Sai Nath Rescued My Daughter – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Sincere prayers never need any loud cries to make them granted. Lord Sai Baba loves these sincere prayers only and this is experienced by anonymous devotee below.

Anonymous Devotee from Thailand says: Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram, I would like to thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job. When most of us are running behind materialistic prosperity, you and your team are spending most of your time by spreading “Baba Miracles”. You will certainly be remembered by Baba and you will reap its benefit one day. Keep continuing and we will support and encourage you.

I have lots of Miracles of “Sai Baba” which I will post from now on, but for now, I would like to pen down my own recent Miracle, which I had promised Baba that I would post. I am writing this with utmost love and devotion towards our beloved “Shri Sai Baba” and I only wish devotees can see how Baba helps His children when we are in need of His help. Kindly do not disclose my name or e-mail address and mention me as “Anonymous”.

My Elder Daughter, who is 4 Years old, was diagnosed with “Pneumonia” 2 weeks ago and she was admitted in the Hospital on 18th December 2011. I live in overseas and was in India during this period on a business trip.

My wife told me that my Daughter has to be hospitalized due to High fever, so I was not really worried as I was not aware that she was caught with Pneumonia. But when the fever was not reducing, I started to have my own doubts. So I decided to speak to Doctor, I was shocked to learn that my Daughter was caught with “Pneumonia”. Now I started to become restless. I instantly prayed to Baba to help my Daughter and requested His help. I decided to leave India immediately. But due to some urgent work, I had to stay back as my wife assured me that she can take care of our Daughter and I should complete my work in India. So I was a little relaxed.

Back in India, I visited Saibaba Temple almost every day. I was still questioning myself what kind of Father I am that I did not fly and stayed back. But on other side, my mind was telling me that she will get better and if I can work out my business deal it is better for my family.

Like this 2 days passed, but the fever was not reducing. But instead, it was fluctuating (increasing and decreasing). When I had called the doctor earlier, she said both the lungs were infected and she is being treated and she is definitely responding to the medicine, but she can only discharge my daughter if she does not have fever for at least 1 day. First of all, I never like even going to hospitals and besides this I just couldn’t see my daughter in pain. Every day Doctor was also doing suction (a tube of almost 24-30 cms will be inserted into lungs via nose to remove the flam) to my daughter. This is not really painful, but it’s very irritating and kids can really be scared. I prayed Baba to go to Hospital by Himself and touch my daughter, so the infection could vanish. I just prayed with full devotion.

I finally decided to leave India on 21st early morning. The night before I left, I prayed to Baba at home and also in Baba Temple that “when I visit my Daughter in Hospital, she should be completely free from fever”. The same night I called my wife to find out the situation, my wife said my Daughter fever has reduced and she is responding to medication. I was very glad and thanked Baba a lot.

The same night, I left India and I reached my country on 21st morning. As soon as I stepped in the Hospital room, my daughter was blushing looking at me. I was very happy to see her. Doctor paid her visit to see my daughter and said she could discharge my daughter tomorrow (I.e. on 22nd) if her lungs are cleared. I again prayed to Baba that please “Deva” I want to take my daughter home and celebrate New Year. Please be kind to us.

Next day, we had the X-Ray done for my daughter and it was positive. I was very happy and excited. On 22nd afternoon, my Daughter was discharged from Hospital. She is now resting at home and had recovered very well.

I prayed to Baba that no Father should ever face my situation, where he is caught up with some work in far off place and couldn’t stay with his daughter, when she needs him the most. But fortunately we have our beloved Sai, who gives us the strength to pass through the tough times.

Just this morning, my second daughter was also diagnosed with “Pneumonia” and obviously not a good news as New Year is 2 days from now. But I leave everything to “Baba” as He is the ruler of the Universe. I will just pray for my Daughter Speed Recovery.

Last but not least, I want to say that “Baba” is my Hero and He will always remain our Hero. Why? He comes to rescue me, whenever I call Him. He gives me what I need and He takes care of me and my family. What else do I need? Deva has all Qualities that a Hero needs (Good looks, Physically Fit, Very Caring and Loving, Daring and most all He is the supreme of the Universe).

Just a piece of Advice to all Sai Devotees, please keep utmost faith and patience on Baba. He will come, He will definitely come and rescue. Also when worshiping Baba, be very humble in requesting Baba. Do not forget that “Sai Baba” is the Lord and when we approach Lord we request, we don’t Demand.

What else can I say now? I am ending this Miracle by looking at Baba’s Portraits I have in my house and thanking Him from bottom of my heart for all the love and caring He has for His children.

Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Beautiful experience…to this I would like to add, Baba can help you completely recover from anything …
    Any disease..My grandfather is 86 years of age, in December he had a paralytic attack, I stay very far away from him, after a month of him being in this state where his right side was not working, he was given udi constantly…His situation has improved, he was completely bed ridden and speech was very unclear, he can walk with a stick, or some support..This kind of recovery in 2 months at the age of 86 is nothing but abundance of sai kripa…Jai Sai ram

  2. Om sai ram…..

    Baba is always with us….there's nothing to worry…Just trust him completely…

    Thank you Baba….be with us always.

    Om sai ram

  3. Dear anonymous devotee & Swati … Your experiences are all great…. God loves everyone …..young or old … For him all r same….He loves all …
    Om Sri Sainathaya Namah

  4. Om Sai Ram,

    I can understand what you went through being a father of a daughter ! Only thing I can say is that you are really lucky to be in Baba's fold, and for sure, he is the savior of us all. I am although saddened to hear that your second daughter is also being affected, but keep your trust in Baba. In fact, Baba's UDI is the biggest cure for all. My personal opinion is to please give her Baba's UDI and I am sure you will see that she recovers in no time, without probably having to go through all those painful procedures.

    I wish you good luck, and may Baba be with all of us, always !

    Om Sai Ram,

    Deepak Sachdeva

  5. Experience is narrated in a good way and your definition of hero for Sai is apt. Hope your kids are doing well by now.
    May Baba bless all living beings with good health.

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  6. Dear Brothers/ Sisters,

    Jai sai Ram. Let me thank you for all your good wishes. My both daughters are doing perfectly fine by the grace of Baba. Yes i agree with Brother Deepak that udi is the best medicine.

    I had left an Important part of my above miracle and apologies for it and below is the missing part.

    As i was very much worried about my Daughters fever, i prayed to Baba while i was in India the night before i left in this manner " oh Baba i dont want you take over my daughters fever instead let me take over her fever and please relieve her of this pain. I thought what kind of father i am if i cant take over my daughters pain. After this i forgot about what i had requested Baba. while i was in hospital at noon after lunch i had a short nap and my body started aching very badly and in less than 30 minutes i was having high temparature and i even couldn't move. Then i remembered what i had asked Baba while i was in India. So my fever was exactly the cause of my request to Baba. I became very happy that Baba listened to my prayers. Just see how kind Baba was, had i got fever while i was leaving from India then there is no way i will be allowed to fly.

    Baba listens to everything we talk to him but that doesn't mean all our prayers will be answered immediately. We should have complete faith & patience.

    My Humble salutations to the King of Kings Shri Sai Nath. Allah Malik.


  8. Thank you for the wonderful experience, devotee from Thailand! No father should have to experience the suffering of their own children, but Baba is our father and he also doesn't like us to suffer and although we must suffer for our past misdeeds, that bad karma will burn up quickly, and Baba will be eagerly ready to give us all the wonderful things in this life and beyond!

  9. Dear Anonymous devotee ji, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us..The way you explained and compared Baba to a Hero is really amazing..Undoubtedly he is our Hero..Om sri sai nathaya namaha..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  10. Nice experience baba.. you are really so kind…

    please help me baba… please take care of my family husband, children,

    I am waiting for my job.. please help me baba

    love you om sai ram.

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