Sai Baba Brings Back My Love Two Times – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Everything is possible for Lord Sai Baba. We grants what we wish for but He always make a point to see that whether the thing which we are demanding is proper and whether it is proper time to give or not. I pray that Lord Sai Baba fulfills this devotees’s wish soon.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji. Om Sai Ram. Sai Baba will bless you full of happiness for your great work. Please Don’t disclose my name and e-mail id. My English is not good, so you can edit it if you do not found suitable to post here. I am just a simple person, who loves a girl and she also loves me. Sai is our father, mother, and everything. This is a common story full of tears and sadness. I need all your prayers.

I want to start this with name of Sai Baba. I love her from childhood and she also loves me. We studied together. After 12th, we proposed each other. I entered in Engineering and she went for B.A. At 1st year, I came to know about Sai Baba. But I was not fully aware because at that time, I was having belief in DURGA MAA. When I was in 4th semester (APRIL 2009), her parents decided to marry her. I and she prayed a lot to Sai. I used to study with tears. All the time, I went to Sai temple and Durga Temple Daily. I went SAI Temple and cried many times in front of Sai Baba. After 1 month, when people from boy’s side were about to come to see her, I was full of tears and lost hope. I thought that no one in this world can help us. Suddenly with Blessing of Sai Baba, they declined to come on that night. Sai Baba gives us blessing and happiness. After this, I went to Shirdi first time and cried in front of Sai Baba and gave Him thanks. We started believing that we are also children of Sai Baba. Thank You Sai Baba. I don’t know how to say thanks for this.

After this, I daily pray Sai for our marriage. When I was in 7th Semester (Nov 2010), again after Diwali, people from boy’s side were about to come to see her. We both went to Sai Temple and cried a lot. I gave her my Sai ring and asked her to keep wear it. Sai will help us. At that day, I went Sai temple and pray a lot, read Sai Raksha Mantra so many times. I cleaned Sai temple and after Aarti I promised Sai Baba if everything will be ok, than I will do 9 Thursday fast. In her cast no one allow to talk girl and boy in alone before marriage. But the boy saw tear in her eyes and said that he want to talk her in alone. She refused to marry him. Boy was good and he left her home. When I heard this, I was so happy. Next to this day, I was about to start Sai 9 Thursday fast. But suddenly her parents called her to ask what she has told to that boy? Why he refused to marry her. They would not continue her study. She wanted to talk to him. I tried a lot in Facebook and Orkut to find him as we only knew his name at that time. I went to SAI TEMPLE. After Aarti, when I was returning to my room, Sai Baba made magic. That boy called me. I talked him and told all the things and he said he will help us for our marriage. Sai Baba is Great.

But Now everything is out of control. I was searching job in Pune. After Diwali (i.e. 22 Nov 2011), her mother called her to make her marry again to another person. She was helpless. She told everything to their family about our love and they came to her hostel and took away to her home. I could not do anything. On 23 Nov 2011, her uncle called me and said with anger that he will kill either my father or me. They snatched her phone. They don’t want our marriage because we are from other cast. I talked to my father about this. He became angry to me. My all friends left me. They told they can’t help me more. I have given so many interviews, but I was not selected. I went Shirdi 7 times to ask Sai to give her to me. I have Studied Sai Satcharitra two times. We love each other so much and want to marry. Sai taught us “SABKA MALIK EK”. Then why this cast and all those things are present here. Please I request all to pray for us. Sai Baba, please make her mine. I daily write “SAI” 111 times with my blood. I want to marry her. I have left to eat rice until we both will get married and will have Darshan of Sai Baba. I go daily for interview if I will get job, I can do something. But I am not getting any job. I am good student with good academics. I cry daily in front of Sai Baba in my room. Please Sai marry me to her. I have not seen her last 2 months, because I was in Pune. Sai Baba, You always helped us. You always care Your children. We are in trouble Baba. She has already visited all the temple of north India in July 2009 like Vaishno Devi, Ajmer SARIF and others. I also visited most of the temple of south India like Shirdi, Haji ali, Tirupati Balaji. Please, God help us. Sainath help us. We will die without each other. Please pray for us. We have “SHRADHHA AND SABURI” , But please don’t take too much time. Please give me job and her. Om SAI RAM.

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  1. Dear Anonymous devotee Such pure love … this pain is unbearable .When will parents understand that when two people are in love IT is sin to separate them .Hope baba answer your prayers Please don't do anything silly and keep your faith in baba

  2. Have faith in baba and he will give u the right thing at the right time.
    God's delays are not his denials!!!!!

    On sai ram

  3. Om Sai Ram,

    As you have mention earlier that you will do 9 Thursday if things goes well, but for some reason you couldn't do it. I think you should complete your 9 Thursday and Sai will bless you. Maybe Baba is testing you.. have faith and patience. Saibaba is always with us.

  4. Hi,
    I understand you have faith in sai. Please dont do any things as writing sai name with blood. Even sai himself wont like it. Just wait patiently, if you both are right for each other, sai himself will make you closer, if not just think what ever happened is for best. Take care.

  5. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Don't worry..Baba will never leave His children.and yes please stop writing with your blood it's not the right thing to do instead serve the poor and do something that will help others..Baba will be pleased by that.May Baba Bless you and your beloved.

    Jai Sairam

    • Are mere bhai.. Tum bhi kuch karoge ya.. Sab baba pe chhodoge..
      Baba sirf rah dikh sakte hai..

  6. Dear Devotee,

    I am also going thru the same situation… Infact, my love left me (he loves me deeeeeeeeeeeply…stiiiilll…i am sure that my n maybe his past life or present life karma were bad…dats y we are facing such a worst situation) bcoz there was a problem in my kundli…(now this situation is veeeeeery painful…..n specially when the person you love is not at all supporting you)wel I dont believe in kundli n all bcoz my ONLY FAITH IS BABA….but stil Baba is giving me hope… I request you plsssss DON'T GIVE UP…..and start Sai Vrat vitout wasting a second….He will show you a perfect way….

    I pray to Baba to unite both of u and give you a gud job… i also need your's n everybody's prayers for my love life….

    PS: one thing I want to add….the devotees related to this website are soooo gud, dat I have actually felt their prayer getting answered for me….once i requested them to pray for my first visit to Shirdi…n let me tel u …it was answered beautifuly….thanq sooooo much al the devotees…..Baba bless u allll…..

    pls do read Sai Sachcharit n Say Sai Sai whole day in your mind….trust me He wil do MIRACLES….n remember HIS 11 VACHAN..ALWAYS


  7. Dear I can understand your pain, don’t worry everything will be alright our sai ma will help u, donate food who are in need…..soon u will get a very good job….baba please give him strength, job and his loved one……baba please shower your blessings and love on your children's

    Happy Valentine's Day baba…

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Sainath , please bless these two children and hear their prayers.

    Baba, Please bless my husband with a good job soon. Bless us with a child so that we can come and have your darshan in Shirdi as a complete family.
    Please hear my prayers O Kind Sai. Have mercy..

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Please donot worry and have trust and preservance in Sai, whatever he does, he will show us the good path and give us the right direction, donot lose patience, he will certainly give u the clue one or the other way, if you require more help from me, please email on [email protected] or call me on mobile – 08750176230

  10. Dear devotee, Baba is aware of your problems. This might be the testing period of your life. But do remember that though we desperately yearn for anything ,BABA bestows us what is good for us.Complete your 9 guruvar vrat and parallely do saptah of SAI SATCHARITA, without diverting your mind to your lady love.Keep faith in BABA, he paves way to get you a job.


  11. I didn't like the fact of writing Sai 's name in blood….. Isnt that silly enough to make God hear you….. I really don't understand such things. I too have many problems and desires in life which make me very sad but treating your God like this angers me more than anything.
    Dear devotee have Faith and moreso patience not like this giving pain to Baba.
    Iam sorry for being harsh but you should be patient without hurting yourself. Have faith and Baba will bless you with best in life.

  12. Om Sai Ram
    I pray to Sai to bless u and give u the right things in ur life. Please stop writing in blood, u could use ur energy and time for much better things, like reading Satcharitra and feeding hungry people or just simply praying to Baba. It's a very difficult time for you but trust me Sai will help you through this. Keep your faith high and do your work in the right way. HE will surely bless you. All of us have some or other worries, noone is free from difficulties or hardships, but we must all continue to have faith and do what is required to be done.

  13. Have strong faith in baba please don't do like writing sai name with ur blood even baba won't like it.every problem has got its end ur problem will also be solved very soon.we pray for u to recover from this sitiation.
    jai sairam.

  14. Dear anonymous, please donot write with blood its not good Have faith in Baba. complete your Nav Guruvaar vrat. Baba definitely listen to your prayer. And remember one thing Just surrender to His lotus feet. if you both are right for each other, Baba definitely make you marry with each other. if not then realize that this is for your best. Keep Patience. SHRADHA & SABURI.

    Baba Please Make them marry and bless them.


  15. i can understand your pain how much it hurts.but nothing is in our hands thats also a reality.only god can make impossible can pray to shibpur sai temple also and talk to amit ji sai

  16. Baba has always blessed his devotees and so he will surele shower his kind blessings on you.Have faith and strenghten your patience. Baba is there for his children always.

    Om Sai Ram !

  17. Sai baba please him I can understand the pain what he is undergoing dont worry surely he willl help u have faith and trust because I am great devotee of saibaba he is my life very soon our father sai baba will solve problems ur problems just have patience and donate food to poor saibaba likes that very much. Please stop writing in blood and eat food

  18. Om Sai Ram,

    Swami, please help your child and bless them to marry each other. I am sure baba, you will only do the best for your children.

    Cast is nothing swami, we all are same cast, because we all are your children.

    Om Sai Ram.

  19. hello sairam!!after reading ur experience i felt it very touching…please dont worry loosing the loved ones is not a joke…ofcourse i too have faced the situation and felt the pain…i also cried infront of BABA alot..i dont want to make the same tng happen 4 u…on behalf of you we all pray for ur love success…please dont worry..please do pray BABA sincerely with unshakable faith and with loving devotion…wen tym comes BABA defnetly answer ur prayers..and make u both get married…sai baba please fulfil their wish and make them happy…

  20. baba please bless them and reunite them baba…its really a sin to seperate ppl in love…even I am going through same situation infact more worse situation coz have lost everything and have been seperated from my love so cruelly and the worst part is even that person is not supporting me and just agreeing to the nonsense that the family has done i have no hope now that we can be together ever? and the hurting situations that i have gone through have really made me go numb…baba when will u bless us baba? have been waiting patiently for babas grace to get us married and bless us with a peaceful and happy married life…I would only pray that this dirty custom of seperating ppl for caste issues shud stop sumwhere and infact each n every such couple shud fight out strongly for changing circumstances rather than giving up and letting wrong customs prevail in the society. baba taught that god is one then why are people doing such crazy things…lastly i wud only pray baba to get the two ppl in the above experience married to each other and wud suggest them to stick to each other no matter what and however difficult situation may be if two people are standing strongly with each other no one can seperate them. I really want to see success in such matters thru babas grace to reconfirm my faith in gods power.

    Jai sai nath

    • Even i am undergoing same situation.what is there in dnt have any value infront of caste…..? All caste people pray to same god..then y this discrimination.especially in hindus so many caste , sub caste etc…

  21. I had been waiting from so many days for this post..Thank you all sai children praying for me….I had finished that SAI BABA 'S 9 THURSDAY VRAT already at that time…
    And currently i am again doing the same..My Brothers and sisters …thank you ..i am feeling that i am not alone..but still i am jobless…you know it is painful every day you go for interview with hope in heart and return with tears in eyes…but pain has become unbearable for i have no other way except suicide..sai baba stopped helping me..till this time i have visited shirdi 9 times …Tell me what to do…Thank you hetal ji for posting it..i am feeling that i could express my feeling about her to the world..Hope sai baba will give me her or sai ram.

  22. Baba Sab log jo ak dusre se sachha pyar karte hain magar sirph is isliye pareshan hai kyoki unki cast different hai .unko ak kar do baba…."sabka malik ak" is bat ko sach kar do baba…madad karo baba..himmat do baba..sabki madad karo..kisi kundali se nai apni bhakti ki shakti se sabko ak kar do sai ram

  23. jai sainath, Actually sai baba is the devotee of vevoteees, he just needed faih i.e sradhha and biswas. All human's should know that all gods are one , and should try be gentle,egoless , shelfishness in nature and always chant the name sai…..sai , baba surley help u in every condition of ur life and forever.

  24. brother!!your post has brought tears in my eyes….even i am suffering with the same problems…..job n marriage…..baba will definitely show us a way…..pls dont worry…..

  25. Dear brother,
    I can understand ur situation very well. Im sure baba is waiting for the right time to bless u. Please don use blood to write baba's name. If u really want to please him please donate ur blood for some one who is really in need.Also please concentrate fully your heart mind and soul in getting a job. Once u get a good job everything will fit in place.

  26. Dear Devotee,

    Have you gone mad?? Why this stupid thought of sucide is coming to your mind when you claim that you a sai baba devotee. Sucide is never a solution to any problem in this world dear. Just think about the other relations in your life how will they bear this pain of loosing you. Is this one relation with that girl so very important that you hold no feelings for your parents siblings etc.

    I sereously request you devotee, please take this sucide point out of your maid wright now. Baba will surely help you. Problems are alos scared of people who stand boldly in front of problem and are ready to face it with confidence, saburi and shradha.

    Sai Daughter

    Please brother.Dont do such things like writing in blood.No God has asked his devotees to do so.Everything happens only if u follow non-violence.If u do such things violently,even god also gets angry.Please stop doing these things.Please PRAY to SHIRDI SAI BABA from the bottom of ur heart and offer food,light diyas at BABA temple,etc.Never ever follow violence.

  28. i will pray for you..he never breaks anyones trust!!do not break down.remember god can do anything.the whole world is in his hands and he is your father,so close….so why worry!!complete the vraat..i wil pray

  29. Sai brother, please read this: 10 years back, i loved a guy so much, and he also loved me a lot. We both cried infront of baba to let us marry. We both are from different castes, lot of things happened. I used to think just like you, that i cannot live my life without him. We did sai satcharitra and every thing believe me. Even i fought with my parents and this is what i said "Dad, i cant live with out him. It is him or death". After so many obstacles we married. Now, in these 10 years, not even a day went by with out me repenting. I know you will think, our love is not strong etc.. We went through every thing for that marriage and in the end i am not happy. We fight a lot, so many misunderstandings, no trust, no love between us. Now i cry infront of sai, "Why did you give me this person sai" I am not saying your story will end up like mine, but priorities change, now she may be your world, but you dont know anything about future. Instead of asking sai to make your love success, Have full faith in him whatever the outcome and just ask him, sai do what is best for both of us. Whatever the outcome, realize that whatever sai gives take it, instead of asking for specific thing. I promise your life will be so happy, just leave everything to sai, what ever the outcome. Dont even think about sucide. You read satcharitra right, in one of the chapters, it says, if you try to end life in the middle, you still have to face the karma in the next janma. Nothing in this life is worth you dying for. Remember, even if you get her now, in future you may be the same person asking sai, why you gave her to me. Dont ask god what you want, just trust that whatever he gives you is right thing for you.Trust in sai, he will do what is right for you. Om sai ram

  30. May the Love and Power of Shirdi Sai Baba unite both of you in holy matrimony. Just keep your faith in HIm, no blood writing no bad thoughts, dont be sad, think of Him and be joyful…. He does miracles… Believe……

  31. Hello dear devotee, Om Sai Ram… let's pray for the Glory of Shirdi Sai Baba… sing His name with joy and bliss. At your Beloved Lotus Feet please dear Beloved Sai Baba of Shirdi reunite these two souls….

  32. your post is published today (On Valantine's Day) this is one of the best signal from sai baba that you will get your valantine back. My sincere advice is that you first concentrate on getting job first and leave the rest to BABA, by the time when her parents agree who should be in a good position and also you will be confident.Complete sai vrat and donate to shibpur sai temple for annadaan, by next valantine day you will get married. Dont forget to post when you get married ok. ALways have positive energy Bala will defenitly bless you guys.

  33. Baba asked his devotees to have faith and patience, he did not asked you to hurt yourself, write his name with you blood. That doesn't help you dear

  34. Don't worry…Day is not far both will be altogether very soon..when sai is there then why fear…!!!

    Om Sai Ram

  35. Thank you thank you so much for pray..All of us can say easily that suicide is not a solution ,i know that very well but can you feel the pain of that girl living in her home.there is no one whom she can believe,no one to talk except pray day and night for our marriage..she believes in sai baba ,in me that some day day i will get job and marry her..It is very easy for me to talk ,to express my feeling but what about her…she is handicapped in her home.I have her photo to see her…She doesn't have any pics of mine.. it has been 4 months to see each other..Everyday she prays for my job.but baba is not listening it.Day by day i am falling …..It may be possible that i knowingly or unknowingly did wrong but she is true ,pure heart than how sai baba can not listen to her..And i have stopped writing with blood after completing sai raksha mantra with it..Can sai baba not see our pain..we are unaware of his planning but the pain we are facing is also unbearable..her family member tell her about me that i shall wondering with many girls and lot of nonsense.How this can be possible.They don't want to take my exam about her.I have no bad smoking,drinking.single fault which can be blamed except i am other cast..plz tell me how can i survive.SAI BABA i need job .what to do…om sai ram

  36. Om Sai Ram,already many comments today so most thing are covered,i will just pray for ur luv n also wud like to add that u can luv other only n only when u luv urself,so first luv urself be a Man n stop this blood thing n all.Secondly as u said about job problem i think u should prepare well for that,if u r not confident n may be ur mental health visible on face so u r not getting selected.keep praying n i think here u should do smart work first settle ur career so that u can go ahead.Sai baba will bless u,sorry if u felt it as lecture,u r like my other students as i am prof in Engg college,let me know ur branch if i can do something.Sai Ram

  37. If you commit suicide … you will carry this pain in the next birth ….Please you will kill so many people with you I wish someone in India will help you This is call for all the devotees out there Please help this boy …unfortunately Idont live in India Baba Please intervene ….This boy can't see for the woods ..

  38. I wish I COULD put some sense into you …. get a grip …There are no unanswered prayers At times the answer is No …

  39. Hello, from the way you wrote this message, I can understand the kind of pain you're going through. It seems that you are taking too many things at once. Obviously, your love life is affecting you in a bad way and that might be including your interview performances. Just focus on getting a job and then try to solve your other problem b/c dealing with both issues at same time is not helping you. Also, don't do silly things like writing in blood, that will not please Baba. Instead, try to help others like donating food to poor, etc. as Baba loves giving food to the hungry very much.

  40. How ever good or bad the situation is,it will change ….believe in miracles…frame every so called disaster with these words "In 5 years will this matter?…. Always choose life

  41. Dear devotee….. Life is a mystery and you should wait for the good things. Certain times if you try too hard you fail because such situations are not in our hand, that is the time you should put all your faith on Baba. I know it's really very hard to follow than told but believe me Baba tests your faith and patience. He certainly knows all our pain and of course he knows more than our current situation in life, he knows all our past, present and future… So leave it to Baba's feet and see he what he can do. he is our Master and God, if you trust him that he will take you both to the best life you should not worry. Instead of thinking of your situation why don't you think of Baba more then he will surely show the path. I hope Baba showers abundant grace on both of you. Suicide is never the end of your misery because Baba himself has said that if you don't complete your sufferings this birth then you will have to take another birth to complete the rest, so never think that's going to end there plus what about your parents ?????? Haven't they taken care of you …. I would say that's also a sin ….. Baba knows best so never do anything hastily and never leave Babas feet.

  42. I will not say that Baba will for sure bring you both together because I cannot guarantee it.
    You hurting yourself physically is like hurting GOD himself.In one way you are yourself prolonging ur problems by hurting GOD.I can see that things are pretty bad and you are frustrated. But that is what faith and patience are- to have hope till the last minute.
    Have hope and pray and do whatever you can. You do not have to do big vrats if you are not in a position to do it. Sit down calmly for few minutes everyday near BABA and talk to him deeply from your heart. Inspite of all the problems, thank him for whatever you have today and pray to him for help.Show him all the love you have for him. Sai Baba can be won only through love not anger.
    I know it would not be an easy task to say to Baba that you will accept whatever he gives. You do not have to do that.If you guys want to be with each other, your prayers will surely be answered.
    In short show Baba how much you love him and he will do wonders.


  44. Hi Dear brother…
    I feel for you..but if u have faith in baba, please have unconditional faith and know he will not give you something which is not good for you… Now dont get me wrong..I pray that you get married to your loved one, however have faith…see your experience or prayer has more comments than anybody else's, the fact it was published on valentine's day..i see this as baba's leela..but see there are a lot of people who will advise you, but know that sai knows the best and he knows the past,present and future..I was about to get married to someone after 5 years of relationship..and it didnt parents were in a different country and i was in a different country. I was united with my parents after 10 days, of that relationship getting over. I was very young then..i look back and see that was the best thing that happened to me, the life that i lead today is all thanks to that break up that happened…

    And trust time heals i might sound like I dont want you to get married…to this girl..

    All I am trying to say is that Baba knows the best..whatever happens is his wish..Please surrender to him and know that he will carry you, when you need him the most..Please be realistic..

  45. if you have read Sai would know ..baba didnt let his devotess be hungry, or keep fast unnecessarily..He said "if you are hungry then what am I here for"..he doesnt like his devotees troubling themselves…You can keep the fast..eating the food that is allowed..but know ..that you keeping the fast will not mean baba will grant you, what you want, right now you are like a little kid who wants eat an icecream, when you have cough and cold…PLease KNOW THAT BABA KNOWS THE BEST AND HE WILL GRANT YOU, WHAT YOU NEED AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT…Please give me your number at [email protected] and I will call you…i think I can help you…Please dont be miserable..

  46. Thank you sai baba to bring so many brothers,sisters for me,They are praying for me.Thank you all of you for my help.I don't know how to thanks to you all sai children.

    Thank you for Amit ji's number.
    "S.Ranjan ji"- I Have completed engineering with Computer Science" if you can provide mail id than i can send my resume to you.thank you

    swati ji i have sent mail to you.thank you thank you so much to all for this greatest help

  47. @Anonymous ji who commented on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 8:16:00 PM

    I agree with you. Sometimes a thing or (many times persons too!) loose value if they are craved too much and received with great difficulty. The time, in which we only need that thing (or person), disappears when eventually we are gifted with the same. Your story is same like me. Though our parents did not oppose our relationship and made us marry happily, we struggled a lot to open up our relationship to our parents. Like this about two years passed and at last we were able to do what we were struggling for. In fact, thenafter problems started. We married two years later and during this time we lost all charm of our relationship. In our case too it was inter caste marriage. Still we married to each other hoping things to get better and today when we are nearing two years of our married life, it seems we both have individually moved very much ahead and far that we are unable to find each other. A huge wall has been created between us. Apparently there are no solid reasons for this, but inside we are dying day by day alongwith our relationship with so many reasons. Things are getting complicated and misunderstandings are taking birth.

    It is taught to always thank God (Sai Baba) for what He has given us and never complain if we find something wrong happening in our life. So i never complain but i ask Baba why we are struggling so hard to be together when it was Your will for both of us. It is only You Who made us one but now why we are leading such a painful life? So i would say DYING FOR YOUR LOVE BEFORE MARRIAGE would many times lead to DYING BECAUSE OF YOUR LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE.

    Dear Sai brother, take things as they come and do not try to change them as per your wish. If baba has separated you both today, let medium be her parents, i believe that it is for betterment of both of you. I know this will hurt you and will demoralize you to some extent, but always truth is hard to digest and carry. I do not predict that baba will certainly do the same as in my case, it was just to share. It is better to die once instead of dying each and every day in future. Do concentrate to get job with handsome pay and try your level best to convince your parents first, so that they can keep your proposal in front of her parents. I agree with some of the comments above that instead of writing name of baba with blood, go and donate that blood to needy. You need blessings and grace of baba right now. So seek for these and your wishes will be fulfilled if you are granted above two. Shri Sai Satcharitra is best way you can concentrate your mind for interviews. Carry it with you while going for an interview. Take some Udi, drink it with water, apply some of it on your forehead and also carry a packet of Udi alongwith you and See the Wonders! Baba will Himself be with you.

    Best of Luck!

  48. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,
    The same i noticed when i was preparing this post. Believe me it was not at all decided to post this experience on Valentine's day because we plan our schedule for few weeks in advance without going through experiences. So it was and is Lord Sai Baba's wish only.

    I hope Lord Sai Baba unites both of these young guys and the story ends like "…and they happily lived ever after…"

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  49. Hetal ji..Thank you so much for this great platform.

    May be i am wrong but I have not seen that you post following comments.Sai Baba will bless all..Om Sai Ram.

  50. May baba bless u all…..
    May baba unites them together………bless them…..

    Plz anonymous devotees,why suicide.Plz dont be depress like dis.We all hv so many problems.just be calm n hv strong faith on baba.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  51. Just Have Faith in you and Proceed … It is quite normal with gods… if u have faith in you, nothing bothers you(even baba)…

  52. my my just look at the comments to this experience….we will all pray for you two to be united forever….jai sai deva….

  53. Jai Sai Ram,

    Brother, baba is indeed blessing you and our brothers/sisters have already started to help you find a job. Pleasr thank Baba.

    Please think about your mother who gave life to you, now you are too young to undetstand but one day you will certainly.

    Here some Brothers/sisters have shared their love marriage experiences and now they regrett. I have gone through all this. I too married a girl from different national. Definitely life is not going to be the same after marriage. But we need patience, after 6 years of our marriage and only by Sai nath grace my wife attitude has changed and she also started to worship Baba. I am very happy about it.

    Every thing will get better, but please have patience.

    Brother, you mentioned Baba is not helping you. My college days were worst, I used to not have money some times to pay for my room and even food. I too suffered a lot, every one left me but Baba did not.

    So leave everything to Baba and just focus on your jobs.

    Please take care of your parents.

    Anantha koti Bhramanda nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Maharaja ki Jay.

  54. Thank you every one..some sai children told me to think about my mother.I think but really they think about me?
    or they think about Society,Their so called reputation.Is it necessary that every love marriage is going to be fail?
    What about Sharukh kahn and gauri? What about Former Infosys Director Mr.Narayan Murthy and Sudha Murthy…List is long and I have also know many others.

    Let me tell you one thing mother go to see girl for his son.after marriage that girl start fighting with mother
    so can you say parents are always right? or Can you say that divorce happens only in love marriage not in arrange marriage?

    Sai Baba You have power to vanish this cast color creed within part of second but you don't why?
    There are so many incidents i personally know where couples committed suicide or living like hell.

  55. Sai, you know everything that happened, everything that will happen. Please bless him with what he deserves. Om sai ram.

  56. Don't worry brother ! Baba is just taking his test of Shradha n Saburi. When Baba is with you no can ever will be able to separate you both.

  57. please baba unite them.why does it happens in this world its very painful situition i was gone thru it still i m not getting my answer why it hapens to me i was crying so much.plz help them baba. Öm sai ram

  58. Everyone battles with problems in life …. if all think like u ,its going to be tough call … be a man and face like a soldier ..Pray that you get that help to push u in the right direction Sai ram

  59. Dear Anonymous Devotee Remember nobody knows what god looks like…People come to our lives for a reason,for a season or for a lifetime,,Accept them all equally and let them see god in you …

  60. Sai Please bless them.Will pray for ur job and love life..have failth in Baba..He will give you whatever is best for may realize it after sometime..

  61. Sai Baba pls help both of them. Hey dont loose hope. Pray sai baba will solve all ur problems. dont worry. Best of luck.

  62. Dear devotee ji, see the kind of response you got man, you are really lucky. Our efforts should always be there and Baba will make those efforts into results only if they are good for us. If its not really good for us, He will not give it. He knows what is best so please be patient. Love you Baba. Love you a lot..Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogiraja parabramha sri satchitananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

  63. I have no doubt you two will be united. Please write back when you get married…See yourself happily married and joyfully working…It is the truth. All the pain you are going through is unnecessary…You are destined to be together.

  64. I am thinking all r eager to know exactly what is happening in ur life hence forth. Please post ur experience after u get job and once u r married to ur love.

  65. Thank you all sai children.I pray for happiness of all of you.

    Brothers and Sisters,

    In this 4 years i went each and every temple,god for her.I went Gurudwara,I went Dargah,I donate as much as i can,I did whatever i can do for her,I love her more than my life.There is no single second in which i don't miss her.Is Sai Baba not looking our pain?In sai Satcharitra Sai Baba changed destiny of many people than why these tears in our eyes.Why Love is bad in our society.Why should i live in this world where no want to love or be loved,Why Cast ,Color ,creed is more powerful than love.Why sai baba gives everything to bad people,money etc.Why good people face lot of problems in this world.Why sai baba don't change this.Baba if you are really there plz help has become unbearable.Plz don't play with my life baba if you are unable to give her plz give me death..Really you are not seeing my tears.plz baba it is enough baba.We both have seen so much bad days..plz baba make it over baba.unite us baba.marry her her baba.she is pure like child,sweet,caring.plz baba give her to me baba,or give death to me.

  66. Om Sai Ram….every one is praying for me.So many replies i have got..My post is published on 14 feb…Really is this indication of Great Sai Baba that i will get back my love?Sai bless all readers of this blog..they are really having so beautiful heart.Take care of them.Om Sai Ram and give back to me my love for ever.

  67. Dear brother..
    Don think of suicide.Just think wht will be her state after ur marriage.Beleive in our BABA but u must keep trying for a job..And also ask BABA to give you both a good mind..Ask HIM to rule ur mind..Bcox only if GOD resides in us will EVIL be far from us..Surely BABA will bless u when ur prayers are true..I can understand ur pain..but cry to BABA..Listen to his bhajans..surely HE will show u a way..god's decisions may be deferred but never delayed..

  68. Baba you have to give me my love…otherwise pray of mine,her and everyone will be can not neglect pray of all…everyone is praying for me to unite us forever baba..plz baba bless me with her baba..You have to make true your 11 vachans…I have visited shirdi many times and you said no one will go back with empty hands from have to give her to me….baba In my life i never demand anything except her…I can not live without her have to listen all prayers have to fulfill my wish can not sent me back without her..I don't know baba how you will do it but i am living like a hell in this earth for me.plz sent her to me..I never demand anything and will not baba..just give me her baba.marry me with her can not neglect her prayer..Help me Baba .bless me baba…plz baba plz..Just order me what to do for her.I am ready to do anything for getting her,for marry to her,plz baba help me,bless me,give me her baba.

  69. Oh devotee please dont get so desperate. Calm down please. Nothing good comes out of haste. Keep hope and faith in Baba. Everyone here has prayed for u and ur friend to get married and it will come true. Baba has never ever failed his devotees prayers unless the demands itself are wrong.If he had indicated u to be married to her it will surely happen. Just hang on. Allah Paak aapki raksha kare.

  70. brother!!pls dont worry!!saibaba will definitely unite u with the girl…… is true that u r bein tested badly ….but u wil celebarte double to this pain in the future.just wait for the right time……have saburii..wish u a very gud luck

  71. Dear Devotee, I will pray to Sai Baba to help you in your situation also. Like some others have mentioned, you should complete your 9 Thursday fast. Do not be afraid of threats by others, Sai Baba is standing there right next to you, and as Baba says "Why fear when I am here?" Baba will help you and make everything work out. At some times, we feel like our situation is difficult and hopeless, but Baba has already planned everything for us and if we are sincere and truthful, everything will work out well (sometimes even better than we thought possible). Om Sai Ram!

  72. Bro..everything happens for a reason…so jus wait….HE will take care of your problem…Don worry…everything ll be alright soon…jus wait n someday, u ll realize why all these things happenned…our Baba wont let anyone down…Om Sairam!

  73. my saibaba,,today is my 9th thursday of fast…I have done whatever i can do for getting her,for job.pray,donate,cry..all you say to do..Plz don't take more tests.plz baba.You know everything how i am living she is is enough baba..i got enough pain baba..stop it baba plz..why you forget me baba….bless me baba RAHAM MALIK RAHAM KAR..plz have a look on my side baba.plz have a look..

  74. Brother
    Please pray baba WITH PATIENCE AND FAITH he wil surely give you the best …. am telling you with my experience baba will help . i had so many problems being a girl i had to be alone every one left but baba was always with me.
    today i am married with the person whom i loved … but we had this HINDU MUSLIM CASTE PROBLEM. so just have faith .. please brother don hurt urself by writing sai name with blood , you hurting baba and ur mom badly …

    please when ever hurt and depressed go to baba temple pray him . do the fastening . Spend time in temple you will happy even if you dont have anything

    Just give ur burden baba he will take care of evrything . DONT GIVE UP UR LOVE ,DEVOTION , FAITH ON BABA

    he will do good things for you ..

  75. Hey Sai Baba…now you have to give me..fulfill my wish…
    I came to you walkin on knee in shirdi baba..i came to you begging my love and job baba by knee walking in whole shirdi temple baba. plz now listen me baba.

  76. Please stop torturing urself like this. Baba is listening to u. Please hang on , have some patience. Keep faith–he will definitely unite u with ur girlfriend for sure.Allah malik!

  77. I really don understand why are doing all these things? Guys are supposed to be brave. At somewhere i feel u are not having complete faith in Baba. If u really believe in Him u shud leave everythign in his hands he will take care of u.Just by walking on knees and paining ur urself will not help. Be patience and believe baba. A true devotee is one who leaves eveyrthing in Gods hand and sleeps peacefully. Im very sorry if i had hurt u in anyways. Just shared what i felt..Please calm ur mind and stay cool. Start doing meditation evrything will come in place as per ur desires.

  78. Om Sai Ram.

    May Baba bless you and unite you with your love soon. Baba please show us all the right path always.

    Jai Sai. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  79. The whole world is nasty.Only he who prays is true.Never abandon the name…Fall doun ! stand up ! fly high.. When one falls in love,u are almost in a hypnotic state, man in love with a women or woman in love with a man is no longer able to see clearly. T he mind becomes clouded, the desire creates so much smoke, it raises so much dust that u can't see clearly. And whatever u see is your own projection .The more ur desire is starved,the more blind u become..

  80. True love is no game of the faint -hearted and the weak ; it is borne of strength which friend you really need …

  81. Dont Worry SAI BABA ji bahut jaldi aapki wish puri karenge…………very soon u will get the job along with your love………….Have faith in GOD 🙂

  82. om sai ram
    plz my dear dont loose ur patient……. baba is taking ur test,&u have to keep patient with sradha on baba… i considerd and get fruitfull result that after doing 9 thusday fast.. he will be help u . stop writing with ur blood, take food proper way, and do ur karm…… baba sakuch dekhrhe wiswas ka daman na chodna , unke miracle meri jindgi me v huye hai , aj k date me mai v kuch itni buri condition face kr rhi hu ….. bt wo hai humare aasuo ko pochne wale bs wiswas rkhna unpe.. thusday fast se apkki manokamna jarur puri hogi .
    mere baba apne baccho ka hath mat chodna ………
    jai sai nathaye namah..

  83. Dear anonymous devotee,

    You have not replied anything lately even though others are still writing to you. I presume then that things are still not favourable and you are searching job and love also not won yet.You have done everything in your power . Now just sit quietly with calm mind. You are so disturbed that Baba is not able to help. First calm down. Learn and learn to leave everything unto Him.People advise to do nav vrat and you did all that. So now dont do anything but just try and thank him for all positives in your life although right now it may seem difficult to do so. Meditate on Him. Trust me that He will answer you very soon. You have to be calm to accept his Blessings. All the best devotee. I pray for things to be positive for you sooon.

  84. Hello All,

    Yes it is true that i am still under bad condition,even more worst condition,Her parents trying their level best to marry her to another person.Thats why i went to shirdi and walked on knee in whole temple to bring back my love with good job so that i can live with her happy..I don't know how more test sai baba will take us ?…I only know how i am living..I have done every thing according to sai prashnavali,i donate dhoti,yellow sari,grapes ,food etc..completed 9 Thursday vrat..Even i am ready to do anything i have no words to express myself except tears which rolls down daily from my eyes..even now i am weeping..Hey sai baba..give me her or take me to hell even i am ready to go to hell..just don't want to live here without her…each night i sleep with tears and prayers in my eyes..wake up with prayers..Sai nath…where is your 11 vachan baba.

  85. Hey please dont give up … sometimes our bad deeds makes us to suffer and thus may be the good things are not approching you… of course all the good deeds which you are doing now will be fruitful … sai is always with you .. he will surely do what is best for you

  86. Dear devotee Have u anyone perhaps friend or family to support in this distressing time of your life ? … Do feel your pain ..

  87. I might upset you with these words. But let me ask you this.. With all this crying and pleading are you showing faith in Baba or doubt? If you have faith, pray sincerely once and wait happily knowing that he is unfolding things. How ever difficult it might look to us, he has way to work it out. Brother, I know deep in my heart that you two are destined to be together(I am not saying it lightly). Please do not make it prolonged and tough on yourself with doubt. Make it easy for yourself with faith. Sit back relax and visualize your happy married life ahead. Those visualizations backed by prayer will come true. Do not see it with doubt, but with happiness that comes from the knowing it is coming true. Know that there are other people that can get affected with this marriage like your and her parents. Baba has to prepare the ground for everyone and minimize everyone's pain. But your pain is totally unnecessary. Your pain is because you do not want to wait and you want it now. His plan is the best.. wait.

    Please remember this..twenty five or thirty years later.. when your passion has subsided and your children are grown up; show this much yearning for Baba and god realization. I have no doubt you can get god realization in one life with this kind of yearning…It is okay that it is directed at a girl right now. Nothing wrong. But at right time direct it at god with same fervor. Saints like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had this kind of yearning for God. God bless you.

  88. I just loved this above post by anon. See devotee everyone is talking to you since you once said your parents, friends all deserted you in time of need. However your Sai Parivar is with you, Baba is with you. Have courage, dont weep, Show some consideration for Baba's plan which is taking time but let her parents try how much they want, not a leaf moves without his wish– remember that in mind. Let all do as they please, if you have faith , you be in one place and let the world go topsyturvy, you have to be steady. Hang on, your time will come very soon. Keep faith, thats it.

  89. Lets go where there where everyone is blind…. where no one recognizes our cast race or family name

  90. Please have faith in Baba. When i was in a decisive situation like this, i left final decision in Baba's should wait for Baba's adesh and look for job, pray Baba wholeheartedly and leave it for him to decide. Please have faith. Destiny, karma and time play a crucial role. Baba will grant it to you only if it is good for you and you are destined for it. Please don't take it otherwise, we don't want you to loose sight real meaning of love and faith in Baba.

  91. Dear Brother,
    Do you remember that old saying – “Phanoos Banke Jiski Hifazat Hawa Kare Woh Shama Kya Bujhe Jise Roshan Khuda Kare.” Things will fall in place, you need to stop panicking. If you are destined and if Sai willing, no matter how hard her parents try, it will not materialize with any person other than you. You should not veer away from your path; accept Vidhata's decision as final call. Arey bhai mere, aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke Jana hai. Jindagi koi aasan nahi hai.
    Please note that – Baba will do things which are beneficial to you. Baba can see your past, presence and future. Sometime – mother doesn't give into everything child demands keeping child's benefit in forefront. Similarly, Saima keeps every child’s interest in forefront. You need to stay calm, polish your interviewing skills, develop network around.
    If I was you, I would go back to college and find some good references which could be leveraged in interview. Participate in Campus recruiting program. Write down all questions asked so far in interview, and analyze how they were answered. Consult some experienced and successful person on those answers and request them to share their perspective to it. Do mock interviews, browse web and find some common interview questions and be prepared to answer them. Be ready to sell and justify all in resume, remember each and every word of your resume (don’t rattle it), you should only mention things that you can speak for. Engineering students go through internships in most cases. If you had any such experience, please elaborate and get references from there which can help interview. Also have your resume scanned by agencies to ensure it’s up to norms. Apply for internships; if that’s an option, many companies hire interns after few months if they perform well. Look out for some volunteer opportunities; this can win a job too. Ensure you have a database of recruiters and approach every possible recruiter for positions open which could help to get the foot in door. Unfortunately I can’t help with job hunt as I don’t live in India and don’t have any network there.
    Lastly, I will leave decision on Baba. At times child doesn't realize why mother did not “give in” for certain things. It is only after some development they understand "Why". I do believe in love story and respect your feeling. Please chant Sai, Sai, Sai. Don’t forget the pains that your folks had to go through to raise you. And did I read about Blood here? You think Saibaba will accept your scribbling in blood? Don’t forget that your mother nurtured you for 9 months in her womb and later went through labor pain? First rule-respect parents, period. Forgive and ask for forgiveness. Please use pen and have faith.
    May baba be with you, bless you and navigate you.

    You will be in our prayers and all devotees in this forum here need acknowledgement and promise from you that – YOU WILL NOT USE BLOOD for Sai namajapa.

  92. Never underestimate the power of your actions.One small gesture can change a persons life for better or for worse …

  93. Wah , woh shama kaise bujhe jise roshan khuda kare!Lovely ,the way above anonymous devotee has replied. Very concise and to the point regarding interview process which will surely help this devotee in pain. However nothing from his side so think his situation is still the same. Hope he has not harmed himself, we all r so worried about him . Please devotee write at least a line to say u r ok.

  94. Thank you sai baba,thank you hetalji,thank you all sai children for helping me..I got my first job.thank you all for helping me.really thank you all for support me in bad situation.Please guide me further steps for marry to her..Om Sai Ram..after 6 months i am going to home.sai baba help me further also.thank you all .thank you so much

  95. @Anonymous
    congratulations dear brother!!!!!keep up ur confidence in baba and surrender to him….you'l definitely be united with your soulmate by the blessings of baba..

  96. Whoooosh! Thank God u finally replied, I am sure a lot of us were worried about u thinking u may have harmed urself. So many congrats on ur new job. C how Baba is beginning to help u. Hang on there and other wish of marrying her will also come true. Hang in bro. Sai Ram

  97. om sai ram ji

    Sai baba ji i dnt know you will give my love back 2 me or nt..i surrendered myself 2 u baba…but i want his lover to be with him..bcoz i knew that pain…i trust u baba watever u decides..the dream i had few months back was amazing…it was ur approval…but i am ready to accept even a condition nt in my favour,,,i love u baba..

  98. Today After 4 month's i went home and saw her..talked her…Sai Baba thank you…plz take care of all us…plz marry me with her…thank you all..

  99. You only need to thank Baba. If he can give you the job, surely he can give you the better half you wanted. Now relax and wait for Baba to unfold the remaining story.

  100. If u have a good job now, Why don't u go ahead and get married to her. You know that her parents are not Going to accept you. What I am trying to say here is do not expect a miracle from Baba wen things are in your hands. Both of u Luv each other and want to stay together.
    This is something I Felt like saying after reading ur full story.


  102. Hello Dear Brother ,

    I also have a similar problem . I have been praying to SAIBABA from past many years to make my love successful .

    SAIBABA had blessed me in the past . But now I have been crying and pleading to baba every day ,but dont see any improvement

    Lets hope and pray that our loves should be successful and SAIBABA will listen to our prayers.

  103. Hetal ji and all Sai Devotee,I tried to convince my family a lot and trying ..but my family and her family met and be together to not to marriage. Her parents tell her that my family is not ready and my family is telling that her family is not ready…Now she is locked in her family has ordered them that if i will do anything they are free to kill me….If i force more she will be in more trouble.Now no contact with her…last time she told me that she is with me..Plz pray for us…i left everything on Sai Baba…Baba plz do something.Take care of her..marry me to her..

  104. This society is so corrupted, got so bad mind… making lovers suffer . Don't worry brother – Sai will do good at any cost .

    Even i have faced the same condition, even though we went against our family and married each other .initially our parents wr not happy. but now our parents are getting fine .BUT this IDIOT SOCIETY PEOPLE MAKE THINGS WORSE > THIS PEOPLE have done Black Magic on me so that i come back…IN THE NAME OF RELIGION . they don't have any rights to , when are parents have agreed…

    so Brother make your heart strong.. we lovers have to fight for us. i ll pray Baba for you guys.. BUT YOU GUYS BE STRONG IN UR LOVE….

  105. Dear brother , seems like the only option left for u both is to run away and get married. Both the families could not arrive at any understanding and u guys are caught between them.May u take the right decision based on Baba's guidance.

  106. Hey brother..
    My heartily wishes are with you…u have no much we all be happy if u get ur love.. as what ever happening to u can happen to any one of us..Sai baba tumhara pyaar jarur poora karega..wo kahate hain na ki "agar kisi cheez ko poori shiddat se chaho to pori kayanat tumhe usse milawane me lag jati hai"… hey sai baba..daya karo issper..sirf aapka hi sahara hai iske pass….


  107. Brother i can understand how both of u respect ur parent's only u don do any extreme..If u r so very confused ask Sai baba whether u should get married urself (as u both r major)..use Q & A method or chit method..we really do not hurt anyone when we live our dreams if its for love..And live a very decent and wonderful life to prove ur elders tht ur decisions were right..They fear only tht..When we r confused we must seek God's answer..All the best..

  108. You have a right to choose your partner in life and if the feeling is mutual, you should get it by all means.If Saiwilling, parents will soon accept it.
    However, whatever may be Baba's decision, please be nice to your parents and elders. Do look after them now or in future when they need you.

  109. Sai will not be happy ,if we do not respect our elders or hurt them . Don't worry Sai baba will bless you with your marriage to your love .

  110. Baba she is fighting for me…plz give her strength …plz baba meri family ko mana lo……you have power of universe ……main phir aunga…phir ghutno ke baal chalkar aaunga…baar baar aaunga..har baar aaunga..plz marry me to her….

  111. It breaks my heart to c u in so much pain. I hope our merciful Baba does make ur wishes come true very fast.

  112. What are u so afraid Off??
    U have a good job. Go and get married to her if both of u are in luv. God's miracle is in giving u the job at the proper time, so tat u both can be together. If you feel from ur heart tat u are doing the right thing, go and get married. Ur parents will get convinced if not today, then tom. Love needs some courage too.
    Do not expect Baba to come down and convince all ur parents. If u want to wait, have full faith and Leave it.go and get married if u cannot wait. It is not that things are not in ur hands.
    Do not be frightened for everything like this. Be brave and do wat u need to do. Babaji wil be with u.

  113. Sai baba ji please bless them both with lots of love.

    ppl still believe in caste system is beyond me but you never lose hope sweetheart…sai baba ji sure will help you just have faith and patience.

    you soon will find good job too…sai ji will bless you.

    Om Sai Namo Namah

  114. you are acting like a baby now…you already got a job…it's time you make your own decisions…if you love her from your heart then take her to sai temple and marry her…why wait for approval from parents when you know they are stuck in social rules…for them their reputation is more important than your love life….love is the most important thing in life…without true love life is incomplete…if your and her parents are not ready for this marriage because of caste then you need to step up…
    look in the history for every new idea,thought and to change old patterns and social issues…ppl took action and got hurt emotionally,mentally and physically….you just want sai ji to do some miracle for you…sai ji's job is help ppl grow inside out by helping them time to time…sai ji already helped you a lot…Sai ji is clearly indicating you to learn to take some action yourself…stop crying like a baby all the time…be a man…be brave…it's your test time….
    only through tough time we learn to be strong….through your parents, time and sai ji is teaching you that time to grow up because the way you are behaving is very sad…you think you are still in your mom's lap and will cry a little and get everything instantly…
    life is tough honey…you have a whole life ahead of you..soon you gonna have kids…start acting like a grown up…if you think she is the true love of yours and can't live without her then you should marry her without your parents approval..sai ji support true love and sai ji is the true father and mother….sai ji's blessings count more than anything…
    i suggest you to wait 2-3 months…make your bank balance and then rent a room for yourself…marry your love and settle there.
    if you are worried that her parents gonna kill you or something then my dear you are too weak…fear is man's worst enemy…wake up and learn that's what sai ji is trying to teach you to be brave..take a decision…you are independent now…if you have full faith in sai ji then sai ji will save you from all the troubles…

    btw i did the same and got married with my love 15 years ago without any blessings from my parents…i lived in 1 bedroom rented home for one year without any furniture or fridge or tv…it was tough time but only through tough time you learn to grow…now i am a mother of two beautiful kids and living abroad with loving husband…now my parents are happy to see me happy too…
    have faith in sai and all your troubles will vanish…just follow one rule love her deeply no matter what and forget about soceity and so called rules…be a man.

    May Sai ji bless you with unconditional love.

  115. Dear friend ,
    the girl you love most is a baba precious gift for you , baba are Testing your faith and strength at this time do not deviate and surrender completely to lord sainath ,surrender means do according to saibaba obeys every step of saibaba do not interfere your own thoughts bcoz this creats problem for you, actually you are confusing and your thoughts are wandering be firm about saibaba vachans and act accordingly ,if you are wandering the time will pass and you would not get anything so my friend surrender your mind body to sainath then see what will happened .
    God bless you my friend

  116. I again visited shirdi..again i walked on knee..baba plz help me..plz let help us to talk each other..

  117. now the best thing is go and do court marriage. rent a flat where you are working now and take her with you. everything will be fine by passing days..
    Act now.

  118. Dear Devotee ,

    I had a similar situation as you are facing now . I waited for 5 years that BABA will help us and our parents will agree for our marriage . We tried every possible way to convince our parents ,but everything failed.Though everyone turned against us ., I still had faith in BABA. I did not want to run away and get married because I thought BABA will not happy if we go against parents and BABA will surely help us .

    From the beginning BABA gave all positive indications regarding our relation and marriage , but everything went wrong now .

    The guy I was in love with got vexed and left me ( he thought that he is spoiling my life making me wait for our parents to agree) and his marriage is fixed now to some other girl and I don't have any option to stop it . I always had faith on BABA that let whatever happen BABA will not leave my hand .

    But BABA left me alone .. I have no other hope now .. I am totally broken and shattered .

    Please don't let this happen with you .. go ahead and get married to your love before its too late,but in future don't neglect your parents because they did not agree to your marriage now . Be good to them even if they are bad with you .

    Please Update us once you are married .

    All the best for your future and marriage .

  119. You know,It is very hard to talk with her,no way to talk to her..She is still fighting to convince her i have no other way to do the same..i am waiting for her call..i am ready to run and marry but she told that sai would marry us through arrange marriage..I am ready to do anything.

  120. I agree with her , I also did the same thing . I had full faith in SAI that I will have arrange marriage with my love. I did all SAIBABA vrat and pray to SAI everyday .

    But things did not change for me . I am feeling bad now that probably I should have run away and get married .

  121. Pray for others also when you pray for yourself .I will also pray for you . Hope BABA will help us and our marriages will take place with our parents blessings .

  122. now its on her to come with you or not.if her parents are stubborn then they'll not agree..
    you plz mail me your emailid on this..([email protected]) i'll tell you who can help you regarding this.

  123. I noticed that some of you are here holding Sri Saibaba for not getting your love??? is that correct??? There is a karmic cycle and there is just so much that Baba can do as our mother and father. If something didn't happen after complete faith in baba, it certainly was not for you. Please donot take Baba for granted, be humble, walk on his path, accept his decisions, one will be happy and blessed.

  124. I truly agree with above suggestion. its karmic cycle. everyone has to go through past life karma. whts written in our fate it happens. if baba is not giving its for our good. something more good is there ahead in life..
    this may hurt this guy what i'm saying for sure.. but dont want to hurt you dear.. might be your bad time is going on when it'll get over you'll get it. if its not there you'll not get it anyhow.. But Saibaba can give wht's not there in fate also.. and if he's not giving you then that means it'll be not good for you in future. please dont get hurt. be practical.dont stop your prayer. he knows your everything. we are his children. he'll never give us bad. trust in him.
    plz mail me ur email id on [email protected]
    so i can tell you to know when your bad days are getting over/ marriage time.
    smile 🙂

  125. We are not holding Baba for our love . We are just telling that when Baba supported us for so many years ,why suddenly he left us in this painful situation …..

  126. Hi,
    I am in love with someone and we both believes sai baba a lot.sai baba i love you. you always give me strength. i do sai vrat also. baba i dont know why this world is so corrupt, why we cant take decisions of our life.The guy to whom i love is from diffrent caste and now there is also a mismatch of kundli, i cant leave without her. i dont know what will happen in my mind is not working and i am always in tension and depression. i have no clue about my future. but the thing is i cant live without him at all.
    please help me god, our love is true. please erase all these false beleifs from our society.

  127. Baba says give all your burdens to me. But we do not give Him our burdens but cry that it is heavy! Baba is in a helpless situation.

    If we give burdens to him we do not worry. Because then he should be the one to worry. The very fact that we are worried shows we have not given him our burdens. You worry when it is your burden.Do not worry when it is not your burden.

    In the end we blame him for our not responding.
    If you truely believe that he can take care of the issues, leave it on him.

    See today's Maxim of the day "My treasury is open but no one brings carts to take from it. I say, “Dig!” but no one bothers."

    SAI never fails, it is always us.

  128. I want to point out one fallacy that many people in the forum seem to harbor: That SAI can change someone else's mind to our benefit, how ever good or right it may look like.

    GOD does not interfere with the free will of the human beings. Each of us can choose to do what we want to do. He would not have to be born again and again on this earth and teach us the right path, if he can manipulate our minds and push us to the right path. But he would not do that. He wants us to make the right decision and take the right path. With no force but willingly.

    If He could change the mind of Saddam Hussain / Ravana, he would have done that much earlier listening to the prayers of the mothers and children of the slain. Karma is true in its own right. Yes they will accrue bad karma and pay for it. But free will of humans is true on its own right as well.

    We should not be asking that Baba change someone else's mind in our favor. We should be praying for strength to bear pain and to make the right decision.

    But if some one wants to change, but he does not have willpower to do so, by all means Baba will help that person. We should pray for such people.

  129. Some devotee here mentioned that – " I did all SAIBABA vrat and pray to SAI everyday. But things did not change for me. I am feeling bad now that probably I should have run away and get married ."
    Be glad that Saibaba's vrat stopped you from taking a decision to run away from house. While every person has right to choose own life partner and fall in love. It doesn’t give them any right to hurt parents. It's not that I am against love; I don't believe in these barriers. Sometimes parents’ social egos and generation gap become issue. At times, with maturity of life and understanding of social systems, parents feel their child is not taking correct decision. In either case, final decision should be left to the child as it’s his / her life.
    However, if you decide to take Sai Sharan to resolve your problem, accept his decisions as blessings. Comments made above by devotee simply indicate shaky belief in baba. Itni Shiddhat se Baba ko chaho aur phir dekho woh kya karte hai. You will see ample examples here on this blog where Baba united two loving hearts and helped them join in matrimony. Baba being our mother and father, creator of this universe knows our past, presence and future. If he stopped you from running away from house, than certainly that was not good for you. If your love is not materializing, certainly Baba has some other plans for you.
    In other case, if boy has decided to accept his parents wish after 5 years waiting and is ready to tie knot with another person, surely Baba has some bigger plan for this heart broken girl. Different are the ways of Baba.
    How can Baba (our mother and father) throw us into volcano knowingly? He can see the future…think about it….

  130. Hello All,

    We are not holding BABA responsible for the love marriage . There are few longing questions which is creating confusion. Please somebody help .

    1) SAIBABA teaches us about one GOD and one caste ,then why there are so many issues regarding inter-caste marriages .Why SAIBABA is not blessing his true devotees with love marriage ?

    2) I always believed that BABA does good to people who are good to others ,but now it seems to be wrong . I always believed that if you hurt your parents and go ahead and get married without there happiness .. that will be wrong .SAIBABA will always help and bless people who do not hurt others . But now that belief seems to be shaken .

    3) I have been praying to BABA regarding my marriage to my love from past 5 years . Until now BABA has blessed me and given all positive indications everyday.
    Though the whole world turned against me ,even the guy whom I loved turned against me , I still had faith in BABA, that BABA will never let me down .
    Even now the guy I loved is getting married to another girl because of his family issues , but till date BABA is giving me positive signs that ,I still have chances of getting married to him .

    Please tell me what should I do , I still have faith in BABA ,but a I am very disturbed and worried .

  131. OM SAI RAM

    Please contact Amit ji from Shibpur Saibaba temple and request a Puja to SAIBABA in your name

    Amit ji Contact-09333120111

  132. OM SAI RAM,

    If BABA has a bigger plan for my broken heart then why BABA has been giving me positive indications about my love marriage though the whole situation and the whole world is against me .

    Though the guy marriage is fixed to some other girl ,but still BABA is giving me positive indication that ,I will be married to my love . I am confused and disturbed because of that.

    • Dear devotees…
      Baba words are never without meaning.
      I am not sure how u are getting signs from babaji, but did u take chits anytime?
      Question & answers sometime leads things to our imaginations.
      Try the chit method. Pray to babaji and write his initials in one chit, put an empty chit and a no answer in other. It is upto u how many chits u want to write. Empty chits indicate that babaji us saying that it is not a right time to ask the question and u can ask it other time.
      After praying to babaji.put the chits near him and pray and ask babaji to Tell u if u should wait for him

    • Please ask some kid to take anyone chit and do not Tell hem what the chit is for.
      Open the chit and u will have ur answer. If u are still confused and unsure of the answer, u can try it again next day. U should be getting the same chit.
      But make sure that u do not keep on taking chits till u get the answer u want.
      Babaji words are always full of meaning. We get confused because we sometimes

  133. Put our own imaginations. But chits are direct and u would have no chance for any assumptions.
    Be ready for any answer when u take the chit. If that is not what u want and babaji has promised to get ur Luv and a happy married life, it only means that he has found someone else for u who could be the best person for u. Sometimes we need to give up our free will to Baba. He will take care of u. Do not worry. You have went against

  134. Everyone for the Luv and faith on babaji. Babaji loves trust and faith on him rather than Anything else.
    He will help u and save u. Do not give up the Luv for babaji. Do the chit and have ur answer.
    Hope I have helped u a little bit with ur confusion

  135. Baba very well knows what is good and wat is bad for us, even in sai satcharita it is clearly said that
    everyone has go through this karmic cycle, Please have constant faith in Baba. In this kaliyug,
    devotion is the only key which will help us to go through our karmic cycle in a smoother way.
    Shraddha and Saburi are the two coins which will help anyone to attain success, without that it is
    impossible to attain even the smallest thing in life. I sincerely ask all devotees not to use this forum to test saibaba. He is sarvantaryami,have constant faith on him, he will take care of the rest. thanks.

  136. OM SAI RAM , Riya ji

    Thank you so much for your reply . I will surely do the chit method . BABA bless us all and please pray for me .

  137. I some how don't believe in chit method with SAIBABA for me . For me SAIBABA has other ways of indicating positive signs . Once there was a similar situation and I tried the chit method,chit said no but that thing happened .

  138. Dear devotee…
    When u are using chits, please take them full faith. Pray to babaji that u will accept whatever god decides for u. Pray with trust and devotion, and not with frustration. Also, please ask a kid to take the chit only once. There is a reason behind that. Kids hearts are very pure and they do not have any kind of notions while taking the chits. Also, if u are taking a second chit, please give few hours gap.
    Please follow these, and u should be getting the same answer. Do not take the chits just because u are desperate for an answer. Also, did u include empty chits also.please try again later and see.

  139. 1) If every living human on this earth could have patience, faith and understand teachings of their guru, there will not be any more violence in this world. We are living in age of Kaliyug. You and I are lucky as we know the path that goes to Shirdi.
    2) You will get fruits of your good deeds with passing time. Every human has credits of good karma and debt of bad karma in his/her account. We all pay back our bad karmas with interest on it, sometimes mortgage of bad deeds span over few lives.
    3) Keep faith in one simple thing – “Whatever Baba does is good for me and will be for my own benefits”. With passing time you will realize it. Sufferings are the ultimate truth of life and so is presence of Baba in our lives. Trust me Baba has bigger plans for you, a way bigger than your imagination and with passing time you will see them. At some point in your life you will realize what I just said above.

    As my younger sister I will only request you to stay calm. I know how you feel about broken heart, trust me, I completely understand it. I have gone through a lot more, broken heart, broken engagement and what not. Lot of my past haunts me, and a lot will stay with me on the heavy side of my heart. But that as well drew me close to Baba. Leave it completely in his hands and just leave for him to act on it. When I was in a dilemma and was worn out, I passed that bug on to Baba. I had told Baba – “You will take a step at it, you will make a decision, you will decide. I am pencils down hereon and I will accept your decision as my faith and blessings”. I waited with hands folded – my saga is very long but to cut it short, desired things came knocking my door sooner after this, I accepted Baba’s decision and he has helped me. He saved me, things could have been worst otherwise. Just leave it, and don’t act upon situation. Let this situation act upon you. Let baba make a decision and accept it. Stop browsing on it. All you should remember is “Sai, Sai and Sai”.

  140. Dear friend ,
    all the method you all are using for solving your problem are not right ,one person say use chit method,one say use saibaba question answer ,one person give advise to other that run away with girl friend and make court marriage, you all have no faith and patience, because you have faith in remedial solutions not saibaba ,if you have faith in saibaba then you would not use these remedies ,baba sees every thing and not do any thing because you people not allow to solve him , I personally request plz leave every situation in saibabas hand and by doing so you have not act or run to Your own wish but you have act according to saibaba ,if saibaba said to you for complete your work then your work will definitely done but you have kept patience and faith other wise if you have act according to your wish, then wandering , you would not get any solution,and then baba will also wandering ,so plz firm to saibaba ,wait and watch .
    Sai ram ji

  141. OM SAI RAM ,

    I agree with you ,but Karma determines your destiny and end . We have to do our deeds with good intention and pray to GOD to help us .

  142. "Jis haal mein rakhe sai uss haal mein rehte jao, toofano se kya darna toofano mein behte jao "

    Baba Maalik

  143. I agree one has to do the karma. Sitting with hands folded doesnot mean stop your karma, do your karma and chores. But some readers here have gone in tangential direction exploring way too much on their problems. When you left final decision in Baba's hand, there is no turning back here. The thought – " Instead waiting I should have run away" indicates an absolute shaky belief. My point here is – if Baba came in one's way to run away, then that is for this devotee's benefit only. Stop browsing too much on the problem and get back to routine life. That is what i had done and I still do when surrounded by problems. When I was in a situation something like this, I had left solution of my problems in baba's hands, I kept going to his temple, did good karma and continued with my life. Problems got resolved on their own, desired things came knocking door. Keep faith and impossible will become possible.Continue with your life, do right things.

  144. stop writing the same thing about you that you are fed up and all.
    from this moment have unshakable faith on saibaba.if situation gets worst also keep faith.. if any thoughts comes of suicide also dont give up. be on one thing "faith". stick to it. no matter who says what… and then see what happens
    till then dont write anything here. only tell us when your wish will get fullfilled.

  145. Dear Friend, i understand what u are going through but now its enough just calm down.. when u have surrendered completely to Baba dont worry a jot. I too went through a rough phase in this matter, i lost my love after being 10years together, even i used to plead baba weep n ask him to give that person but that dint happen, when baba is not doin some thin then there is sure some reason behind ll come to kno it in the future, so i ve surrendered totally to baba now let him decide every thin its very painful even i used to feel that i will die witout him n all but i am alive just coz baba is in my life n tell me who have not lost there love jus don loose hope n don think any thin about future ur future babaji ll decide, if he wants he ll definitely get u both together by makin u do things if u trust entirely in him… so calm down surrender ur relationship completely at sai maa's feet he ll do all good don shake ur faith and become desparate he ll do all things at right time have patience.. either u leave completely to baba so that wat ever consequence may be he ll be responsible els u take up doin every thin and u ll be responsible for wat ever consequences that may be in future.. now its upto u to decide what u wanna do…

  146. Please guide me how to agree my parents..Her parents want my parents's start and my parents want her parents's start.I am living like a hell from 6 months…Please show me way sai show me way…you know i walk a lot daily to get tired and sleep but still i am not able to sleep.I miss her a lot.Plz anyone help me.

  147. Your parents need someone to advise them … someone they will listen to …but at the same time if baba wishes all the hindrances wil disappear ….

  148. See normally guys side should talk, One thing u can do is you go and talk to her parents first. Be bold and talk confidently to them that you will take care of her more than them (i.e. her parents), convince them and then they will automatically start talking, after all it is their daughter's life, they will surely talk to your parents.

  149. My friends, one thing you have to remember that saibaba vachans are brahm vakya and if you are using saibaba question answers ,chit method or other thing and if you have got your answer through the indication of saibaba then do not repeat this twice ,because repeat these process for finding answer means you have doubt in your minds for baba answers ,and due to your doubt and hastiness you want quick result and you use saibaba prashnavali many times ,this unfaithful attitude towards saibaba creats problem in your life and then the desired result has not come ,and you would get confused and frustrated ,despite all this you share your comment in this blog and think that your problem will solve ,the reason for not coming the desired consequence is that you are wandering your thoughts are wandering ,you are not firm in any answer of saibaba ,you do not act according to saibaba , you people all the time requesting and begging to saibaba .work will be completed only those who run according to saibaba way ,so I request you all plz be firm on saibaba vachans ,do not test to saibaba by checking prashnavali again and again .plz keep strong faith and keep patience also .then your work will complete otherwise keep searching,wandering,you would not get any thing .
    Thank you my dear friends

  150. Hi,

    All i want to say is trust Baba even if he is not answering your prayers. There must be something good he has kept for you, I will tell you my experience which goes like this.

    From my college days i felt in love with a very simple and good looking girl. After nearly 2 years i lost intrest in her because things were not going well due to lot of misunderstanding between us. She always wanted me to be happy so she let me go.

    I felt in love with an other girl and this relationship lasted around an year. A painful year. Soon when i started this new relatioship within a couple of months i realised that i do not love this girl but since i had physical relationship with her i got stuck. Things progressed so fast that within next few months we both had to tell our parents and situation got worsened due to heavy opposition from families. We both use to do sai baba vrat, visiting sai baba temples and everything which we could have done for Sai Baba but Sai Baba never listened to us in that one year. I use to get very angry with him that why he is behaving like this. Why Sai baba is not helping me..Slowly i understood that this girl is not for me and somehow we broke this relationship. I wanted to go back to my old girl and suddenly Sai baba started answering my prayers, My old girlfriend( my real love) forgave me and since i have been with her again Sai Baba gave us lot of experiences and lot of blessings. We feel his guidance in whatever thing we do. Now i understood why Sai baba was not answering my prayers when i was with other girl.. Finally i married my real love and i am very happy.

  151. everyone's experiences are different. above person life is different, his fate is its not that other person situation will be the same.might be till some period he has to bear this pain due to his past karma and he can get her back.

  152. Pray Sai and have faith , I can understand your feelings , But brother there is a lot in life that are really more worst than these experiences , I went through hell and I have tried to commit suicide 4 times and I escaped narrowly , Death is not a solution , Living this life is also very painful , But trust me there is always a good end for everyone , Just cool down and try to speak to her ones and make her understand and calm her down and come back and you relax and concentrate in finding a good job and ones u get that then try to convince their parents and your parents , IF they don't then get married to her in sai temple and register your marriage and register a complaint in police station about any threatening messages u get from any of her or your relatives and take her with u. Your first priority should be to get a job and calm u r GF a bit and ask her to handle problem till u get a job. Then things will get stable.

  153. God will never come directly to solve our problems , You have a lot of supporters and prayers , Just have faith that whatever is happening is all for good and calm down , Fear brings panic and in turn will affect our confidence, The only thing u need is confidence and hope , Don't loose these 2 things , You will see a brighter future, There has been situation in my life when I got my first job after failing in 300 companies. The day when I went to interview with confidence ..I got 3 offer on the same day … This might be a miracle or hope or confidence or faith…call it by whatever name you want …But the same job shattered when my GF left me…I lost my job and confidence , It took a while for me to get back …But now I am a bit ok with Sai's help and I am bouncing back in life…Nothing is constant in this life .. As of now have faith and don't loose confidence …Thats all I can say buddy….

  154. all sai devotees,
    Now my family is ready to marry me with her.Today my mom went her home for saying that they are ready to marriage but her family members are not ready for it…I hope that like after 4 months my family is ready same her family will be ready…Om sai Ram..Baba madad karna.

  155. Can you see your life has already changed …. it just takes time …from a guy who had no job, wanted to kill himself you have indeed come a long way hope your story has happy ending ….

    • dear devotee

      me too in same situation..but u know u got job..but im still searching for job about 3 years..almost im about to die..dont worry u ll get her..plz let us know once u married sai ram

    • dear devotees,

      im looking for job lost 3 years..plz pray for me to sai and let me know if thr any sai ram

  156. Baba's two coins- shraddha and saburi, if its there anything and everything can be achieved by his grace. Really happy to hear positive news from you. I could also see lots of self confidence in you now, by the way u posted your comment. All the best for your bright and fabulous future.. May Baba bless you with loads of happiness.

  157. congrats dude…nice that ur family accepted her…atleast now think of getting married to her with ur family help and her consent..

  158. Hopefully u will get married to her.
    In case her patents, do not accept, Maybe u both can get married with ur family and friends help.
    All the best and babaji blessings are already with u..

  159. Even am in only hope is sai baba…no words to express my in the core of frustation n i don no which moment i might end my life but i love baba and waiting for his answer every single minute.

  160. To the above Anonymous devotee …. Please hold onto Sai's feet. Don't lose hope like this. Times can be very troubled and we feel like everything has ended. If you have a picture of Saibaba, hold it close to your heart and tell him all your troubles. Once you have done it your troubles will all be taken on by him and you will feel calm. If we think of giving up our lives, we have lost faith in Sai. All things good or bad are Sai's so leave it all to him to take care. He knows whats best for us and will fulfill our wishes when the time is right.
    I know its not easy to have patience. When we are troubled we are looking for an solution which will solve your problem immediately. But there are no easy solutions. When we are sick, medicines take some to work, similarly Sai is giving us bitter medicine in the form of troubles , this is his way of teaching us and appreciating the blessings that we have and get.

    I am sorry for the long message, but never think of giving up your life. Our lives are a blessing also from Sai. Only with blessings you have been born as a human so that we can work out our own karma and get the opportunity to get salvation.

    I pray to our beloved Sai to give you the strength to face your problems and bless to overcome them.

    Om Sai Ram

  161. Hello all sai devotees.I am the person who posted this experience.On 5th of july "Thürsday" i am going to her home to convince her is my humble request to all please pray for my success.It may be possible that they may hit me but please pray for me.Om Sai Ram..

  162. Dear Sai Devotee ,

    I am glad that BABA has heard your prayers and granted to your wishes . But I am still in pain . I am praying to SAI and waiting for his grace to help me and bless me with my marriage to my beloved . I please request all sai devotees to pray for me to unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage with him .
    Currently the situations are completely against our relationship . But I have a strong faith ,that BABA and prayers to BABA are very powerful to cause a miracle .
    From the beginning of the relationship BABA has always given me positive direction.but now i dont understand what is happening.

    if I dont get married to my beloved and he marrries some one else other than me ,then I am afraid that I might lose faith in prayer and BABA .I will not blame BABA for anything .From my childhood , I have always beilived that whatever we give or do comes back to us . It can be good or bad . I have always believed that God answers your prayers .
    But now if God does not answer my prayer then all my belief will be wrong . I will lose faith in prayers and God and also doing good to others .

    I am pleading to God to forgive me for any mistakes , I have ever done in this life and previous life and please answer my prayers .I am pleading to GOD that please dont dissapoint me answer my prayers and increase my faith .

    I have left the desicion to God , to decide if he wants to increase my faith or not.

  163. Saibaba is watching you . I feel Sai is trying to make you get rid off birth and death cycle. That is why you are suffereing deeply from your heart. Sai has already blessed you with this kind suffering which means that he will give you happiness at the end and through out your life. Sairam baba please fulfill his wish and join him with you .. Please..

  164. Thank you . But I am loosing faith now. I am not blaming BABA ,but I am losing faith in existence of GOD and power of prayer . I am pleading BABA to fulfill my wish . Unite me back with my love and bless me with my marriage with him with our parents blessings and happiness. I hope that your words turn out to be true and my faith in BABA never breaks .

    Please pray for my marriage with my beloved . I cannot live without him . I know killing myself is not the solution . But living without him is like dying everyday.

  165. This is a spiritual website of babaji and his devotee experiences.
    Stop advertising about spells and casting them. Do them if u want to, but do not use this website for such experiences.
    Saibaba of shirdi has never encouraged for such things.
    Hetalji, please do not allow such posts to be published.
    Regards, Riya

  166. Hetal ji All sai family..After posting my experience and problem in this website .i got lots of helping hand with the grace of sai baba and job also….With support of family of this website i survived and finally everything is going on right direction…Finally her parents are discussing and they r 90% in mood of her marriage to me with the sai baba's grace and blessing…Thank you so much sai baba and hetal ji and all sai devotees helping me ..Om Sai Ram..Riya ji I don't know why are you angry I don't know .Sai baba bless you..Om Sai Ram.

  167. Thanks a lot for let us know.. May Baba shower blessings on you and your family and every one and evrything on this earth.
    Love you soo much Baba.

  168. Nice to hear that . Please BABA bless all your children who are suffering with love marriage issues .


  169. Very nice to hear about your upcoming marriage.
    All my best wishes for u and let lord's grace be with u always.
    By the way, this is Riya and I am not angry with u for any reason. That comment was a reply for an other comment posted on this page about spell casting. Hetalji has removed that post after my request and looks like u got confused with the post.
    Sorry for the confusion and all my best wishes for u.
    Do post something after everything gets finalized because it will be a big boost for anyone looking for hope.

  170. Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji. Om Sai Ram. Sai Baba will bless you full of happiness for your great work. Please Don't disclose my name and e-mail id. I am a very simple person and my story is almost same with that guy, I love a boy who is Christian and he also loves me. Sai is our father, mother, and everything. I need all your prayers.

    I want to start this with name of Sai Baba. I love him since when we meet in MBA 3rd Semester 2006 and he also loves me. We studied together and also worked together for 1 year. I tried a lot to convince my parents for our marriage but they are stick on their decision. They called a guy from our society to marry me but i don't know what was their decision for me. and after some time the guy whom i love more than my life came to my house to convince my papa but the refused them directly. we both prayed a lot to Jesus and all god. I will die without him. Now the situation is that his parents are also against of it and they want him to marry with some other girl. Their parents are looking for another girl for him. And he also unable to stop their parents coz my parents are not agree. Since we met he has become my life and i can never to think to live without him. Due to all these circumstances i lost faith on god for which god has punished me by keeping us away from each other. Now i realize that god has power to do any thing. Now i use to go church daily and cry in font of god and also pray at home with having tears in my eyes. i tried for suicide also. but nothing happen. I am chanting the sai mantra om shri sai siddh sankalpaya namaha daily whole day and pray to sai to take my problems away and also promised him that i will do the 7 Thursday fast of Shri Sai Baba and if if we both get marry with each other we definitely go to shirdi for Sai Darshan. I really don't want to loose him if this happen i will die on the same day when he will marry to some one else. I went Temple and cried many times in front of god.

    I daily pray to Sai for our marriage. But Now everything is out of control. I am unable to do any thing. I dont know how to stop all such thing. i didn't meet him from last one month as he has made himself very busy. No one is their to help me out. I can not go along to sai temple to ask Sai to give him to me as he is my life. May be at the end of this year he will get marry to some other girl but i don't want this to be happen. I can not see him with some one else. We love each other so much and want to marry but now just for the sake of his mother he is ready to sacrifice his love (me). I am unable to bear this pain its hurting me a lot daily and killing me slowly slowly. Sai taught us “SABKA MALIK EK”. Then why this cast and all those things are present in our society. Please I request all to pray for us. Sai Baba, please make him mine. I use to chant his mantra for whole day more than 108 times. I want to marry him. When we both will get married we will go to the Darshan of Sai Baba. I cry daily in front of god Baba in my room. Please Sai baba help me. You always helped all of us. You always care Your children. I am in a big trouble Baba. Please, God help us. Sainath help us. I can not live without him sai baba please do some thing for us. Please pray for us. We have "SHRADHHA AND SABURI" , But please don't take too much time. Om SAI RAM. om shri sai siddh sankalpaya namaha……….

  171. hi..Me 2 … am going through a very bad pharse..
    My parent r divorce .. dad is always agresive and in alcohol..
    mum live her own life n i dnt exist there
    Am a working studuent.. trying to complete my study n managing everything alone..
    Thank that i have a shelter …
    N the only man i loved … he even introduce me with his family , frnds , relative..
    He wanted so much to get married..
    He is everything … my whole family .. my world ..
    N i was the same for me …
    All of a sudden .. he goes in a wedding … mit a gurl.. knowing we r engaged the gurl propose him and phone him dialy..
    I did not react as he was my faith .. i trusted him n even told him to explain n gurl kindly , b her frnd ( as feeling just happen .. n i cant blame her for loving ) but we were together … we even did a small mariage
    N 1 fine d .. i learn he is having an affair …He forgot everything in 1 sec n just went away …
    am complete shattered .. did not eat for nearly 9 month … stop school… i no longer kw how to live .. this world is so cruel….
    Our memories .. I just dnt understand … mayb my karmas in past life …
    I have start doing sohlar somvar vrat.. i dnt kw much abt it…
    I hope God guide me and for his hapiness and if possible our union.. … every sec is panful .. its going to be nearly 2 yrs… sometime its so painful.. i wish i could remove my hrt…i dnt kw where to go.. to whom to talk… i simply dnt kw … i wish to die .. but i cant … for the memories of my grand parent and life is a blessing… I cant be so weak … so am here working … i ll try to re start school next yr… but i just hope God unit us … Love is the only thing that i desire in my life…
    I hope we r united soon with more love n loyalty as it hurts wen z only man u love ….
    Om Sai Ram … may god bless u all and never some1 goes th. this .. may u all get ur love- from Angelina Dews

  172. Am trying lots to look for an ans.. perhaps to know if my wish will be fulfilled even before completing my fast … just that sometime i really cant handle the pain in my hrt then i take sai name and shiva as well esp wen am sleeping or in my own thoughts .. today i talked with sai in my mind as a frnd .. as am already start my sohlar somvar .. i ll continue in dat as sai says he is in every where n in every1 … as shiva has been my ish dev since childhood and shirdi sai has been an inspiration for me … he is an epitome of love .. true love … sometime I cry reading abt them or watching films on thier life .. its nt painful cry .. i can explain these tears … its like falling in love .. i simple cant find any other words … as love is surely very beautiful … just writing this comment – expressing myself not only to u all but to myself is soothing .. sometime we have too many things inside and when we write we have a clear view and even get astonished of the world inside us – Angelina

  173. Hi Friend , I and Yiu are on the same trak, I am also facing same problem in my case , for no reason I have become a bad person in girls parents view.

  174. Hi Friend , I and Yiu are on the same trak, I am also facing same problem in my case , for no reason I have become a bad person in girls parents view.

  175. i love a boy truely..he was also love with me. but now he doesn't love me.ignore me.i love him so much ..i want to spend my whole life with him.please prayer for that i get his love om sai ram ji.

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  179. Om sai ram..Hello all sai children,
    I am very happy to tell all of you that i got married to her on 2nd of march 2013…Thank you so much all of you for helping and caring me..I will surely post it with new experience..but could not wait till.Thank you once again all of you for care and help..thank you every one..thank you Hetal ji for this great help.Om Sai Ram.

  180. all the best friend, I pray Baba to unite u both….even i'm having prb with love marriage at home….but i have faith in GOD that he will help me….OM SAI RAM….

  181. Yippee! So finally u get to live ur dream. U finally got married to her. Congratulations, its great news. Sai Ram

  182. baba,,om sai ram,,jai jai sai,,,baba my family is in huge debt,,my house is mortagaged,my mother is not keeping well and father and mother don't talk with each other,brother is not getting job .please sai baba,i want to get rid of all these situation,,,please bless my family baba,,om sai ram ,,,jai jai sai ram!!!


    its very good news as i used to follow your post…

    baba, please help me in getting married to bharath.yes im getting positive signs,but practically yet things lot to happen.his parents should accept for our marriage.please help me baba…

    please do a miracle baba.this marriage will be a miracle for me.


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  200. Keep Faith, baba will help you,
    all happens for a cause, things will get better. and you will get what you wished for.
    but at the right time.
    keep faith.
    OM Shree Sainathaya Namaha.
    Om Sai.

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  203. om sai ram
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  205. i am a silent reader of your work.I just wanted to know whats your present situation.many devotees blessed you suggested you…hope you are fine and plz let us know this with your comment

  206. Om sai Ram im goin thru a tough tym no job, and im nt gettin my love, still unmarried plz pray fr me and bless me baba im tensed and alwez keep thinking

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    [email protected] i cant give out his number cos he told
    me he don't want to be disturbed by many people across the world..he
    said his email is okay and he' will replied to any emails asap..hope
    he helped u out too..good luck his email;
    [email protected]


  209. sai baba surely help you this thing i know..i am also going through this situation we had a same prblem but u know sai baba always help me when i m in trouble.i pray to god that you both meet for sure.i will be very happy if sai baba do dis for me…i want to say you in last trust baba and think postive you will get it

  210. please i want you all to read this testimony as the man was brought to the world to save people from frustrations from lost loves lost jobs i wanna post on this forum because i know there are many of you out there who are in the same problem i was i am Mabel writhe and i am from Canada cold lake in Alberta and i and my husband were married for fifteen years with three children our lives were flourishing my husband had a good job and i was a sales representative in his company then on the 10th of October 2012 my home started to crumble everything was going upside down and my husband left me and my children for a little girl and when i heard of it i was so devastated and when i go to his office to see him he told his boss he doesn't want to see me no more and in the process i lost my job i and my children we were suffering and i was looking for solutions were ever it was to no avail i contacted so many spell casters who could not do anything and i decided to give up until i met a friend on 1st of may and he told me of a powerful spell caster who she met in Africa when she went to execute a project in Africa and she gave me his mail address as{[email protected]}, and i contacted him on 2nd of may 2013 and he told me many things i didn't know before he let me into many secrets and he cast the spell and told me that on 4th of may my husband was going to come back to me i didn't believe him i had my doubt, and as he promised my husband came begging me on the 4th of may 2013 and i contacted him and told him all that he said came true and he said i was going to get my job back and also get promoted and on the 6th of may i got my job back, i was promoted and i was compensated for the days i was relieved of my work i want to thank the greatest spell caster in the world Dr agumagu he told me he can bring back lost love, lost jobs,promotion lotto win,and many more if we have two men like him today the world will be a good place once again thank you sir, here his is mail if you want to contact him as he will answer you asap.{[email protected]},hope he help you out too.

  211. Oh god pls help me,save me..
    I need my karthik,y u r making me to live in painful situation,i couldnt bear it anymore,,i need my karthik as my whole life,i want him to come back to me to love me,think me,live with me wholeheartedly..
    i dont want to share my karthik with anyother girl..
    he is mine, i dont want to live my life without him..
    i want to marry him and we both lead a successful life in this world forever..
    I love him most ,i miss him lot..pls help me to get him back as my life,

  212. please unite them both baba….please…even i am kind of in the same situation…please help them n me also.i cannot go through this torture..

  213. Hi my friend….God and Love are not two different things,,,we live in a society where even the name of God is used by people to fulfill their greeds…whether those greeds be of money, the fake reputation in this corrupt society or be it their ambitions…they dont realize what they are opposing is the growth of the coming generation itself,,how can they be correct and what are they going to acheive by killing the feelings of their own children,,and what is the use of such society that instead of taking stand for what is correct ; keeps itself preserved from the fear of changes,,while every form of God states,, that change is only survivor in this universe….trust me….dont break down….if God exists….love will always win…..Have faith in your feelings….God Bless You!!!

  214. I just read this story and the replies etc . I pray everything worked out for you and everything going through something . I love Sai baba so much even through the worst times and I have seen many signs from him . He is real and he will give you everything in the right time . I believe in doing the 9 week mannat regularly and just remembering him . Everytime I asked for a sign he has given it to me . He does reunite people at the right time . Have faith and I pray and hope and know everyones desires will be full filled int he right time .

  215. Jai Sai Ram,
    @ this is to the devotee who has shared this experience:

    What has happened finally.You did not share anything of your marriage later.What happened?Did you thank BABA finally if u have got your love?Please share ….

  216. This is a good site. I liked it. I have to tell you also about my painful experiences in my love. I am waiting for him. Praying for him to change his mind and come back fast.
    I met him in one of my official function. After that we were good friends. Slowly i started loving him and i expressed my interest. Then he told me that I will talk to my parents, once parants are ok then we can proceed. Parents came, but they didnt like me. HE is handsome and I am average girl (not bad looking 🙂 even though my past karma may be bad. The marriage didnt happened. I told him to convince his mother especially, once again. But he dropped once for all. Because his brother had already married and that too a love marriage. And his parents were not happy with that marriage. So he doesn't want to do it again. Thats his explanation. But in my mind I loved him not as a boy friend but as my husband. And now he is telling me that you go and search for another partner for you, he is an unlucky man….like that. But I am still praying to my Baba for his coming back. One thing also i want to tell you all that our age his age is 39 and mine is 35. I never disobeyed my parents and teachers till this age. Even though I got these kind of a connection. I am requesting you all to pray for his coming back. Sometimes I am seeing him in temple, or shops etc that time we just smile each other and goes. That time I pray to God that why you are so cruel to me. I need all your blessings and prayers for my marriage with him with the blessings of his and my parents and above all the blessing of Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram !!!

  217. dear sai devotee ……… please don't loose hope ……trust Sai Ram he will help you ..I understand your feelings very well.i shall always prayer for you

  218. i recently went through a break up..but i love him alot..i just want to get him back in my life forever..please pray for sai ram…help me out..

  219. thnks for your not yet we are getting married,,he dont want to be with me,.i dont know wat to do..want to die either..i have decided to live my life for my family..i jus want them to feel pride.,because at any cost they are the only peoples who have faith and everlasting love and true love on me..i have jus redirected my life as god wishes…still i dont hav any clue,why god is so cruel to me. lets leave my life to fate..i dont hav hope to have a good life.

  220. sai baba…
    i hurt my girlfriend unknowingly i realize my mistake please get back her to me. she is my life. i pray for her daily. please baba forgive my mistake. i don't realize at that my lack of Knowledge and anger. please baba now i realize my mistake and please give power to her to forgive me…i am hope less because she left me … please baba help me to get her back.
    with tears…. your son….sai ram…

  221. Om Sai RAM I am new to this site pls dont let my name & email ID known to anyone . I have been insulted and rejected by a friend of mine for no particular or genuine reason past 3 years & I am still not able to forget it or digest it I believe in my baba & I am still waiting that I will get justice. I just want him to realize his mistake & come back to me again as my good & best friend as he always used to say as early as possible so pls pray for me & let me know what should I do to regain my lost friendship om Sai RAM

  222. om sai ram i am undergoing through tough time. i am loving someone truly ..please baba listen to my prayer ..i keep all my worries on your lotus feet .. please baba give my love back ..please sai ram listen to my prayer..OM SAI RAM

  223. Overwhelming responses.. Hetal ji a humble request,please do write to the boy and let us know what happened to his story.. I am 100% sure his problem is solved..after all he is having sooo many people to pray for him.. I have never seen a thread with sooo many responses and never seen Her ji replying in comments…may God bless you Hetal ji.. you are in everyone's heart who reads this you Hetal ji😃

  224. I m also in same situation but i knw one day he come back to me i love him alot my also my relation starts because of baba so have patience……luv u baba sb thk kr dijiye

  225. Hope all is set now and your happy married with you love with good Job.
    May sai bless you always.

    Jai Sai Ram!!

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