A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 150

Again sharing inspiring few brief experiences of Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Darshan

Sai Brother Kamal Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, After reading note from you, before today’s experience, I felt relaxed that you are hale and hearty and recovering. Hetal Ji, why fear when Sai is there. I feel elated whenever Sai experiences are being received by me. It so happens that these are coming during night and when I start the day for Sai Puja. I know one or two experience shall be there for me and I treat these arrivals as arrival or presence of SAI with me.

On 17 Dec 11 night, as usual I went to Shirdi after completing Sai Satcharitra Parayan and had a superb Darshan on 18th Dec 11 Morning. Visited all places at Shirdi and suddenly felt that I should visit Shri Chavan Ji, Baba Devotee at Sai Dham, Ambikapur, Kopergaon. I went to him and passed one hour in the ashram of Sai Dham. Suddenly, Shri Chavan said, “Bacche, dhuni lekar jao” (Bring Dhuni) and keep it with you. As I was going to collect Dhuni from the place at Sai Dham, I don’t know what thought came to Shri Chavan Ji, he went to Sai photo placed in his shed and took some coins from the plate lying there and gave me. Those were 14 Rs/- in total all one rupee, two rupee and five rupee coin and a 50 paisa coin. Nothing was abnormal. But I kept those coins as a gift and in prayer room as a memory.

31 Dec 11 at about 2030 hrs, I was alone in my room and thinking about coins and suddenly I could see Baba Ji standing in white dress. I also remember saying, “Kay BABA, pushkal divsane bhetlat” (meaning “I am seeing You after so many days”). Sai was smiling and one person sitting below BABA and giving me something. This I didn’t understand. And further I don’t know as I was asleep. 01st Jan was Sunday and I forgot totally about this incident. On 2nd Jan 12, I went to my office and suddenly one colleague gave me Sai Sansthan Calendar of Baba, and Invitation of a program being organized by Shri Inamdar, a trustee of Sai Sansthan. The program of Sai Satcharitra Parayan Sangta Sohala Ceremony is on 22 Jan 12. Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters, please see how Saima informed me about the invitation. Firstly, I don’t know Mr Inamdar. Secondly my colleague gave me Sai Sansthan Calendar of Sai Baba. When I had a vision, I saw Sai Baba in front of my eyes and also saw somebody sitting below Sai Baba giving me something. The face of that person who was giving me something, I remember resembles face of yesteryear actor Ashok Kumar. I asked my colleague how come you are bringing this Calendar and invitation and how does the person who has sent invitation and calendar resemble. My colleague told me that he was meeting Mr Inamdar, who is his family friend so many years and told him that one of my colleague is also Sai Bhakt and Mr Inamdar immediately gave this calendar and invitation and told him to pass on to me.

Strange are the ways of Baba. I wanted to post this experience after 22 Jan 12, but after seeing today’s post, thought come on put this facts and let other Sai Bhakt know that Babaji is present with all of us. Hetal Didi Ji, thanks for the platform and forum you have given to all Sai Bhakt. May Lord Sai fulfill all your desires.




Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks to all Shirdi Sai Baba devotees for sharing your experience. Whenever I felt depressed, I used to read Shirdi Sai Baba miracles. Devotees have different experience, which is a miracle happened in each one life. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id.

My experience with Sai Baba: I am average student in studying. I did my under graduate in private college till first two years. I studied well. I got through all the papers. Last year, I didn’t study properly due to lot of disturbance in family. My parents fight and argue each other daily. I am really upset with no hope. Since I need to pursue my post graduate, I need to get through all paper with good percentage.

I was appearing for final semester without any preparation. I didn’t even study one chapter. In examination hall, I completed the paper before everyone completes and prayed to Sai Baba for the first time to forgive me and make me pass.

Since I had hope in Baba, I got placed in good reputed college for my post graduate before result is published. Thanks to SHIRDI SAI BABA. The result was published. My friend called me and said that I cleared all the papers with 72% and for the paper in which I feared I got 76 out of 100. Really great miracle, I had gone through in my life. It’s difficult to get even 20 marks in that subject. I wrote very worst. Shirdi Sai Baba made a miracle in the name of a staff and given very good mark, which I never expected. Now I am doing my PG by Sai Baba’s grace and sure I will post my next experience soon.

Thanks for your blessing Shirdi Sai Baba. I will never forget this in my life.

Miracle Experience

Sai Brother Saikanthimathi Ji from India says: Dear Madam, I am Saikanthimathi, living in Vellore, India. My daughter is in USA and she is writing GRE exam for higher studies. She called me on the previous day of exam and asked me to pray for her to Saima. I already prayed to Saima for her. I wrote to Saima asking for her to get 318/340. You believe it or not, Saima gave her 317/340. Saima is our Paramatma. Saima is everything to me and my family. Without Him, we are big zero. He is everywhere. We have to go near Him.

He loves everybody in the world. Om Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jey.

Saima please be with me ever and guide me and protect me ever. If I do mistakes even after coming to You, please forgive me for my mistakes. I love you Saima. Om Sai Sri Sai Jey Jey Sai. I can tell you so many incidents in my life.

My daughter got job immediately, I wrote to Baba. If you tell from bottom of your heart, He is there to help you. He is changing our life thus to make us to realize our mistakes. He is Sadguru. He will hear our problems as your mother. He is mother and father. Daily, He will guide us to lead a good life. We should give our pride and ego. And then He will enter in our heart. I am also slowly changing myself because of my Saima. Let us bow our head before Him. He will be with us without any doubt.

Another incident: When I thought of planning to go to USA, we have sold our property and registration. I have to do that falls on the date I planned for USA. I do not know what to do. I prayed Baba. Somehow He made it both to happen. I went for registration that went on very smoothly. Without any tension, it was completed in the morning and we boarded flight in the night very leisurely. It was not possible without His help. He is there to help us ever. Only thing we have to go near Him.

Koti Pranams to Saima. Please pardon me for any mistakes, I have done.

Om Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jey. Om Sairam Sairam Sairam.


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  1. Dear Devotees Thanks for posting your experiences .Just when I feel low reading this blog makes me positive again …may be there is light at the end of dark tunnel ..things will get better . Baba will manifest himself SAI RAM

  2. I see lot of experiences where Baba saved in the exams. This should not give anyone the idea that you can take help of Baba without studying. Do your bit and then ask for help.

  3. Bottom line NEVER go for exams unprepared .So all those who think baba will help pass without studying ..need reality check .All the young devotees should learn there no free lunches in this world ..just work hard Sai ram

  4. Sai Nath you are always there for your devotees who ask for help.That is how our saima takes care of his children.So our request should be that he should always keep us under his Lotus Feet and be blessed always!!!OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

    Wonderful Experiences.

  6. Om Sai Ram !

    Shirdi mein reh kar bhi tera kan kan mein wass hai ; koi door ho ki pass ho tu sabke pass hai 🙂

    Baba please be with us always !!

  7. om sai rama

    Can anybody tell when they say they write to Saima , what is the actual procedure.Even i want to write something to saima and very urgent.

    All the devotees experiences are very nice.
    Thanks hetal ji for such a nice blog

  8. Baba is great.Baba today my both kids have their exam so please help them You kow my son is very careless. even he knows everything but does not consontrates on his studies.

    Please go physically to their exam centre and help them.

    Om Sai Ram.

  9. Sai baba,main apke bataye raste pe chalne ki puri koshish karti hun muhjse jo bhi galati ho uske liye mujhe maaf karna baba.aapko pata hai apke bina or koi nahi jisse main apni dill ki baat kar saku.mere maa,baap,dost,bhai ,behan sab aap hi ho.plz dont leave me ever baba even if i do sumthing wrong mujhse gussa mat hona,mere dill apne liye piyaar,shardha or vishwaas or respect bhar do kyunki apki marji ke bina ek patta bhi nahi hilta baba.mera apke gale se lagkar ya apki gaud mein sir rakh ke bahut jor jor se rone ko dill karta hai baba.apko lagta hoga ki main strong hun par main nahi hun..plz baba ab aur der mat karo meri prarthana sun lo…apko koti koti pranaam.

  10. Thank you so much devotees for writing these wonderful experiences! In all the incidents and troubles in our life, we should remember that our beloved Sai Baba is always there with us to help us and guide us. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences..Dear devotee ji who wrote in Hindi in comments section, you love my Baba so much..HE MUST ALSO BE LOVING YOU FOR SURE..YOU SEEM TO BE A HUMBLE DEVOTEE WHO WANTS NOTHING EXCEPT HIS LOVE..MAY BABA BLESS YOU..I LOVE YOU BABA..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
    Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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