…..your thought is right.

    Om Sai Ram

  16. omsairam
    May baba bless you & your family☺☺
    Thanks for Very nice & important social message☺

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