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From time to time Sai Sister Meera Ji has been keen to share even slightest of her experiences with Lord Sai Baba. Here are two more experiences. I have a question Sai Sister Meera Ji did get find your lost valuables? I did not get any clue in the end regarding this.

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says: Dear Sai Sister Hetal Ji, I want to share one more event that just happened yesterday. Somehow I don’t find the link to share the experience. Anyway, my experience is as below.

I have read many devotees posts, where they were in need of certain amount of money and it was provided miraculously and Sai Devotee would see that as BABA’s grace. For me too, it just happened that I had requested 3 bedroom apartment, which was impossible to find that would fit in my budget and yet it DID happen and I am right now living in that apartment.

My youngest grand daughter’s birthday falls on 21st December and I wanted to mail her Birthday gift. The elder one is just 5 year old so naturally she would think why she did not get any gift? So I bought something for her too. And just after a few days, it is Christmas and here in USA it is a great fever to send and receive gifts. So I thought let me send a check of $151.00 Dollars, $ 50/- for each child and $ 25/- for my son and $ 25/- for my daughter in law. Then I had a second thought that the children aged 5 and 2 would not have that much fun to just know that Grand ma has sent some gift money. But opening a gift wrap and find a gift inside would give them immense joy.

So last minute I changed my mind and went to buy some items at K-mart store. I selected a few items and thought that if that goes beyond my budget, I would take out one or two items. But let me see first how much the total is. It came out to $ 132.29. OK. Now I had to pack all in a gift wrap and manage to put them in a box.

Usually, I use large size flat rate box which costs about $15 and one can put whatever fits in there. There is no weight restriction. But this time, my items were not going to fit in that box. So I got a large box and everything fit in there. Not a one more item could be added now. That’s how it was packed well. I took the box to post office, and for the mailing cost I had no idea how much it would be. You won’t believe it came to $ 33.79 ($ 132.29 + 33.79 = 166.08). Now you see, I was prepared for $ 151.00 extra for Christmas gifts for them apart from the Birthday gifts mailing. 151.00 + 15.00 = 166.00. Whooohooo. Isn’t it amazing to come to this figure without even my paying that much attention while buying or packing the box? So I thought this is something that I should share with others!

And I wanted to share also is that it is not that I got such blessings only, I have received some punishment too for going away from BABA’s teachings. BABA always says that do not bring “I” in whatever you do in your life. At one time, I had some arguments with my husband and I told him that it’s always “ME” that take pains and care to save money by returning things and save money. You or both our sons are not paying any attention, when it comes to saving money by returning things etc.

I keep my driver’s license and a credit card in one wallet and SS card (Social security card) was there with my second wallet that I carry with my business cards. SS card usually do not need to be carried on person, but I was looking for a new job and when we are called for interview, they ask for it. So I had kept it with my business card to make sure that I don’t lose it. I was keeping it with my daily wallet. And the very same day, I was in a store to buy something and I did notice my SS card and a cash card worth $100.00 (for returning some goods without receipt was given to me by Home Depot that was with me for almost 1 1/2 year and could not use it) were there with me while taking out my business card to give to fellow customer who showed interest in my painting. But when I reached home, I did not find that second wallet in my purse. I searched everywhere. I went back to each and every isle in that store and event went to other stores too to see if I might have dropped that wallet. I checked with the store manager too if anyone has reported that as “lost and found” item. NO. They did not receive such item.

Oh, No. It just vanished. I have no idea where it went. Either someone in the store, where I was handing out my visiting card and my purse was open for a few seconds or someone stole it or what, I don’t know. I did have noticed some weird looking Mexican guy and had felt strange feeling about him. But in USA, I never have come across pick-pocketing as such. So I don’t want to blame that Mexican guy. But my SS card gone is a serious matter and I had to go through a very lengthy process to have a duplicate one.

And the Home Depot card was my total loss as there is no way to track that down.

BABA taught me a lesson not to let “I” come in my way of living. I would appreciate if you post this too!

Jai Sai Ram.


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  1. Dear Meera ji Don't be too harsh on yourself , or blame yourself . Hopefully you will find the card . Thanks for sharing your experience…sab ka malik ek..

  2. Dear Hetalji…

    MeeraJi did not get her SS card and the second purse…this is what i get after reading the experience as she said she has to go thru a really lengthy process again to obtain that card and she thinks its a baba's punishment for her "I" feeling as mentioned.
    HetalJi,What's your opinion on this ? Please share….

    Jai sai Ram!

  3. Very nice experience.. isnt it a pleasant surprise that Baba brings smile on our faces by meeting our small small desires also. It is just like when kids play, mother also becomes a kid and enjoy the game of the kids only to make them happy.

    We love you so much Baba . I hope you are always there to hold our hand and keep us close to yourself.

    Thanks Meeraji for sharing this cute experience. Also, I pray to Baba that he helps you finding your belongings soon.

  4. Meera ji Baba Taught a lesson to every one of us via you that not to bring "I", wat i could derive from your experience is we should not have a single trace of ego in us wen we are totally surrendered to Baba, n we do it most of the times telling i did this i did that its of no account tellin each tym because SaiDeva will be knowing each and evrythin in and out wat we do so he is the one who ll do the rest n do good to us

    Sai Devotee,
    Baba Maalik

  5. Dear hetal Ji, I agree with the comment of ablve anonymous devotee that Meera Ji didn't get her valuables back as she mentioned that she gone through a lengthy pocess while making a duplicate SS card.

    Om sai Ram

  6. @MonikDear Monik and other sai Devotees,
    I really feel happy to read your responses. Did I find my lost items? NO, I did not. I had to reapply for my SS card and the 100 dollar Gift card from HOME DEPOT store was my loss. I had to keep checking for some time on Credit Card reports that no one is "misusing" my ss card.
    Hopefully it has not been misused so far!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  7. And meera ji about your lost purse don worry for that as Sai Maa is very kind ll either give u back the lost things or will for sure make ur process easy so don worry about that, it happens some tyms i don say exactly that Baba punished u but he made u relate this incident thats all

    Baba Maalik

  8. Dear Hetal Jee

    Jai Sai Ram
    I want to know where is the place where baba took his nirvalkp samadhi for 3 days in Shirdi…I was reading your information about the visiting shirdi for first time. I have been to the holy land twice..but was unaware of this and many more things that I read on that information that you had provided. I plan to include all that in my next trip..Kindly give me information about the place of nirvaklp samadhi…


  9. Dear Sister Meera,

    Truely said that Baba had punished you but do not forget that Sai is very kind hearted. Pray to Baba to forgive you and request his blessings. You will certainly get back your cards.

    Lets all bow to the Holy And Ancient feet of our Malik.

    Jai Sai Nath.

  10. Dear Hetal ji and all Sai Devotees,
    One thing I feel now that with this experience of loosing my wallet BABA taught me a lesson with least damage to me…the $ 100.00 card which I had not been able to use for almost 1 1/2 years because I did not have to buy anything from Home Depot,of course was a loss but loosing SS card was a serious matter and yes, I had to have a duplicate one.
    Other lesson I learned is to "LET GO" feeling. I certainly do not pardon myself if I don't find my well kept items and can not rest until I find it…but BABA has now changed me by giving me that type of understanding that "not finding materialistic thing should not let me loose my inner peace"
    Mind well, I am very careful keeping my important papers and such things in order and in proper secure place so I do not have to waste time in finding them when I need them.
    So I am happy, peaceful at heart and enjoying everyday life thinking of BABA's Leelas taking shape around me.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  11. I would like to share a similar small experience here.In Aug 2011 i was so down as my husband was in US for urgent official visit for 2 months and i was with my mother those days,at the same time i had miscarriage.I was sincerely following Sai Satcharit and other spiritual practices but still i was so unfortunate.I was in deep sorrow but still i accepted by thinking its Baba 's wish and my past karma.After a week i found that my purse was missing which was having all debit and credit cards and cash too,as in his absense he gave me all his cards too.Now i was having no cash and my mother was at ours place and blocking all cards was also headache as my mental state was not to handle all this.i fought too much with baba that he took my baby i accepted it but why baba testing my Patience by putting me in trouble.i have not been out except 1-2 hospital visit and i was sure that i have not lost it there.i stopped baba's worship and saisatcharit and all things.in nights sometimes at 2am or 3 am also i used to get up and search the purse i did it at least ten times everywhere.At last i concluded by putting this condition to baba that u cant give my baby back but until u wont give back my purse i wont take ur name.
    After a month or more than that i was doing usual dusting in my room and and to my surprise i got my purse at very normal place where i have searched so many times.in this was again baba made me his divotee and i m so happy now that i m in his lotus feet.Om Sai Ram

  12. In life we gain things ..and loose some as well .. it better to move on and look forward to better tomorrow . You r right it is only materialistic Jai sai nath It is nice that you have replied to the comments of the devotees …

  13. Meeraji Thank you for sharing your experience, pls keep a printed copy of you ssn card in your purse and original copy safe at home in future, its just my suggestion.
    Om sai ram!

  14. Dear S Ranjan Ji Sorry to hear about your miscarriage …. Baba returned your purse He wanted to restore your faith in him … therefore your purse turned up. I am sure he will return the baby back to you as well …SAI RAM

  15. Meera ji thank you so much for sharing your experience..i'm also feeling like sharing a miracle with you all..Hetal didi, sorry for posting it in the comments section..here it goes.
    I and my friend had a nice dinner at a restaurant..after eating, i gave one of my credit card for paying the bill..i think i didnt take it back from them or i might have lost it somewhere else..but i realised that i dont have the card with me only after 2 or 3 weeks and when i called the bank to see any fraudulent swipes, i was told 'NO'.
    Imagine loosing your credit card for 2 or 3 weeks and then realising that even a single penny of yours was not lost..Can it ever happen?
    Yes, it can happen with the grace of my Baba.
    I love you my Baba..I love you so much.
    Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogi raja parabramha sri satchidananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

  16. @AnonymousDear Sai Devotee, yes, I had faced the same situation! Thought my card was not lost but at the post office, the clerk did not return after processing my payment and I used that card only at the post office for my accounting purpose to keep check on payments. So when I did not see my card in my wallet, I checked at the post office and that day that particular clerk was not there and others told me that they have not seen any cards left at their counter. I called my credit card company and they sent me another card with different number.
    After few weeks again I was at the post office, that clerk handed over me my card asking me to pardon missing our returning my card the other day. Well, my card was "lost" but was at least in safe hands, though I had to suffer a stressful time for some period!
    Jai Sai Ram.

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