Sharing again few brief experiences in today’s post.

Baba’s Miracle

Sai Sister Yogita Ji from India says: This is what happened to me today. After reading so many experiences even I felt like writing here. I will finish it off in short. Today since morning, I was suffering from severe neck pain (sprain). I was not able to turn my neck a little also. It was very painful. I very much believe in Sai Baba. Every day I do Aarti to Him both morning and evening. Even today I did Aarti and asked Him, please remove all my sins and take away this pain from me because I am not able to bear it.

I also applied ointment and with that Sai Baba’s UDI. My mother said it will at least take two to three days for it to go. But to my surprise, after applying UDI, within a couple of hours the pain has come down. This happened only because of Baba’s grace. And now I am going to do the evening Aarti to BABA. Always be with me Baba. I love you so much.

Sai Baba Came To Our Home

Sai Sister Sudhamayee Ji from India says: Hello All, wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2012. I am Sudha from Andhra Pradesh. I have posted my experience a month back. Here is one more experience of mine. Please don’t reveal my mail-id.

It happened in the year of 2006. I used to read Sai Satcharitra then. I learnt that Baba used to suggest reading of holy books like Vishnu Sahashranama (1000 sacred names of Lord Vishnu), Bhagvad Geetha etc. I wished to start reading the book of Vishnu Sahashranama. But I wanted Baba to order me to start. I was actually going through a bad time then. I prayed Baba that He has to order me in some way or other to start reading that book.

One week passed away, I did not get any hints from Baba. But I had faith in Him. One day, an old person stood in front of our house and started chanting the mantra “Raja Ram” loudly. I came out. He appeared to be like a native of Maharashtra. He wore white clothes, white dhothi, white kafni and a white cap. He looked like a Muslim. I thought he doesn’t know our mother tongue (Telugu) and asked what he wanted in Hindi. To my surprise, he spoke in Telugu. He said he want some devotional books associated with Gods like Balaji, Lord Krishna. I was 19 years old then, not much matured enough in accepting all the Gods equally. So, I wondered what for a Muslim requires Hindu devotional books. As Saibaba was my favorite God, I brought him a Sai Astothara Shat Namaavali (a book containing 108 different holy names of Sai Baba). On looking at the book, he said “I don’t require Saibaba books. I want book of Lord Balaji, Holy names of Lord Balaji. Don’t you have that book”? I was very much annoyed because he rejected Sai’s book and harshly answered that we don’t have any other books than that. He said “OK” and left the home. As I entered the home, my mom asked who it was. I explained everything. Then my mom said, “May be he meant that he wanted Vishnu Sahasranama by asking the holy names of Lord Balaji. Both Lord Vishnu and Balaji are equal. We have two copies of that book with us. You should have given it to him”. Then I got idea that it might have been Baba, who came to our home to instruct me to start reading of Vishnu Sahashranama. I went out but could not find him. I went to prayer room and asked apology for answering in such a harsh manner. Coincidentally rather by God’s wish that day was Saturday, a holy day for Lord Balaji. So I started reading that book from that day and am continuing it even today. I am really fortunate to have an instruction from Baba right in front of my home. JAI SAI RAJARAM.

BABA Saved Me

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I just want to share my experience that is so awful and strange but true.

On December 31st 2011, I was at my job. One of the customers, who talked to me about buying a particular computer a few days ago, came back and waited till I finished helping other customers, when they came in the store. All new laptops and expensive items are locked in a storage area, where only the managers have access. Since my manager on duty was busy with the other customers on phone, he just allowed me letting me in the locked up area and the door closed behind me. I saw that the computer that I needed is way high on the top shelf and that too piled up in one stack of the same category of that model. I climbed the 4 step ladder and noticed that the upper most box seemed to be some damaged and I thought of getting the next one on that pile. It was difficult to reach that high and maneuver switching boxes like that, but I tried. Now while getting down from that ladder, I was very careful, but somehow I lost balance and the ladder was almost on three legs dancing one side to the other. I was scared not to drop the laptop box in my hand and yet to save myself from falling the area, where I was too narrow with all shelves around me with items packed on shelves, nothing to hold on to either. I don’t know how I was saved from hitting my head to any sharp edges of the shelves and literally slided down the ladder’s 3-4 steps and the dangling ladder also did not fall on me. I got up from the floor and noticed that nothing major hurt me except my back hit heavily on the ladder’s last step. Since no visible effect of my fall, I did not mention it to anybody. But now on the next day, I see a black mark on my body, where I had hit the ladder step. I have a shivering feeling, what if I had hit my head and I laid down unconscious until someone comes in the lockup area, nobody would have known about the accident.

Wow. BABA saved me. Thank you BABA for being there for me where literally no one was present to help me!

Jai Sai Ram.

Sierra Vista, AZ.

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  1. Even I had similar experience like Yogitaji. One day I went to temple barefoot. Due to sorching heat, my feets were burning. Once I came home, instead of dipping my feets in cold water or applying ice, I applied paste of Udi mixed in water. It had such a soothing and cooling effect that I just slept off instantly.
    Sudhaji, indeed Baba instructed you to read Vishnu sahastranaam, nice experience.
    Meeraji, you are so sweet. All your experiences are always so sweet. You have child-like faith in baba.
    May saibaba bless all.
    Om sai ram!!

  2. Dear Sai Sister Sudhamayee Ji,
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful experience.

    May Baba Bless everyone with happiness.

    Om Sai Rama

  3. Excellent experience Sudhamayee Ji! Baba may have also come to you to teach you that Baba is the same as Vishnu and Lord Balaji. Baba tells us some things we do not understand at first, but later on we learn the value of Baba's lessons.

  4. Very nice experience Meera Ji! Baba must have been there to help make sure you didn't fall and hurt yourself seriously (just as the time when Baba put his arm in the fire because some child in some far away place was about to fall into a fire).

  5. Amazing experiences, sudha u are very lucky that Babaji gave u darshan.. May Baba bless every one

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Maalik

  6. Really very beautiful experiences. Dear All i want to share that baba appears to every body either in dreams or actually in person, but baba never comes to me in this manner (not even in dreams). What does this indicates? Am i not acceptable to baba? He is not showing mercy on me and my problems are there like that only since so many years. But yes baba did solved one of a very big problem of my life due to which my mom is happy (which means every thing to me). Kindly post your suggestions as comments for me too.

    Sai Daughter

  7. Meera Jee!
    Om sai ram…beautiful experience..I think you should report this incident, because it could be someone else tomorrow, anybody could fall and it might take people a while to figure it out..may be the store people can do something about it and if you have some injury, you can claim workers compensation….(if you need to) But definitely bring it to someone's attention

  8. @shweta
    Dear Shweta ji, Swati ji and all responding Sai devotees, I thank all of you for wishing well for me.
    Shweta ji, I liked your comment about being child like faith in BABA! We are all BABA's children.
    I wish you all the best for your MBA exam. If BABA wishes me to study further I would love to do MBA.
    Looking at my past years I wonder how BABA gave me desire to get a degree in Medical field and yet I had to graduate in Arts with English and Geography. English as a study subject was never my intention I hated Geography at school level!! I DID NOT WANT TO GO FOR ARTS and wanted to go for Science field and look what I could do everything but SCIENCE field!! Even after my marriage I was a Science student but when I got pregnant my husband wanted me to take care of the family first. I trusted him and did the same. And when my 2nd son was of 5-6 years old my husband wanted me to get a graduation degree saying he would not like the at some point I would be ridiculed having no educational degree! So I studied ARTS as an external student taking care of my family needs! 😀
    and I should say that whatever I DID NOT WANT TO DO, BABA put me in circumstances to do the same that I DID NOT LIKE! :0D
    Well, I did my B.A. , than I got a diploma degree in Accounting so that I can help our society accountant who was very elderly person and my husband asked me to study and help him. Well, the management of my Society changed, so my help was not that much needed. My accounting degree would have helped me if I had opted for CPA at that time but we started our own Data Entry setup. Working for several years in that field I was dreaming of going for Computer Programming…no luck! I hated Computer hardware and after coming to USA I got a job in a Computer Store and getting peoples' adverse remarks about my knowledge in Computers being a woman and that too from India, People had a problem seeing an Indian elderly woman behind the Computer Upgrade counter in Computer Tech department! I studied for A+ certification (An exam -MUST for a Computer hardware Technician) at home and passed that exam on my first trial. This exam is considered very tough even for those who attend regular classes at the Colleges or Institutions!
    I never wanted to work in retail Sales and yet even with my certification I got my job as technician but we are required to work on Sales floor too and show our numbers in sales! I AM always shinning in Sales reports being # 1 or # 2! That is BABA's Kripa, I am sure.
    Well, and yet, to go for MBA, I don't know what my subject would be! 😀
    All these degrees I have got studying as an external student, which is also the thing that I DID NOT WANT TO STUDY AS AN EXTERNAL STUDENT! 😀
    Yet, I am enjoying to see what BABA wants me to go through!
    WISH YOU A VERY BEST result for your MBA.
    Swati ji, I did mention this incident to my GM. I don't think he understood it's seriousness and have taken any corrective steps, but what else we can do?!?!
    All Sai Devotees, keep faith with patience as BABA never wants HIS children to suffer. HE has great plans and duties for each of us and and whatever we go through is a part of HIS plan for us. HE may want us to learn something out of those experiences or we might be paying off our past Karmas. Whatever WE ARE asked to do through our circumstances, do it with whole hearted devotion that is what is said in SAI SATCHARITRA too!
    BTW, BABA has blessed me with intense desire to do portraits and see, where I have reached with my constant efforts working in that area, again practicing on my own!
    You can see my progress at
    This I mention just to inspire all to do your BEST in whatever you are asked to do!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. Reply to Sai Daughter's Comment:

    In this birth I have been worshiping Baba for 16 years. I never could see Sai's face in my dream. Once when I intensely prayed for his darshan, I had a dream in which I was having 'pada namaskaar' I did not look up in dream but I knew it was Baba. We do not know why he does what does.

    But one thing, never think you are unworthy of his love. Baba's love is unconditional, it does not depend on who you are and what you do. He said his grace is like rain that showers on all. It is up to us to catch his grace. We should not turn our vessels upside down. If we are not able to catch his grace it is not his fault, it is our fault. We need to look at ourselves where we are going wrong. He has given us two things to follow- Shraddha and Saburi. Meditate on these two to understand what they mean. Mark of complete faith is that you are at peace. At peace knowing that, he knows the best for us and he there always protecting. (Why fear when I am here…Baba).

  10. Thank you for sharing the nice experience Yogita Ji! Baba's Udi has miraculous properties and glad he helped heal you quickly. Om Sai Ram!

  11. @Mamta Batra
    Dear Mamata ji,
    I am happy you enjoyed my paintings. I always pray to
    BABA to grant me blessings to do more paintings that would bring happiness to others.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences..Sudhamayee garu you are very lucky to have Baba ordering you to do Vishnu Sahasranamam as he did for Shyama..Meera ji, Mamta ji said that she liked your paintings and i like the way you express your feelings and the way you relate it to our Father..and i too agree that UDI does have miraculous effects Yogita Ji..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  13. @AnonymousDear Anonymous ji,
    Thanks for your comments. BABA has given me LOVE of Arts and SEE Beauty in NATURE. I enjoy each of BABA's creation.
    I still have not figure out what goal to achieve that BABA has assigned to me, though! But I am happy as I have lived my life so far with total dedication to my family and my tasks.
    Jai Sai Ram.


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