Sai Baba Strengthened My Faith Again – Anonymous Sai Devotee

We as devotees of Lord Sai Baba are always dependent on Him, let be it small or big issue of our life. Also we receive the same reception from Him which we have thought of. He keeps our words as His and never let us down in front of anyone. Such is below experience.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, you are doing a wonderful job of spreading SAI BABA’s Leelas. I have been visiting your website since long time, but I haven’t posted my experience yet. Although I have innumerable Sai Baba experiences to share, I have never posted it on any blogs. This is first time I am sharing my experience.

Please post it as from “an anonymous devotee” and request you to not to disclose my name or email Id.

Baba has performed many miracles in my life and he has pulled me closer to Him. I am sharing one such miracles that happened recently.

Recently my husband’s colleague had come to USA on a business visit and he stayed here for approximately 2 months. Just 2 days before leaving USA, he wanted to make copies of his passport and I-94 (this is an important immigration document that needs to be surrendered while leaving USA) in office. My husband’s colleague could make the copies of his passport and I-94. He kept his passport back in his passport holder. However, while keeping his I-94 document, one of his clients stopped by his desk and this distracted him. After the chat with the client he did not check if he had kept his documents properly. After completing his office hours, he went to the nearby super market before heading home around 6:00 PM. In the apartment, while keeping his passport holder in the travel bag, he just checked once for his passport and I-94.

To his surprise, he did not find the original I-94 document, but he could only locate the copies of it. He tried searching for I-94 in the apartment and did not find it. He immediately called my husband and informed him the whole scenario. My husband (who was still working in office) went to his apartment and searched his whole apartment and the super market where he thought might have dropped the original I-94. They spoke to the supermarket people as well and left their cell number to call back just in case if they find it. As they did not find it in the super market, they both went back to the office around 8:00 PM and tried searching again in the Xerox room, his desk, floor and trash bins as well. As they did not find it, my husband told his colleague to inform the office security/administrator about it the next day morning. After returning home, my husband told me the whole scenario. At night I prayed to Sai Baba to help find the I-94 as this is very important document and is the only proof of his leaving from USA. If this is not surrendered, then that person may not be able to travel to USA in future.

Next day, my husband’s colleague informed office administrator but they were not able to locate the I-94 document. The office administrator suggested my husband’s colleague to write a letter about missing of the original document and hand it over to the security personnel at the airport before boarding the flight. As my husband’s colleague could not find it he was very panicking. During the call with my husband, I asked my husband to tell him that he would get his missing I-94 document and don’t worry about it. My trust in Sai Baba made me to give him this assurance.

On the day of the journey, just a couple of hours before leaving the apartment, my husband’s colleague was casually checking his passport holder to see he had kept his passport correctly. To his surprise, he could find his original I-94 document next to his passport. He jumped with joy and immediately called my husband who was at home at that time. My husband could not believe that the I-94 original document was in the same holder which they both have checked more than 10 times.

When my husband told me that his colleague could find the missing document, I thanked Baba as He had listened to my prayers and had kept my words about getting back of the missing document. This incident has again strengthened my faith in Sai Baba. Hence please pray to Baba whole heartedly as He listens to all of our prayers and have complete faith in Him.

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  1. Dear devotee It is always nice when god kindly resurfaces the lost things … thank you baba for everything … Sai ram

  2. Om Sai Ram….. it really feels good and also gives us more strength and faith by going thru the experiences of others. Our Baba will surely bless us and listen to as he knows what is best for us. Even though we might be asking for fulfilling our materialistic desires only but Baba grant us whenever it is best appropriate time for us to have the same.

  3. Nice experience. same incident happened with me. One day I was in my office and was in some pressure due to a date bound work. Suddenly, when I was to pick one paper my, gold ring (from my finger) attached with printer and was broken. I pick it up from the floor and put it in my hand bag and started doing my work again, as it was already going to be very late. Same day when I came home I told my husband about this. He asked me to handover the ring to him for repairing. But I forgot. After that I forgot about this incident and about my ring also. After three four days I just recall the incident and remembered about my ring. I just checked my bag but the ring was not there. I was so shocked. I put the bag carelessly in the college between these 3-4 days as I was forgotten about the ring and many times my little son picks it and checked it. So I was very much tensed and also feared to tell my husband about the ring. I had checked my bag many times but not found the ring. I informed all the employees in my office and searched everywhere whether it might be fell down from my hand bag as I many times used it in office but not in remembrance that I kept my ring in it. One night I cried a lot and prayed to baba to help me. I asked Baba why this happen with me again & again. I was so much worried. Next morning I had a holiday and I was to go to some relative’s place. I picked my bag was taking some money from it WOWwww…………..! The ring was there! How could it possible without Baba’s grace. I checked that purse many times earlier but not found the ring and today the ring was there. Baba is there to fulfill our wishes and help us in many ways just need to surrender completely to his lotus feet.

    Keep shradha & Saburi

    Om Sai Ram

  4. am also a sai bhakta in our family we had 1 such incident like missing gold bangle we searched all the house we could not find n we searched our house 3 days continuous not even single place bt we did not get that bangle so finally i prayed to sai baba pls get that bangle back so after my father searched a bag in that bag only the gold bangle is there first my brother n my father searched that bag 3 times bt it did not get after praying the baba we got that bangle so it is babas miracle. so thank u sai baba

  5. Dear devotee from USA thanks for sharing this miracle. I can imagine your condition when you must have experienced it. Baba is very very kind.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  6. Om Sai Ram, I had a similar incident but it was my purse.

    when i failed to find my purse in my laptop bag, i lost all hopes and finally prayed to Baba to help me find my purse and i searched one last time. Surprisingly, i found it in my laptop which infact i did search a few times but i couldn't find it. So all credit goes to Sainath.

    Baba is incredible and very caring and loving. Baba is my hero.

  7. I too have lost my ring that was broken while I was at job and placed it in my glass holder that I keep wearing around my neck. Time to time I checked that ring is there. And I don't know why I did not place it at a secured place and now I don't know where that ring has gone! I know for sure that I had that in my glass holder. Well, I prayed BABA to have me find it…so far I have not! One surprising thing is my natural mentality is such that if I don't find certain thing that I have lost I can not rest till I find it but somehow this losing Gold ring does not make that much restless. I do feel sorry that I was rather careless not keeping my precious item in prpoer place and I beg pardon from BABA saying I will be more careful and perhaps due to that BABA has given me this sort of attitude towards losing this article.
    I will surely post if I get back my broken ring anytime in future!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  8. Another similar case of finding important TAX papers that my son wanted me to mail him to Canada and I could not find them, made me very restless. I knew for sure that all papers I filed in proper folders and are at the secured place in my cupboard.
    Working full time job I did not find enough time even to search in details. Leaving early in the morning for job coming home by late evening and cooking, bringing groceries and the winter short days all made it even more difficult to find those papers!
    On my day off at job I spared all my time to find those papers, gone through all the files and folders and feeling panicked. I just noticed a Jalaram Baapaa's small picture frame in one of the bag that my son's friend had given him while he was coming to USA several years back and it was kept in his bag as a sign of good Omen.
    The words came out from my mouth, "hey, Jala Baapaa, you are seeing that I am panicked and I don't find these papers, why don't you help me find those papers!"
    And again I started looking for those papers turning each paper in each of the files and folders in each of the bags containing such important papers!
    Trying for so many times I had not located my "wanted" papers and LO! here I see the title of the same papers that I was looking for! I read thoroughly if these are the same papers that I needed and I felt so happy that Jala Baapaa answered my prayer. At that time I hardly had any faith in BABA but I am sure BABA and Jala Baapaa are the same entity that answered my prayer!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. Very nice experience…Last week on Sunday ..I lost my set of car keys and other keys with it..(Car/Home/Office Keys)I was pretty sure, that they are at home, because i used the same to unlock the door to my house. I searched the whole house couldnt find them and then I went to the temple room to see if I left it there…I Searched everywhere under the bed..tables…No Luck..I turned to baba, this is when i was looking for the keys the whole day, It was already post 11 pm, I prayed and I thought, i will try to find it tomorrow now(My main worry was the office key-that would have been a big problem)..I came to my room with a glass of water and was trying to keep the glass on Bookshelf next to my bed side..suddenly baba's calender and sai mahima's cd fell between the wall and the book shelf..I got really scared, i thought that it is a bad omen, or maybe baba is angry, i quickly got up to pick the CD and Calender…Under the calender was my bunch of keys..It had fallen between the shelf and the wall, and the clutter that I have in that place, i would not have figured out…I cant tell what I felt at that time, there is no way that calender and cd could have fallen in that corner…but it did…THis is nothing but baba's divine intervention….Om sai ram..

  10. Hetal jee

    I sent my experience about my first trip to shirdi on the 30th dec 2011..i see a lot of experiences posted for the month of jan..just wanted to make sure that it is not missed..

    the title of the attachment is A wonderful trip..please let me know, if you didnt receive it, i will send it again…Om sai ram..and if u did and you are going to post it, in a few days..I am sorry for the impatience…please forgive me..



  12. Faith that the devotee had in Baba made her assure the other person that I94 will be found. We have develop that faith, that is Shradda…

    Once I was on domestic flight in US and was reading Telugu Guru Charitra. I left the book in the flight and came back home. I was only carrying a samll back. I turned it arround several times and the book was not in it. I tried to contact airline and no use. Prayed to baba and left. After several days later I needed the bag and opend it and lo and behold, it was right in the side pocket. I could not have missed it as it is a small collapsable bag.

    Lord be praised…

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience..I love you Baba..I love you so much..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  14. Sairam,
    Please pray for my mother Mrs.rani my mother lost her vision in two eyes. any medicine not suitable for thats eyes my mother wants vision for eyes age 56.

    With regards,

  15. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience! Baba must have used this experience as a teaching or testing lesson. Baba, though, always helps us when we need him. I'm glad your husband's friend was able to find the document, as Baba must have put it there later on.

  16. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experience. May Baba bless us all always. Baba please solve my job issues sson and bless me with peace of mind.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.


  18. Sai Baba indeed strengthen my faith again. What ever you say comes true Baba. Whether you tell in dream or as an answer to a question. I m really blessed that what ever you say has come true Baba. Love you Baba. Ever bless your child and guide me in the right way Baba. Thanks to Hetal ji for giving such an amazing site where we can talk about our wonderful experiences with our dear Bapu.

  19. Oh Baba how can I thank you. In a single day you made both my wishes come true. My friend whom I lost touch with called and it was so good to get back to friends and second I did not like the guy seen by my parents and all I did was pray to you and trust you blindly that you will make the right choice for me. Just some time back my parents said it is cancelled because there is some problem. How do I thank you Baba. You make me cry for weeks and in a single day you give me so much happiness. Your ways of blessing are different Baba. I know its all about patience ans belief. I know I was angry with you in between and I m really sorry for that Baba but at right time u woke me up from my stubbornness and made me realize I need to blindly believe my you and you will take the right decision for me. I cant tell you how happy I m today Baba and all that is because of you. Thanks Baba and thanks to Hetal ji for helping us share such wonderful leela's.

  20. Hi All

    I lost my golden bangle and golden ring. I searched my house thoroughly and couldnt get it. I'm just praying Sai Baba to help me find it. Baba please bless me to find it. Please Baba I beg you.

  21. baba i lost my original document visa, passport since 2 months please bless me to find it quickly. i am praying you continously please listen to my prayers . i am unto your lotus feet .om sai ram. sai nathaya namaha

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