Again we have are sharing three brief but heart throbbing experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba. All of them will equally thrill you and appease your souls.

Sai Baba Relieved Me Of Ear Pain

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetal Ji, Please do not publish my name and email id. This is the second time that I am posting my experience on this blog. My first experience can be read at When my 1st experience was published, my joy knew no bounds. I was so happy to read it. Thank you very much. Similar to other devotees, whenever I feel depressed or lose confidence, I read this blog and it lifts up my spirits. Reading devotee’s Shirdi experiences makes me want to go to Shirdi. I’m hoping that this time, when I get an opportunity to go to Shirdi, I will have a good Darshan. Last time I became sick, when I was inside the temple and when I reached the main temple (Samadhi Mandir). I just sat down because I did not have strength to stand up and felt like fainting and throwing up. The kind security people did not object to me sitting there. I just closed my eyes and sat thinking how unfortunate I am that even after being in Baba’s presence, I am not able to see Him wholeheartedly and worship him. Then, I just stood for few minutes, took His Darshan and came out. I thought that Baba has punished me for some bad deeds. Sorry for the diversion here. Now, I want to narrate another small experience that I had. Though it is small, I was thinking that I should write it.

A month back in Nov 2011, I had intense pain in my right ear for 2-3 days. I went to a general physician, who said that there was lot of wax in my ears and had to be cleaned. But when she tried to, there was immense pain and after some time, I could not bear it at all. My whole ear was paining so much. They even tried to put some numbing drops and check, but it didn’t help. I was then told to go to an ENT specialist. It was a Saturday and I had to wait till Monday to make an appointment and even then I didn’t know when the earliest appointment would be available. I applied UDI to my ear, but it didn’t help much.

I had 2 sleepless and restless days till Monday. So on Monday I called up and was informed that there is one slot available the same day in the morning. My husband and I went to the clinic and were told that my appointment is for Tuesday morning and not Monday. Maybe there was some communication issue. I told them that the pain is too much and I would like to see the doctor ASAP. Usually we do not get ENT appointment so quickly. But by Baba’s grace, they squeezed me in. The doctor then used various tools and cleaned my ear. What a relief. I thanked Baba for removing my pain that day itself.

Now, exactly after a month, all of a sudden during the night, I experience pain in the same ear again. I was very scared because of my last time’s sufferings. I took some ear drops, which I knew wouldn’t help me much and called up the clinic next day. It was a Thursday. I was told that the earliest appointment was for next Tuesday. I was not sure how to manage till then. I just took my ear drops and went to work. To add to this, I was having a very bad migraine headache. I left early from work because of the pain. After reaching home, I applied Baba’s UDI to my ear and forehead, took medicine for my headache and mixed some UDI in water and drank it. I am not sure if I ever drank UDI with water before. Then I tried to sleep for some time. What a wonder, after some time, the ear pain just disappeared. I was even scared to believe it, thinking that it may come back after some time. But it didn’t. I was really very very happy and thanked Baba again for all His mercy.

Jai Sairam

Miracle of Saibaba

Sai Sister Shweta Ji from New Zealand says: Baba is everywhere. He will be with you in your hardest time of life, when no one cares for you. He understands you what you feel inside your heart and the pain we go through. I would like to share my enriching experience and how He helped me through thick and thin.

It was my birthday on 25th October, 2011. I never drink, but it was my birthday so I had red wine. The next day, it was Diwali. I was at home watching movies and eating sweets. Suddenly I felt vibration in my arms and then in legs and several other parts of the body. I was very curious to know what is happening. I searched it on internet. It gave all sorts of disease for paralysis attack to chronic fatigue syndrome. After reading that I presumed that I am suffering from one of the diseases and I was alone at home. I looked at Baba picture in my living room and started crying like hell as if I don’t want to live and kept saying ‘Baba please mujhe apne pass bula lo’. I kept crying I was so stressed here. I went to all the doctors and even hospitalized myself, but no one could diagnose what was wrong. I felt depressed and dejected. I kept praying to Baba. I called my parents. All of sudden I said I want to go to India after 3 years and visit Shirdi. And here Baba’s miracle happened. I got my tickets for India on 5th November and reached India on 6th November. My dad somehow arranged the tickets of Shirdi for me, himself and my brother. Here I experienced many divine miracles of Baba.

On my first day visit, a very pleasant experience happened. I was in Samadhi Mandir with my brother and dad and when I was very close to Baba statue the security guard stopped me there and was letting everyone go. I was crying and looking at Baba as he wanted to say something to me. I felt so blessed. I, my dad and my brother were happy to experience this. The very next day, I told my dad and brother that I have a gut feeling that Baba will be wearing purple color outfit today. And to my surprise, when we went for Darshan the next day, He was actually wearing purple. I was so amazed at this felt like He is with me in every circumstance. I got very confident that He will be with me whole through my life.

Now the next experience happens, it was similar. On my last day of the trip, I told my dad that Baba will be wearing green. My dad said yellow and brother said orange. And to our surprise, He was wearing one or the other thing of same color. I felt so happy from inside. It is true that my faith in Him does loose sometime, but then He pulls me like a string towards Him. Like how I am writing this experience and feeling so happy.

Another instance just happened few days back. I was in my bathroom and was about to wash my face. But then something triggered in my mind and instead I started looking myself into the mirror. All of a sudden, the light in my bathroom, which had a big air glass cover, fell in the wash basin. I was shocked to what happened. If I was washing my face, it could have felt on top of my head and could have seriously injured me. But my Sai saved me. Baba is with me in every situation. When I lose my faith, He still always cares for me. This blog is wonderful. When I lose my faith in Baba, I start reading the devotees experience, which strengthens my devotion in Him. I am just praying to Baba that He solved my health problem for which I have to work hard and I will succeed by chanting His name. He loves His devotees. All we need is faith, which I lack sometime. But I am sure it will be strong with time. Love you Baba.

Om Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.


Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: Hetal Ji, I live in New Zealand. Please do not publish my name, or email id. I will appreciate it. Thanks.

I am sharing this experience with what I went through. I have been to Shirdi, when I was very young. I was given Sai’s photo by my ex-husband’s grandmother, which I have put in my prayer room. I was never a staunch believer in Him. Then few friends of mine started to take me to Bhajans, which is done every Thursday here. I started to feel peaceful. I have gone through lots of ups and downs in life. I wanted to speak to my friend and meet from a long time. But somehow it was never happened. I was very upset angry with all around. That evening, I actually fought with Sai in my mind and said I am coming to the Bhajans, but I am not going to pray with the same feeling as I don’t think You are there for me. But what a miracle. When I was praying, suddenly my mobile rang and I got to listen to the voice. I was praying to listen. I was shocked and could not believe this miracle. I started to cry and thank Him and from then on I am an ardent fan of my SAI. Anytime I am upset or confused I just talk to Him. I pray and do His Aarti every day now. I know that He will be there for me as He has promised in his 11 Vachan. Please do have faith in Him and call Him and He will be there at all times. Thanks.

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  1. Hi shweta ji We can always remember the toughest times of our life .When I look back wonder how did i pull through …Only way was by praying and chanting his name … can see that u r always looking for his presence just like a child looks for his parents .When the pain gets too much baba makes us feel his presence . thank u baba for everything

  2. All the above experiences shows the omnipresense of SHIRDI SAI MAA.One has to have Complete FAITH AND PATIENCE to experience miracles from SHIRDI SAI MAA

    Wonderful Experiences.

  4. Very Sweet Experiences… I know Baba keeps his children close to him and pulls them closer if they drift.. that is so nice… He is almighty and "Knows It All"

    Om Sai Ram !

  5. Hi I have a question that since mine 9 guruvaar brat I started for having a baby but unfortunately on mine 5th guruvaar brat that I came to know I will have miscarriage and I am waiting for mother nature to take care so can I do remaining 4 weeks crate now or I have to wait till miscarriage is done appropriate or what I have to do next and if possible please pray for me to have a healthy baby since the third time I am so panic but doctors say nothing wrong in me nor my husband side we both absolutely fine we had all the tests done but what went wrong with us but Sai is not blessing with another baby, thank you

  6. All the above experiences are wonderful and give much strength to our faith that Sai is with His devoteees all the time.

    Anonymous devotee (Comment 7) Dont loose your faith. You will get a healthy baby soon. <May be there is something good in yur miscarriage also. So have faith! (Shradha & Saburi)

    Om Sai Ram

  7. Dear Devotees,

    All experiences are really very nice.
    @Newzealand devotee(Third experience): I am facing a problem regarding talking with our Sai Ma. I always chant his name all day, dring water having udi mixed and listen to Sai satcharitra. But unfortunately, may be because of my past bad karma I cannot able to feel our Sai Ma's presence around me. I feel like he forgot me and now I am all alone in this world. I am living in UK with my husband and I am that devotee who shared my expreience about blessing of Sai on me by giving me full scholarship for my admission into PhD. But now I am not able to connect my heart and mind with our Sadguru Sai. Why things changed like this? Sometimes I am scared that Baba is angry on me thats why now not giving me any resonse of his presence around me. What should I do? You said that u somtimes speak with him. How exactly this happens? How can I also speak with him? At the moment my mind is not at all in peace and just seraching for presence of Sai around me.
    Please any of the devotee have suggestions I will be more than happy to listen.

    Bow to lotus feet of our Sadguru Sainath!!!


  8. You are panicking and therefore not able too connect …. Even if you think he is not responding does not mean he his not listening … So carry on with chanting and you will hear from him SAI RAM

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