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Lord Sai Baba is always enthusiastic more than His devotees. Though His devotees fail to undertake anything new. When Lord Sai Baba gives us full support then why we should fear about anything. The below experience of Sai Sister Ashwini Ji explains this.

Sai Sister Ashwini Ji from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, I really appreciate the work that you have done. I hope Baba grace and blessings. You and your family are doing good. I have listed here one of best experiences of my life. Actually there are many Baba miracles happened in my life, but I would like to start from this which I really like to share this experiences.

  • Experience One:

    Last year in month of January, there were such a painful days and year too. The problem, which I faced, was acne on my face. I had lots of pimples on my face. It was such bad condition. I used to hate to see my face in the mirror. I was so conscious about my face and never used to step out my house. All my cousins and friends started asking why your face is become so bad.

    That night, I sat next to Baba statue and cry a lot. I faced painful situation. I had taken so many skin specialists treatment, but still I didn’t find any changes in my face. Slowly I stopped using treatments. I almost gave up and got very angry on Baba also and I told Baba if You wish to see my face in this condition, then let it be. I stopped using pimples home remedies and treatments and even I stopped meeting my friends because of face condition.

    Every day as usual, I did pooja to Baba. After that, I cried in front of Baba and told Him my face is so bad. I can’t even look at my face in the mirror. Then Baba gave me thought to drink water mixing with UDI. I used to keep glass of water in front of Baba statue. I used to mix UDI in that water and drank. I made this practice and drank every day. Believe me, after that I slowly found changes in my face. Now my face is so glowing, I don’t even have one pimple on my face. Even scars also got cleared. Still today I keep glass of water next to Baba’s photo and take that water next day morning. That Prasadam of water is giving me so much of glow in my face. Now I completely stopped getting pimples on my face. Thank you so much Baba.

    I like to say to all Sai devotees if you have any health issues, practice this by keeping glass of water in front of Baba’s photo and drink that water next morning. Have full faith in Him and drink. Your health problems will be solved slowly. Have full faith and trust Him, surely you will find changes. Baba is there for us to help. Have patience and pray Him, our lives will go smooth.

  • Experience Two:

    This is also one of the beautiful experience, which happened in my life. Also for me, its great achievement with all Baba’s grace only, that I could learn car driving. Here it goes about this experience. I visit Sai Mandir in weekends. This Mandir is far from my place. After bus stop, I need to walk long distance to reach temple. In my house, I have got two wheeler and four wheeler. Though I have vehicles, but there is no use. I never had that boldness to learn driving. My father and brother never took that initiative. And they never encouraged me in driving.

    In weekends sometimes, I used to ask them to drop me to Sai Baba Mandir. But they never get time to take me to Mandir. I alone use to go to temple on every weekend. I used to feel very bad and told Baba, “Can I learn driving? It’s so difficult to walk from bus stop to reach Your Mandir, Baba”. I used to say, and I couldn’t control my tears. I started crying in the temple itself.

    One day in front of Baba statue, I placed two chits writing whether I will join or not for driving classes. I got answer to join driving classes. But I couldn’t join. I was in depression for some other issues. I didn’t show interest and never joined. But Baba didn’t leave me. He wants me to learn driving. Baba sent one Sai devotee to my house. She is also my family friend. She is 50 years old. She got that interest to learn car driving. And she forced me also to join driving classes.

    After that I felt I should learn. I thought Baba only have sent her to get me that interest to learn car driving. Then I joined for classes and learnt well. I used to take car only if instructor sits next to me. I didn’t have enough guts to take car alone and drive.

    One day, I prayed Baba that I am not able to take car alone and drive. Please help me out. Give me boldness. I prayed like this and slept. From that night, Baba started telling me in my dreams “Take your car boldly. I am there for you to support”. This thought, I kept on coming in my mind till next day morning. Baba didn’t leave me until start my car. I kept getting this thought like this “take your car, I am there to support you“. And continuously Baba was saying like this in mind. At home, I stood in front of Baba statue for some time and prayed. I don’t know all of sudden from where I got that guts, I took car alone. My parents forced me not take car alone, but I didn’t listen to them. I had full faith in Baba. I trusted Him and believed that thought got in my mind. I drove and went alone, Reached so safely to Baba Mandir. I didn’t find any risk. He took me so safely.

    Once I reached Baba Mandir and said thanks to Baba. I am sure if Baba wouldn’t have supported, I would not have learnt driving in my life time. Now I take my car alone and drive I don’t have that fear. With Baba’s grace, I have learnt it. Thank you so much Baba.

These two are very special experiences which happened in my life. I felt like to share with you all. Baba, if have done any mistakes while writing, please forgive me.

Dear Hetal Ji, special thanks to you a lot and appreciate your effort in getting and maintaining such a wonderful blog and giving us opportunity to share with everyone of our own experience.

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    SHIRDI SAI MAA is a DIVINE MOTHER.HE takes care of HIS children day and night.V dont need to have any kind of fear and doubts after becoming a SAI CHILDREN.

    Very nice experiences u had Ashwini ji.

    Take care

  2. Wonder of Wonders! Baba cured your face sister ! Miraculous…
    From your experience we can take a lesson to keep our SOUL scarless by doing good deeds in life.
    Just the appearance of pimples torrmented you so much that you were not able to look at your face…
    Just imagine what bad karmas do we all do and spoil our soul…that too birth after births….just pray to sai to give us "SadBuddhi" so that we engage ourselves in good thoughts and deeds and keep our soul SCARLESS and CLEAN so that we have the courage to look inside ourselves and feel good always!

    Jai Sai Ram !

  3. Beautiful experience ..sai deva can of any problems big or small..he is always there for us…love u loads baba…

  4. Sai please come into my dreams .. i am waiting for you.. can anyone please guide me why sai baba is not coming in my dreams nor listening to my prayers.. i have a very important thing happening in my life which i had dreamt of and things look so impossible .. but i am only having full faith in God Almighty that HE will definitely make my dream come true..and not let my faith down..Baba if this dream doesnt get fulfilled i will be lost.. iam put my full efforts in this.. day and night i have put my efforts u know that..please let not my efforts go waste.. baba please give me a sign that you are listening to me..I am tired of waiting baba.. please do something.. let the good days come to me too..

    Sai Devotees please help me…

  5. Very nice experiences, Ashwini Ji! Baba can help us with all of our health problems and glad he also helped with you learning driving. Sometimes Baba has to push us to do something, and glad he was also able to keep you focused on your goal of learning to drive. Om Sai Ram!

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    Today morning i was angry with Baba as he is not responding to my prayers and curing my acne problem on my face and some dark patches too. As soon as i read this experience, i was filled with gratitude for Baba. It was as if he provided me the cure in the form of this blog. I am going to start this remedy from tomorrow morning. Am sure Baba will heal ll my health issues soon.

    Baba's Leelas are inconceivable.
    Many thanks Deva. Pleae keep showering your blessings on us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sai Daughter Geetha. Baba never disappoints his children. He will surely bless you soon. Have faith and patience. I feel like Baba is inspiring me to suggest you to start Sai's Nav Guruvar ( 9 Thursday ) Vrat. It is a miraculous Vrat and am sure it will help you in securing Baba's blessings. Please do start it. Baba just needs firm faith, patience and love towards him.

    Jai Sai.

  8. Dear Geetha Ji,Your condition is like me  me only.  I am in the same phase of life like you are into where we feel that baba is ignoring us.  I am also tired of waiting something good to happen in my life.  I am already doing thursday fasts but not 9 specifically.  but i think my devotion is not good enough to be responded to.  I request all the sai sisters and brothers to pray for me so that baba listens to his daughter's pray also.Om Sai Ram

  9. Beautiful Experiences Ashwini-ji.
    Thank you very much for sharing these experiences.

    Thank you very much Baba for giving the solutions, for what I was looking for some time.

    Om Sai Rama

  10. Dear Priyamabada ji Please consult a specialist for your skin i.e. acne, as for your patches pigmentation is caused by sun , which is common in asian skin … you need to get a skin lightning cream ,also please use sun factor 50 cream at all times u will see the difference Sai ram

  11. I will start my prayers with full faith again.. I dont know why but I dont feel like leaving praying to Baba..
    I will start again tomorro onwards to pray with full heartedness…

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Ashwini ji, Baba does listen to our prayers and your miracles are the witness..HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US AND WHEN TO GIVE WHAT..That strong urge of reaching my baba's temple and needless to say our baba's support made you learn driving..when you said Baba kept telling you that you need to take your car out alone..i was so happy and had goosebumps as he was literally talking to you at that moment and filled your heart with so much of courage and guts..I love you my you so much..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  13. Wow,Its Amazing isn't it .
    Jai Sai Ram, Someone who is always there for us ,unconditionally .
    Whenever we need Him Always ,there to help us. Baba please guide us to walk the right path, so that with our bad karmas we don't complicate our life.
    Sai Bless us,Guide us to be good people.

  14. baba please cure my acne baba please rid me of this acne and scars please baba give me back the glowing healthy skin, i beg malik to forgive me of any sin. baba mere saath raheh mere guru ban kar, aap keh charaan mein ayi houn baba, mujhe teekh kardeh itneh maiheneh hogayeh baba. mujhe teekh kardo sai, om sai ram Allah Malik

  15. Om Sai ram!
    Congratulations to hetalji on doing such a commendable job with this blog. I'm writing as I need the blessings of Shri sai Nath and the prayers of all Sai devotees. My grandfather(Nanaji) had a paralytic attack sometime back and he has now been admitted in the hospital.. He's in the icu for almost a month now because of multiple problems in his body. He's on the ventilator. We put udi on him everyday and I also chant Om sai ram. I'm also planning to start Sai vrat. He needs babas blessings.. Hope baba will cure him and help him recover soon.

  16. I am also facing same issue as you but its my bad I cant even get UDI, when i went to shirdi I got 1-2 packet of udi which I drank buy after that i dont have Udi

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