Shirdi Sai Baba Saved Me From Calamities – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Following are two touching experiences of an anonymous Sai sister. Lord Sai Baba always stand besides us to save us from tough situations. We always say that our karma brings ill-situations for us. It may be true but when Lord Baba is present besides us what harm can these bad karmas cause to us. Only one thing we must keep in mind that whatever is happening in our life is wish of that Lord Who loves us more us.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hetalji, I sincerely appreciate you for collating all the devotee’s experiences. You are doing a wonderful job by doing so and I pray to BABA to bless you and your family with abundant of happiness and joy. Hetalji your name is always included in my prayers for SAI.

Please do not disclose my details in the blog. We are from Bangalore. We (My parents, In-laws and my sisters) are ardent devotees of SAIBABA. I strongly believe His presence in any act I perform. I have many experiences which have proved SAI BABA’s existence and would like to share two of the experiences with all the devotees of SAI BABA.

  • The first one is, SAIBABA saved me from a calamity. My wedding was arranged with a person in 2009 October. I met this guy through matrimony and felt he is a decent guy. He along with his mother visited my house to see me in Bangalore. The guy looked very decent and my parents and I decided to proceed further. We got a “Yes” from their side also. My joy knew no bounds at that time. I thanked BABA for showing me such a nice educated family. We had to visit his house in Andhra to go ahead with the other talks. When I met this guy for the second time in my uncle’s house, my heart didn’t agree to him. Something inside was constantly pricking me to withdraw my Yes to him. But I could not do so as we had already informed my relatives about this proposal.

    We never met in any public place as his mother pretended to be very orthodox. She said she wouldn’t like her son and so called daughter-in-law to meet till the Sapthapadhi is over. I found the behavior of the family to be much weird. We returned to Bangalore and my mother had to leave to Australia immediately to take care of my sister’s daughter. We had a gap of three months as the date was decided for October. We never met after that instance. The guy seemed to be very hesitant to talk to me over the phone as well. He pretended himself to be very busy in his profession and also orthodox. When I discussed with my parents, they consoled me stating the family is very famous and is very orthodox. Hence they asked me not to pressurize him to talk to me. I too was convinced with my parent’s response and paid attention to my work.

    My mother returned from Australia in September, while my father booked the marriage hall in Bangalore and we did the other arrangements also. We had to visit Andhra again, to buy the Wedding Suite and clothes for his family members. The guy’s side asked us to give money instead, so that they can buy things according to their wish. My father agreed to that also. We met his family again, in my uncle’s house and they again pretended to be very orthodox and innocent. We had to rush back immediately to Bangalore due to the death of the CM of AP.

    We were engrossed in the preparation of wedding and I took leave from the Oct 16th. On the 15th night around 12.00 AM, I received a message from my cousin, asking me to check my email immediately. When I checked my inbox, I noticed a letter from an anonymous person revealing the character about this guy and his family. I came to know that he is a Psychopath and is marrying me only for my earnings. I was shocked, while I read that email as well as not surprised as I doubted their behavior from the day one. I woke my parents up from their sleep and showed them the email. My parents were also shocked and asked me my opinion. I was wonder stuck till the next morning. I also came to know that the guy had couple of police cases booked on him by his own people due to his psychic behavior. They, in-fact, left their home town and settled elsewhere only because, the neighbors were evident about this guy and his people.

    On the 16th October, I decided to withdraw the wedding as we had got the evidences about him. It was a real shock for me and my parents had to put their head down because of all this. We had a huge financial loss also during that phase. We informed the guy’s side, stating due to unavoidable circumstances we have decided to withdraw the wedding. They were accusing us because they did so much of shopping with the money we gave and he tried calling me many times after that but I didn’t entertain his calls at all. I, in-fact, did not access my phone for more than 2 months.

    It was a very tough phase of my life as I was totally depressed and constantly asked BABA as to why he did this to me. Why did I meet this guy and say “Yes”? Why did he betray me like this? Why my parents underwent this torture because of me? I am a person who would not like to trouble any one. So many questions occurred in my mind and I was literally going mad. But I also need to thank the person who got out the Guy’s true color and I felt it was SAI’s miracle. My parents and my sister, who lives in Australia along with her husband, stood as the backbone and helped me to overcome my difficult situation. I truly owe them my life to all of them who have got me out from the depressed condition. I have no words to thank them. SAI came in their form and relived me from the depression.

    The New Year (2010) began, while I was trying to forget my past and my parents started searching proposals as per my wish. It was through my uncle we got a proposal and my father was keen on seeing them as they were our Family friends. I was truly reluctant as the family again belonged to the same place in Andhra. But on my parent’s compulsion, he along with his parents came to my house on the April 23rd 2010. I casually met him and spoke to him. We didn’t discuss any personal ideas other than our work culture in the respective firms we work. I loved his parents as they had pleasant features and they had come up in life facing lots of hurdles. It was a Saturday when I met him. It was Monday when we had to provide our approval or disapproval for this proposal. I decided to go as per my parents wish as they liked the guy and family a lot. My father called his father and provided my approval for this proposal. Whereas, we didn’t receive any feedback from them. I was very eager to know.

    On the Tuesday night, we received a call from them and my parents were unavailable. I picked the phone and his father enquired if my father is available to talk to him. I said I will convey the message to my father and ask him to call them back. My father called them and they said Yes to the proposal and wanted to perform an engagement ASAP. My Joy knew no bounds. I didn’t have words to thank BABA. I was still in a confused state as I didn’t know if this was the right decision. Though the guy worked in an MNC at Bangalore, he didn’t try to meet me also. I was thinking if he liked me or if it was by parents force he said “Yes”. So many thoughts nurtured my mind. The engagement date was fixed and it was decided for the May 19th 2010 and the Wedding was decided for the August 19th 2010.

    I spoke to the guy for the second time on the engagement day and was still unsure about my decision. We exchanged our numbers after the engagement and started our communication from that day. It was the most memorable time from then on. I just can’t express my feelings. It was by SAI BABAs grace that I have got the best person as my husband and a lovely family. His parents are very jovial, and very understanding. They treat me as their daughter. I would not have got such a lovely partner and a beautiful family if SAIBABA was not beside my side. I even now think what if I would have ignored that email and proceeded further? It is a real night mare for me even to this day. This proves BABAs presence and He always protects us from calamity. I request each one to surrender yourself to SAI and pray sincerely. He will always protect His children.

  • The Second experience is, SAINATH got a job for my Husband. He was working in an MNC and was having a very foolish Lady boss, who was very rude. He used to work late nights because of her (Lady Boss) unplanned attitude. He could not bear her torture and I asked him to quit his job and take a break for a month and then rejoin some other firm. Initially the break taken by him was for good. It helped him a lot by completing his course and preparing for interviews. After a month when he gained confidence he posted his resume on the search engines. He was not getting calls. We were worried if something was wrong. Later on I came to know that the market is down. He is a very sincere and hard working person. But still he was not getting calls. Finally after 2 months, he started getting calls. Though he cleared interviews, he was not getting the final call to negotiate the package.

    We both were very upset. I was getting burdened financially as I had to take care of the house loan and other expenses. I suggested my husband to read Sai Satcharitra. He started reading it. By Sainath’s grace he started getting calls. We also prayed to BABA that we will do the 9 Guruvar Varth. We started doing it. On the second Guruvar Vrath, he cleared an interview and got an offer letter in hand. I distributed sweets on that day in SAI MANDIR. He was not happy with the package as it had a huge amount of variable component which made very little difference in his package. We eagerly waited for an offer from a company near SAI MANDIR, which was willing to offer him the package that he wished to, but it was getting delayed as the HR was yet to receive the approval from the higher authority.

    The other company pressurized him to join on the 23rd November 2011 and he was still feeling low. I constantly encouraged him to have faith in SAI. This blog gave us the strength during the tough phase. On the 22nd November 2010, a miracle happened. We had motivated our minds for him to join the organization, who offered him and he was getting all the papers ready for the joining date. In the morning at 9.45 AM, the HR from the company close to SAI MANDIR called and asked him for a grand party. She said that they are planning to roll out the offer that evening and asked him to come and take the offer letter. We both were so happy and started jumping to joy.

    It was only SAI BABA’s miracle this happened. He got the offer letter with his desired package. I distributed sweets in SAI temple that evening after he received the offer letter. We also went to TIRUPATI Climbing the hill and had good Darshan of BALAJI and PAMAVATHI DEVI. He joined work after 5 months break on the 28th November 2011 only by SAI BABA’s grace. I pray to BABA that he puts his heart, mind and soul in the current Job. SAI BABA is a Karunamaye. He will never forsake His children. I cried so much out of joy after getting positive news. The belief in BABA has increased in me and my husband after this instance. I truly thank BABA from the bottom of my heart for such a joyous gift. Please forgive me for any mistakes in spellings or language.

Hetalji, I sincerely request you to publish the above two experiences as I have promised BABA to do so. May SAIBABA Always be with you.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Hi You are truelly blessed. I am also going through a tough phase in our lives. My husband has also left his job and is looking for another job for the past five months. I hope Sai listens to our prayers and blesses him with a good job soon. I ask all Sai brother and sisters to please pray for us…..
    May Sai baba's grace and blessings always be upon all of us…

    Om Sai Samarth !

  2. om sai ram,
    your experience has brought tears in my eyes.
    may sai baba bring happiness and blessing for everyone of us

    Wonderful Experience.
    I Love You So Much Baba.

  4. Really u r blesses child of baba..
    May baba fulfills all sai devotees dreams
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  5. dear anonymous devotee

    your experience is also the story of my life. Was very close to marrying the wrong guy…but was pulled out of it…I was not a baba devotee at that time. Was going thorugh a lot of trouble with my fiancee and prayed to Shivji and Shani Dev..Baba and Shiv ji as they say are the same(sai devotee-Megha used to see shiv ji in sai baba)a few months later, later I was pulled into Baba's bhakti full fledged …since then..I have realised, he was always around…even when I didnt knoww him, didnt love him as much as I do today…I am so happie for you that you are leading a beautiful life today..something that you truly deserve..

    As they say" With Sai's grace you can get what is not in your fate as well"

    Love you lots baba…thanks for everything..

  6. wonderful experience … hope something positive comes to my life 2011 has been year of disappointments i pray that sai baba blesses me and my family …. but baba have given us many things as well … thank you baba

  7. Sai Baba, Thank you Thank you sooo much for your blessings. Only yesterday I posted a comment above asking for your blessings and prayers from my Sai Brothers and Sisters, and since then you have shown so many signs that you are with me.
    I know that you are with us showing us the way and guiding us. You will select that which is best for us.

    I love you so much paa.

    May your blessings forever be on all my Sai brothers and Sisters.

    A big thank you to Hetal ji for providing this wonderful platform to us Sai Devotees. God Bless !

    Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  8. Wonderful experiences!. Baba really saved you from a big calamity as it is a life long relation. Baba is great. May baba bless all his devotees and shower his blessings like this.

    Om Sai Ram

  9. No doubt babaji saved u from the calamity as the day u came to know that he is not a good person is 15th oct Baba's mahasamadi day but he is still with us… may sai bless u .. take care

    • Thank you….i am really overwhelmed. i have goose bumps all over my body…i really didn't know 15th Oct was BABA's MAHA SAMDHI day.

  10. Dear Anonymous Devotee..

    I read your experience before going to bed. Usually I check every morning, sometimes it happens that experiences are posted by USA afternoon time. I refresh again in the afternoon to see for the new post. Somehow, I read yours before going to sleep. Believe me, while reading your first experience, I felt like there is a know inside my stomach out of fear. Really thank Baba for saving you from getting into a life long relationship with a wrong person. When I read like these posts and health issues posts, I feel like why will I pray my Baba for some materialistic things when I have what I needed.
    I wish every girl on this earth to be saved by Baba from these kind of calamities.

    Hetal ji: I really appreciate you for working hard to post daily a devotee experience. Thank you very much. Also, thank you for posting my experience on Jan 12, 2012 Thursday.

    As always, I request you to continue posting experiences on daily basis. If you need help, I as well as many devotees out there are ready to lend their hands in this spiritual thing.

    May Baba bless each and every soul on this earth.

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai…

  11. Sister, reading experience makes my eyes wet. I am a father of 2 Girls and I know how it is.

    Sai Baba is the Ultimate Saver of every Race, and as well this Universe. So, catch hold of his feet tightly as Baba is always hungry for true love and devotion.

    What ever you want to ask, ask Baba directly and he will grant it if we deserve it.

    Humble Salutations to my Sadguru and Parabrahma.

  12. You are very lucky that Baba's blessing is with you. I am not the blessed on. May be because of my past karmas I m in such a terrible phase. Me and my husband both jobless and then too with a small baby its very difficult to manage. Today our all hopes got in vain and we are returning back to India.
    May Baba bless everyone. I am totally heart broken today.I have faced enough humiliation and I am not able to take any more.I have decided that I will never pray to Baba.

  13. Hello ,

    Very nice experience and i could feel the joy you must have felt at all times !

    I hope Baba is always there with you and bless you 🙂

    Baba is so kind hearted . He always shows his presence .When I read all these Sai Experience stories, I feel that it is because of Baba's blessings that we get to read all this.

    Om Sai Ram !
    Om Sai Ram !

  14. @ Anonymous (15th comment): I am not sure if you come back to this page and read my post. You said that you have decided that you will never pray to Baba. I am not sure you can stick to that if Baba took you in his fold. What is the use of being angry on him? If you don't pray, will you get what you want? I can understand your situation. Both of you being jobless and with a child, it is really difficult. Right now, while writing I feel that it is very tough to face your situation. Apart from that, humiliation adds more. I can understand but don't ever leave Baba. I am just saying you for your good. You have every right to take your own decision. I pray for you that you lead a good life and whatever is happening will turn good and in future you cherish these moments thinking that Baba saved you from something else.

    You might think that whoever is writing this is in good position and easy to advice others. Everyone will have their own problems. I got a job and posted my experience here. But by the time, my post has been published, I don't have job. I am trying for another one now. I felt bad, I cried since I got that after almost 2 years of wait. At least didn't do it for 2 months after 2 years of wait. I did feel sad and bad, but not angry on him. I did continue my prayers because I think that something good is waiting for me. Still your situation is hard, I accept that. But cry in front of him, ask him and you will soon get what you want.

  15. Hi,

    Really you are saved atleast in the last moment or else what would happen…..baba blessed and saved you.

    May baba bless all always….

    Baba please bless all girls who are searching for proposal with good one. All are your child.

    Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  16. sai ram dear anonymous devote,,,

    when i was reading your experience,,i was getting scared,,thinking,,is this my guy who tried to marry…

    thank you is not…

    my love had left me..his parents didnot allow him to marry me…in 2009 only he had left me…from that time,,baba came to my life..

    i used to pray baba,,that,,change my guys parents mind,,realise their mistakes,,come back to me…he should not marry another girl..

    it has also happned almost in same time,,he left me in july 2009..but,,there are no cases against him..

    i donno,,what are baba's guy and his parents searching alliance in matrimony from 2 1/2years,,since the time he left me,,but,by babas grace,,he is not yet married till now…

    im still waiting for baba's miracle..i have attempted suicide twice,,but,baba saved my life..

    i hope,,baba will return my guy to me…still im waiting for him..baba please dont leave me…
    im getting scared..i cant imagine him to marry another girl..

    baba,please bless me..

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