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After reading an experience of Shirdi Darshan experience as a treat, here is one more for all of us. While we never pick experiences randomly to be published, it is sai-incidence that two experiences of the same sort are being posted in span of two days. Please enjoy this treat once again by going through following experience. Such experiences of Shirdi trip are coming on my way just to re-assure and remind me all the time that i have to go to Shirdi next month and only 43 days are remaining. I am experiencing so much of joy, energy, positiveness, enthusiasm in myself admist many worldly problems that i am not able to express. At this point of time blessings to be received in Shirdi by me are under cover, but Lord Sai Baba knows it very well how He has to bless me. O My Baba! I am always longing to come to You, see You, talk to You and be with You. Your mercy on me can only be counted (if You will) with tears flowing on my cheeks often when i think of You.

Sai Sister Priyambada ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ganesh.

Sairam Hetal Ji, Many thanks to you for launching this blog. This helps us to share our experiences and get inspired reading the experiences of other devotees. May Baba shower His choicest blessings on you today and always. Stated below is my recent Shirdi Darshan experience that also contains my earnest prayer to Sai Deva. Request you to please publish it after the necessary editing that you feel may be required. You may publish my name and email-id. Thanks to Sai that I am able to pen down my experience with His grace. May Deva forgive me for any mistakes and omissions.

I lost my Father at a tender age. I consider Baba to be my Father and I have been praying to Him to find me a suitable groom. My mother, being my sole guardian, is pretty anxious about my marriage and has been trying to find a nice guy. Baba has come into our lives at this crucial juncture and He has been holding our hands ever since. Whenever we have asked for His guidance, He is prompt to give it at once. All His answers to our questions have been positive saying that I would get success and happiness soon. To ease my disturbed mind, Baba pulled me to Shirdi recently and below is my Darshan experience.

Though, I had been trying to work out a trip to Shirdi after Baba’s suggestion. Nothing seemed to materialize and finally I left it to Baba to arrange my trip if He so desired. And suddenly in a matter of two days, my tickets were booked to Shirdi. When my Aunty decided to accompany me, it was like Sai arranged it all. The journey was smooth and we reached Shirdi in time. I was eager to have Darshan of Baba and we joined the queue. All the while, I was praying Baba to give a something as a token of His blessings and love during my Darshan.

Our turn came, as we came close to Baba’s Samadhi and I handed over the box of sweets that I got for Baba. The priest then opened the box and offered a few sweets to Baba on His Samadhi and I was really happy to see this, as otherwise the offerings made to Baba is normally just touched to His Idol and returned back as it is, due to the constant heavy rush of devotees. And to add to my joy, the priest gave me a garland offered to Sai. I was overcome with tears and bowed down on Baba’s holy Paduka and reverentially saluted His Samadhi.

The security guard nearby asked me to come back a little to one corner and he let me stand there for a while as I tried controlling my tears. I was so touched that I don’t remember praying to Him at that moment. I was happy to have had the opportunity to touch Baba’s Paduka and Samadhi and stand so close to Baba for some time, amidst the rush. I went out and felt good thinking that Baba does love me indeed and has blessed me and that my problems would be over soon.

We had Baba’s Prasad in the Prasadalaya and went to meet Dhondi Baba later. He was resting at that time. After waiting for a while, we got to meet him. I was longing for his blessings too and was waiting for my turn to touch his holy feet. He all of a sudden handed me a 100 rupees note that was given to him by another Devotee. I felt a sudden rush of joy within and humbly bowed and touched his feet. We left after seeking his blessings.

In the evening, we went near the holy Neem tree as I was eager to collect the sacred Neem leaves. The guard there asked me to complete a few rounds of the tree for assuring me that I would certainly get the leaves if I complete a few rounds. And I did manage to get 4 leaves, all with Baba’s will and blessings. We then visited the holy Dwarakamai, Chawadi, Dakshinamukhi Hanuman temple, Ganapati Ji’s Temple, Lord Shani Dev’s temple, and Lord Shiva’s temple. I lovingly offered a coconut to My Baba at Dwarakamai and prayed to Him.

After having dinner later, we rested a while in the temple premises. We then joined the queue for witnessing the Kakad Aarti at around 1 pm. Baba was looking so merciful during the Kakad Aarti. Due to His grace, I got the chance to be a part of His Aarti for the first time in Shirdi. Thanks a lot Deva. While I was praying Baba to give me some token of love, which I could keep forever that would never perish. Later during my visit to Dwarakamai, an aged person gave me a photo of Baba and I was thrilled to receive that. We visited Abdul Baba’s cottage too and an old fakir there blessed me so lovingly. In my heart of hearts, I was longing to be blessed by a Fakir. It was a nice feeling. We went to Lord Khandoba’s temple too, before starting back on our return journey. It was blissful and the temple ambiance was so peaceful. We reached back safely and I was satisfied. All the while praying Baba to help find a nice husband for me soon and call me to His Shirdi again with my family.

I am eagerly waiting to see Baba’s miracle happen in my life soon and would surely post that experience here. May Deva bless us all always and help, guide and advice us in all our affairs. Love you Baba.

Oh my loving Father Sai,

My prayers at your holy feet
Your blessings we seek always
Please hear our humble request
Shower your grace on us ever
And make our lives worthy
Your feet is our sole refuge
Help us remember you every moment
With your divine love and care
Let our lives bloom like flowers!

Sai Daughter, Priyambada

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Sai Priyambada ji,

    beautiful experience. Baba's blessings are with you. don't worry at all. Have Shradha and Shaburi. Baba will gift you a wonderful life partner to you. Saima never disappoints any of his devotees called with pure love and devotion. Om Sai Ram.

  2. What a wonderful experience. May Baba bless all His children always and guide on the right path.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Thanks Priyamvada, you actually gave Shirdi darshan through your post to me. May Baba bless you and fulfill your prayers and wishes !

    Om Sai Ram !

  4. Hello Padma jee..

    Your wish will soon be fulfilled by the Grace of Lord Sai..when god delays something for us…it is only because he is wanting to give us the best…he will surely give us the best always…

    Sai's Daughter

    BABA I and my Family surrendering completely at your holy feet BABA.

  6. Dear Padmajee, om sai ram!!!
    Such a wonderful experience. Felt like I am in Shirdi while reading your experience. What a blissful darshan you had. Pray to Lord Sai that he will call me soon to Shirdi.
    @Hetalji: Om Sai ram, read from your initial introduction that you are going to meet our Father Sai next month. Is it possible for you to have devotees prayer with you? If yes than what is the right way to send you prayer and if not than pray Lord Sai to give peace to all his devotees. Thank you

    Om Sainathay namah.


  7. Priyamvadaji Om Sai Ram,really wonderful experience ,for sure Sai Baba will bless u with choicest blessings.I was also disappointed earlier when i was searching groom..but after all Shraddha n Saburi i cant explain what joy baba gave me.My partner is also a Sai devotee n i m happily married .Baba wil answer ur prayers.Jai Sai Ram.

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Thank you so much Hetal Ji for posting my experience and thanks to all my Sai Bandhus for your good wishes and blessings. My earnest prayers at Baba's holy feet to help, bless, guide and advice his children always in all our affairs.

    Jai Sai.

  9. @Anonymous (Nikita) ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Yes i am taking prayers of devotees with me. It has been already posted, you can visit this link Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On February 21, 2012 and send me your prayer. I will be praying for all whose prayers are received and also for those whose prayers who are not received. My duty is to pray for everyone's welfare to our Lord.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  10. Dear Hetalji,
    Om sai ram!!!!

    Sorry I missed that post.
    Thank you for your reply and I have now sent my prayer.

    Thank you once again.

    Om Sai Ram


  11. very beautiful experience! Also nice to read that Hetal ji you are going to have darshan of our beloved Baba Ji. Baba please call me also.


  12. shirdi sai mujhe shirdi bula lo aap ne mere kahne par mujhe shirdi se udi aur bahut kuch bhehja.par mujhe shirdi bula lo sai deva saipriya

  13. sai baba ajj mere pass sab kuch hai jis ki main umeed karti thi .par aaj aap ki pooja nahi kar pati sache mann se is liye bahut bura laget hai.

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