Sharing few brief experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi. All of them are equally inspiring.

My experience with Sai

Sai Sister Shyamala Ji from USA says: Dear Hetalji, I have read your blogs of Devotees experience with Sai. Thanks for taking a great effort for helping the disciples and share the experiences to all devotees. I am writing my experience here. Thank you for the help.

I am living in US and my parents are in India. Few days back, my dad said to me that he has a body pain and was feeling very tired. I prayed Baba and asked His help to help my dad. My dad is a diabetic patient and he is taking medicines for that. I was praying to Baba here in USA. After few days, my dad called me and said I am feeling better. He had consulted a doctor and doctor said to change the medicine he is taking for diabetes and prescribed another medicine. Doctor also said he’s feeling active after taking the new medicine. I was really happy since I prayed here and Baba through someone helped my dad to take the new medicines.

Sai always listens to our requests and helps us wherever we are. Please post this experience even I have written it short, but my mind is full of thankfulness for Baba. Om Sai.

My experiences with Saimaa

Sai Sister Sumati Ji says: Hetal Ji, you are doing a wonderful job. I often read your blog when feeling low. It is provides me daily nutrition I need. At times, when I feel the link between me and Baba missing, I keep reading experiences of devotees on your blog. Please don’t reveal my e-mail id. You can write my name. I have been a devotee of Baba for more than 10 years though. I have been attracted to Him since childhood. I have never been a steady devotee though. I have experienced many moments, where I have felt His presence strongly. Here I have narrated few experiences.

I think I was in 8 or 9th class. I was lying on bed thinking nothing. My parents had gone in city on a two wheeler. I don’t know why I felt it, but I felt like praying desperately for their safe return. I prayed Saimaa very desperately that please take care of my parents and bring them home safely. I prayed fervently to Baba lying on the bed, just closing my eyes. And suddenly this feeling of insecurity vanished and I became calm. After sometime my parents returned home. My mom told me that they would have been killed in an accident, but they were saved miraculously. Today whenever I remember this moment I still feel grateful to Baba.

My sister was having some problems with conceiving as her menses were not regular. I was really tensed about this. So one day I thought of doing 9 Thursday vrat for this. I started this on Thursday and on Friday itself I got the news that my sister is pregnant. I was in tears and in loss of words.

Recently, I was going through very bad phase in my professional life. I was expecting to get my confirmation letter. But 15 days passed and I still did not get it. I was so exhausted thinking of what will happen that I decided to leave things on Saibaba. So I started reading Sri Sai Satcharitra and on the same day I received my letter. In spite of all this I was still not happy at my work place. I was hardly having any role at workplace in spite of being experienced. So I decided to pray Baba and give my best shot. I started praying Baba very frequently and became more regular in reading Satcharitra and slowly things have begun to change in my office. I am in much better situation today. I am grateful to Baba. Saibaba is the only God in my life.

I request all the devotees to keep faith in Saibaba and just pray Him with pure hearts without intending ill about others and surely Baba will sail us through difficulties in life and give us what is good for us.

Baba Blessed Me With A Healthy Baby

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Firstly please do not publish my name and email id in this website. Thanks Hetal Ji, for providing such a wonderful platform for Sai Devotees to strengthen their faith in Baba. May Baba bless you. Please share my experience if you find it suitable and you can edit it for mistakes. I am a Sai devotee from childhood. My faith towards Him increased year by year.

Today, I am going to share a wonderful experience in my life. When I got pregnant, my husband sent me to my in laws house. I am thin person and my weight is 40 kg only. But I am very healthy person. I don’t have any health complaints due TO GRACE OF SAIRAM. My mother-in-law used to shunt me that your are very thin. If you get an unhealthy baby, my son should run after hospitals and always she use to be scolding me. My mother has lost two babies before me and one after me. My mother in law fear is that I may experience the same. I don’t think she is a cruel person. She is a nice person by nature. But I can’t control her anger and she speaks rubbish in angry. My father-in-law sent me to a blood test (parathyroid test). The test came positive. They told me that I should use medicines lifelong for that. They gave medicines to me. I felt very bad. I stood in front of Baba and said I never felt bad that I am thin. I felt happy that I am healthy. But now I am feeling bad. I asked Baba for help.

Due to Baba’s grace, my co-sister suggested me to go to blood test again. I went for the blood test again. Now I got the report negative. My happiness has no bounds. For concluding that I went for another blood test again the report came negative. I felt very happy. I thanked Baba a lot. He is Who saved me. After that, I went to my husband for two months and after that I went to my mother’s place. From fifth month, I used to read Sai Satcharitra and Guru Charitra. And from seventh month, I started reading this blog. Somebody told my mother-in-law that deliveries are becoming complex and failing in my town. But I told her three of my classmates had a good delivery. So don’t be afraid. I have complete faith in Baba and He will help me. Doctor suggested me that I should go for an operation because normal delivery will be complex for me. My parents and in-laws accepted for it. We selected a day for that. I asked Baba I should get delivered on the day, which Baba plans for me.

On that operation day, I got bleeding which is a symptom that delivery is going to come. Doctor told me that I have to get operated before the time we fixed. Everybody got scared because the period is very bad. It is not safe for the baby. But I didn’t felt any bad. I felt happy Baba has showed that I am going to deliver on the day according to His wish. About the bad time, I left it to Baba because He is the person who takes my baby into the new world. I have read some Sai Satcharitra chapter and took UDI. After sometime, Doctor came and said I will have the operation at the time we fixed before. I felt happy. And thanked Baba for that. Before going to Operation Theater, I had Prasad, which my father brought from the Baba temple. During the operation, I saw Baba sitting in front of me and smiling at me. Baba gave me a healthy baby. He is of good weight and very cute. Now he is nine months old. Thanks a lot Baba for Your love towards me. Om Sairam.

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  1. May Baba strengthen the faith of his devotees and grant us all shraddha and Saburi always.

    Thanks Hetalji for publishing all these beautiful experiences.

    Om Sai Ram !


  3. Dear Sumati Sister,

    Thanks for posting your experiences. Baba will certainly bless you and your child with good health. While reading your experience i just thought some of my cousin sisters in my family who has given a tough time to their inlaws and even using harsh words. But you have been tolerating your mother in law and still supporting that she is a nice lady. Please continue with this attitude and Baba will help you. Nothing goes unnoticed by Baba and every one will suffer for their deeds but it's a pity that people don't realize it and continue hurting and abusing people.

    Baba the Great and uncomparable.
    My humble salutations to his holihigness Shri Sainath Maharaj.

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Sai. Please keep showering your blessings on us all. Thanks a zillion for everything. We owe it all to you.

    Jai Sai.

  5. Dear anonymous Sai devotee from India , my best wishes to you and your baby.
    Baba is very kind. Being a mother is one of his biggest blessing . May Baba be with all the mothers and make them enjoy their children growing up in a healthy way.

  6. Wonderful experiences! Experiences like these help others also keep the faith that Baba is there with us to help us. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences..Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogi raja parabramha shri satchitananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

  8. ALL ARE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES. we cant define his love towards us in words. his love is deeper than ocean. baba, you are the one in my life, occupied a greatest place than any other. i am trusting you, than any other person in my life. in this whole world, the one who take care of me with full love , is none-other than you. you are everything to me. baba, pls remove all bad qualities from me by today on-wards, accept me as your daughter forever.i know that you are listening to me. pls m in your lotus feet, pls make me a a good person, so that i will never hurt anybody, and always help others. finally, accept my prayer, am putting my confusions, tensions, doubts and my biggest problem on your feet, you are my father , i know you are the one who cares for me the most. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

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